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A Master of Business Administration degree in the specialized field of Intellectual Property Rights, is a postgraduate degree that individuals pursue to attain advanced academic skills in the field of Human Rights Management, with emphasis on the subject of Intellectual Property. The course is offered at only a few academic institutes in India- as an MBA degree, and as a Postgraduate Diploma- lasting for a usual duration of 1 to 2 years, depending on whether it is a degree course or a diploma.

Also, an online degree, namely Master of Intellectual Property Law (2 years) can be pursued at the Indira Gandhi National Open University.

The applicants are required to possess a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution in any discipline. For interested and eligible candidates, the course offers advanced training in the subject. The course is usually charged at a fee of INR 36,000 (government institutes) to INR 3 - 400,000 (private institutes)

As a discipline of higher study, MBA in Intellectual Property Rights is catching up in popularity owing to a springing need for protection of individuals’ and organizations’ intellectual properties.

On an average, successful MBA (Intellectual Property Rights) degree holders are usually placed with an annual salary of INR 160,000 to INR 1600,000, and much higher, depending on the recruiting organization.

MBA in Intellectual Property Rights in India Course Highlights Table

Name of the course Master of Business Administration in Intellectual Property Rights (MBA in IPR)
Duration 1 to 2 years
Stream Human Rights, Business Administration
Average course fee INR 36,000- 3, 00, 000 annually
Sectors of employments Legal Head, Patent Agent, Legal Executive, Lead Analyst, Senior Trainer, Legal Executive etc.
Average entry level salary INR 160,000 to INR 16,00,000, and variably higher annually

Top Colleges for Master of Business Administration [MBA] (Intellectual Property Rights)

What is an MBA in Intellectual Property Rights all about?

As a postgraduate management degree in the area of Intellectual Property Rights, the MBA (IPR) lasts for 2 years, whereas a postgraduate management diploma in the subject lasts for about 1 year. The course provides the candidates access to an advanced- level training, both in terms of theory and practical exposure, in the sphere of Human Rights in business administration. The course is taught in the English language at the mentioned institutes. Candidates interested in pursuing a higher research degree in management in the area of Human Rights, specifically Intellectual Property Rights, would be benefitted by the course.

Essentially, an MBA degree in Intellectual Property Rights comprises the following components taught by means of theoretical and practical lessons:

  • Law of Intellectual Property, Copyright, Design
  • Law of Trademarks, Patent, Environment
  • IP Issues and Litigation
  • International and Comparative IP law and Licensing
  • Practical Research Projects

Fundamentally, the course is designed to impart teaching in the highly specialized area of management in Human Rights, and specifically, that of the creations of the mind, which are as much a rightful property of an individual or organization as is physical property. The course trains individuals in developing an advanced awareness of, and skills in managing the owner’s artistic, intellectual, academic, literary, musical, inventive and such creations.

As described above, the course can be pursued by means of full- time, or even online/ distance education modes of learning.

Who should opt for MBA in Intellectual Property Rights?

An MBA in Intellectual Property Rights is most appropriate as a discipline of higher learning for students and professionals looking to add to their active involvement in a fast- evolving society which is constantly thriving on the useful, creative, and unique intangible artistic and intellectual contributions made to it by its constituting members. Individuals who feel driven and passionate about the subject of such valuable intangible additions to the society and about the need to protect the same would be suited to pursue the course.

Upon the completion of this course, students can take up employment in relevant areas, or even pursue further research on the subject.

Duration of an MBA in Intellectual Property Rights

As a postgraduate course, an MBA in Intellectual Property Rights lasts for a usual term of 2 years.However, as has been mentioned before, a postgraduate diploma in the subject would last for about 1 year.In both cases, the semester system is usually followed with an MBA spread over 4 semesters and a postgraduate diploma spread over a length of 2 semesters. Examinations are held at the conclusion of each semester.

Top institutes offering MBA in Intellectual Property Rights

This table lists the top institutes in India that offer an MBA in Intellectual Property Rights and also those that offer a postgraduate diploma in the subject.

Institutes/Universities City Avg. Fees/ Annum Course Duration
Institute of Professional Studies Dehradun INR 45,000 2 years
The Global Open University Dimapur INR 24,125 2 years
Indira Gandhi National Open University New Delhi INR 36,000 2 years
North Pole Institute of Distance Education Gujarat INR 28, 000 2 years

Eligibility for MBA in Intellectual Property Rights

Any aspirant with a graduate degree in any discipline with a minimum graduating score of 45% is eligible to apply to the course.The aspirant can hail from any discipline. The only eligibility parameter is a graduate degree with a minimum of the mentioned score (45%).

