Master of Business Administration [MBA] (Business Economics)

Course Structure

The curriculum for this program focusses on topics that develop critical and analyzing skills in students, so as to prepare them for being able to initiate new and modern strategies and solutions to solve business problems.

The delivery mode of the program is classroom lectures, workshops, seminars by successful professionals, management training and internship.

Students are groomed in the best possible way apart from studies, so that they feel confident in the competitive business world.


The syllabus of MBA (BE) covers the topics of Management Process, Macro and Micro Economics, basic principles of Economics and much more.

All these subjects have sub topics that are necessary to study, as the principles studied in these subjects are useful at the time of internship. These subjects create a strong foundation of management skills in students.

Marketing techniques are also a core subject of the program. The overview of the topics covered in MBA (BE) is given below:




Principles and Applications of Business Economics

Nature and scope of Business Economics, Production functions, Industry equilibrium, Factor pricing theory

Detailed study of management and its sub parts including business principles is taught in this subject.

Management Process and Organizational Behavior

The concept and process of management, Planning, The leadership function, Organizational behavior

Management levels and skills and strategic planning process are the topics covered in this subject.

Business Statistics

Significance of statistics in business decisions, Measures of central tendency, Probability, Statistical quality control

Bayesian Theorem, Statistical Controlling system are taught in this course.

Macro-Economic Management

Nature of macro-economic system, components of fiscal policy, Aspects of balance of payment management, Approaches to macro-economic planning

Circular flow of income, detailed study about fiscal policy are mains of this subject.

Accounting for Managerial Decisions

Nature and scope of accounting concept, Cost classification, control-types of budget, Marginal costing

Principles of accounting systems along with remuneration and incentive techniques are taught in this subject.

Industrial Economics

Meaning of industrial economics, Theories of industrial location, Theories of Mergers and acquisitions, Industrial productivity

Pattern of Indian Industrialization and Diversification is covered in this subject.

Computer Applications in Business

Basic concepts, Software types, classification of computer networks, Introduction to SPSS

Database, Utility software and computer networks are taught in this subject.

Business Communication Skill

Introduction: Basics of communication, Business communication at workplace, Report Writing, Communication skills

Component, layout and process, e-mail communication are taught in this subject.

International Economics

Areas of international economics, Forms of international economic, Analytical structure of balance of payment, Working of international institutions

Know-how of trade creating and trade diverting is provided in this subject.

Operations Research

Significance of operation research, Transportation problems, Network Analysis, Types of inventory

Techniques to unbalanced problems, degeneracy are taught in this subject.

Business Environment Analysis

Business environment-nature, Economic reforms, Industrial growth scenario, BOP scenario

Public Sector Reforms and Public-private partnership are the topics covered in this subject.

Marketing Management

Importance and scope of marketing, Consumer buying decision process, Product levels, Ethical issues in marketing

Tasks of marketing management and complete detailed marketing techniques are provided in this subject.

Human Resource Management

Concepts and perspective of human resource management, Human resource planning, Training and development of managerial, technical, operating personnel and office staff

Human Resource management in changing environment is taught in this subject.

Financial Management

Nature and scope of financial management, Capital structure decisions, Working capital management, Investment decisions

Goals and functions of finance, capital budgeting techniques are the key mains of this subject.

Operations and Supply Chain Management

Meaning of operations management and supply chain management, Product design and development process, Importance of purchasing, Role of Inventory

Supply chain Management is studied in full detail.

Cost Benefit Analysis

Introduction to Cost-Benefit Analysis, Valuing Benefits and Costs, Option Price and Option Value, Meaning of Shadow Prices

Conceptual Foundations of Cost-Benefit are covered in this subject.

Project Economics and Management

Concepts of projects, Understanding financial analysis, Sources of development finance, A review of project performance

Information on project identification and post evaluation approach is provided in this subject.

Business Entrepreneurship Development

Nature and dimensions of entrepreneurship, Identifying and evaluating business opportunities, Nature of new business planning, Creating top management teams

Innovation and entrepreneurship with its nature and scope is taught in this subject.

Business Research Methods

Significance of business research, Research design concept and types, Hypothesis testing, Characteristics of multivariate analysis

Sampling design types and techniques, types of business research are taught in this subject.

Business Econometrics

Meaning and methodology of econometrics, Econometric problems, Significance and scope of business forecasting, Demand analysis

Basic steps in forecasting; forecasting with trend projection are learnt through this subject.

Business Strategy

Business policy as a field of study, Top management constituents board of directors, Formation of strategy, Strategic analysis and choice

Nature of company’s environment and its analysis is done in this subject.


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Master of Business Administration [MBA] (Business Economics) Colleges IN INDIA

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New Delhi, Delhi NCR
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54.81 K first year fees
Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya
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Jiwaji University - [JU]
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