Master of Arts [MA] (Public Administration)

MA Public Administration: Program Structure

The curriculum for MA Public Administration consists of core courses and electives. While core courses deal with the basic concepts related to Public Administration, electives are more about specialization in a particular field. Students also have to submit a project report at the end of the fourth semester.

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A general overview of the syllabus for MA in Public Administration is given below:

Title of the Paper Topics Description
Administrative Thought Approaches to Administration – Kautilya, Woodrow Wilson, Henri Fayol, F.W. Taylor, Max Weber Human Relations and other Theories Ecological and other models Neo-Human Relations This paper introduces the idea of Public Administration. This paper also includes different theories which influence public administration systems.
Personnel Administration and Human Resource Management Meaning, Nature and Scope of Personnel Administration Personnel Management Human Resource Development and Capacity Building Indian Administrative service would not function effectively without a proper channel for personnel administration and Human Resource Management. This paper focuses on the HR part of Public Administration.
Indian Administration Historical Evolution of Indian Administrative System Center, State and Administrative System The Personnel System Indian Administration – Themes and Issues This paper focuses on the evolution of Indian Administrative system and its relation with the various centers of power.
Financial Administration Basic Concepts of Financial Administration Public Expenditure: Canons and Issues Public Revenue and Contemporary Issues Budget and Center-State Financial Relations Finance is the backbone of any organization. Likewise, it is an important aspect of Public Administration. In this paper, the student learns about the budget policies, revenue system, and expenditure.
Rural and Urban Government in India Democratic Decentralization: Themes and Approaches Rural Local government: Structure and Function Urban Local Government: Structure and Function Rural and Urban Governance: Themes and Issues Governance is one of the important branches of public administration. This paper analyses the various systems of governance in India and their challenges.
Public Policy and Analysis Meaning, Approaches and Models Public Policy Making: Structure and Process Public Policy Implementation Policy Analysis – Meaning, Purpose, and Problems Public Policy is one of the important aspects of Public Administration. This paper introduces the various aspects of policy making and its implementation.
Environmental Administration Meaning, Evolution and Global Issues Environmental Management In India Sectoral Environmental Policies and their Implementation Environmental Activism: Impact on Policy and Administration In the present world, environment has emerged one of the prime concerns for policymakers. In this paper, students learn the various nuances of environmental policies and their implementation.
Development Administration in India Development Administration: Features and Models Structure, Tools and Policies Administration and the People Liberalisation, Development and Reform Development Administration is a paper which caters especially to the needs of underdeveloped or developing nations.
Administrative Theory Nature, Scope, and Evolution of Administrative Theory Administrative Theories – Classical, Neo-classical and Modern Organization: Principles, Structure and Accountability Public Policy and Personnel Administration This paper introduces the various theories which inform administrative practices in India.
Office Management and Administrative Improvement Office Management: Nature and Scope Procedure Communication and Records Management Administrative Improvement: Techniques Evaluation, Development, and Change This course concerns about the various aspects of managing function within an office.
Administrative Law The concept, Scope and Evolution Constitution and the Public Service Administrative Adjudication Redressal Mechanisms and the citizens This paper introduces the concepts of Administrative Law and the various means of implementation.
Organizational Behavior Meaning, Importance and Approaches Diversity, Personality and Behavioral Management Group Dynamics, Conflict and Motivation Organizational Change and Development Organizational Behavior forms an integral part of the course curriculum for the MA Public Administration. In this course, a student studies both group and individual performance and activity in the context of an organization.
Public Sector Management in India Evolution and Scope Changing Structure and Accountability Impact of Economic Reforms Role of State: Regulatory and Promotional Public Administration is essentially about the management of public sector enterprises and initiatives. In this course, students learn the nature, necessity, and structure of public sector management in India.
Research Methodology Introduction Scientific Method in Research Research Design and Methods of Data Collection Sampling, Techniques and Data Processing Research forms an integral part of the curriculum of MA in Public Administration. This course introduces the importance and various methods of research, data collection and analyses.


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