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Ph.D. in Theology is a 3-year doctorate degree program, the minimum eligibility is master degree in Theology from a recognized college or university or its equivalent exam. Admissions for such program rely upon the counseling after clearing entrance exam depending on the colleges.

Some of the top colleges and institutes which provide admission to Ph.D. in Theology are as follows:

The average tuition fee charged for Ph.D. Theology program in India ranges between INR 1,000 to 4 Lacs, for a span of 3 years.

Ph.D. in Theology program offers an opportunity to deepen your understanding of religious traditions and the impact that they have had and continue to have, on the world in which we live today. The program focuses on the development of theological beliefs and practices across different religions, with special emphasis on Christianity and western civilization. Theology is a liberal arts program and is open to all, irrespective of beliefs or religious or non-religious background. It provides a vital space for critical dialogue in today's multi-religious societies.

The Programme will enhance proficiency in another language or languages and will increase international career opportunities. The aim of Ph.D. in Theology program is to introduce candidates in an efficient way to the group of intelligent learning that is the traditional train and discipline of theology as a methods for getting ready men and ladies for all-around participation in the life of the church and, if candidate so pick, for service in at least one regions of peaceful practice. Candidate will be able to decipher, interpret and communicate the Scriptures. It is specially designed as the basic training and equipping of Christians for vocational as well as ministry in the local church.

Such postgraduates are hired in capacities such as Healthcare Worker, Religious Teacher, Missionary, Relief Worker, Children's Pastor, Resident Director, Non-profit Program Administrator etc. The average salary for Ph.D. in Theology graduates is around INR 2 to 12 Lacs but this can be higher on the basis of experience and other factors.

Ph.D. in Theology: Course Highlights

Given below are some of the main highlights of the course

Course Level Doctorate Degree
Duration of the Course 3 years
Examination Type Semester
Eligibility Master Degree in related subject
Admission Process Entrance exam and personal interview
Average Course Fee INR 1,000 to 4 lacs
Average Starting Salary INR 2 lacs to 12 Lacs
Top Recruiting Companies Basilica of Bom Jesus, Velankanni Church, Christ Church, Medak Cathedral, Santhome Church, St. Thomas Syro-Malabar Catholic Church etc.
Top Job Areas Educational Institutes, NGOs, Worship Places, Religious Organisations, Financial and Legal Firms, Charities etc.
Top Job Positions Healthcare Worker, Religious Teacher, Missionary, Relief Worker, Children's Pastor, Resident Director, Non-profit Program Administrator etc.

Ph.D. in Theology: What is it all about?

Theology is the systematic study of the existence and nature of the divine and its relationship to and influence upon other beings. This course is inter-disciplinary, combining biblical studies, church history, systematic theology and Christian ethics with an optional stream comprising professional ministry studies such as pastoral care, Christian education, and preaching. And it is ecumenical, dealing with the Christian tradition in all its diversity.

Ph.D. in Theology concentrates on the supernatural, divine or sacred and the moral code, dogmas, ritual practices, values and associated institutions. Religion has a few capacities that are communicated through the human conduct such as social function, anxiety reduction, compensation, character, and identity. This interdisciplinary field studies the impact of religion in the international environment and the presence of traditions in the modern world. Research focuses on different approaches to religions and its place in history.

The course is concerned with the study of the spiritual beliefs and their particular characteristics and their expression in nowadays society. Ph.D. in Theology degree can spend significant time in culture, struggle, librarianship, financial aspects, geology, history, and others.

Those who want to understand theology in dialogue with other fields of study, including philosophy, social justice, ecology, ethics and women's studies are suitable for it. They also possess research and analysis skills; the ability to interpret and synthesize different types of information; the ability to understand the meaning of complex written documents. Students also have organizational and time management skills; presentation skills; the ability to formulate questions and solve problems.

It is beneficial for an intellectually rigorous study of the Christian faith from the perspective of Christian traditions and thought. The course provides a thorough grounding in the breadth of theological scholarship that recognizes the diversity of the Christian tradition. It focuses on exegesis and hermeneutics (Biblical interpretation and application) and related subjects in Christian Theology, all delivered within an Evangelical environment. The course equips students to study the Bible, so they can determine what it says and means.

Ph.D. in Theology: Top Institutes

Given below are some of the top institutes in India that offer the course

St. Stephen's College, Delhi University New Delhi INR 69,500
Lady Shri Ram College (LSR) New Delhi INR 28,600
Loyola College Chennai Tamil Nadu INR 10,000
Christ University Bangalore Karnataka INR 9,300
Miranda House Delhi University Delhi INR 21,300
Fergusson College (IFC) Pune Maharashtra INR 6,200
Madras Christian College MCC Chennai Tamil Nadu INR 65,700
Hindu College, Delhi University Delhi INR 22,400
Hans Raj College Delhi University New Delhi
Ramjas College Delhi University Delhi INR 9,380
Union Biblical Seminary Pune INR 89740

Ph.D. in Theology: Eligibility

Students need to have qualified Masters degree (Master in Theology, M.Th.) to be eligible for the admission to this course. Some Institutes also ask for an M.Phil. degree in a related discipline to be eligible for the course.

Ph.D. in Theology: Admission Process

The admission process for Ph.D. in Theology program may vary from college to college. While the admissions in the August month are open to all qualified categories of competitors. Admission is offered on the basis of an interview held typically a month prior to the starting of the semester for which admission is looked for. The interview can be supplemented by an entrance exam, if necessary.

Following are a few entrance tests that are conducted by some of the Ph.D. in Theology colleges in India:

  • Christ University Entrance Exam
  • Fergusson College (IFC) Entrance Exam
  • Madras Christian College MCC Entrance Exam
  • Union Biblical Seminary Entrance Exam

Ph.D. in Theology: Syllabus and Course Description

A year-wise breakup of the course’s syllabus is tabulated below.

Subjects of Study
History and Hermeneutics Constructive Theology and Theological Ethics Practical Theology
Biblical Studies Constructive Theology Church and Society
Church History Theological Ethics Homiletics
Liturgical Studies Religious Education Evangelism and Missiology
Mission Studies Spirituality Studies Congregation and Community

Ph.D. in Theology: Career Prospects

Theology is rewarding to study, but many are justifiably concerned with the career options offered by a degree in theology. Luckily, philosophy instructs various important abilities that assistance to make applicants of Theology focused in various professions, both religious and mainstream.

Teachers of philosophy are frequently very much associated with religious establishments and can give the guidance and contacts that can open the way to occupations in philosophy. It is imperative to take note of that a significant number of the vocations in Theology recorded above require extra, propelled think about in philosophy. Obviously, the professions open to the applicants of philosophy are not restricted to religious ones. Theology can likewise give brilliant way to applicants who need to seek after mainstream work.

PH.D in Theology annual salary
Religious School Teacher Religious School Teacher responsible to instruct school children about God and Religion. INR 1Lac to 1.5 Lac
College Faculty College Faculty is responsible to teach the purpose of humanity at the college level. INR 1 to 3 Lacs
Minister of Church Minister of Church is in charge of serving the sermons at church and conducts prayer. INR 2 to 3 Lacs
Social Worker Social Worker is responsible to works for the society and helps the deprived. INR 1 Lac to 2 Lac
Bible Translator Bible Translator is in charge of translating the language of Bible into the simpler language to be readable by others so that they understand its true meaning. INR 1 Lca

Ph.D. (Theology) Fee Structure in India

33 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES33 K  (Maximum Fee)
33 K (Average Fee)
26 K (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES4.20 L (Maximum Fee)
1.86 L (Average Fee)


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