MSc (Master of Science) Biochemistry Top Recruiters, Employment Areas, Job Prospects, and Scope 2020-21

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MSc Biochemistry is a postgraduate program that allows you to understand the chemical processes related to living organisms. This course contains two important subjects i.e. biology and chemistry. To pursue this course you need to qualify 10+2+3 with a minimum aggregate score of 45-50%.

M.Sc. Biochemistry student has various prospects to choose from once the course is completed. There are many lucrative job positions like associate engineers, research scientists, professors, research biochemists, regional managers, and other similar positions available to MSc Biochemistry graduates. You can expect an average package up to INR 5 Lakhs in the job sectors after completing your post-graduation.

MSc Biochemistry Employment Areas and Top Recruiters

There are various top-notch government and private organizations that are looking for skillful biochemistry post-graduates for various job profiles in their respective offices.

Top Recruiters Employment Areas
Ranbaxy Research Laboratories
Cipla Biotechnology Firms
Surya Pharma Limited Diagnostics Centres
Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Colleges and Universities
Elder Health Care Ltd. Pharma Companies
Ajanta Pharmaceuticals Medical Equipment manufacturing Companies

MSc Biochemistry Job Prospects and Career Options

Various Pharmaceutical companies are big-time employers of biochemistry students. The currently unexplored field has huge potential for growth and hence, we have seen more and more youth opting for a career in biochemistry as compared to the before times.

There are a number of MSc Biochemistry jobs available in the market. There is a flood of employment areas where you can try to get placed after this course completion. A few of those employment areas are listed below for your reference.

Job Profile Description Lowest Salary Offered Average Salary Offered Highest Salary Offered
Research Scientist The role of a research scientist is to gather and analyze information. Their main aim is to design work for academic subjects and theories INR 2.57 Lakhs INR 6.68 Lakhs INR 20 Lakhs
Lab Technician Lab Technician’s responsibility is to perform laboratory procedures. They have to perform clerical functions in labs. INR 1.22 Lakhs INR 2.38 Lakhs INR 8.88 Lakhs
Pharmacologists Pharmacologist’s job role is to study and report the ways how medicines and drugs interact with the human body and animal beings. INR 1.92 Lakhs INR 5.12 Lakhs INR 20 Lakhs
Professor Professors are responsible for shaping the career of the students by preparing lectures for them in the subject and by clearing their doubts. INR 3.01 Lakhs INR 10 Lakhs INR 30 Lakhs
Quality Controller A quality controller handles the issues with the quality of the product. They look for possible solutions for quality control challenges. INR 1.53 Lakhs INR 2.97 Lakhs INR 5.12 Lakhs
Chemist Chemists’ role is to maintain and use various equipment. They basically interpret and analyze data and equipment logs.  INR 1.23 Lakhs INR 2.45 Lakhs INR 5 Lakhs
MSC Biochemistry Job Prospects

Source: Payscale

As per the key statistics, 53.6% of the male population and 46.4% of the female population of this world are pursuing their career in this Biochemistry field and are extremely satisfied with this job.

According to the surveys and reports, the MSc Biochemistry course is highly pursued in cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, and Chennai. This survey shows that these cities can be preferred more over other cities to pursue a career after successfully completing this course.

Gender Breakdown of MSc Biochemistry Holders

MSc Biochemistry Scope

It totally depends on the candidate what choice they wish to make towards their career. Few of the graduates opt for enhancing their skills and experience by gaining more knowledge of the subject.

This course not only exposes you to career options in the jobs sector but also opens you to the option of further studies in the same discipline. Few of the courses that can be pursued after this course are mentioned below:

What Afrter MSc Biochemistry
  • Ph.D. (Biochemistry): Ph.D. Biochemistry is the doctoral degree of 3-5 years. To pursue this course you need to complete your masters in a biochemistry course. Admission to this course can be secured on the basis of the entrance examination. An average fee charged to pursue this course ranges from INR 50,000 to INR 4 Lakhs for the whole course. A Ph.D. Biochemistry graduate can expect an average earning of up to INR 20 Lakhs per annum.
  • M.Phil (Biochemistry): M.Phil Biochemistry is a full time 2-years postgraduate degree that enables you to have deep insights into chemical processes and biological systems. The course study is divided into 4 semesters. An average fee charged to pursue this course is up to INR 1 Lakhs per annum. You can secure admission to the M.Phil Biochemistry course on the basis of NET, GATE, SLAT, and other entrance exams scores.


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