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CAT Toppers 2021: Know Toppers Score & Percentile, Toppers Preparation Tips

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Exams Prep Master | Updated On - Jan 4, 2022

CAT 2021 Toppers list will be released by IIM in 1-2 days as CAT result 2021 has been announced on Jan 3, 2022, for 1.92 lakh candidates. However, IIM has provided the details of the number and gender of candidates who have scored above 99.98 percentile. Also Check CAT 2021 Percentile vs Score

  • 9 male candidates have scored a 100 percentile. Out of these, 4 are from Maharashtra, 2 from UP, and 1 each from WB, Telangana, and Haryana. No female candidate has scored a 100 percentile. 
  • Among the 99.99 percentilers, 16 are from the engineering background while 3 are from non-engineering.
  • 19 candidates have scored 99.98 percentile. Out of these only 1 is female.
  • IIMs and 88 other institutes will now start releasing their CAT cut offs. The cut off for top IIMs, IIT Delhi, FMS is expected to be above 99 percentile. Check CAT 2021 Cut Off
  • Candidates clearing the cut offs will get a call from the IIMs and other institutes to participate in the selection process- GD & PI. Check IIM CAT 2021 Shortlist Criteria & Admission Process

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CAT 2021 Toppers

Given below are some of the top scorers of CAT 2021. The complete list of CAT 2021 Toppers will be updated here soon. Candidates planning to take admission in IIMs and other top MBA colleges will have to qualify the cut off marks decided by the respective institutes. Based on those qualifying marks candidates will be shortlisted for the counselling process. Check CAT 2021 Counselling

Sr. No. Name of Topper Overall CAT Percentile of Topper City
1.  Maruti Konduri 100 To be updated soon
2. Rahul Sharma 100 To be updated soon
3. Suneet Kumbhat 100 To be updated soon
4. Parth Chowdhary 99.99 To be updated soon
5. Prakhar Sinha 99.91 To be updated soon
6. Manavdeep Singh 99.77 To be updated soon
7. Tushar Saneja 99.73 To be updated soon

CAT 2021 Toppers Statistics

Given below are CAT 2021 Topper statistics (number of toppers based on gender and academic background) given by IIM Ahmedabad. 

CAT Percentile Total Number of Toppers Male Female Engineering Non-Engineering
100%ile 9 9 - 7 2
99.99%ile 19 19 - 16 3
99.98%ile 19 18 1 15 4

State Wise CAT 2021 Toppers Statistics

Given below are the state-wise number of CAT toppers 2021 with 100, 99.99, and 99.98 percentile scores respectively.

State CAT Toppers 100%ile CAT Toppers 99.9% CAT Toppers 99.8%
Haryana 1 2 -
Telangana 1 - 1
West Bengal 1 - 1
Uttar Pradesh 2 2 1
Maharashtra 4 4 5
Andhra Pradesh - 1 -
Bihar - 1 -
Chandigarh - 1 -
Delhi - 1 1
Kerala - 1 -
Karnataka - 2 -
Gujarat - 4 1
Madhya Pradesh - - 1
Odisha - - 1
Punjab - - 2
Rajasthan - - 2
Tamilnadu - - 3
>CAT 2020 Toppers List

CAT 2020 Toppers ​

Name Percentile City
Jitesh Mittal  100 Percentile Jaipur
Ashish Sen  99.99 Percentile Navi Mumbai’s
Vishesh Garg 99.9 Percentile Himachal Pradesh
Debrup Poddar  99.11 Percentile NA
Priyamm Garg 99.81 Percentile Delhi
Shubham Yadav 99.7 Percentile   Gurgaon
Kshitiz Garg 99.61 Percentile Mohali
Vishal Agarwal 99.44 Percentile Cuttak
Gaurav Dhawan 99.29 Percentile Mohali
Sargam Bansal 99.17 Percentile Chandigarh
Himani Goyal 99.05 percentile NA

CAT 2020 Toppers Statistics

Particulars Details
Total Candidates appeared in CAT 2022 1,90,144
Number of female candidates 66,755
Number of male candidates 1,23,388
Number of transgender candidates 01
Candidates scored 100 Percentile 9
100 Percentile Candidates from engineering/technology background 7
100 Percentile Candidates from mathematics & management background 1 each
Candidates scored 99 Percentile 19
CAT Results Statistics

CAT Previous Years Toppers Statistics

CAT Exam Year Number of 100 Percentile Scorers Number of candidates appeared
2019 6 2,09,000
2018 11 2,09,405
2017 20 1,99,632
2016 20 1,95,000

The mentioned above is the list of CAT statistics for the past 4 years that the candidate can check to get a clear idea of the difficulty level of the examination & number of candidates who appeared in the examination. This will eventually help the aspirants to pull up their socks and concentrate on the topics and concepts that are relevant and are important to target.

