Master of Philosophy [M.Phil] (Mechanical Engineering)

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Master of Philosophy or M.Phil in Mechanical Engineering is a research degree or Pre-PhD degree offered to students after Post-Graduation. It is two years course and is divided into 2 semesters.

M.Phil in Mechanical Engineering is a multi-disciplinary course that enables the students to incorporate their strengths into research in the field of mechanics. Students are able to research and present their ideas about the design, structure and analysis of the mechanical systems. They are able to devise new methods of manufacturing new components by applying physics and mathematics.

The average tuition fee for M.Phil in Mechanical Engineering in government aided colleges is 25000 INR per annum. For private institutions, the fee is as high as 1.5 Lakh per annum.

Once a student has graduated with a research degree in the field of Mechanical Engineering, an M.Phil holder can seek various career opportunities. Some of the designations are Mechanical Engineering, Construction Management, Design Engineer, Maintenance Engineer, Service Maintenance Engineer etc. The salary trend for a student after M.Phil in Mechanical Engineering varies between 50,000 and 60,000 per month.

What is M.Phil in Mechanical Engineering about?

M.Phil (Mechanical Engineering) is an advanced postgraduate degree or a preliminary research stage of PhD that provides the student for applying principles of physics, mathematics and material science and studies the effects of various components in the field of mechanics. Learning the in-depth knowledge in M.Phil in Mechanical Engineering, a student can research and deliver insights on the effect of forces on the matter through his dissertation.

Who Should Opt for M.Phil in Mechanical Engineering?

Students who aspire to gain expertise in material science and its effects on the real world are best suited to opt for this course. Students who are capable of carrying out a practical problem-solving experience are also suitable because this is a study of physics, mathematics, and dynamics of science into practice.


The course duration is of two years including 4 semesters in total. Each year has two semesters. A semester in the second year would be contributing to a dissertation preparation. The maximum years assigned to students for completion of the M.Phil in Mechanical Engineering are three. There is no option of acquiring Mechanical Engineering through a distance-learning mode.

Academic Options after M.Phil in Mechanical Engineering

A student can opt for PhD Research degree after finishing M.Phil in Mechanical Engineering.  While M.Phil provides knowledge along with research, PhD caters to the expansion of you insights into the knowledge. It lays out an opportunity to present their own thoughts, discoveries, contradictions and arguments based on the theoretical knowledge they had gained throughout their studies regarding Mechanical Engineering. Unlike M.Phil in Mechanical Engineering, PhD is available at various colleges all over India such as Shivaji University, BITS Pilani, and IIT Delhi among many others.

Where to Study M.Phil in Mechanical Engineering

M.Phil in Mechanical Engineering is not easily available at every college in India. It is available at only three colleges across India. The three colleges are:

Name of the Institute


Shivaji University


Desh Bhagat University


Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University


Master of Philosophy [M.Phil] (Mechanical Engineering) Fee Structure in India

11.75 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES16.37 K  (Maximum Fee)
14.06 K (Average Fee)
75 K (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES80 K (Maximum Fee)
76.67 K (Average Fee)


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