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Bachelor of Computer Science or BCS is one of the undergraduate computer science degrees in India. It involves the study of fundaments of computer science like hardware, network, software and its related aspects.

This 3 year Bachelor of Computer Science course qualifies you for a variety of job positions in various sectors of IT, computer science and technology. Most of the students prefer to work in this domain only after completing their degree because of high demand and salary package of IT professionals and software developers/ engineers.

IT industry is growing day by day in India with many foreign and national investments. The government of India is planning to make the country the IT hub of the world. Currently, there are numerous job options in this sector with a higher scope of salary hike and financial stability.

Below we have discussed everything about career options and opportunities that you can explore after completing your computer science degree.

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Bachelor of Computer Science Job Sectors

Following table shows major sectors where you can find credible jobs after completing your BCS course:

IT Industry Computer Manufacturing Programming Gaming
Animation Software Engineering Database Systems Cloud Computing
Computer Networking Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking Artificial Intelligence Computer Modelling
Web Development Application development Operating System Data Science and Data Analysis

Apart from these sectors, you can enter the different computer engineering fields as well after self-study or short courses like Certificate course in any trending language like Python, to gain expertise in this.

Bachelor of Computer Science starting salary can be around INR 3-3.5 LPA. It varies upon the reputation of your college, job location, your skills and knowledge. In cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, you can earn easily atleast INR 4-4.5 LPA as a fresher. In other cities, it may be a little lower.

After gaining around 2 years of experience, you can expect a salary of around INR 6-10 LPA. The minimum salary hike computer science professionals get is atleast 30%.

One of the highest paying jobs in computer science field are Big Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Data Manager, Data Architect, etc. You can expect a salary as high as INR 40 LPA in international companies like Flipkart, Amazon, Deloitte, etc.

Bachelor of Computer Science Jobs and Salary

Below table shows common Bachelor of Computer Science job profiles with experience:

Job Profile Average Salary Lowest Salary (0-1 years) Highest Salary (10-20 years)
Web Developer INR 3.07 LPA INR 2.23 LPA INR 10 LPA
Mobile Application Developer INR 4.41 LPA INR 2.43 LPA INR 14 LPA
Web Designer INR 2.82 LPA INR 1.95 LPA INR 13 LPA
IT Manager INR 12.62 LPA INR 4.97 LPA INR 18.39 LPA
Hardware Engineer INR 3.65 LPA INR 2.92 LPA INR 11 LPA
Software Engineer INR 5.08 LPA INR 3.66 LPA INR 14.84 LPA
Front End Developer INR 4.86 LPA INR 3 LPA INR 13.85 LPA
Data Engineer INR 7.22 LPA INR 5.78 LPA INR 15.79 LPA
Network Engineer INR 3.1 LPA INR 2.45 LPA INR 8.24 LPA
Database Administrator INR 4.97 LPA INR 2.97 LPA INR 12.46 LPA
Systems Analyst INR 6.59 LPA INR 2.81 LPA INR 10.49 LPA

Bachelor of Science Jobs Salary

Source: Payscale

Bachelor of Computer Science Top Companies

Some of the reputed companies are Amazon, Deloitte, TCS, HCL, Infosys, Wipro, Mindtree, Tech Mahindra, Capgemini, Google etc. These are considered one of the major IT companies all over the world.

It is a dream for Computer Science graduates to work for these companies in software engineering or IT sector.

Below tables shows the average salary offer to BCS graduates by top companies in India:

Company Name Average Salary
Amazon INR 12.7 LPA
Google INR 16.5 LPA
Infosys INR 6 LPA
Wipro INR 8.2 LPA
Capgemini  INR 3.24 LPA
Accenture INR 4.44 LPA
Directi INR 17.1 LPA
Cognizant INR 6.2 LPA
TCS Ltd. INR 4.34 LPA

Gender Ratio

According to an Indian survey in 2018, only 26% women are employed in the IT sector in software engineering roles. By this we can say, that there is one women IT professional against 3 men.

Studies show that after getting an average of 4-5 years of exposure, people prefer managerial positions. More men are into this than women. This can be clearly seen as more of men are appointed in most of the IT companies at managerial positions or above.

We hope that the gender ratio would increase and equal opportunities for both men and women will be there for both the gender in the IT field in the coming years.

Gender Ratio men to women in Computer Science and IT

Bachelor of Computer Science Future Scope

The future of computer science professionals is very bright. The number of foreign and national investors, along with the help of the government of India is planning to make India a professional IT hub of the world.

Latest trends of 2020 are:

  • Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing
  • 5G technology
  • Higher performance from edge computing hardware
  • Quantum computing usage
  • Latest trends in Aerospace Technology
  • Genome Technology
  • AI usage in the Agriculture sector
  • Autonomous driving technology

We can see that many latest trends and technologies like Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, etc. are being supported by many companies in India. Startups such as Corseco Technologies, Intello Labs, MintM, KrishiHub, SensoVision Systems, etc. are some of the visionary startups in India that are using these latest trends for better humankind.

In India, Bangalore and Gurgaon have the highest growth opportunities in the IT sector. With over 60,000 companies, Bangalore has the highest number of IT companies in India, followed by Hyderabad, Chennai and NCR.

  • Higher Education: You can pursue one of the following full time or part time degree programs to enhance your qualifications and skills: MCA, MSc Computer Science, MBA in IT, etc. for advance skills and knowledge.

You can pursue MBA in any specialization of your choice like in Finance, Marketing, etc.

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Mostly, IT professionals prefer going to US, Canada, Germany, Australia, etc. for better international opportunities. There various scholarship options available for Indians which can help them financially during their stay. Some colleges offer fee waiver and a monthly or yearly stipend to brilliant students. 

The opportunities in IT sector are diverse. With the development of so many technologies around the world, the job prospects after computer science degree will definitely help you to achieve stability in life and a successful career.


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