Master of Arts [MA] (History)

MA History syllabus structure comprises of four semesters with four courses in each semester. The course comprises of both electives and core subjects. The students have to submit a thesis at the end of last semester.

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Some of these topics are explained below. 

Name of subject Topics covered Objective
History and its Theory History: Definition, nature, functions, concepts, Modes of interaction with Humanities and Social Sciences, History and its theories, Structuralism and Post-structuralism, Postmodernism. The paper is designed to provide a better understanding of history, its theories, and interaction with social sciences.
Evolution of Ideas and Institutions in Ancient India Defining Ancient India, Nature of sources, The nature of pre-historic societies, Vedic and post Vedic societies, State formation, Post-Mauryan developments, Developments in the South. The course intends to provide an understanding of the societal, financial and institutional bases of Ancient India.
The Practice of History Pre-modern historical traditions, Modern historiography: documents and the archives, Cultural history, Marxism, Annales, Gender Archaeology Art, and history The environment Oral history Intellectual history History of emotions Connected histories: peoples regions, commodities This subject deals with various past traditions, cultural history, and connected histories. 
Maratha Polity Maratha Polity Nature of Sources Maratha State Administrative Structure Socio-Political Power Structure Fiscal Administration Administration of Justice Military system The point of the course is to study the organizational system of the Marathas in an analytical way.
Evolution of Ideas and Institutions in Medieval India Defining medieval India Nature of Sources: Perceptions, Limitations, Range The state in medieval India: perceptions and practice Medieval Indian society Religious ideas and institutions Political and social formations in the south Economic institutions The 18th century in India The course looks at the nature of medieval Indian society, economy, state formations, and religious beliefs.
History of Science and Technology in India Technology in the Indus Civilization Science and Scientific Thought in Ancient India Science and Technology in Medieval India Impact of Western Science and Technology in India Scientific Institutions in British India Science policy under the British Science Policy of Independent India till 1964 Indian Science and Technology: Recent Developments To explain the student the scientific development made by Indians through the ages and to examine the nature of Indian science and technology.

MA History: List of Electives

  • Historical Archaeology in Comparative Perspective
  • Philosophy and Methods of History
  • The Archive and History
  • Historiography in the Modern West
  • History, Historiography, and Philosophy of Science
  • Gender and Women in Ancient Societies
  • Cultural History of Early Urbanisms: Greece, Rome, China, and S.E. Asia
  • Ancient Mesopotamia
  • Historical Traditions in the Ancient and Medieval Worlds
  • Cultural Interactions in South and Southeast Asia (up to C. 1500)
  • Medieval Societies: The Central Islamic Lands 600-1258
  • Science and Technology in Medieval Asia

MA History: Scheme of Assessment

A student has to prepare for both core papers and optional papers at the end of each semester. Marks are based on written examinations and Internal Assessment.

Given below is the table depicting the marking scheme of this course.

Type of Course Theory Paper Internal Assessment
Core Course 80 Marks 20 Marks
Optional Course 80 Marks 20 Marks


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