Master of Technology [M.Tech] in Cyber Security Top Colleges, Syllabus, Duration and Salary

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M.Tech. in Cyber Security is a 2-year full-time postgraduate technology course. Eligibility for which is B.E/ B.Tech in relevant stream or an equivalent bachelor degree with 50% of marks from a recognized university. Most of the colleges and universities offer M.Tech. in Cyber Security course in India. Every college has their own Eligibility criteria, Admission process, Entrance exam pattern, Syllabus, Placement training, etc. Government and Private colleges and universities offer this course in India.

Top colleges and universities offer this course include:

The average fee for this course ranges between INR 30,000 to INR 2 lakhs based on the marks obtained in their bachelor’s degree examination or an entrance exam marks.

This course emphasis on fundamental areas such as advanced algorithms, cloud security, mathematics for security applications, cryptography, networks, operating systems and security, security of cyber-physical systems, etc.

Admission to M.Tech. in Cyber Security course is based on merit list or an entrance exam scores. Most of the colleges conduct state-wise counseling and select students based on merit list prepared by the universities. Some of the reputed colleges conduct entrance exam and select students based on their marks obtained in an entrance exam. Some colleges conduct the personal interview along with an entrance exam. Based on both performances, candidates will be selected for the course admissions. Entrance exam may vary from one college to another. Few colleges may select students directly to join this course.

After completion of this course, graduates may work in areas like Computer Systems Design Field, Network Security Companies, Systems Security Companies, Colleges and Universities Security Analyst, Security Architect, Security Application Programmer, Cyber Security Architect, Security Researcher, etc. These professionals may work in positions like, etc. The average salary for these professionals ranges between INR 1 to 17 Lacs as per their experience and expertise in this field.

M.Tech. in Cyber Security: Course Highlights Table

Written below are some of the major highlights of the course.

Course Level Postgraduate
Duration 2 years
Examination Type Semester type
Eligibility B.E/B.Tech degree
Admission Process Merit-based or Entrance-based
Top recruiting organizations Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Science Applications International Corporation, ManTech International, Booz Allen Hamilton, Dell, Accenture
Top recruiting areas Computer Systems Design Field, Network Security Companies, Systems Security Companies, Colleges, and Universities
Top job profiles Security Analyst, Security Architect, Security Application Programmer, Cyber Security Architect, Security Researcher
Course Fee INR 30,000 to 2 Lacs
Average Starting Salary INR 1 to 17 Lacs

M.Tech. in Cyber Security: What is it about?

M.Tech. in Cyber Security course aims to train the students in the cybersecurity and its applications or real-time scenarios. In this course, students will be exposed to simulated real-time scenarios, open-ended problems, and real-world problems with active guidance from the experts in this cybersecurity field. This programme offers a brilliant career pathway to those who are passionate about knowing more about security challenges and solutions as well as practicing Cyber Security, security analytics, and related tools and technologies.

The main objective of this course is to create security professionals who will be handling the real-life challenges and problems the industry is facing today in connection with cybersecurity. In this course, students will be exposed to various tools for secure communications, threat management, and analytics. This course helps to be able to architect, implement, and design in this field. This course is designed to take students through the wider areas such as associated strategies for solving such problems, security threats, and challenges.

M.Tech. in Cyber Security: Top Institutes

Given below are the college names, location and the average structure of the fees which will be taken by the college for this course

Amrita School of Engineering Bangalore INR 1,48,000
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Coimbatore INR 1,84,000
ITM University Raipur INR 58,000
Jawaharlal College of Engineering and Technology Palakkad INR 1,20,000
Kailash Narayan Patidar College of Science and Technology Bhopal INR 1,20,000
KMP College of Engineering Ernakulum INR 87,000
MET’s School of Engineering Trissur INR 50,000
Nehru College of Engineering and Research Centre Thrissur INR 65,000
Nigama Engineering College Karimnagar INR 56,000
People’s School of Research and Technology Bhopal INR 70,000
Raskha Shakti University Ahmedabad INR 40,500
Sree Narayana Gurukulam College of Engineering Ernakulum INR 84,550
Takshshila Institute of Engineering and Technology Jabalpur  INR 49,000
Vijay Rural Engineering College Nizamabad INR 38,000
Vikrant Institute of Technology and Management Indore INR 1,22,000

M.Tech. in Cyber Security: Eligibility

Candidates who have completed B.E in Cyber Security or B.Tech in Cyber Security or an equivalent degree from a recognized university are eligible for M.Tech. in Cyber Security course. Candidates who have 50% of marks in Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent degree are also eligible. The percentage may vary from one college to another.