Admission Process for MBA in Intellectual Property Rights

The admission is based on the candidate’s application and eligibility which is mostly exclusive of any entrance exam.

Direct admissions

These educational institutions listed above do not operate on a quota- basis. Direct admission is not available.

Lateral entry

There is no provision of lateral entry into these courses.

One just needs to meet the minimum graduating score criterion to secure admission.

Distance Learning

As has been described above, IGNOU and the Global Open University (Dimapur) offer an online medium of instruction.

Career Prospects after MBA in Intellectual Property Rights

There are diverse professional opportunities that a postgraduate in Intellectual Property Rights can explore. Armed with ample awareness of the concept, requirement, and application of Intellectual Property Rights, individuals can choose career options like Intellectual Property Lawyers, Patent Agent, Senior Trainer, Lead Analyst, Legal Head, and Legal Executive etc. The job opportunities and career options available to a postgraduate in Intellectual Property Rights are listed below with their respective job descriptions and natures of the roles.

Job Description
Intellectual Property Lawyers As Intellectual Property Lawyers, or Patent Trademark Attorneys, individuals work with clients, authorities, or organizations as the legitimate protectors of their rightful intellectual property.
Patent Agent The job is to provide assistance to persons/ organizations who are looking to book a patent in their name for a creation of the mind/ invention.
Senior Trainer The job requires the imparting of high- end training to professionals making a beginning in the field.
Lead Analyst A Lead Analyst is required to co- ordinate the functioning of the analysts working directly under him/ her, and perform a leadership role in the relevant category of intellectual property to be managed.
Legal Head A Legal Head is responsible to manage, oversee, and lead the responsibilities, duties etc. of the legal executives, and co- ordinate between the higher management and the other legal functionaries of the organization.
Legal Executive A Legal Executive is a qualified lawyer who does the work of advising individuals/ organizations on the legal matter of intellectual property protection and preservation.


Postgraduates in Intellectual Property are fast becoming an indispensable part of a continually prospering, creation- driven and intellect- oriented society, and are lucratively placed across a range of organizations and often with individuals for providing legal guidance and relief.

MBA in Intellectual Property Rights

Job Avg. Salary/Annum
Intellectual Property Lawyers INR 1,80,000
Senior Trainer INR 400,000
Legal Head INR 7,00,000
Patent Agent INR 8,00,000
Lead Analyst INR 12,00,000
Legal Executive INR 3,80,000

Course MBA in Intellectual Property Rights

If the course is pursued as a regular MBA, it takes 4 semesters to reach completion, and as a postgraduate diploma, it is done over the course of 1 year containing 2 semesters. A minimum of 1 original research project is required for submission at the end of the final semester. A list of the course components is shown here

Subject Description
Law- Introduction Offering a fundamental course in legal operations
Intellectual Property - Overview Providing instruction in the core subject of intellectual property- what qualifies for it, how it can be protected and patented etc.
Law of Copyright and Design Providing deeper insight into the law that governs the grounds for, scope of, and utility of the existence of a copyright for an intellectual creation and related subjects.
Trademarks, Passing off, and Geographical Indications Designed to provide knowledge of trademark policies, and of infringement issues caused by illegitimate proprietors of a copyrighted original work, modes of resolution for the same, and the scope of the relevant law in taking remedial action etc.
Traditional Knowledge and Biodiversity This would include advanced lessons in traditional knowledge about biological resources, and the consequent conservation of time, resources, and effort, and thus, utility- building. Also covered are insights into the development of product and research in the field of these resources, and the entitlement of the owners of traditional knowledge in this subject to a part in the shares etc.
Advanced IP Issues An advanced learning of the diversity of Intellectual Property issues, conflicts, resolution, scopes, and legal remedies for the same.
IP Litigation This topic involves an entire range of Intellectual Property Claims including dubious business practices, contract disputes, and the scopes of an antitrust to promote fair business.
Commercialization of IP and Licensing This would cover the parameters for and insight into the procedures of licensing an intellectual property of the mind, and the prevention of, and cures for commercial exploitation of such patented intellectual properties.
Plant Breeders Rights An in- depth study of the rights and entitlements of farmers and agricultural workers with respect to their farm produce so that the latter’s exploitation can be prevented and remedied.
International and Comparative IP Law For copyright laws to apply across countries and jurisdictions, a borderless understanding towards the acknowledgement of, and application of such copyrights comes into the picture. This subject explores the topic more.
Research Project Towards the conclusion of the course, an original project of research in a relevant area of Intellectual Property is a mandatory stage of acquiring the degree/ diploma.


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