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CLAT 2022 Logical Reasoning Preparations must include testing and improving the candidates reasoning skills. CLAT 2022 Logical Reasoning Syllabus deals with comprehension, critical thinking, analysing patterns/arguments, identifying contradictions, and drawing conclusions. Logical Reasoning for CLAT draws from class 12 reasoning and analytical skills and examines the candidate’s ability to practise law. Download CLAT Practise Papers

Logical Reasoning section has an overall weightage of 20% in CLAT 2022 Exam. Based on the previous year’s CLAT Paper Analysis, candidates deemed the section to be moderately challenging and requires good preparation and practise. Check CLAT Mock Test

CLAT 2022 Logical Reasoning Preparation Tips

CLAT 2022 Logical Reasoning Preparation Tips

Logical Reasoning for CLAT tests the candidates reasoning abilities. Candidates will be required to use critical thinking skills to analyse reasoning patterns and draw conclusions according to their assessments. Candidates should be able to draw logical conclusions with effective arguments as required in the exam.

Given below are some preparation tips for candidates attempting logical reasoning for CLAT:

  • Preparation Plan: The first step to studying logical reasoning is to make a detailed plan about studying the subject. Candidates should make a list of topics and make plans to cover them on a daily basis so that they can complete the syllabus within the deadline and make time for revisions.
  • Practise: Logical reasoning section of CLAT will require candidates to practise a lot more to work on their analytical skills. Practising different methods of reasoning will help the candidates solve problems quickly.
  • Shortcuts Practise: Candidates should practise using shortcuts and easier methods for solving problems. This method can be extremely useful when attempting to complete CLAT exam in a short time, which will help candidates manage their time.
  • Time Management: Candidates should make sure that they manage their time appropriately when attempting to complete the exam. Taking too much time on one question will lead the candidates to not have time left for the other questions.
  • Easy to Hard: Candidates should follow the easy to hard pattern when writing the exam. This means that candidates should first finish questions they find easier, after which they can attempt the harder problems.
  • Weaknesses and Strengths: Candidates should early on make sure that they identify their strengths and weaknesses so that they can work on their weaknesses. Candidates should make sure that when attempting the exam, they are well prepared for any situation at hand.

CLAT Logical Reasoning Preparation Books

Given below are the preparation books to study logical reasoning for CLAT:

Book Publisher/Author
Universal’s Logical Reasoning for CLAT, LSAT and other Law Entrance Exams Jain Prateek
Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning RS Agarwal
Analytical Reasoning MK Pandey
Analytical and Logical Reasoning RS Agarwal
Logical Reasoning RK Gupta and Samiksha Gupta
Analytical Reasoning (English) MK Pandey
501 Challenging Logical Reasoning Practice Book RS Agarwal
A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning RS Agarwal

Check CLAT 2022 Preparation Tips

CLAT 2022 Logical Reasoning Syllabus

CLAT 2022 Logical Reasoning Syllabus

CLAT 2022 Logical Reasoning section has objective questions dealing with the passages provided in the question paper. Candidates will see few paragraphs of 300 words and must answer the questions according to the paragraphs. Each paragraph will be followed by 3-4 questions.

CLAT 2022 Logical Reasoning Important Topics

Mentioned below are some of the important topics asked in CLAT 2022 Logical Reasoning

Logical Sequences Puzzles
Family/Blood Relation Coding/Decoding
Seating Arrangement Number Test
Ranking and Order Verbal Reasoning
Pairing Calendar
Para-Jumbles Inference
Statement Conclusion/Assumption Syllogisms
Directions Data Interpretation
CLAT Logical Reasoning Previous Years Paper Analysis

CLAT Logical Reasoning Previous Years Paper Analysis

CLAT Logical Reasoning is a relatively easy section and can be aced through practice and understanding of analytical skills.

  • Other than the lesser number of questions, there have not been any major changes to CLAT Logical Reasoning section.
  • Passages asked in the section is associated with the recent socio-economic situations across the country and the world.

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CLAT 2022 Logical Reasoning Exam Pattern

CLAT 2022 Logical Reasoning Exam Pattern

Given below is the exam pattern for CLAT 2022 Logical Reasoning

CLAT 2021 Mode Offline
CLAT 2021 Logical Reasoning Duration 24 minutes
CLAT Total Duration 120 Minutes
Nature of Questions Objective (Based on passages)
CLAT LR Passage Word Count 300 words each
CLAT 2021 Logical Reasoning Number of Questions 28-32 Questions in CLAT LR
CLAT 2021 Total Number of Questions 150 Questions
CLAT 2021 Logical Reasoning Total Marks 28-32
CLAT Total Marks 200
Medium English

Check CLAT 2022 Exam Pattern

CLAT 2022 Logical Reasoning Marking Scheme

Given below is the marking scheme for CLAT 2022 Logical Reasoning:

Parameters Marks Awarded
Correct Answer 1
Incorrect Answer - 0.25
Unattended Question 0 marks

Check CLAT 2022 Rank Predictor

CLAT 2022 Logical Reasoning Preparations FAQs

CLAT 2022 Logical Reasoning Preparations FAQs

Ques: How many hours a day should I study as part of CLAT 2022 Logical Reasoning Preparations?

Ans: Candidates should study a minimum of 1-2 hours daily to get experienced to draw logical conclusions to arguments. Candidates should make sure that they have a well-thought preparation plan to train themselves.

Ques: What type of logical reasoning comes in CLAT Preparations?

Ans: Candidates will find many topics like Statements and Assumptions, Logical Sequences, Seating Arrangement/Puzzle Test, Arguments & Conclusions, Assertions and Reasoning, Puzzles, Circular Arrangements, Direct sense, and more. Candidates will be tested on their aptitude to use reasoning for legal cases.

Ques: Is CLAT 2022 Logical Reasoning hard?

Ans: CLAT Logical Reasoning has a difficulty level of moderately challenging. Candidates must make sure that they practise well so they can write the exam well.

Ques: Is there any difference between CLAT 2022 Logical Reasoning and CLAT 2020 Logical Reasoning?

Ans: CLAT 2020 Logical Reasoning section has revisions made from the previous years. However, there have not been any new revisions made to the CLAT 2022 Logical reasoning section. Any changes will be announced in the official notification.

Ques: How long before the exam should I start preparing for CLAT 2022 Logical Reasoning?

Ans: Candidates should start preparing for CLAT logical reasoning section one year in advance of the exam. This deadline gives candidates good time to prepare and revise the subject.

Ques: What type of questions will be asked in CLAT Logical Reasoning section?

Ans: CLAT 2022 Logical Reasoning will mainly have passage-based multiple-choice questions. Candidates will be provided with passages that they must read and answer the questions related to the questions.

Ques: Can I study CLAT Logical Reasoning in a month?

Ans: CLAT Logical Reasoning requires the candidate to think logically and critically. Studying the topics in one month can be extremely challenging.

Ques: What is the marking scheme for CLAT 2022 Logical Reasoning?

Ans: CLAT Logical Reasoning section has the same marking scheme as the rest of the exam. The exam will have total marks of 28-32. One correct answer will earn the candidates 1 mark, whereas an incorrect answer will deduct 0.25 marks from the overall score.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.


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