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Neural Networks refers to a network or circuit of biological neurons. The modern usage of this term signifies the artificial neural networks composed of artificial neurons or nodes. These networks can be used for predictive modelling, adaptive control, applications and learning systems.

Students enrolled to the course are taught about artificial neural networks and how they are used for machine learning as applied to speech and object recognition, image segmentation, modeling language and human motion, etc. It emphasis on the basic algorithms and the practical tricks needed to get them to work well.

The average course fees in India ranges between INR 30,000 and 5 lacs. The average annual salary offered to successful postgraduates of the course lies between INR 3 and 10 lacs.

M.Tech in Neural Networks: Course Highlights

Listed below are some of the major highlights of the course

Course Level Post Graduate
Duration 2 years
Examination Type Semester System
Eligibility Graduate from a recognized university
Admission Process Counselling after taking entrance examination
Course Fee INR 30,000 to 5,00,000
Average Starting Salary INR 3 to 10 lacs
Top Recruiting Fields/Areas Medicine, Software Developmen, Research

M.Tech in Neural Networks: What is it About?

Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) or Connectionist Systems are a computational model used in machine learning, computer science and other research disciplines. It is a program based on a large collection of connected simple units called artificial neurons, loosely analogous to axons in a biological brain. Connections between neurons carry an activation signal of varying strength.

Such systems can be trained and applied in areas where solution or feature detection is difficult to express in a traditional computer program. Like other machine learning methods, neural networks have been used to solve a wide variety of tasks, like computer vision and speech recognition, that are difficult to solve using ordinary rule-based programming.

The course explores on an advanced level, the organization of synaptic connectivity as the basis of neural computation and learning. Perceptron and dynamical theories of recurrent networks including amplifiers, attractors, and hybrid computation, are covered. Additional topics include back propagation and Hebbian learning, as well as models of perception, motor control, memory, and neural development.

Top Institutes Offering M.Tech in Neural Networks

Listed below are some of the top institutes offering the course in the country with the corresponding locations and fees charged by them

Eligibility for M.Tech in Neural Networks

Applicants wishing to pursue the course need to fulfill the following minimum requirements of eligibility.

  • Higher & Senior Secondary qualification with a minimum aggregate score of Minimum 60%.
  • B.Tech./ BE (IT/CSE/EEE/ECE /Instrumentation & Control) with a minimum aggregate score of Minimum 60%.

M.Tech in Neural Networks: Who Should opt?

The program is ideally suited for candidates interested and proficient in technology, research and development. Ideal students would possess essential technical and practical knowledge for solving real-world problems in the Neural Networks domain.

They would be able to use modern technologies and tools, have competent analytical, logical and problem- solving skills, be able to bridge the digital gap between urban and rural developments.

Such candidates would possess social and ethical attributes, and effective communication, both oral and written.

M.Tech in Neural Networks: Admission Process

Admission to the program is based on the candidate’s score in GATE. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an All- India examination that primarily tests the candidate’s comprehensive understanding of Engineering and Technology- related subjects. Qualifying candidates are needed to go through a round of counseling, based on which, admission to the course is granted.

For appearing in GATE, following are the eligibility criteria that need to be met:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering/ Technology/ Architecture (4 years after 10+2/ Post-B.Sc./ Post-Diploma).
  • Qualification of any of UPSC/ AICTE, as equivalent to B.E./ B.Tech.

M.Tech in Neural Networks: Career Prospects

Some of the popular avenues open to such postgraduates are listed below with the corresponding salaries offered for the respective positions.

