Master of Arts [MA] (Culture and Media Studies)

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The major fields of career prospect after MA Culture and Media Studies are in the field of media production, journalism, film criticism, NGOs and other non-profit organizations.

The main job profiles are:

Job Profile Description
Public Relations & Media Relations Manager The PR manager is hired by organisations to handle the communication part on behalf of the organization and work for brand advertising.
Journalist A journalist is supposed to prepare media in print or digital for mass communication through either newspapers or TV.
Art Director The art director’s job is to direct video productions.
Special Effects Technician The special effects technician is responsible for all the post-production in the videos.
Photographer Many organisations hire photographers to capture the essential material.

MA Culture and Media Studies: Salary Trends

Culture and Media Studies has slowly grabbed its sway among the mainstream courses and more and more students are opting for the course. The course helps to develop analytical thinking which is a prerogative for a promising career in fields related to media. The following graph shows the current salary trend for MA Culture and Media Studies graduates.

salary graph for MA culture & media science


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