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Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) is a 3 year undergraduate course with a specialization in the domain of computer science, software and hardware related aspects. The minimum eligibility at least 45% (relaxable for reserved category candidates) at 10+2 with mathematics.

BCS course is perfect for students who want to make a career in computers and related subjects. Major Bachelor of Computer Science subjects include Electronic devices, Digital Electronics, Computer Programming Theory, Discrete Mathematics, Advanced Programming using Python, C++, Java, etc. 

The course curriculum is inclusive of theory and practicals which makes the students well trained and skillful in the field of programming, software, hardware and network.

The following table shows BCS colleges in India:

College Name Location Average Fees (Total)
The New College Kolhapur INR 18,000
Yashwantrao Chavan Institute of Science Satara INR 44,000
Dnyanopasak Shikshan Mandal’s College of Arts, Commerce and Science Parbhani INR 54,000
Sir Sayyed College of Arts, Commerce and Science Aurangabad -
Smt. Kasturbai Walchand College Sangli INR 20,250

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The average fees for this course is under INR 50,000 in India. The fee variation will be there depending upon the college affiliation and location.

The main motive of the course is to provide students sufficient knowledge and skills that would be effective enough to help them channelize their learning in a practical sense.

If you want to make a career in computer manufacturing, software engineering, security and surveillance, computer programming etc. then this is the right course for you.

There are many related courses also like BSc in Computer Science and BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications), which are almost the same as Bachelor of Computer Science, but with a slight difference between them in terms of course curriculum and objectives.

Major Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) jobs include Software Developer, IT Manager, Project Manager (IT), Technical Support Developer, System Engineer, Network Administrator, Researcher, etc. Check BCS Jobs & Career Options to know more. 

You can get an average starting salary of INR 3.5 LPA after completing this BCA course.

Many students prefer to go for higher education and study Master of Computer Application (MCA) for better future and prospects. Other major and widely pursued options are MBA in any specialization, but BCA graduates prefer MBA in IT mostly.

You can also go for one of the many Certificate courses in Java, C++, Python, and others to gain expertise in that particular computer language.

Bachelor of Computer Science Admission Process

Bachelor of Computer Science Admission Process

Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) course admission procedure is usually based on merit. But some state-level colleges take a written common entrance test as well for admission into all the UG and PG programs (Like Telangana, Maharashtra, etc.).

  • Students who fulfill the minimum eligibility should wait for their Class 12 results, and the desired college admission notification.
  • Online or offline application with all the details has to be filled and submitted to the college/university before the application deadline.
  • Some colleges prefer students with a high percentage in Class 12, therefore higher the scores the better are chances of admission.
  • Qualified students will be notified by generating a merit list. 
  • If your name appears on it, then you are asked to deposit the yearly or semester course fees for that academic year on time to be able to take admission in that academic year.

BCS Admission process involves the above-mentioned steps mostly, in all the colleges across India.

Bachelor of Computer Science Eligibility

BCS Eligibility is one of the following:

  • Minimum 45% (relaxable for reserved categories) in Class 12 with mathematics from a recognized board
  • Relevant and recognized diploma course after Class X

Apart from the above-mentioned eligibility criteria, various colleges and institutes may have their own additional criteria which the students would have to satisfy in order to take admission. For that you will have to checl respective college official sites.

Bachelor of Computer Science: What is it About?

Bachelor of Computer Science: What is it About?

  • BCS or Bachelor of Computer Science is one of the many computer science courses of undergraduate level of 3 years, consisting of 6 semesters.
  • BCS course generally aims to train students in the study of computer science and its applications, along with programming, networking, hardware, etc.
  • Core Bachelor of Computer Science subjects includes Data Structures using C, System Programming, Computer Graphics, Internet Programming, Data Electronics, Database Management System, etc. Check Syllabus to know get the complete Bachelor of Computer Science subject list.
  • Training is provided in a variety of computer languages and its practical uses are taught through practicals and modules, which include Java, C++, Python, etc.
  • Students with a strong interest in software engineering or network engineering should pursue this course for a future as Programmer, IT Project Manager, App Developer, Web Developer, Program Analyst, Network Administrator, IT System Maintenance, etc. Check Bachelor of Computer Science Careers to know in detail.
  • This course is offered by limited colleges in India, therefore a lot of students prefer other courses like BSc in Computer Science, BCA (Bachelor of Computer Science), BTech Computer Science, etc. which has slight differences with each other in terms of eligibility and course outcome.