Annual Salary in Neural Networks

Job Position Job Description Average Annual Salary in INR
Research Engineer Research Engineers generally work in an office or laboratory analyzing processes and conducting experiments. Additionally, these professionals may take on consulting roles and suggest improvements or provide recommendations during the research and development (R&D) process. 10,00,000
Data Analytics Data Analysts translate numbers into plain English. Every business collects data, whether it's sales figures, market research, logistics, or transportation costs. A Data Analyst's job is to take that data and use it to help companies make better business decisions. 3,49,284
Data Scientist Data Scientists typically create various machine learning-based tools or processes within the company, such as recommendation engines or automated lead scoring systems, and perform statistical analyses. 6,20,244
Computer Vision Research Engineer Computer Vision Research Engineer carry out signal processing, sensor design, control systems, machine learning, computer vision, video and image processing, social media processing, navigation and tracking, data analytics, systems analysis and software engineering. 6,29,215

M.Tech in Neural Networks: Syllabus and Course Description

A semester- wise breakup of the course’s syllabus is tabulated below

Semester 1

Algorithms and Algorithmic Complexity
Cryptography and Network Security
Advanced Database Management Systems
* Elective-I: (Any one)
Distributed Systems
Soft Computing
Multimedia System

Semester 2

VLSI Design
Image processing
Embedded Systems
Systems Design Lab
Elective-II: (Any one)
Real-time Systems
Advanced Software Engineering
Cluster and Grid Computing
Natural Language Processing

Semester 3

Project I
General Viva Voce

Semester 4

Project II

Master of Technology [M.Tech] (Neural Networks) : 7 answered questions


Ques. Which one is better (this includes- placements, faculty, students, and course structures) for an MTech (ISM): IIITM Gwalior or IGDTUW?

● Top Answer By Janvi Bhambri on 30 Jul 21

Ans. IGDTUW boasts of being in a metropolitan area which makes higher exposure possible. However, if you are interested in IT, then IIITM Gwalior would be a good choice for you. It is an IT-oriented institute, you will gain rich technical experience Being an institute of the central government, the environment of IIITM Gwalior is quite liberal. You will not face much pressure from academics; there are very few restrictions on attendance. You can work according to your goals and interests. The highest package offered to the students of IIITM Gwalior was around INR 42 LPA and the average package was INR 14.58 LPA. The top recruiters are Flamingo, Finlatics, Aditya Birla Group, etc. The companies that provided internships to the students were Dell, EnLume, Amazon, Math Works, etc. The companies that visit IGDTUW during the placement process are Microsoft, Nestle India, Accenture, CISCO, etc. You will also be able to enjoy life on the IIITM Gwalior campus with fewer students.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. How is IIITM Gwalior for an M.Tech in information security?

● Top Answer By Nikkil Visha on 23 Jul 21

Ans. It goes without saying, the idea of pursuing a degree in M.Tech in Information Security, that too, from an institute like IIITM Gwalior is a big deal. As it is very decent and you will not regret this decision. All the domains that concern the securityaspect would be covered under their curriculum. Some of my friends are from IIITM Gwalior, and here are some facts about the institution. The faculty and the professors are well experienced and supportive. As an M.Tech student, you would be prohibited from pick-up an internship in your second year due to an academic thesis that would be carried throughout a year. The placement package will depend on your coding skills. The better your skills, the best the package you'll receive. In order to implement all knowledge you have acquired theoretically, you must practice it thoroughly in the computer labs. They will be open 24×7. You could use this accessibility to your advantage if your coding skills are not that great by putting most of your efforts and time into it. Practice programming and sharpen your problem-solving skills so that you get a good package and get into an MNC as well. Once you reach there the kind of environment you would be exposed to would be wholesome. As far as academics are concerned there will be no complaints about it.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Which is the better option for me? Mtech IT from IIIT Allahabad or Mtech CSE from IIT(ISM) Dhanbad?

