MBA (Master of Business Administration) Hotel Management Subjects, Syllabus and Books

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What is the MBA Hotel Management Syllabus?

What is the MBA Hotel Management Syllabus?

MBA Hotel Management syllabus is curated for the students eager to learn the operations of the hotel industry, along with the business and management ethics. From Food and Beverages, Events and Accomodations, to management topics like  Accounting, Business Law, Human Resource Management, Finance Management, and Marketing, every such topic is included in the syllabus of the course.

The 2 years course curriculum of MBA Hotel Management is divided into 4 semesters. However, students need to go through  industry training twice in these 2 years. MBA Hotel Management colleges usually tie up with the hotels for sending the students for the training. Top colleges like IIHM allow students to choose whether they want a national or an international training throughout the course.

While doing these internships, students learn each and every activity going on inside a hotel while actually doing them. From assisting in fooding, lodging to managing administration, one needs to perform all the duties. These internships are usually paid in nature.

Since the MBA Hotel Management syllabus and curriculum is not solely based on theoretical approaches, but also includes various of practical teachings, here are some of considerations on which a student is evaluated:

  • Performance in the classroom
  • Results of internals and semester exams
  •  Presentation style
  •  Feedback of Faculty 
  • General Etiquette
  • Proficiency in Letter Drafting / Interview Preparation
  • Performance while doing internships

60% weightage is given to the theoretical written test, while the remaining 40% is given to the practical performances.

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What are the MBA Hotel Management Subjects?

What are the MBA Hotel Management Subjects?

MBA Hotel Management subjects may slightly vary from one college to another, but the common subjects taught as per the 4 semesters are more or less the same and are tabulated below.

Semester 1 Semester 2
Management Principles and Practices Human Resource Management
Organizational Behaviours Marketing Management
Accommodation Management-I Accommodation Management-II
Food & Beverage Management-I Food & Beverage Management-II
Food Science, Nutrition & Dietetics Management French
Communication and Soft Skills Workshop on Executive Management
Semester 3 Semester 4
Applied Operations Research Strategic Management
Financial Management Management Information System
Facilities Design & Management Practical in Management Information System
Hospitality Law Final Research Project
Hospitality Marketing & Sales Industrial Exposure Training
Fundamentals of Tourism & Tourism Products -

What are Taught in the Practical Internships of MBA Hotel Management?

There are several activities taught related to the hotel operations in these internships,some of the core areas taught are as follows:

  • Guest Room Layout
  • Identification of cleaning agents
  • Types & uses of cleaning equipment / cleaning clothes 
  • General Cleaning, Polishing.
  • Types of Fabrics
  • Use of Polishes / Chemical Agents
  • Room Attendant Trolley / Maid’s Cart
  • Bed Making
  • Restaurant Etiquettes. 
  • Service Grooming
  • Food and Beverage service sequence 
  • Rules for laying table
  • Restaurant Reservation System
  • Order Taking

Students are required to learn each and every activity mentioned with perfection as a professional to work in the industry.

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MBA Hotel Management Books

Tabulated below are some of the MBA Hotel Management books to follow.

Name of the Books Name of the Author
Principles and Practices of management Shejwalkar 
Organisational Behavior  Stephen Robbins 
Managing Housekeeping Operations Margaret Kappa & Aleta Nitschke 
Food Science Chemistry & Experimental foods Dr. M. Swaminathan 
Business Communication Lesikar - Pettit - Flattery
Designing and Managing Human Resource Systems Pareek, Udai and Rao T.V. 
. Hospitality Facilities Management & Design David M Stipanuk & Harold Hoffman 
Text Book of Hotel Maintenance MS Swaminathan. 
Hotel & Tourism Laws  Dr. Jagmohan Negi

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MBA Hotel Management: FAQs

MBA Hotel Management: FAQs

Ques. What are the core MBA Hotel Management subjects?

Ans. Some of the core MBA Hotel Management subjects are Food & Beverage Management, Accommodation Management, Organizational Behaviours, Hospitality Law, etc

Ques. What are the business oriented subjects included in the MBA Hotel Management?

Ans. Financial Management, Strategic Management, Management Information System, Management Principles and Practices, Human Resource Management, etc are some of the business oriented subjects included in the MBA Hotel Management.

Ques. Is industry training compulsory while pursuing MBA Hotel Management?

Ans. Yes,industry training is compulsory while pursuing MBA Hotel Management. Students need to do an internship twice in 2 years.

Ques. What are the areas in which students are taught during their internship days?

Ans. Students are taught Guest Room Layout, Food and Beverage service sequence, Types & uses of cleaning equipment, Order Taking, Bed Making, etc while doing their internships.

Ques. Are the internships done during MBA Hotel Management paid in nature?

Ans. Yes, mostly all the internship done while pursuing MBA Hotel Management 

Master of Business Administration [MBA] (Hotel Management) : 9 answered questions


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Ques. In NITIE, which programme is a better choice among PGDMM and PGDPM?

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Ans. One of my friends is studying at NITIE, and as per his insights, both the programs are excellent. The final choice depends upon the area of your interest. Consider the following points before making the final choice. PGDPM concentrates on teaching project management along with functional areas like Finance, HR, and others. It is a strategic level course that creates professionals for every sector or industry. PGDMM is a course focusing on the manufacturing and operational part of a business. It builds skilled professional that is well-equipped with the latest technologies. As per the past placement statistics, the average package for PGDPM is INR 11.5 LPA, and for PGDMM is INR 10.8 LPA. Apart from the above points, detailed information about the two programs is available on the institute webpage. You can compare the programs and make your final choice. Overall, the scope of both programs is high.Read more
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