Bachelor of Computer Science Subject List

Bachelors of Computer Science Course Highlights

Course Level Under Graduate
Duration 3 years
Examination Type Semester Wise
Eligibility A minimum score of 45% (Relaxable for reserved category students) marks in Class 12 or equivalent level.
Admission Process Usually Merit Based
Course Fee Under INR 50,000
Average Starting Salary INR 3,50,000
Top Recruiting Companies Amazon, Deloitte, CGI, Mindtree, Infosys, Cognizant, TCS, IBM, Tech Mahindra, Wipro, etc.
Job Position Software Developer, IT Manager, Program Analyst, Software Tester, Website Designer, Web Developer, Systems Architect, etc.
Why study Bachelor of Computer Science?

Why study Bachelor of Computer Science?

  • Computer science has been the most widely taken course out of all the technical courses that are offered at undergraduate level in India. In today’s wired and digitized society computer programming knowledge and its utility is something that can’t be undermined.
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) course provides knowledge and skills to the students in regards to computer basics, programming skills, hardware working, networking organization etc. These skills and knowledge are provided to the students in the face of theoretical subjects and practical modules that are taught to the students during this course.
  • The job market for any graduate from a computer science background is diverse. There is a huge scope in programming languages and its application these days. With the increase in a number of companies across India, the need for a good programmer and IT managers is increasing day by day.
  • The earning potential and the scope for career growth is also increasing. You can earn as much as INR 6-10 LPA after getting 2-5 years of experience in this domain. The percentage hike is also a minimum of 30-40% which can be considered impressive if we consider the status of working professionals.
  • Therefore, right now is the best time to study Bachelor of Computer Science because of the need for skillful candidates to fulfill the demands of the booming economy and newer technology in different industry sectors.

Bachelor of Computer Science Course Comparison

There are many Computer Science courses in India like BCS, Bachelor of Computer Applications and BSc Computer Science. They all are of 3 years with almost same career options. But there is a slight difference between them in terms of course curriculum and degree orientation.

Below we have discussed some of the basic differences between BCA, BCS and BSc CS courses:

Parameters Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) BSc Computer Science
Qualification Computer Science Computer Application Computer Science
Orientation Application oriented course Application oriented course Concept oriented course
Curriculum Advanced knowledge about computers, including software and hardware and network studies Development of Computer Applications like web, BI and ERP. The curriculum is a mixture of concept based subjects which helps to 
Subjects  Apart from computer programming, subjects such as internet communications, network and database administration, etc. are taught. More practical knowledge of computer programming with the latest developments Apart from theory subjects, More focus on PHP, SQL, Java, C, C++

Career options remain the same in case of BCA and BCS. BSc CS will lead you to be more skillful in basic and advance computer science concepts which will help you to grasp any concept quite easily. Some basic programming is also taught in BSc CS.

Bachelor of Computer Science Top Colleges

Bachelors of Computer Science Colleges

To be honest, there are not many BCS colleges in India because other computer science courses which we have discussed in the previous sections are more popular and widely pursued than this course. 

Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) course is offered by many reputed colleges and universities across the country. Colleges are offering this course to candidates who have passed Class 12 or equivalent level examination from a recognized state or central board.

For your reference, we have tabled down a list of various colleges/universities that are offering BCS course in India.

Bachelor of Computer Science Syllabus

Bachelors of Computer Science Syllabus and Course Details

The syllabus of Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) course is divided into 6 semesters. BCS syllabus consists of various subjects and programming that students are taught in order to gain advance research and technical skills.

The syllabus covers all the aspects related to computer science in a holistic manner so, as to provide a solid base and understanding of the subject to the undergraduate students.