● Top Answer By Komal Chawla on 19 Jun 21

Ans. The first thing you should consider is whether you want to pursue a Ph.D. or want a job after the completion of the course. I have a few friends at IIT ISM and I can tell you there are very few good faculties for CSE if you want guidance regarding Ph.D. For any information regarding the faculty and research projects of IIIT Allahabad, you can visit both their faculty profile page and set a legitimate comparison with IIT (ISM). Here are some other parameters of IIT (ISM), which you may find useful. Placements: The job prospects are increasing every year and the change is noticeable since its conversion to IIT. The institute also had a new director from IIT Kanpur. There also was a significant change in the placement cell, and the M.Tech placement stats have been kept under consideration, alongside B.Tech only after that. The latest stats are as follows, No. of Students Placed 31 out of 58 Average CTC INR. 14 LPA Highest CTC INR 43.31 LPA Top Recruiters Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Ernst & Young Moreover, the summer and 6-month internships have also been good over the past few years. For instance, the 2021 passing out batch has received several summer intern offers from companies like Goldman Sachs, Amazon, and Microsoft. If you prepare for the coding session interviews from the beginning of the 1st year, then you are more likely to obtain internship opportunities. You can convert it to PPO before the placement season begins. Other Parameters: There is another thing you should consider. It is the number of students from either CSE or IT in B.Tech + M.Tech taking part in the placement season, A total of 372 students participated in the placement drive from IIIT Allahabad while 203 participated from ISM Dhanbad. However, there might not be a significant difference between companies that visit both institutes. Fewer participants in placements mean less competition. So, I will suggest that you take all these factors into consideration and also do your own research. Consider other options too, if you have any.Read more
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Ques. Should I choose 5 years (I.T. + robotics) at IIIT Allahabad or 5 years CSE at IIEST Shibpur?

● Top Answer By Admin on 24 Mar 21

Ans. There’s no doubts about the fact that 5 years at IIITA is a smarter option compared to anything else. This is because of the simple calculation that you are going to study the same curriculum for 4 years BTech for 3 years. That is all about the core of CS and IT. One core and two electives are a part of the fourth year in a 4-year BTech program, which hardly makes any difference.  According to the experts, Robotics is the future of the IT industry and hence, finding yourself in the midst of such an academically enriching atmosphere which ensures a full time access to a premium robotics laboratory and esteemed faculty will certainly do good to you in more ways than you can ever imagine. That’s the kind of right exposure you are looking at. Moreover, this department at IIIT Allahabad is being funded by MHRD, thus having a lot of helpful and positive influence from the big academic and administrative circles from all over the country. A number of international conferences sponsored by IEEE are held here regularly. A DST funded summer school of robotics is also a part of this institute. IIIT Allahabad is known to have multiple MOUs with various popular foreign universities and has extensive student exchange programs to give the best exposure of the industry and experts to its students.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. What kind of placements are possible after completing M.Tech in Intelligent Systems from IIIT, Allahabad?

● Top Answer By Keshav Jindal on 16 Mar 21

Ans. Since my brother studied M.Tech from IIIT Allahabad, I will be able to answer your question about the placement possibilities of MTech in Intelligent Systems.  First of all there are two big advantages of enrolling in this branch : You will get the opportunity to learn great stuff from some of the finest professors. You will get a Chance to sit in almost every company you have ever heard of Google (off campus via APAC), such as Microsoft etc. Intelligence system of college: The Intelligent system is all about how you develop the intelligence of a machine. It includes machine learning that ultimately teaches the ability to learn about a machine, say object recognition, human pose recognition, etc. Placements: Categories IIIT Allahabad Course Fee 3.24 lakh Average CTC 10.4 LPA Recruiting Companies Adobe, Accenture, HCL, IBM, etc. Basic placement requirements you need to focus upon are as follows: In almost every company that visits the campus, you will be given a chance to sit and try your luck. To sit for the placements, you'll have to compete with the B.tech crowd. And everyone here is very studious and competitive, so it won’t be easy for you at all. Companies do not come to a particular branch (rarely happens, like 1 out of 80 companies) Recruiters don't care about your branch, they just want to know how qualified you are in the field of interest and coding. For all the big firms, the skills you'll learn by following your stream will be applicable and act as an important factor in your selection process. So know your skills and capabilities in respective fields and then go for interviews.Read more
1 Answer


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