Doctorate of Medicine in Rasa Shastra Top Colleges, Syllabus, Scope and Salary

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Doctorate of Medicine in Rasa Shastra is a two year doctorate degree program, designed for aspirants interested in mastering the art of treating illness through ayurvedic methods. The program basically focuses on the science of combining various metals and other substances with herbs to alleviate disorders from the diseased and help people to stay healthy and vibrant.

Minimum qualification required for the pursuance of the course is to have a B.A.M.S. degree or any other equivalent qualification, completed from a well-recognized university. Admission to eligible candidates is provided based on their combined performance in the last qualifying exam and a relevant entrance examination, like NEET PG, NIA Entrance Test, IMS Entrance Test, BHUFS Entrance Exam, RGUHS Entrance Test, etc.

Top colleges providing the course are:

The average tuition fee charged for the course ranges between INR 50K and 5 Lac, varying across institutes.

After successfully completing the course, one can find a job in various Government and Private Hospitals, and in areas like Research Institutes, Medical Colleges, Community Healthcare Centers, Ayurvedic Hospitals, Govt. Social Welfare Programs, Ayurvedic Labs, Herbal Product Manufacturer, Pancha Karma Centers, etc. where they can earn a monthly salary ranging between INR 40K and 90K, at an initial level, depending upon his/her expertise in the field. 

Top Colleges for Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (Rasa Shastra)

M.D. in Rasa Shastra: Course Highlights

Some of the major highlights about the course are tabulated below.

Course Level Doctorate Degree
Duration Two Years
Minimum Qualification Required A graduation degree in B.A.M.S. or equivalent.
Examination Type Semester System
Admission Procedure Counseling after taking Entrance Exam
Total Course Fee INR 50K to 5 Lac
Top Recruiting Areas/Fields Ayurvedic Hospitals, Research Institutes, Medical Colleges, Government Hospitals, Medical Labs, Private Hospitals, Healthcare Institutions, Private Clinic, Herbal Product Manufacturer, Pancha Karma Centers, etc.
Job Positions Ayurvedic Doctor, Health Specialist, National Consultant, Technical Assistant, Medical Supervisor, Research Associate, Junior Research Scientist, Product Manager, Professor, Dietician, etc.
Average Initial Annual Salary INR 2 Lac to 10 Lac
Major Entrance Examinations NEET PG, NIA Entrance Test, AIAPGET, BHUFS Entrance Exam, RGUHS Entrance Test, IMS BHU MD Entrance Test, JPGET. etc.

M.D. in Rasa Shastra: What is it about?

Rasa Shastra is a specialized branch of Ayurveda, which is designed to deal with the preparation of mineral and inorganic-based drugs in order to treat various diseases. It is the study of combination of certain minerals and metals including mercury with herbs and their properties, and therapeutic uses.

Candidates interested in learning more about the discipline can also pursue higher degree courses like D.M., Ph. D., and other research related study.

The program offers candidates a specialization in the wide range of applications and methodologies used in the treatment of diseases through Rasa Shastra. During the course, students learn about the useful properties of metals, like copper, mercury, gold, silver, and such which when combined with different herbs, help in eliminating disorders like eye diseases, increasing fat metabolism, jaundice, hepatitis, etc. and keep a person healthy. Rasa Shastra is faster than other ayurvedic branches.

One of the major objectives of the course is to produce doctors which are highly qualified and efficient and can successfully operate in and contribute to the society by eliminating all types of diseases by the use of their knowledge about Rasa Shastra. The course’s curriculum is a blend of theoretical and practical components of the study.   

M.D. in Rasa Shastra: Top Institutes

In India, a large number of medical colleges and institutes provide a doctorate degree in Rasa Shastra, but not all of them are considered to be good for pursuance of the course. Names of some such top colleges providing the course are listed below, along with their corresponding fees and location.

National Institute of Ayurveda Jaipur INR 1,20,000 (course)
Baba Farid University of Health Sciences (BBUHS) Faridkot INR 1,50,000 (course)
Gujarat Ayurved University (GAU) Gujarat INR 38,000 (course)
Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Rajasthan Ayurved University (DSRRAU) Jodhpur INR 31,900 (course)
JB Roy State Medical College Kolkata Not Mentioned
Government Ayurvedic College Guwahati INR 9,900 (course)
Mahrashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS) Nashik INR 22,000 (course)
Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Health Sciences (RGUHS) Bangalore Not Mentioned
Uttarakhand Ayurved Unievrsity (UAU) Uttarakhand INR 35,500 (course)
Dayanand Ayurvedic College (DAC) Jalandhar Not Mentioned
Ayurvedic Mahavidyalaya Mumbai Not Mentioned
Banaras Hindu University (BHU) Varanasi INR 20,329 (course)
Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University Amravati INR 1,70,000 (course)
Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh INR 2,10,000 (course)
Alvas Ayurvedic Medical College Karnataka Not Mentioned
MMM Government Ayurvedic College Udaipur INR 1,10,000 (course)
Ayurvedic and Unani Tibbia College (AAUTC) New Delhi INR 90,000 (course)

Eligibility for M.D. in Rasa Shastra

All the candidates aspiring to pursue a career in Rasa Shastra, are required to fulfill all the below mentioned criteria, in order to be eligible to apply for the course.

  • A minimum percentage of 60% in class 10th & 12th examination conducted by a recognized educational board, like CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) and subsequently a minimum aggregate score of 50% at the level of graduation, which should be completed from an institute, recognized by Medical Council of India (MCI).
  • Graduation degree should be completed in B.A.M.S. (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine & Surgery) with Sanskrit as a compulsory subject, or other equivalent qualification like M.B.B.S. in a relevant discipline.
  • Candidates in their final year of graduation waiting for exam result are also welcomed to apply, on a provisional basis.