Following table lists common Bachelors of Computer Science subjects:

First Year Syllabus
Problem Solving Using Computers and 'C' Programming File Organization and Fundamental of Databases
Computer Science Practical Paper I  Computer Science Practical Paper II 
Mathematics Paper I Electronics Paper I
Second Year Syllabus
Data Structures using ‘C’  Relational Database Management System
Object Oriented Concepts using C++  Software Engineering
Data structures Practicals and C++ Practicals  Database Practicals & Mini Project using Software Engineering techniques 
Mathematics Paper II Electronics Paper II
Third Year Syllabus
System Programming  Operating System 
Theoretical Computer Science  Compiler Construction 
Computer Networks-I Computer Networks-II 
Internet Programming- I Internet Programming- II
Programming in Java-I  Programming in Java-II 
Object-Oriented Software Engineering Computer Graphics 
System Programming Practicals Operating System Practicals
Java Programming Practicals Internet Programming Practicals
Computer Graphics using Java Project

Recommended Books: 

Name of Book Author
Computer Fundamentals P.K. Sinha
Computer Fundamentals and Programming in C Reema Thareja
The C Programming Language Brian W Kernighan
Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C Mark Allen Weiss
Computer Organization and Architecture: Designing for Performance William Stallings
The Language of SQL (Learning) Larry Rockoff
Software Engineering: A practitioner’s approach Roger S Pressman
System Software: An Introduction to Systems Programming Leland L Beck
Bachelor of Computer Science Jobs & Career Options

Bachelors of Computer Science Jobs and Salary

Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) graduates have plenty of options to choose from in terms of their career. One can choose to work as a Software developer, IT Manager, Program Analyst, Software Tester, Website Designer etc. 

Average Bachelor of Computer Science salary can be more than INR 6 LPA, which will eventually go higher with experience and skills.

To provide you a holistic view of the career prospects of this course we have tabled certain job positions and the respective roles attached to the same with an average salary package after completing your BCS course.

Job Position Job Description Average Salary
IT Project Manager A job of IT project manager involves management, coordination and oversight of the human resource working on an IT project. INR 14.8 LPA
Website Designer The job involves one to design and articulate web pages on the website as per the need of the clients. INR 2.8 LPA
Program Analyst Program Analyst is involved in the task of study and analysis of programming codes so as to weed out any bug or redundancy. INR 4 LPA
Data Analyst A data analyst is involved in the analysis of digitally generated data so, as to bring out trends and patterns related to the provided set of data.  INR 4.2 LPA
Full Stack Web Developer These web developers are proficient in both frontend and backend coding. They are mainly responsible for website efficiency and functionality. INR 7 LPA
Software Engineer They are mainly responsible for software solutions by studying system flow, needs, user interaction, etc.  INR 5 LPA
Systems Architect They are responsible for the technical infrastructure of any company and its base, application and other related things. INR 15 LPA
Mobile Application Developer They are fully responsible for the working and handling of mobile application projects INR 4.4 LPA
Data Engineer They are mainly responsible for handing the working, architecture, construction of big databases.  INR 8.9 LPA

Salary Trend Graph

Bachelor of Computer Science Jobs

Bachelor of Computer Science Future Scope

Bachelor of Computer Science Future Scope

Students have a bright future after studying Bachelor of Computer Science course. It’s a world of technology and digital science, and with the boost in technology and economy, the number of programmers and developers required are day to day increasing.

We have already discussed the major job options that you can choose aright after completing BCS course. Here we will discuss, what you can do afterwards.

  • Many people prefer to go for higher education and pursue Master of Computer Science (MCS) or Master of Computer Applications (MCA) to get a deeper subject knowledge and advance programming skills. It is not compulsory to pursue these courses as your programming knowledge and skills will only increase with experience, but many students like to go for these PG Computer Science course for better qualifications.
  • If you want to pursue a managerial position in an IT company or software developing company, then you should definitely go for an MBA degree. 
  • There are various MBA specializations which you can pursue, but most related one is MBA in IT.
  • If you don’t want to invest 2 years of your time for higher studies, and want to excel in computer science field then you can also pursue PG Diploma in Computer Applications
  • Apart from these degree courses, you can also enroll for small certificate and diploma courses in programming languages to gain expertise in that field. Some of the most popular ones are Certificate course in Java, Certificate course in C++, Certificate course in Python, etc.
  • You also have an option of studying abroad in countries like US, Canada, Germany, etc., which is considered the hub of technology creations and innovation in the world. You can study advance degrees in Computer Science Programming and Language, Data Science, Data Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, etc. and make your career in these advance technology fields.

