MLIS (Master of Library and Information Science) Course Scope, Job Sectors, Job Prospects and Salary

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There are a number of job prospects available to Master of Library and Information Science graduates. An average MLIS Salary is around INR 3-4 Lakhs per annum. As this course has wider scope of job opportunities in India and outside India.

 If you wish to pursue you career in the job sector, then below mentioned is the list of few important updates that might help you to chose your career well:

  1. MLIS Course: Job Sectors
  2. MLIS Course: Job Prospects
  3. MLIS Course: Future Scope

MLIS Course: Job Sectors

MLIS Employment Sectors
Museums Libraries
Data Centres Colleges and Universities
Government Offices -
MLIS Course: Job Prospects

MLIS Course: Job Prospects

Ample career prospects are available with handsome salary packages. Few of those MLIS jobs and positions are discussed below with their lowest, highest and average salary package:

Job Title Job Description Lowest Salary Offered (In INR) Average Salary Offered (In INR) Highest Salary Offered (In INR)
Academic Librarian Academic Librarians work to bolster a school's or college’s educational modules by managing academic material-related repositories. They keep a check on all the important items, books and other repositories that are in daily use in an academic calendar. Up to INR 1.24 Lakhs Up to INR 2.45 Lakhs Up to INR 5.07 Lakhs
Information Architect An information Architect gives positive client experience by arranging and planning data structures for sites and web applications. A degree in data innovation, MIS or Engineering is needed for the position. Their aim is to present and provide the required data as per the client’s needs and organization’s plans. Up to INR 10 Lakhs  Up to INR 18 Lakhs Up to INR 20 Lakhs
Library Attendant They accumulate records, sort and hold books, and issue and get library materials, for example, pictures, cards, slides and microfilm. They locate library materials for credit, and supplant material in racking territory, stacks, or documents by specific proof numbers and titles. Also, they enroll supporters to allow them to get books, periodicals, and other study material. They work in a busy public service environment. Up to INR 1.46 Lakhs Up to INR 2.01 Lakhs Up to INR 3.55 Lakhs
Information Analyst Information Analysts are the one that are responsible for collecting, managing, analyzing and keeping all the data while processing the system work. They prepare reports for detail trends in performances and the processes. Up to INR 1.55 Lakhs Up to INR 3.15 Lakhs Up to INR 20 Lakhs
Technical Writer Technical Writers are those who write instruction manuals and other documents for guiding, awaring and communicating the staff. They basically help in the layout assistance work. They gather and analyse the information for technical document preparation. Up to INR 2.22 Lakhs Up to INR 4.94 Lakhs Up to INR 10 Lakhs

Job prospects

MLIS Course: Future Course

MLIS Course: Future Scope

If you wish to pursue your higher education i.e. doctorate degree after completing MLIS course, then you can go for PhD and Mphil degrees. This will add on extra educational qualification in your resume. Both of these degrees and discussed below:

  • PhD (Library and Information Science): PhD in Library and Information Science course is a full time doctorate degree that can be pursued for a duration of 2-3 years depending upon the college/universitiy policies. This course enables you to understand the complexity of cataloguing of data and making them accessible to the people. PhD in Library and Information Science covers subjects like Information and Society, Ethics and Polity, Research issues, seminars and advanced studies. 
  • M.Phil (Library and Information Science): This course is a 2 year post graduate degree. You will learn here the skill of gathering information from various sources, maintaining it and making it accessible to people. After completing this course you can get hired as library directors, information assistant, researcher and alike. M.Phil in Library and Information Science covers topics like Information management and knowldege organization, Science, Dissertation, Digital information sources of library and alike in its course study.


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