MA (Master of Arts) in Communication Job Sectors, Job Prospects and Salary

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MA in Communication is a course that opens wide gates to you for lucrative and creative job opportunities. It’s a 3 year Post-graduate after which you can apply for both government and private jobs. The MA in Communication job prospects are very thrilling, creative and field related. After completing course an MA in Communication salary package ranges from INR 6.5 Lakhs to INR 10 Lakhs per annum. 

After graduation, there is a broad range of job opportunities available to MA in Communication graduates. If you wish to pursue your career in the job sector, then below mentioned is the list of few important updates that might help you to chose your career well:

  1. MA in Communication Job sectors
  2. MA in Communication Job Prospects
MA in Communication Job Sectors

MA in Communication Job Sectors

The job sectors or the employment areas for the MA in Communication graduates are listed below:

  1. News Channels
  2. Digital Media Companies
  3. Legal Industries
  4. Advertising Sectors
  5. Marketing and Human Resources sectors
  6. Film Industry

There are some other employment areas also in which a communication graduate can apply for. It totally depends on your skills, experience and area of interest that leads you to the choice of job sector.

MA in Communication Job Prospects

MA in Communication Job Prospects

MA in Communication provides you with a wide variety of job opportunities after the course completion. As this course mainly deals with the media and communication aspects of the economy, therefore, MA in Communication graduates have options for ample lucrative jobs. Here few of the career prospects are discussed below:

Media Consultant He/She is the one who is hired by the company or the organization for positive press coverage. They basically design media releases to reframe the public perception. They basically provide media planning strategies to the organization. Up to INR 2.43 Lakhs Up to INR 6.43 Lakhs Up to INR 20 Lakhs
Design Manager Design managers are responsible for managing the designs and graphics of a particular team. Their main aim is to present the best graphics to represent the awareness content. They approve the designs and layouts prepared by the team. Up to INR 5.86 Lakhs Up to INR 10 Lakhs Up to INR 30 Lakhs
Communication Manager Communication Managers are responsible for both internal and external communication of an organization. They draft written notices or prepare presentations for staff. Their duty is to communicate office information to its employees in an efficient manner. Up to INR 4.15 Lakhs Up to INR 8.98 Lakhs Up to INR 20 Lakhs
Public Relations Specialist Their aim is to act as a contact person between the employer and the public. They establish good relationships with the clients and try to maintain them for a long term. They basically deals with the clients in person to solve their grievances. Up to INR 2.97 Lakhs Up to INR 5.60 Lakhs Up to INR 10 Lakhs
Technical Leader Technical Leader is responsible for technical issues, press release problems, software problems and other tasks. Their role is to deal with all kinds of technical glitches that occur during office hours. Up to INR 5.9 Lakhs Up to INR 10 Lakhs Up to INR 20 Lakhs
Speech Writer Their role is to prepare speech content for the senior heads of organization for presentation purposes, staff addressing and meetings. Their aim is to translate or pen down the objectives, thoughts and ideas of the speaker. Up to INR 2.02 Lakhs Up to INR 4.06 Lakhs Up to INR 8.62 Lakhs
Systems Consultant Their duty is to keep a check on operating process and the information technology mechanism of an organization. They coordinate between the customers and the tech team to meet the customer needs.  Up to INR 3.91 Lakhs Up to INR 8.98 Lakhs Up to INR 20 Lakhs


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