Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Fashion Designing Syllabus, Scope and Salary

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M.Sc. in Fashion Designing is a 2 years full-time postgraduate course which is divided into 4 semesters.

Top Institutes offering M.Sc. in Fashion Designing course are:

The main focal point of the course is to provide a graduate learning pathway through distinct levels of subject competencies and differentiated areas of in depth learning in the field of apparel fashions and design. This shall nurture the personal creativity of the students; they encourage innovations in design thinking to develop as an autonomous learner, and practitioner. This will also motivate the students to develop intellectual and critical thinking in their work through rigorous research enquiry and application.

The candidates are encouraged to learn and develop sensitivity to take up the challenges to demonstrate their personal design philosophy. Students are given exposure to different areas of design and will be learning design vocabulary which will become important learning for their core discipline areas. The candidates shall be able to explore learning opportunities that expose students to all facets of the fashion industry and fashion value chain and Craft exposure and learning that can be integrated with mainstream designing.

The average annual course fee ranges anywhere between INR 20,000 to 4 lakhs depending upon the institute offering the course. The average salary offered for this course in India to successful postgraduates of the course ranges between INR 2 lakhs to 20 lakhs depending upon the candidate’s expertise in the field.

M.Sc. in Fashion Designing: Course Highlights

Shown below are some of the major highlights of the course:

Course Level Post Graduate
Duration 2 years
Examination Type Semester System
Eligibility Bachelor’s degree in the stream
Admission Process Counselling after taking Entrance Examination
Course Fee INR 20,000 to 4 lakhs
Average Starting Salary INR 2 to 20 lakhs

M.Sc. in Fashion Designing: What is it all about?

The Master in Fashion Design program combines fashion studies and intensive studio-practice. Candidates will be guided to question; they refine and strengthen their individual creative vision as well as to address the challenge of designing for existing fashion brands. They will be engaged in the exploration of other disciplines to produce outcomes that combine conceptualization, garment prototyping, textile manipulation, photo and video storytelling, branding, and business intelligence.

Students will understand the complexity of the fashion system on all levels; they grow a mature awareness of the various professions across its value chain, envision the future of the Industry.  Institute ensures that students attending the academy become aware of the great opportunities surrounding them, the fact that Milan is an international and design-oriented city with a lot of research labs, famous design studios and agencies, trade fairs and companies.

M.Sc. in Fashion Designing: Top Institutes

Some of the institutes or colleges offering the course in the country with the corresponding locations and fees charged by the respective colleges are listed below.

College Name City Average Annual Fee in INR
International Institute of fashion design Mumbai INR 20,000
Lovely professional university Jalandhar INR 2,38,000
Asian academy of film and television Noida INR 3,40,000
International institute of fashion Technology Delhi INR 2,40,000
CT university Ludhiana INR 60,000
International School of Design Mumbai INR 76,000
The counselors Mumbai INR 60,000
International Institute of fashion design Delhi INR 76,000
Kurukshetra university Kurukshetra INR 80,000

Eligibility for M.Sc. in Fashion Designing

B.A or any other equivalent qualification with minimum 50% marks. Some of the very reputed universities and institutes conduct entrance examination to get admission to the degree course.

M.Sc. in Fashion Designing: Admission Process

Applicants should apply for an entrance examination conducted by the university/Institute, comprising of:

  • General Aptitude Test
  • Creative Ability Test
  • Comprehension of English

M.Sc. in Fashion Designing: Syllabus and Course Description

A Semester - wise syllabus the course is tabulated below:

History of textiles Fashion merchandising
Fabric studies Fabric garment finishing
Research methods Garment manufacturing technology
Fashion designing The art of fashion draping
Fashion illustration Contour wear assembling
Textile quality standards Entrepreneurship management
Textile designing Technical textiles
Visual merchandising Fashion presentation
Textile testing Computer application in fashion
Hand dyeing and printing Project dissertation

M.Sc. in Fashion Designing: Career Prospects

Larger apparel companies typically employ a team of designers headed by a creative designer. Fashion designers specialize in clothing or accessory design; others create designs in all three fashion categories. For some fashion designers, their first step in creating a new design is researching current fashion and making predictions about future trends using trend reports published by fashion industry trade groups. Some fashion designers create collections from inspirations they get from their regular surroundings, come from the cultures they have experienced and places they have visited, from various art media that inspire them.