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CAT 2019 Toppers List

CAT 2019 Toppers List

  • 10 candidates out of 2.44 lakh(approx.) candidates scored 100 percentiles in CAT 2019.
  • All the candidates who scored 100 percentiles in the CAT 2019 are from Engineering backgrounds.
  • The highest number of toppers in CAT 2019 are from Maharashtra where four candidates scored 100 percentiles.
  • Almost 21 candidates scored 99.99 percentile, and 19 of them were from Engineering backgrounds.
  • The domination of male candidates in the toppers list was more than that of female candidates in CAT 2019.
Name of the Topper Percentile
Elliot Anderson 99.12
Rohit Banerjea 99.80
Manisha Barnwal 99.89
Arayan Sarupria 99.89
Bitanesh Bhattacharya 99.66
Kisalya Jha 99.96
Christy Rajan 99.57

Download CAT Question Paper PDFs:

CAT 2018 Toppers

CAT 2018 Topper List Overall Percentile
Amit Bikram 100
Niranjan Prasad 100
Rickshesh Manchanda 100
Rounak Majumdar 100
Swapnil Suman 100
Anubhav 99.99
Kaustubh Vyas 99.99
Kishan Kashyap 99.99
Abhishek 99.97
Karan  99.91
Mayur Arora 99.88
Kushaagr Panwar 99.6
Kuldeep Atri 99.44
Avinash Misal 99.37
Pratik Mishra 99.33
Sakshat Goel 99.21
Tushar Goel 98.89

How Toppers study for CAT?

CAT Toppers: Preparation Plan

All CAT 2021 aspirants have their own preparation strategy that they adopt with the hope to get admission to Top B-School in India. In order to crack a national-level management exam and to score the right percentile to get a call from IIMs, follow these simple tips given below by the toppers.

  • Time bound practice: One of the major factors that contribute to the CAT being considered as the toughest management entrance exam to crack in the country, is the restricted time available to solve the questions in the exam. Although maximum questions asked in CAT are basic in nature, what makes them difficult is the restricted time frame available to the candidates to complete the exam. Therefore, make sure to include time-bound practice sessions as part of your CAT Preparation Strategy. Moreover, make sure to practice this with MCQs and non-MCQs type questions, as it will help you build the right speed at which you should respond to the questions.
  • CAT Syllabus Deadlines: The biggest challenge for first time CAT Aspirants is the vast nature of the CAT Syllabus. With the huge syllabus and topics to cover, MBA aspirants have to manage their time as well as to ensure that they complete the entire syllabus to meet the deadlines set by them. Having the deadlines to complete the syllabus and achieve the targets will keep you motivated during the next two months which is the most critical phase of your preparation time. Check Detailed CAT 2021 Syllabus
  • Avoid referring to too many Books: There are hundreds of books in the market which claim to be the ultimate guide to crack CAT. But too many books with different concepts always create confusion for the aspirants. Therefore, Toppers recommend that you refer to only two good books on any subject or topic for CAT preparation. But ensure that these two reference books should be able give you all the necessary knowledge about the topics asked in the exam. Read More Best Books for CAT 2021
  • Don’t stick to one topic for long: Another biggest challenge for MBA aspirants is to make the decision of actually skipping a topic if it’s too tough to crack. However, as per the CAT Topper it is a wrong strategy to do. If you are unable to understand a topic during one sitting, wandering over it for even longer will only waste your time. So there you have to take a conscious call of letting the topic go and start on the new one. Therefore, remember the cardinal rule, don’t stick to one topic for long, whether you are able to crack it or not.
  • Take Mock Tests and subscribe to test series: Take and subscribe test series offered topic wise on the regular basis. Also, Mock tests are the ultimate friend when it comes to CAT MBA Preparation. As it helps you not only to check and practice, but also gives you an insight into what’s actually working in your preparation strategy and helps you to realign the same for the upcoming days.
  • Seek Experts Help: CAT is the national level management entrance exam, which essentially means that it is not enough to beat yourself. In order to grap that exclusive seat at IIMs, you need to beat your competitors and therefore the preparation and performance have to be gauged in comparison to others. So talk to experts about your plan and preparation strategy and analyse if there is any way in which you can improve your performance. Mentors, online tutorials will help you find gaps in your strategy and fill them in time to ensure that you outperform others on the exam day.
  • Build a Peer study Group: Many aspirants believe in working alone, especially during the final phase of their CAT Preparation i.e. the last two months. During this final phase, one can either completely lose their focus and get into depression or get over-confident with their preparation strategy. In order to avoid this, work with a motivated set of people who are able to motivate and challenge you to put your best foot forward. So, make sure you make a peer study group for CAT preparation, especially if CAT is going to be your first attempt.

