Master of Theology (M.Th) Syllabus, Subjects, Books and Course Curriculum

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Master of Theology includes all subjects related to religious movements, divinity and religions. Few of the subjects of Master of Theology course curriculum are discussed in detail below:

Subjects Subject Description
Biblical Hebrew This subject deals with the collection of writings that were first collected, compiled and preserved as sacred Jewish Books. It mostly involves the christian bible and sometimes also known as the Old Testament or Tanakh.
Advanced History of Fundamentalism This subject involves the study of religious movements.
Advanced Bibliography This course enables one to have an introduction to principles of bibliography. The main aim of this course is to deepen the student’s familiarity with the physical composition of books.
Issues in Dispensationalism This subject deals with the dispensationalism issues for scholars and theologians. 
Premillennialism This subject deals with the bible prophecy. It studies the second coming of Jesus Christ. 

Master of Theology Books 

Theology is an excellent subject if you have an ultimate desire to study about religions, culture and traditions. The study of theology allows you to attain the skills of critical analysing, dealing with human relations and good communication skills. Master of theology books allows you to gain knowldege of faith, divinity, nature existence, Jesus Christ history, bible translations and alike. Few of the top Master of Theology books are listed below which one should give a read:

  • Evangelical Hermeneutics: The New Versus the Old
  • Surprise by Hope: Rethinking Heaven, the Resurrection and mission of the church
  • Summa Theologiae
  • The Church: A Theological and Historical Account
  • Systematic Theology I by Charles Hodge
  • Systematic Theology II by Charles Hodge
  • The Trinity
  • Christology: The Doctrine of Church
  • Millenialism and Social Theory
  • Eternity and Time and other books


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