Master of Technology in Computer Science & Technology) Top Colleges, Syllabus, Scope and Salary

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Master of Technology in Computer Science & Technology is a 2-year postgraduate program in Computer science and technology, the minimum eligibility for which is a Bachelor's Degree in any relevant Engineering stream or MCA or M.Sc. in a relevant subject with a minimum aggregate of 55 to 60% or equivalent CGPA. The candidates also need to have a valid score in one of the top competitive exams like GATE, BITSAT, TANCET etc. The duration of the course is divided into four semesters.

The course subjects comprise core courses and electives and also a project. The course is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills required by the modern computing industry to innovate and tweak systems according to the proper requirements.

Some of the top institutes that offer Master of Technology in Computer Science & Technology are:

The fee for the course varies between INR 50,000 and 4,50,000 in India. Graduates of M.Tech. in Computer Science & Technology have a wide range of job opportunities in sectors like Consultancy firms, IT companies, corporate Industry, Multinational companies, start ups, banking sectors etc. Opportunities are not limited to these fields given the advent of computer into all our lives.

Once completed, the graduate may pursue further studies and may complete their Ph.D. or may take up said job opportunities associated. The average starting salary for an M.Tech graduate is between INR 4 and 5 LPA.

Top Colleges for Master of Technology [M.Tech] (Computer Science & Technology)

Master of Technology in Computer Science & Technology: Course Highlights

Course Level Post Graduate
Duration of the Course 2 years
Examination Type Semester
Eligibility Bachelor's Degree in any relevant engineering stream or MCA/ M.Sc. with a minimum aggregate of 55 to 60% or equivalent CGPA
Admission Process Entrance exam based and also Merit based
Course Fee Between INR 50000 and 4,50,000
Average Salary INR 4 and 5 LPA
Top Recruiting Companies Consultancy firms, IT companies, corporate Industry, Multinational companies, start ups, banking sectors etc.
Job Positions Chief Technical Officer, Analysts, Database administrator, Software designer, It analyst, Web application developer, Network Administrator, software programmer, Lecturer/Professor etc.

M.Tech in Computer Science & Technology: What is it About?

The course provides students a complete understanding of the subject of Computer Science and Technology. The outcomes of the course include
understanding of theoretical foundations and limits of computer science, ability to adapt existing models, techniques, algorithms, data structures, etc.

It also helps to solve problems efficiently, the ability to design, develop and evaluate new computer-based systems for new applications that meet the desired needs of industry and society, understanding and the ability to use advanced IT tools and techniques the ability to carry out original research on the cutting edge of information technology and related areas, the ability to function effectively individually or as part of a team to achieve a declared goal.

Understanding of professional and ethical responsibility, ability to communicate effectively with a wide range of recipients, ability to learn independently and participate in continuous learning, understanding the impact of IT-related solutions in an economic, social and environmental context is also possible.

Top Colleges for M.Tech in Computer Science & Technology

Name of the Institute Location Total Fees(in INR)
Indian Institute of technology Madras Chennai, Tamil Nadu 164,932
Anna University Tamil Nadu 92,9400
Vellore Institute of Technology Vellore 4,53,000
Indian Institute of technology Delhi New Delhi 162,000
Indian Institute of technology Hyderabad Medak district, Hyderabad 45,500
Osmania University Hyderabad 50,000
R.V. College of Engineering, Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust  Bangalore 380,800
Indian Institute of Technology guwahati Guwahati 34,450
Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra 18,6380
National institute of technology surathkal Suratkal, Karnataka 173,600
National Institute of technology Warangal Warangal, Telangana 200,000
National Institute of technology Nagpur Nagpur 184,800
National Institute of technology Trichy Tiruchirapally, Tamil Nadu 178,400
Chaitanya Bharati Institute of Technology Hyderabad 3,18,200
GS mandal’s Marathwada institute of technology Aurangabad 152,000
Lovely Professional University Jalandhar 2,58,000
Hindustan Univerity Chennai Chennai 216,500

M.Tech in Computer Science & Technology: Eligibility Criteria

Applicants are eligible for the examination only if they satisfy following conditions:

  • Applicants must have passed Bachelor’s degree or MCA/ M.Sc. in relevant subject or maybe pursuing their final year of Engineering to be eligible for the degree.
  • They must have scored at least 55 to 60% of aggregate marks in graduation to apply for the admission.

M.Tech in Computer Science & Technology: Admission Process

Admission is based on the score obtained in one of the common entrance exams like BITSAT, GATE or TANCET depending on the chosen university and the particular state. Candidates may also be selected based on merit.  