M.Tech. in Cyber Security: Admission Process

Admission to M.Tech. in Cyber Security is based on merit-list or entrance-based. Most of the colleges select students based on the marks obtained in their Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent degree examination for course admission. Some reputed colleges conduct entrance exams for this course admission. Top entrance exams conducted by the colleges and universities are

Students who are selected for entrance exam should attend the personal interview conducted by the college. Based on their performances, they will be selected for admissions.

M.Tech. in Cyber Security: Syllabus and Course Description

A semester-wise syllabus for M.Tech. in Cyber Security is given below. The syllabus may vary from one college to other.

Digital Hardware Modeling Database and Application Security
Problem Solving and Programming Information Theory and Coding
Internetworking and Security Cryptography
Applied Algebra Mobile and Wireless Network Security
Computational Statistics and Data Mining Elective I
Self-awareness and Personality Development -
Algorithmic in Cryptographic Protocols Project II
Elective II -
Elective III -
Elective IV -
Project I -

M.Tech. in Cyber Security: Who should opt for this course?

  • Candidates who have interest in cybersecurity and its applications are suitable for this course.
  • Candidates who have good knowledge of internet along with the changing trends in cyber technologies are suitable for this course.
  • Candidates who have knowledge of cyber-attack patterns, cyber-crime trends, basic network security practices, attack methodologies, and hardening technologies are also suitable for this course.

M.Tech. in Cyber Security: Career Prospects

Graduates who have completed this course have lots of opportunities in various fields of engineering. Professionals may work in major areas such healthcare, finance, IT, manufacturing, hospital management, retail, etc. to protect valuable information from cyber branches. Some professionals may work in top colleges and universities in major roles. Few professionals may start their own career as an entrepreneur. The government is actively involved in the recruitment and training of cybersecurity workers.

These professionals may work in private, government, and public sectors. Graduates may work in job roles offered by the top companies and organizations are security analyst, security architect, security software developer, cryptanalyst, security engineer, security administrator, cryptographer, security consultant, etc. Graduates who have an interest in teaching field may work as professors and lecturers. The growing demand for Internet security has contributed to strong job growth for those interested in a career in cybersecurity.

Further study: Candidates who would like to continue their studies in Cyber Security can further study M.Phil. Or Ph.D. course in Cyber Security. After completing this course, they may get opportunities in various top companies with high salary packages.

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Given below are the major job positions, their descriptions, and the Average annual salary for each position:

Master of Technology in Cyber Security annual salary
Security Analyst Security application programmers are responsible for creating new software by programming languages and source codes that meet client requirements. They may work with multiple programming languages and operating systems. They also design the prototype application, indicate program unit structure, and coordinate application plans with the development team or clients. INR 4 to 6 Lacs
Security Application Programmer Security analysts are responsible for establishing system controls by developing a framework for controls and level of access and recommending improvements. They maintain access by providing information, resources, and technical support. They also ensure authorized access by investigating improper access, revoking access, reporting violations, and monitoring information. INR 3 to 5 Lacs
Security Architect Security architects are responsible for enhancing security accomplishments and competence by planning the delivery of solutions, answering technical and procedural questions for less experienced team members, teaching improved processes and monitoring team members. INR 10 to 12 Lacs
Cyber Security Architect Cyber Security architects are responsible for working with clients to find a solution for cyber risk and threats. They organize and deliver services on a cross-section of complex projects. They also actively participate in the development of business and vendor relationships. INR 2 to 3 Lacs
Security Researcher Security researchers are responsible for collaborating with a team of security domain experts, data scientists, platform engineers, and product managers to identify security threats. They conduct research activities including idea proposition, review, and prototype and feature spec suggestion. INR 1 to 3 Lacs

Master of Technology [M.Tech] (Cyber Security) : 68 answered questions


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Ques. Is it worth it to do an M.Tech CSE in Pondicherry University?

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Ans. If you are opting to pursue Computer Science and Engineering, Pondicherry University can be a good choice. There are two courses available for M.Tech in CSE, M.Tech Computer Science, and M.Tech Network and Internet.  The university is a central university, so your degree will be useful. The campus life is good. You will get to meet people from different cultural backgrounds. There are good chances of peer learning. The placements for the computer science department are not that good. But it is reputed in Chennai or Bengaluru so it’s easy to get job offers. If you have the required skills, you can easily get job offers. According to the recent placement highlights the average CTC offered is 3-4 LPA.  If you are getting a chance to get admission at Pondicherry University, you should go for it. Read more
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Ques. How is the MTech (CSE) program in Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata? What are the placement stats for an MTech (CSE)?