There is no end to learning when you are from Computer Science background. Every day with the development and release of new technology, you will have to stay updated with the latest trends, updations and features for better opportunities in tech and IT companies. 

There are many blogs, articles which you can follow to increase your efficiency and know about the latest trends in computer science and technology world.

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Bachelor of Computer Science: FAQs

Bachelor of Computer Science: FAQs

Ques. Can I study Bachelor of Computer Science online?

Ans. No, you can’t study this course online. However, you can study BSc in Computer Science or Bachelor of Computer Applications from the following colleges:

Ques. What is the Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) Admission Process?

Ans. BCS Admission process is usually merit-based. You will have to fill the college or university application form, and basis the merit list you can get admission into the college.

Check Bachelor of Computer Science Admission Process for full details.

Ques. What is the average Bachelor of Computer Science salary?

Ans. The average salary can be around INR 6-7 LPA. It can go higher depending upon the location and job profile.

Check Bachelor of Computer Science Career Options for full details.

Ques. Can I pursue Bachelor of Computer Science online?

Ans. Yes, you can pursue Bachelor of Computer Science online from foreign colleges, as none of the Indian colleges has yet started the BCS program online. 

But there are other Computer Science degrees Like BCA, BSC CS which you can pursue online from IGNOU and others.

Check IGNOU Admission Process for more details.

Ques. How difficult is computer science?

Ans. If you have an interest in computer science, then it is not at all difficult. But for others, it can be moderately difficult. It basically teachers you different programming languages, networking, different  aspects of computer science technology, etc.

Ques. What are the subjects in BCS?

Ans. Major subjects in BCS course are:

  • Data Electronics
  • System Programming
  • Computer Graphics
  • Internal Programming
  • Problem Solving in C programming
  • Data Structures using C, etc.

Check Bachelor of Computer Science Syllabus and Subject List for more info.

Ques. What is the difference between BCA and BCS?

Ans. The only major difference between each of these courses is in the curriculum, syllabus, and subjects.

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) is more focussed on application knowledge in computer science, and Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) deals with computing network, software, and hardware. This course is more fundamentally based on the basics of computer science studies. 

But of these courses lead to almost same career options. Programming languages, database management are taught in both of these courses.

Ques. Is BCS an engineering degree?

Ans. B.Tech CSE is an engineering degree, and BCS is Bachelors in Computer Science degree.

BCS consist of basics and fundamental elements and studies of computer science. From hardware studies to programming, everything is included in this course. 

Bachelors of Computer Science [BCS] Fee Structure in India

18 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES38.34 K  (Maximum Fee)
28.17 K (Average Fee)
20.25 K (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES53.66 K (Maximum Fee)
38.86 K (Average Fee)