M.Tech in Computer Science & Technology: Syllabus and Course Description

The two years of study is divided into four semesters and each semester has some compulsory courses. The following core courses are all compulsory and have to be taken up during the study.

Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Semester I Semester II
Computer Networks
Advanced Computer Architecture Operating systems and system programming
Object Oriented Data structures Advanced database systems
Discrete Mathematical structures Lab II (Network/Database)
Lab I (Object oriented structures) Computational Number Theory
VLSI Design Theoretical computer science and Automata
Object Oriented Systems Data Warehousing and Data mining
Principles of programming languages Advanced software Engineering
Embedded systems Pattern Recognition
Computer Graphics Compiler design
 - Optimization technique
 - Distributed database systems
 - Financial Information systems
 - Formal Methods
Semester III Semester IV
Lab III (open source software lab) Project work/ Dissertation/ Viva – Voce
Project synopsis and comprehensive Viva Voce  -
Mobile Computing  -
Intelligent systems  -
Service oriented computing  -
Soft computing  -
Digital Image processing  -
Agent Based computing  -
Electronic Commerce  -
Internet Technology  -
Bio – Informatics  -
Parallel Computing  -
Social Network  -
Cryptography and network security  -
Software Project Management  -
Computer simulation and modeling  -
Software Testing  -

Master of Technology in Computer Science & Technology: Career Prospects

Career Prospects of Master of Technology in Computer Science & Technology are many depending on the level of expertise and experience in the industry. They are hired for profiles from system analysts to chief technology officers. The average salary is between INR 4 and 5 LPA.

The employment areas include Investment Consultancy firms, IT companies, corporate Industry, Multinational companies, startups, banking sectors etc. The job profiles for these positions range as Chief Technical Officer, Analysts, Database administrator, Software designer, It analyst, Web application developer, Network Administrator, software programmer, Lecturer/Professor etc.

The compensation and salaries for these individual jobs are specific and depend largely on the skill-set they have built and the experience in the industry.

Master of Technology in Computer Science & Technology annual salary
Job Profile Job Description Average annual salary (in INR)
Chief Technology officer The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is responsible for overseeing all technical aspects of the company. Using an active and practical approach, the CTO will direct all employees in IT and IO departments to attain the company's strategic goals established in the company's strategic plan. 23 – 28 LPA
Database Administrator A database administrator (DBA) is responsible for the performance, integrity and security of a database. They will also be involved in the planning and development of the database, as well as troubleshooting any issues on behalf of the users. 4 – 5 LPA
Web Applications Developers They create user information solutions by developing, implementing, and maintaining Internet/intranet applications; leading team of developers. 3 – 4 LPA
Network administrator A network admin job can be wide or narrow depending on the organization and how complex its networks are. But in general, a network admin is responsible for the following tasks, according to ONET: Installing network and computer systems. Maintaining, repairing and upgrading network and computer systems. 3 – 4 LPA
Software Programmer A key role in the design, installation, testing and maintenance of software systems. The programs you create are likely to help businesses be more efficient and provide a better service. 4 – 5 LPA
IT consultant An IT consultant typically works for a consulting firm or independently. The consulting firm is hired or contracted by a company to come in and analyze their IT systems and structure. 7 – 9 LPA
Design engineer Design engineers perform research and come up with new ideas for products and the systems used to create them. The role also includes analyzing existing products with a view to improving their efficiency and overall performance. 3 – 4 LPA
Lecturers/ Professors Students who have completed their M.Tech in computer science and Engineering are eligible to teach the same or their relevant engineering field courses in colleges across the country. 3 – 4 LPA starting.

Master of Technology [M.Tech] (Computer Science & Technology) : 68 answered questions


Ques. What is the future of MTech artificial intelligence students in India Which is the best college for MTech artificial intelligence Is the University of Hyderabad good for MTech artificial intelligence?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 14 Oct 21

Ans. The future of M.Tech. in Artificial Intelligence in India is very bright and will take a little time to come into proper existence. After a few years, AI will be in the craze at the top level. AI is still in the growing or the initial phase. It is a huge field and is a wide area to explore. The important sub-fields of AI are Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, and Computer Vision. These sub-fields are very large and will be trending in the market which will require skilled AI developers as they will be in more demand in the future. The parameters to judge a college varies from an individual to another and is therefore different for anywhere. IIIT Hyderabad or IISc Bangalore are good options for an M.Tech in AI. As they are the top institutes when it comes to pursuing M.Tech. in the Computer Science domain in India. They are doing some good research works and are not only interested in the theory work or the textbook. Rather they are focussing on the practical implementation.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Is it worth it to do an M.Tech CSE in Pondicherry University?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 28 Sept 21

