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CAT PI in IIMs: Weightage of PI in IIMs and Preparation Tips
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CAT PI round i.e. Personal Interview round will be conducted by all the IIMs as a part of the selection process. The weightage of PI rounds varies from institute to institute. In IIM Kozhikode, the weightage of PI is 44 and in IIM Calcutta it is 48. Read More IIM Shortlist and Admission

  • IIMs have already scrapped GD i.e. Gripu Discussion round and replaced it with WAT i.e. Written Ability Test. But due to COVID-19 most of IIMs have scrapped WAT also. Read More WAT in IIMs
  • After appearing for WAT, candidates will have to appear for PI to make it to the final list of admission. 
  • PI round is conducted to judge the personality characteristics. CAT Personal Interview involves the candidate being asked a few questions by a panel of eminent judges. 

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CAT PI in IIMs: Weightage of PI in Selection Process

Institute Weightage 
IIM Bangalore 30
IIM Calcutta 48
IIM Lucknow 40
IIM Ahmedabad Formula will be used
IIM Trichy 25
IIM Indore Formula will be used
IIM Sirmaur 30
IIM Jammu 30
IIM Rohtak 20
IIM Ranchi 30
IIM Amritsar 25
IIM Visakhapatnam 25
IIM Raipur 35
IIM Udaipur 15
IIM Kashipur 25
IIM Kozhikode 44
IIM Bodh Gaya 20 (If WAT is not conducted then 30)

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CAT PI Preparation

CAT Personal Interview Preparation

  • CAT Personal Interview will consist of a panel of judges asking questions to the candidate based on their profile and cross questioning them based on their answers. 
  • Improve confidence and improve your presentation skills. Candidates have to make sure that they appear confident in their answers. 
  • One way to improve confidence is to know what you are talking about. Candidates will mostly be asked questions about themselves, such as why did they choose their major and so on. So it is a question of how they will present their answers. 
  • Most of the candidates are asked to say something about yourself. This is one of the most basic questions and candidates must have an effective answer beforehand. 
  • The questions asked in the personal interview stage are largely unpredictable as the panel of judges will be different in every CAT Participating IIM, and they will vary year by year as well. 
  • Therefore, it is prudent for the candidate to be well read and aware of a large number of latest occurrences in current affairs, politics, business, economy and so on. 
  • Candidates can also potentially be asked questions about politics. Therefore, if you feel you have a very polarising or controversial answer, present it in a palatable way. 
  • If candidates have work experience they will be asked about their experience with the previous employer. It is important to not speak of them negatively. 
  • Do not be flustered if asked a strange or abstract question. Be mentally prepared to answer strange questions such as “Sing a Song” or “Recruitment for ISIS” and so on. 
Particulars Details
Right Approach in Interview
  • Do not panic.
  • Answer the questions only if your know the answers.
  • Do not speak lie this will you will lose track of the question.
  • Panel is there to judge you based on your answers and personality. 
  • Stay calm and be optimistic as the interviewers are observing you.

IIM Bangalore Personal Interview Questions

The panel asked the candidate the following questions:

  • Tell us about the production facilities of Maruti
  • What was the issue in the Gujarat plant?
  • What is a wiring harness?
  • What do you design?
  • Which is safer, a heavy car Or lighter car?
  • Which is a more stable, short height or low height man?
  • Volkswagen diesel scandal - Candidate went too much into detail.
  • Opinion on Sharapova drug abuse case
  • Discussion about had Serena Williams had done the same thing
  • Discussion on Tiger Woods and Shane Warne Affairs

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CAT GD-PI Prep Books

CAT GD-PI Preparation Books

Subject Name of Book
A Complete Kit for Group Discussion S. Hundiwala 
Group Discussion on Current Topics P. N. Joshi
Master the Group Discussion & Personal Interview: Complete Discussion on the topics asked by reputed B-schools & IIMs Sheetal Desarda
Mastering Interviews And Group Discussions 4ed (Pb 2018) Mathur D
Group Discussions And Interviews Anand Ganguly & RPH Editorial Board
Group Discussion: More Than 100 Topics Covered Universal
Complete Start-to-Finish MBA Admissions Guide Jeremy Shinewald
How to Interview Like a Top MBA: Job-Winning Strategies From Headhunters, Fortune 100 Recruiters, and Career Counselors Shel Leanne
How to Develop Self-Confidence & Influence People By Public Speaking Dale Carnegie
Marketing Chronicles: A Compendium of Global and Local Marketing Insights From the Pre-Smartphone and Post-Smartphone Eras Nimish V. Dwivedi
Universal Interview And Group Discussion Book Manoj kumar sharma
CAT Group Discussion

CAT Group Discussion

What is Gropu Discussion? In CAT Group Discussion, candidates will be split into groups of 8-10, and this group is given a topic based on which they have to have a sustained discussion for 12 to 15 minutes. Candidates will be judged based on their leadership skills, mediation, vision, decision-making skills, and so on. 

