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What is the MBA Hospital Management Syllabus?

MBA Hospital Management syllabus concentrates solely into the subjects related  to both   Business Administration & Hospital Management. This polishes their functional skills and understanding of multi-dimensional hospital organizations.

The entire MBA Hospital Management syllabus is covered within 2 years, which is further divided into 4 semesters, having 8 terms in total. In the first 4 terms, 10 weeks are alloted to theory classes and practical training, 1 week to examinations and 1 week to evaluation and result preparation.

MBA Hospital Management syllabus broadly covers the topics like Principles of Management, essential Elements of Hospital Management, Medical Records & Hospital Inventory Management,Functional Hospital Organisation, etc.

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The course examines 3 broad segments of the healthcare industry, namely payors, providers and suppliers.Check the table drawn below to see what all these segments examine.

Payors Providers Suppliers
Sources and Destinations of Spending Cost Containment and Competition on Hospitals Developments in Disciplines of Biotechnology,
Managed Care Integrated Delivery Systems Developments in Pharmaceutical
Employer- Based Health Insurance Long- Term Care Provision  Developments in Medical Devices
Technology Assessment Important Role of Epidemiology in Assessing Population Health Needs and Risks Developments in Genomics 
Payor Strategy Disease Management Developments in IT Industries
Efforts to Fund the Ederly, the Poor & the Financially Indigent - -

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What are the Subjects in the MBA Hospital Management Syllabus?

Popular MBA Hospital Management colleges like NIMS, Amity Global Business School, LPU, etc offer the course through Discussion, seminars and group activities, Class tests, Submission of written assignments, Term papers and viva-voce, etc.

The following table shows the major subjects taught under the MBA Hospital Management Syllabus in each semester.

Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Semester 4
Marketing Management Marketing Strategy & Applications Management Information Systems International Business
Principles of Management Business Mathematics & Operations Research Business Policy and Strategic Management Environment Management & Ethics in Business
Business Statistics Human Resource Management Entrepreneurship Management Management Control Systems
Organizational Behaviour Financial Management Quality Management Foreign Language
Financial Accounting Management of National Health Programs Organization and Administration of Super Specialty Services Applied Epidemiology
Business Law Health Policy and Administration Financing of Health Services Hospital Planning
Managerial Economics Organization and Administration of Clinical Services Pharmaceutical Management Final Project
Epidemiology and Biostatistics Materials Management Health Education and Communication -
Organization and Administration of Supportive services R&D Management and Knowledge Process Outsourcing Legislation for Health and Hospital -

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MBA Hospital Management  Syllabus of Top Universities

Following table shows the core subjects of MBA Hospital Management Syllabus of Top Universities.

Top Universities  MBA Hospital Management Syllabus 
MBA Hospital Management Syllabus Annamalai University Introduction to Healthcare & Hospital Management
Principles and Techniques Of Management
Biostatistics and Health Economics
National Programmes, Ngos and Disaster Management
Hospital Design, Information Systems
Insurance, Supply Chain & Hospital Waste
Operations Research & Research Methodolo
Quality Assurance, Law & Ethics
MBA Hospital Management Syllabus  in Madras University Health Policy and Health Care Systems 
Hospital Planning and Administration 
Hospital Records Management
Customer Relationship Management
MBA Hospital Management Syllabus  in Alagappa University Principles of Hospital Management
Hospital Planning and Designing
Materials Management in Hospitals
Hospital Records Management
Hospital Related Laws
Marketing of Hospital Services
Hospital Hazards Management
Quality Management in Hospitals 
MBA Hospital Management Syllabus  Bharathiar University Hospital Architecture, Planning And Design 
Hospital Operation
Bio-Sciences & Epidemiology 
Hospital Information System
Health Laws & Policies
Business Environment and Ethics
Strategic Management 
MBA Hospital Management Syllabus Periyar University Principles of Hospital Management
Materials Management in Hospital
Hospital Records Management
Hospital Related Law
Hospital Services marketing
Hospital Hazard management
Hospital Information System

Projects and Internship training in Industry are major parts of the MBA Hospital Management curriculum followed by the above mentioned universities.

MBA Hospital Management Books

Following are some of the important MBA Hospital Management books to follow.

Name of the Book Name of the Author
Hospital waste management  John Blackman
How to evaluate equipment and service contract  Henry Alder
Hospital Electrical Standards Mary Ann.Kelly
Hospital facilities planning and Design G.D.Kunders
Hospital Department Profiles Gold Berry A.J
Dynamic Hospital Information Gilad J.Kuperman
Managing aModern Hospital A.V.Srinivasan
Drug and pharmacy laws in India  H.K.bharathi
Bare acts relating to hospital laws Government of India publications
Hospital Engineering in Developing Country  Hans Pfeiff, Veera

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MBA Hospital Management: FAQs

MBA Hospital Management: FAQs

Ques. What are the core areas of MBA Hospital Management Syllabus in India?

Ans. The core subjects of MBA Hospital Management Syllabus includes Hospital Design, Information Systems, Hospital Hazard management, Hospital Services marketing, Hospital Information System, Hospital Records Management, etc

Ques. What are the compulsory subjects  included in the MBA Hospital Management Syllabus?

Ans.The compulsory subjects included in the MBA Hospital Management Syllabus are Principles of Management, Human Resource Management, Financial Accounting,Organizational Behaviour, Business Law,Managerial Economics, etc.

Ques. Within what span is MBA Hospital Management Syllabus?

Ans. MBA Hospital Management  is a two years of course duration, which is further divided into 4 semesters (8 terms)

Ques. How is the MBA Hospital Management curriculum divided?

Ans. The MBA Hospital Management curriculum follows both theoretical and practical approaches.

Ques. Is it mandatory to do industry training while pursuing MBA Hospital Management?

Ans. Yes in the second year of the course, it is mandatory to do industry training.


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