Master of Theology (M.Th) Job Prospects and Future Scope

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Master of theology allows you to go for both higher studies and jobs. An average fee to pursue this course is approx INR 20,000 to INR 30,000 and you can expect an average salary of around INR 4 Lakhs per annum. If you wish to pursue any of them, then you need to know more detailed information of both the aspects. There are number of religious job prospects available after the course completion. Master of Theology course job prospects are discussed in details below: 

Job Prospect Description Lowest Salary Offered Average Salary Offered Highest Salary Offered
Pastor Pastor’s role is to worship the ceremonies and conduct sermons. They teach holy topics in churches by examples. They also offer their services at times of weddings and funerals. Pastor is more into religious ceremonies and activities. They take confessions too in the confession box. INR 1.45 Lakhs INR 1.85 Lakhs INR 5.90 Lakhs
Religion Teacher Religion Teachers are the one who gave learning and knowledge of the subject religion in schools, colleges and universities. Religion teachers carve religious teachings and embark students with the knowledge of faith, divine and holy books.  INR 2 Lakhs INR 3 Lakhs INR 5 Lakhs
Bible Translator The role of a bible translator is to translate the bible quotes and teach people through the examples. They are specialised with the books knowledge. They owns the art of revealing the holy scripts and guiding people. INR 30,000 INR 60,000 INR 72,000
Social Worker They work for the betterment and development of the society by raising general issues and working towards them. Sometimes, they form a group of volunteers and work together. INR 50,000 INR 1 Lakh INR 1.5 Lakhs
Counsellors Counsellors are the one who maintain the mental health records and reports of the patient. They guide or counsel the client’s to promote optimal mental health and prepare treatment plan for them. INR 1.1 Lakhs INR 3.42 Lakhs INR 6.67 Lakhs


Master of Theology Future Scope

If you wish to pursue higher education in this subject then you can go for doctorate degree like:

  • PhD in Theology: PhD in Theology is a 3 year doctorate degree that offers you the opportunity to deepens the knowledge of religious traditions. It focuses more on the Christianity and western civilization. Those who desire to study theology in dialogue with other fields of study, including philosophy, social justice and ethics are suitable for this course. PhD in Theology includes subjects like Liturgical Studies, Spirituality studies, Homiletics and alike.
  • M.Phil Social Work: Mphil in social work course deals with the understanding of social work through the help of theories, reports and field work. This course give rise to future leaders. It also deals with the social problems, human relationships and their solution. M.Phil course syllabus comprises subjects like human security, gender and development and social research and theory and alike.


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