CAT Group Discussion Preparation

  • Leadership Skills: Candidates have to make sure that they work on their leadership skills properly. If the candidate is not used to taking charge of the situation, it reflects poorly on the candidate. Work on effectively leading the conversation (not dominating the conversation). Pay attention to the discussion and add your points when necessary. 
  • Personal Grooming: Candidates have to make sure they dress professionally. How you look reflects greatly on how you are perceived, and candidates that dress well are generally well received. Work the inherent biases in your favor. Do not wear anything too gaudy or too simple. A well ironed shirt with a pair of pants is good enough. Make sure the fitting is correct, that is not too loose or too tight. 
  • Work on your Body Language: Express open Body Language, as it makes people more receptive towards you. Do not fold your arms or put your arms back as it makes you appear closed off or reserved. Maintain eye contact with other individuals but do not stare. Do not appear too relaxed either, maintain professional decorum at all times.
  • Listening Skills: This is one of the most crucial areas which most candidates ignore while preparing for the group discussion stage. Candidates have to be excellent listeners to be effective leaders. Acknowledging some good points that the other candidates have made adds credence to your argument/point, and also improves cohesiveness in the group. To improve in this aspect, candidates have to practise, be non judgemental, leave their opinions aside, exercise empathy and, most importantly, pay attention. 
Particulars Details
How to Approach in GD?
  • GD is not about how much you know about an issue but it is about how you put forward your views.
  • Perspective on an issue will be judged.
  • Represent your views with a firm opinion.
Analyse your Topic
  • Analyse the topic first.
  • Make bullet points in your mind so that it becomes easy for your to express them. 
  • Flow of your ideas and opinions should not be negative. 

CAT Group Discussion Topics

Here are some commonly asked topics in CAT GD along with potential topics for CAT 2021: 

Previously Asked Topics
Topic IIM Branch
Case Study on Maggi Controversy IIM Ahmedabad
Comment on the decision of TRAI to ban Free Basics IIM Bangalore
Terrorism being a subject of monetary aspects and not of religion. IIM Kozhikode

CAT GD Important Topics for 2021

Farmers Protest - Reforms in Farm Laws COVID-19 Pandemic and effect on Businesses
Reddit vs Wall Street Effect of Banning Cryptocurrency on Indian Economy
Union Budget 2021 Rising Petrol Prices 
National Education Policy 2021 Indian Bank Scams
Privatization of Public Institutions Social Media in 2022
Reforms in Digital Media, Social Media - Regulation of OTT Platforms Data Privacy and its importance

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Frequently Asked Questions


Ques. What are the different types of questions asked in CAT PI round?

Ans. Different types of questions that might be asked in the PI round are:

  • Which is safer, a heavy car Or lighter car?
  • Which is a more stable, short height or low height man?
  • Volkswagen diesel scandal - Candidate went too much into detail.
  • Opinion on Sharapova drug abuse case

Ques: How should I prepare for the GK section for MBA entrance exams?

Ans: Do not invest a lot of time in GK, because it will give you very little output. Study the most important topics like sports - Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, Sports awards, National sports awards, International Sports Awards, Banking terms and their changes and banking news, Noble, Oscar, National Awards, and Gallantry Awards, etc. business news, mergers and acquisitions, and new products, civics.

Ques. How to conclude a GD?

Ans. Concluding a GD should be with summarisation of all the points discussed in a Group Discussion, in a nutshell.

  • While concluding a GD, avoid raising new points.
  • Do not emphasise on your individual viewpoint while summarising a GD.
  • Keep the conclusion of a GD concise.

Ques: Which IIM offers a maximum number of sears?

Ans: Though the number of seats offered by the IIMs may vary but depend upon the analysis, IIMs offering maximum seats into its management program are listed below:

  • IIM Ahmedabad
  • IIM Bangalore
  • IIM Calcutta
  • IIM Lucknow
  • IIM Indore

Ques: On what basis do candidates are shortlisted for WAT/GD in IIMs?

Ans: Depending upon the candidate’s performance in CAT exam, IIMs shortlists the candidates for WAT and GD

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College.


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