Some of the top professional avenues open to such postgraduates are listed below with the corresponding salaries offered for the respective positions:

Master of Science Fashion Designing annual salary
Costume designer Costume designers combine elements of colour and fabric textures to provide a visual understanding of characters in terms of social status, age, occupation and era. INR 5,40,000
Fashion coordinator Fashion designers and retail companies are some of the employers who hire fashion assistants. Some fashion certificate and degree programs successfully prepare candidates for a career in these positions. They can occupy entry-level positions in many different realms of the fashion industry. They prefer candidates who graduated from a certificate or degree program, some positions don't require any formal education. INR 7,80,000
Graphic designer Graphic design specialists help clients communicate an appealing image through digital, an electronic and print media. They may design brochures, logos, signs, movie credits and web site graphics. They often work for advertising, marketing and media management firms. Designers assess client problems and design graphic solutions to aid product branding and sales. They also culturally sensitive in order to create images that are favourably received by consumers. INR 2,74,000
Fabric buyer Merchandise buyers purchase a broad range of finished goods and products either for wholesalers or retailers. They should be able to evaluate current trends and negotiate the best price for the products their company sells. A degree is generally necessary to begin a career in this field. There is not required certification is required for this job but options are available that can assist in helping applicants secure employment. INR 5,21,000
Technical designer Design specialists work with computers and may also draw sketches. Designers choose artwork, and type size to produce an effective visual image. They have expertise with software graphics in order to design layouts and create animation effects. They use computer graphics to animate ideas and information with sound and movement. They work on films create titles and credits to evoke a feeling that mirrors the movie theme. They may create charts or use a certain colour or typeface to highlight text.  INR 9,00,000

Master of Science [M.Sc] (Fashion Designing) : 5 answered questions


Ques. Does IISER provide a 2-year MSc? If yes, how can I apply?

● Top Answer By Admin on 22 Oct 21

Ans. The answer is both yes and no. IISER Bhopal offers an integrated P.hD. program. It is an amalgamation of two years Masters and 5 years of P.hD. The course duration is 5 years.  Although the institute doesn’t offer a separate MS degree, it offers an MS exit option. This means you can choose to opt out of the integrated P.hD. program after completing your 2-year long Masters. Read more
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Ques. Is an M.Sc from Nalanda Open University good?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 20 Oct 21

Ans. If you want to stand out among others in your master’s degree, you should pursue your master’s in a regular mode from a government university. This will later help you to pursue your further studies in post-graduate degrees, like Ph.D. So it is suggested that you work a bit harder and try to get admission in a government college with the course offered in the regular mode. However, if you merely require a master’s degree, you can pursue it from any educational institution.Read more
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Ques. Which one should I choose: an MSc honours at BITS Pilani or computer science at PEC Chandigarh?

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Ans. The MSc. Honours at BITS Pilani is a highly recommended course for every student who is interested in a combination of Science and Engineering. It is an excellent course provided by the institute, with great opportunities for students in various fields. The points below give a brief overview of the course of MSc. Honors provided by BITs Pilani. The course provided by BITS Pilani is a dual degree course, which comprises five years of study in total. After the first year of the course, you will be provided with subjects that belong to different branches of engineering (B.E). This is a great opportunity to explore such subjects from different streams, along with the conventional science subjects. You will get several choices in the selection of subjects and choose between topics according to your own decision. BITS Pilani is predominantly an engineering institute. Therefore, there are numerous minds in the institute for several technical works and inventions. The institute has earned recognition in the fields of space-travel bots, humanoid robots, Formula-one style cars, and a lot more. Students from BITS Pilani have been selected in Google Summer of Code several times, which is one of the most prestigious competitions in the world in the field of computer science. Other than the field of academics, students of BITS Pilani get the freedom to perform anything of their choice and achieve a good position in it. There are several musicians, dancers, painters, poets, debaters, etc among the batches of BITS Pilani, and even students with multiple talents in it. Therefore, BITS Pilani provides an appropriate ground to cherish any kind of talent of students, which is a great aspect of the institute.Read more
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Master of Science [M.Sc] (Fashion Designing) Fee Structure in India

20.40 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES2.25 L  (Maximum Fee)
67.93 K (Average Fee)
34 K (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES3.23 L (Maximum Fee)
1.54 L (Average Fee)

Master of Science [M.Sc] (Fashion Designing) Fee Structure By state


1.39 L
42 KPrivate COLLEGES2.18 L
1.07 L

Tamil Nadu

20.87 K
76 KPrivate COLLEGES2.08 L
1.42 L


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Course Curriculum Overview :

The course curriculum offers the specialisation in fashion design, interior design and textile designing. The course curriculum is very detailed and gives us the idea about how the studies will go in the full year. After knowing the entire course and then getting the knowledge of the subject the students can then decide that how they can proceed with the subjects. assignments are given regularly and the exams are taken frequently so that the students gain the knowledge about the subjects easily.

Campus Life :

Hi fashion shows up College it self which gives students the proper experience and exposure. Many fashion designers come in the college to display their designs which give the idea to the students about the industry and how to be creative as well.Fashion shows up College it self which gives students the proper experience and exposure. Many fashion designers come in the college to display their designs which gave the idea to the students about the industry and how to be creative as well

Admission :

The students can apply for the admission in the college both through online and off-line mode. When it comes to online mode the students can download the form and fill it and then can submit it through the online portal only. When it comes to off-line mode the students can go to the college and then ask for the admission form fill it there and then submitted with the application fees. If the application is accepted then the students will get admission

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72.92 K first year fees
81.2 K first year fees
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