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Ans. Heritage Institute of Technology is a very popular and reputed engineering institute and provides very good facilities to its students. According to the reviews online, here’s what I got to know. This college is very good to pursue B.Tech in CSE but not a good option to do M.Tech in CSE.  And this is not only for CS, but for all other departments.  Although the faculty and the academics are very good in this college, the placements for M.Tech are not upto the mark and it is better not to choose this college to pursue M.Tech. To do M.Tech, it will be better to do it from IIT but you will have to appear for GATE exams to get admission in IITs.  And do note that you will have to be in the top 1000 in GATE to get selected for M.Tech courses at IIT.  In West Bengal, there is also Jadavpur University which can also be a very good option to pursue M.Tech in CSE.  You can also appear for the examination PGET and if you can clear this exam, then you will be eligible to take admission in any government engineering college under WBUT.  Hence, instead of taking admission in Heritage Institute of Technology for M.Tech in CSE, it will be better to prepare for GATE exam and qualify for IIT or else take admission in some other better colleges for M.Tech. Read more
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Ques. How's an M.Tech in Cyber Security at Karunya University?

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Ans. Cybersecurity is a great discipline for a PG degree in Computer Science. It has huge scope in research and jobs in the industry. However, Karunya University is deemed to be a university with minority status. It ranks lower than IITs, NITs, IIITs, Central Universities, State Universities, and reputed Govt. University colleges like UVCE Bangalore, CEG Chennai, etc. However, their MTech program has tie-ups with foreign universities.  But don’t expect much from the University. I am saying this because my brother is an alumnus of the university. The education quality of the University is poor. Only a few of the faculty members are academically qualified but, they are incapable of teaching. They lack the ability to provide real-time explanations for any problem. However, IAESTE is a way through which you can get exposure in your field of study. In fact, it is the only way through which you will get exposure in your field of study.  To conclude, Karunya University is definitely not the first choice for an M.Tech in Cybersecurity but it is not a bad choice either.Read more
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Ques. How good is the curriculum of M.Tech C.S. in ISI kolkata?

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Ans. The curriculum of M.Tech C.S. in ISI Kolkata is quite basic. As much as I know, the lengthy hourly classes and other research work make it quite boring at times. You need to know that M.Tech in CS is not only for CSE graduates but for all streams like Mathematics, Electronics, Metallurgy, Mechanical, Civil, etc. The first year prepares the non-CSE background students to reach the same level as CSE students. In the first semester, they get accustomed to coding and Mathematics. The second semester will introduce you to Automata, OS, Networking, DBMS, and Algorithms. You can do some research work during this time, which will later help you during internships, etc. In the second year, the courses are optional. Choose the one you want. You can go for subjects like Computational Finance, etc. which will help with your thesis. Here you take 17 courses in total, whereas IITs or NITs have 10. The third semester is hectic, as you have to work on your thesis and apply for Ph.D. and five subjects. So, work hard from your second semester. I hope this helps you in understanding or at least have an overview of the curriculum at ISI Kolkata. But, I would personally suggest ISI Kolkata especially if you are planning to do a Ph.D. from here. Read more
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Master of Technology [M.Tech] (Cyber Security) Fee Structure in India

6.24 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES2.63 L  (Maximum Fee)
1.37 L (Average Fee)
60 K (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES5.12 L (Maximum Fee)
2.22 L (Average Fee)

Master of Technology [M.Tech] (Cyber Security) Fee Structure By state


2.07 L
1.60 LPrivate COLLEGES2.99 L
2.44 L

Madhya Pradesh

1.56 L
60 KPrivate COLLEGES2.16 L
1.43 L


6.24 K
1 LPrivate COLLEGES2.60 L
1.74 L


1.12 L
1.40 LPrivate COLLEGES5.12 L
2.50 L

Uttar Pradesh

2.63 L
1.78 LPrivate COLLEGES1.82 L
1.81 L

Delhi NCR

2.63 L
1.78 LPrivate COLLEGES1.82 L
1.81 L


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Fee Structure And Facilities :

This may seem a bit too much and expensive fee to be paid. Students from general and OBC category have to pay INR 55000 while from SC/ST INR 47500 at the time of admission in the first semester. For the rest semesters, the amount is INR 35500 for gen and OBC and INR 32500 for SC/ST candidates, to be paid each semester.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

There's certain scholarship program provided to minorities based on their annual income and some other stuff. Apart from this, there's earn while you learn program too, where financial assistance is given to students in need in exchange of assigning them some of duties.

Campus Life :

Cyber times is an initiative by students in order to keep everyone updated about the ongoing with regards to the cyber security issues around. Also, sports events namely kripasth is conducted where various sports such as chess, carrom, badminton etc are played.

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52.9 K first year fees
2.14 L first year fees
3.57 K first year fees
SASTRA University
Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu
1.57 L first year fees
96.88 K first year fees
1.45 L first year fees