Bachelors of Computer Science [BCS] Fee Structure By state


28.17 K
20.25 KPrivate COLLEGES53.66 K
38.86 K


Filter By

Lovely Professional University - [LPU] (3)
Dyal Singh College - [DSC] (2)
M.E.S. Abasaheb Garware College (2)
Bharath University - Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research - [BIHER] (2)
Andhra Loyola College - [ALC] (1)
Asutosh College (1)
Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College - [ARSD] (1)
Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences - [BCAS] (1)
Dnyanopasak Shikshan Mandal's College of Arts Commerce and Science - [DSM-CACS] (1)
Loyola College (1)
MSP Mandal's Shiv Chhatrapati College (1)
PES's Modern College of Arts, Science and Commerce Ganeshkhind (1)
PSGR Krishnammal College for Women (1)
Smt Kasturbai Walchand College (1)
St Joseph's College Devagiri (1)
VES College of Arts Science and Commerce - [VESASC] (1)
M H Saboo Siddik College of Engineering - [MHSSCOE] (1)
Basaveshwar Engineering College - [BEC] (1)
Bharati Vidyapeeth University College of Engineering - [BVUCOE] (1)
Birla Vishvakarma Mahavidyalaya Engineering College - [BVM] (1)
C.U. Shah College of Engineering and Technology (1)
Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology - [AIT] (1)
GH Raisoni College of Engineering - [GHRCE] (1)
Jayamukhi Institute of Technological Sciences - [JITS] (1)
Jyothishmathi Institute of Technology and Science - [JITS] (1)
Kakatiya Institute of Technology & Science - [KITSW] (1)
Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology - [KMIT] (1)
Manav Rachna University - [MRU] (1)
Narasaraopeta Engineering College - [NEC] (1)
New Horizon College of Engineering - [NHCE] (1)
Pragati Engineering College (1)
Priyadarshini Indira Gandhi College of Engineering - [PIGCE] (1)
SCMS School of Engineering and Technology [SSET] (1)
The National Institute of Engineering - [NIE] (1)
Sinhgad College of Science - [SCOS] Ambegaon (1)
GITAM Hyderabad Business School - [GITAM HBS] (1)
Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering - [VVCE] (1)
S.K. College of Education and Research (1)
Karpagam Academy of Higher Education - [KAHE] (1)
Chandigarh Group of Colleges - [CGC] (1)
Gujarat Arts and Science College - [GASC] (1)
KKR & KSR Institute of Technology and Sciences - [KITS] (1)
Guru Nanak Dev University Regional Campus (1)
Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies -[RGUKT] (1)
University of Engineering and Management - [UEM] (1)
Sir Parashurambhau College (1)
Government Model Science College (1)
Fee Structure (29)
Faculty (26)
Scholarship (26)
Hostel (25)
Placement (25)
Campus (20)
Course (20)
Admission (18)
Internship (13)
Department (11)
Experience (10)
Engineering (9)
Exam Structure (8)
Course Curriculum (7)
Government (7)

52 Reviews found out of 177274

Admission :

According to my Choice. And mostly I like computer science subject. And also likes the IT field and IT jobs. I get easy admission in this college on the basis of my 12th percentage. Admissions was offline at that time. So 1 form, 1 passport size photo and fee, and documents of 10th and 12th and other compulsory documents such as identity proof, etc are submitted by me to take the admission.

Campus Life :

I don't know of this type a so much information. But according to me, gender ratio was about 10, 000. And our college took many extracurricular activities and sometimes sports events too. Sometimes they organize workshops at computer department. It was also helps to encourage us.

Faculty :

Our faculty had or our computer department has 9 lectures for teaching us. They were addressed to us on the basis of their qualifications, personaility, etc. Some were not good for teaching but we managed all at that time. But some were very responsible about our classes.

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8.7 /10

College Events :

Every academic year the events celebrated in your college is firstly 1. Freshers party Freshers party is conducted by the 2 nd year students for there juniors it is like a welcoming party . 2. They conduct various workshops like artificial intelligence ,robotics ,gaming etc. 3.every year science fair is conducted by our college in the month of December In that science fair all surrounding schools and colleges students attend the eve of new year or starting year on our college main event is is celebrated 3-4 days.It is celebrated grand .In this event many celebrities attend. 5.ethnic day

Course Curriculum Overview :

We can assess any course what we are interested baed on the course fee may vary .In my academic year my fee structure is every year i had pay 2 lakhs 25 thousand for 4 years .Every year they will increase 25 thousand for new joining students.They create Friendly environment ,they care and help alot for students in studies and they are very strict in academic purpose.

Exam Structure :

Exam structure is the academic year there are 2 semesters 2.Each semester contains 3 mid examinations 3 mid examinations they will consider best 2 mid marks 4.after completion of the 3 mid examinations final/end semester exam . 5.After month of end semester they will declare results .

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Kolhapur, Maharashtra
6 K first year fees
Jaysingpur college
Kolhapur, Maharashtra
12.63 K first year fees
Yogeshwari Mahavidyalaya
Ambajogai, Maharashtra
15.38 K first year fees
20.25 K Total fees
14.65 K first year fees