Read More:

CAT 2020 Toppers FAQs

CAT Toppers 2021 FAQs

Ques. If CAT Toppers have scored the same percentile then in that case what will be the tie-breaking criteria?

Ans. CAT Toppers scoring the same percentiles will not affect their admission to the college. Also, there are no tie-breaking criteria for the candidates scoring the same percentiles. Because admission in IIMs depends on various factors where the first phase is scoring above or equal to the sectional or overall percentiles decided by the respective colleges. 

Ques. Is it necessary that CAT Topper who have scored overall 99+ percentiles have also scored sectional percentiles above 99?

Ans. No, it is not necessary that 100 or 99 percentile candidates have scored above 99 in all the sections. For example, CAT topper Debrup Poddar had scored 99.11 percentile in CAT 2022 but his sectional percentiles were:

  • VARC % - 97.07
  • DILR % - 85.41
  • QA % - 99.56.

Candidates are advised to read more CAT Score Calculation method to know more about the process. 

Ques. What was the preparation strategy of CAT Topper Rishi Mittal who had scored 100% in 1st attempt?

Ans. Rishi Mittal had scored:

  • 99.99 percentile in Quant
  • 100 in Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning
  • 98.76 percentile in Verbal abilities

He was able to do so with regular practice and advised all the aspiring candidates to focus on honest preparations. 

Ques. Can a CAT Topper with around 98 percentile target IIM Lucknow for the admission process?

Ans. Sruthy S Kumar had scored 97.71 percentile in CAT 2019 and gets into IIM Lucknow. As admission in IIMs not only depends upon overall and sectional cut off but also depends on various factors like gender diversity, academic diversity, work experience, performance in PI, etc. Therefore, candidates scoring 90 percentile can also get admission in IIM-L.

Ques. What is the minimum cut off percentile for CAT in IIM Ahmedabad?

Ans. The minimum percentile for IIM Ahmedabad for CAT is 90+ percentile. 

Ques. What is the admission procedure that the candidate has to go through for IIM Selection?

Ans. The candidate after attaining the minimum cut off marks is called the Personal Appearance round which consists of Personal Interview and Written Ability Test.

Ques. What is the CAT score to get into IIM Trichy?

Ans. CAT Score to secure admission into IIM Trichy is 94 percentiles as announced by the institute.

Ques. What is the CAT cut off for XISS Ranchi?

Ans. XISS has been ranked 76th by NIRF amongst 100 institutes in India 2020 and 85th out of 284 in India 2019 by India Today.

  • It offers 5 specializations in PGDM courses such as Human Resource Management, Finance, Rural Management, Information Technology, and Marketing.
  • The admissions at XISS are based on a valid score in CAT/XAT/CMAT entrance exam.
  • Seats available for HRM and Rural Management are 75 and Information Technology, Finance, and Marketing Management specializations have 60 seats each. Of the above, 40% of seats are reserved for ST/SC and Christian candidates (other than ST/SC). The above-mentioned 40 percent is with a breakdown as follows: ST - 26%, SC- 6%, and Christians 8%.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College.


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