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MA Development Studies: Course Structure

The curriculum for MA Development Studies is scattered over four semesters and consists of a range of core subjects and electives. While the core courses lay the foundation for development studies, the electives are from a wide range of fields.

As part of the curriculum, students also have to complete summer training. The summer training is generally with NGOs or Research organizations. This training is organized to enhance the practical knowledge of students and provide them an opportunity to learn the application of theories learned in the course.

At certain institutes, like Ambedkar University, Delhi, students also have to work on a dissertation in the second academic year and submit a final dissertation in the fourth semester.

MA Development Studies: Syllabus

Course Title Description
Introduction to Development Studies This course introduces students to the field of Development studies and its relevance in contemporary society.
Economics of Development Development Studies is a multidisciplinary field and hence touches upon the economic aspect of development.
State and Development In this course, students learn the role and relevance of state in framing development policies and means.
Ecology of Development Development of a community hugely depends upon the ecology of a region. This course explores the relationship between Ecology and Development.
Theories of Development In this paper, students have to study various theories related to development and developmental practices.
Social Justice and Social Exclusion Social Justice and Social Exclusion form an integral part of the Development of a society. This paper explores the idea of Social Justice and Social Exclusion as crucial to the development of a society.
Welfare Regimes In this paper, students are introduced to the idea of Welfare Regimes and their role in the development of a nation.
Contemporary Indian Economy Since Economy forms an integral part of Development practices, students learn about the contemporary Indian economy and its effect on development policies.
Philosophy and Methods of Social Research Development studies is as much a research-based program as it is theory based. In this paper students learn the idea behind and the methods of Social research.
Understanding Rural Society Rural society forms an important part of a nation. In this paper, a student learns to understand the basics of rural society, including the challenges, needs and requirements, and the framework.
Political Economy of Agriculture, Land, and Labor Agriculture and Land hold an important place in the practice of economy in India. In this paper, a student learns the correlation between Politics and Economy of Land and Agriculture.
Poverty and Inequality: Approaches and Measurement Poverty and Inequality remain a huge challenge for development. This course focuses on the various methods to approach poverty and inequality in India.
Gender and Development Practice Gender commands an important place in the discourse of Development Practice. This course explores the various gender-related issues in development practices.
Urbanization and Development Urbanization is a process which has a huge impact on Development. In this course, a student learns the relation between Urbanization and Development and its implication.
Human Rights, Social Movements and Development Human Rights is an important component of Development practices. This course aims at explaining the importance of Human Rights and various Social Movements in the discourse of development.
Environment and Development Environment plays an important part in framing development policies. In this course, a student learns about the various aspects of the environment and their crucial role in the development discourse.
Industrialization, Globalization, and Labor Since Development is largely affected by political, ecological, economic and sociological aspects of a community, it is important to study the role of industrialization, globalization, and labor in development practices.


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