Although, it is advisable to students to have a minimum work experience of 24 months, as it is required by many reputed institutes.

M.D. in Rasa Shastra: Admission Process

Most of the colleges and institutes offering the course admit candidates based on of their combined performance in the last qualifying examination (i.e. B.A.M.S.) and a relevant entrance test. Students who have secured the qualifying percentile set for the entrance exams are eligible for the counseling process.

As a part of counseling, candidates have to go through two additional rounds of group discussion and personal interview, wherein candidate’s general aptitude and knowledge for the course is examined by highly qualified and experienced faculties. A merit list is then released by each university allocating available seats to the most deserving applicants.

Students waiting for their final year’s exam results, are eligible to apply, but admission to such candidates will be given on a provisional basis, until they fulfill all the above mentioned eligibility criteria.

Listed below are some of the major entrance examinations conducted in the country for admission to the respective course.

  • NEET PG (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) for Post Graduate Courses
  • NIA (National Institute of Ayurveda) Entrance Test 
  • BHUFS Entrance Exam
  • RGUHS (Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences) Entrance Test
  • AIAPGET (All India Ayush Post Graduate Entrance Test)
  • IMS BHU (Banaras Hindu University) MD Entrance Test
  • JPGET (Joint Post Graduate Entrance Test)

M.D. in Rasa Shastra: Syllabus & Course Description

Classified below is a semester-wise breakup of the course’s syllabus.

Evolution of Rasa Shastra Principles of Aushadha Yoga
Kayachikitsa Roga & Vikrit Vigyaan
Agad Tantra Rasa Shastra
Dravya GunaKaumar Bhritya Sharir Kriya
Rasa Ratnasamuchchaya, Rasa Tarangini,
Rasendra Chintamani, Sharngadhara Samhita
Swastha Vitta Maulik Siddhanta
Kaumar Bhritya Panchakarma
Sharir Rachana Shalya Tantra
Raseshwara Darshan Shalakya Tantra
Shodhan Maranadi vidhi  Rasa Kamdhenu
Siddha Bheshaja Manimala Ayurveda Prakash

M.D. in Rasa Shastra: Who should opt?

Eligible graduates aspiring to pursue a career in Rasa Shastra would ideally possess a genuine interest in ayurvedic science, patience, and a hardworking attitude along with a good knowledge about the basic principles and practice of ayurvedic medicine in hospitals. The course requires students who have a good knowledge of Sanskrit and can handle general health issues at individual or community level.

Candidates should be good at communication and interpersonal skills, as the line of work requires them to deal with all age groups of patients and should have the ability to take rational decisions relevant to community and individual patient.

Also, those who aspire to pursue higher studies or a teaching career in the discipline are suitable for the course, as it sets a good base. 

M.D. in Rasa Shastra: Career Prospects

Career Opportunities for specialists in Rasa Shastra is growing rapidly, due to the increasing awareness in people about ayurvedic medicine and herbal products. Since Ayurveda is one of the latest disciplines with a vast market potential, Indian Government is also focusing on its development. So it would be appropriate to say that opting for M.D. in Rasa Shastra is a great choice in the long run.

Successful postgraduates of the course can find a job in both private and government hospitals, and in areas like, Research Institutes, Medical Colleges, Government Hospitals, Medical Labs, Private Hospitals, Healthcare Institutions, Private Clinic, Herbal Product Manufacturer, Pancha Karma Centers, etc. where at an initial level, salary is a little lower as compared to other disciplines, ranging between INR 2 Lac to 7 Lac annually, but it will gradually increase with the increase in expertise and experience in the field.

Other than seeking for a job one always have the option to be self-employed and open a private clinic, as it is a promising avenue. Those who are interested in teaching can also become a Professor in medical colleges, and contribute largely to the society by spreading awareness about our ancient medical treatment (Ayurveda).

Some of the popular professional avenues open to such postgraduates are listed below, along with their corresponding salary and basic job responsibilities associated to each.

Doctorate of Medicine (M.D.) in Rasa Shastra annual salry
Ayurvedic Doctor An Ayurvedic Doctor works on ingredients, testing, quality check, methodology- formulation approvals, and on maintaining health standards. INR 3 Lac to 8 Lac
National Consultant A National Consultant coordinates and promotes quality related activities and advocacy and estimates requirements for improvement of quality of health care services. INR 3 Lac to 10 Lac
Dietician A Dietician explains nutritional issues, develops and evaluates the effect of meal plans and promotes better nutrition by giving talks to groups about proper diet and nutrition. INR 3 Lac to 9 Lac
Professor A professor teaches and motivates students and keeps up with current research activities in their areas of expertise. INR 4 Lac to 8 Lac
Health Specialist A Health Specialist works to improve the health of individuals and communities and works with organizations, such as neighborhoods, schools and hospitals, to make them aware of their roles in promoting health. INR 3 Lac to 6.5 Lac

Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (Rasa Shastra) Fee Structure in India

61.78 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES3.75 L  (Maximum Fee)
1.51 L (Average Fee)
1.50 L (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES16.50 L (Maximum Fee)
7.05 L (Average Fee)


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Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (Rasa Shastra) Colleges IN INDIA

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DY Patil University
Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
5.5 L first year fees
Banaras Hindu University - [BHU]
Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
22.86 K first year fees
1.25 L first year fees
29.05 K first year fees
30 K first year fees
1.99 L first year fees
Government Ayurveda College
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
20.93 K first year fees