Ans. If you are opting to pursue Computer Science and Engineering, Pondicherry University can be a good choice. There are two courses available for M.Tech in CSE, M.Tech Computer Science, and M.Tech Network and Internet.  The university is a central university, so your degree will be useful. The campus life is good. You will get to meet people from different cultural backgrounds. There are good chances of peer learning. The placements for the computer science department are not that good. But it is reputed in Chennai or Bengaluru so it’s easy to get job offers. If you have the required skills, you can easily get job offers. According to the recent placement highlights the average CTC offered is 3-4 LPA.  If you are getting a chance to get admission at Pondicherry University, you should go for it. Read more
1 Answer

Ques. How is the MTech (CSE) program in Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata? What are the placement stats for an MTech (CSE)?

● Top Answer By Admin on 23 Sept 21

Ans. Heritage Institute of Technology is a very popular and reputed engineering institute and provides very good facilities to its students. According to the reviews online, here’s what I got to know. This college is very good to pursue B.Tech in CSE but not a good option to do M.Tech in CSE.  And this is not only for CS, but for all other departments.  Although the faculty and the academics are very good in this college, the placements for M.Tech are not upto the mark and it is better not to choose this college to pursue M.Tech. To do M.Tech, it will be better to do it from IIT but you will have to appear for GATE exams to get admission in IITs.  And do note that you will have to be in the top 1000 in GATE to get selected for M.Tech courses at IIT.  In West Bengal, there is also Jadavpur University which can also be a very good option to pursue M.Tech in CSE.  You can also appear for the examination PGET and if you can clear this exam, then you will be eligible to take admission in any government engineering college under WBUT.  Hence, instead of taking admission in Heritage Institute of Technology for M.Tech in CSE, it will be better to prepare for GATE exam and qualify for IIT or else take admission in some other better colleges for M.Tech. Read more
1 Answer

Ques. How's an M.Tech in Cyber Security at Karunya University?

● Top Answer By Admin on 22 Sept 21

Ans. Cybersecurity is a great discipline for a PG degree in Computer Science. It has huge scope in research and jobs in the industry. However, Karunya University is deemed to be a university with minority status. It ranks lower than IITs, NITs, IIITs, Central Universities, State Universities, and reputed Govt. University colleges like UVCE Bangalore, CEG Chennai, etc. However, their MTech program has tie-ups with foreign universities.  But don’t expect much from the University. I am saying this because my brother is an alumnus of the university. The education quality of the University is poor. Only a few of the faculty members are academically qualified but, they are incapable of teaching. They lack the ability to provide real-time explanations for any problem. However, IAESTE is a way through which you can get exposure in your field of study. In fact, it is the only way through which you will get exposure in your field of study.  To conclude, Karunya University is definitely not the first choice for an M.Tech in Cybersecurity but it is not a bad choice either.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. How good is the curriculum of M.Tech C.S. in ISI kolkata?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 21 Sept 21

Ans. The curriculum of M.Tech C.S. in ISI Kolkata is quite basic. As much as I know, the lengthy hourly classes and other research work make it quite boring at times. You need to know that M.Tech in CS is not only for CSE graduates but for all streams like Mathematics, Electronics, Metallurgy, Mechanical, Civil, etc. The first year prepares the non-CSE background students to reach the same level as CSE students. In the first semester, they get accustomed to coding and Mathematics. The second semester will introduce you to Automata, OS, Networking, DBMS, and Algorithms. You can do some research work during this time, which will later help you during internships, etc. In the second year, the courses are optional. Choose the one you want. You can go for subjects like Computational Finance, etc. which will help with your thesis. Here you take 17 courses in total, whereas IITs or NITs have 10. The third semester is hectic, as you have to work on your thesis and apply for Ph.D. and five subjects. So, work hard from your second semester. I hope this helps you in understanding or at least have an overview of the curriculum at ISI Kolkata. But, I would personally suggest ISI Kolkata especially if you are planning to do a Ph.D. from here. Read more
1 Answer

Master of Technology [M.Tech] (Computer Science & Technology) Fee Structure in India

2.67 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES2.09 L  (Maximum Fee)
61.68 K (Average Fee)
56 K (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES1.95 L (Maximum Fee)
1.34 L (Average Fee)

Master of Technology [M.Tech] (Computer Science & Technology) Fee Structure By state

Andhra Pradesh

1.10 L
1.14 LPrivate COLLEGES1.70 L
1.33 L


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1.39 K first year fees
30 K first year fees
54.14 K first year fees
Andhra University - [AU]
Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
1.09 L first year fees
57 K first year fees
30.12 K first year fees