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CLAT 2022 Preparation should start with understanding the detailed syllabus of the 5 sections, i.e. Logical Reasoning, English, Legal Reasoning, Quantitative Techniques, and Current Affairs, and deciding which subject to start with. With around 60,000 students appearing in the national level entrance exam every year, it is important for candidates to prepare a well-informed CLAT Preparation Strategy. Check CLAT 2022 Syllabus 

  • For CLAT 2022 Preparation, candidates can start with the section with high weightage including- Legal Reasoning. With a weightage of around 20%, candidates can expect around 35-39 questions from this section. Check CLAT 2022 Legal Reasoning Syllabus 
  • Legal Reasoning, Current Affairs, English Language, and Logical Reasoning section of CLAT 2022 consists of passage-based questions. This makes it essential for candidates to develop their reading skills. The passages will be around 450 words each. Check CLAT 2022 Exam Pattern
  • In the Quantitative Techniques Section, candidates will be required to apply mathematical operations by deriving information from passages, graphs, and other representations. Check CLAT 2022 Quantitative Techniques Syllabus
  • Candidates are advised to use CLAT Practice Papers to learn their strengths and work on their weaknesses.

Read more of the article for a few CLAT 2022 Exam Preparation Tips.

CLAT UG Exam Pattern

CLAT 2022 UG Weightage

CLAT 2022 UG Exam has a total duration of two hours. CLAT UG Exam has a total 150 questions of 150 marks.

  • CLAT 2022 Exams for UG courses has 5 sections i.e. Legal Reasoning, English, Quantitative Techniques, Logical Reasoning, and Current Affairs.
  • The exam is conducted in English with questions of multiple-choice question type.:
Subjeсts Number оf Questions
English Lаnguаge 28-32 Questiоns or 20% of the paper
Сurrent Аffаirs, inсluding Generаl Knоwledge 35-39 Questiоns or 25% of the paper
Legаl Reаsоning 35-39 Questiоns or 25% of the paper
Lоgiсаl Reаsоning 28-32 Questiоns or 20% of the paper
Quаntitаtive Teсhniques 13-17 Questiоns or 10% of the paper
Total Questions 150 Questions
Total Marks 150 Marks

CLAT 2022 Exam UG Marking Scheme

Parameters Marks Awarded
Correct Answer 1 mark
Incorrect Answer - 0.25
Unanswered 0 marks

Check CLAT 2022 Paper Analysis

CLAT PG Exam Pattern

CLAT 2022 PG Weightage

Seсtiоn Questiоn Tyрe Number оf Questiоns
Seсtiоn 1 - Constitutional Law Оbjeсtive 100
Seсtiоn 2 - Other Areas of Law Subjective 2

CLAT 2022 Exam PG Marking Scheme

Parameters Marks Awarded
Correct Answer 1 mark
Incorrect Answer (Objective Exam) - 0.25
Incorrect Answer (Descriptive Exam) 0
Unanswered 0 marks

Check CLAT LLM 2022 Exam Pattern

CLAT Preparation Guide

CLAT 2022 Preparation Guide

Many candidates have made the error of believing that the paper has become easier as the number of total questions has decreased. This is not the case, as the paper will still be somewhat lengthy. This is true even for general knowledge questions where you must read a para to answer a question. To ace CLAT Preparation, one must be able to write with good speed and accuracy.

Below are some tips for preparing for CLAT 2022 Exam.

CLAT 2022 One Month Preparation Tips

Below are some tips for CLAT 2022 Preparations one month in advance:

  • Examine the CLAT curriculum and pattern to see if any modifications have been made, and prepare accordingly.
  • Concentrate on the vital topics rather than the ones about which there will be fewer inquiries.
  • Review the concepts you've learned as well as any notes or formulas that will help you solve equations.
  • Solve as many practise papers and mock tests as you can.

CLAT 2022 Last Minute Preparation Tips

Below are some tips for last-minute CLAT 2022 preparations:

  • Revision is Vital: The only way to avoid forgetting what you already know is to go over it again and again. Examine the themes that are more challenging for you, as opposed to the extremely difficult ones.
  • Candidates must plan each segment according to their skills and shortcomings to save time. It's important to remember that, despite the reduced number of questions, the overall time is the same, therefore the paper must be designed accordingly.
  • Solving as many mock tests, CLAT Practice Papers, and previous year problems as possible is a wonderful approach for candidates to gauge the level of difficulty and identify their strengths and shortcomings.
  • Candidates are advised to avoid choosing new topics, especially those that are difficult, at the last minute before the exam. This is because it is pointless to be stressed out right before the exam.

How to Prepare for CLAT 2022 without Coaching?

Below are some tips for students appearing for CLAT 2022 without coaching:

  • When one comes down to write a study plan, they must understand the particular exam structure and syllabus, as well as how the paper will appear.
  • This technique will not only assist in the development of a solid preparation strategy but will also familiarise the student with the paper and aid in the analysis and understanding of the weak areas where additional effort is required.
  • Candidates must have monthly and weekly study plans when appearing for CLAT 2022 Exams. The study plan should help the candidate to consistently tackle all subject areas. Candidates should also include study breaks throughout the plan so as not to feel burnt out.
  • Candidates should make sure that they practise using the previous year’s CLAT Question Papers and try using mock tests to work on their speed and accuracy.
  • Candidates should make sure that they also pay attention to the revision of the subjects.
CLAT Sectional Preparation

CLAT 2022 Sectional Preparation Tips

After familiarizing yourself with the CLAT 2022 Exam Pattern, consider how to approach the questions, what method to take, and what preparation strategies are most effective.

CLAT 2022 English Language Preparation Tips

CLAT 2022 English Language section’s goal is to assess the reader's ability to comprehend and analyze content at the 12th-grade level. CLAT 2022 English Syllabus can be technical, scientific, or current issues, as well as significant historical events. Prior specialist knowledge in the topic is not, however, necessary.

How to Approach CLAT 2022 English Language Questions?

Given below are ways to approach CLAT 2022 English Questions:

  • A paragraph usually has only one point. There will also be arguments or statements that support or refute the main premise.
  • The reader's responsibility now is to figure out what the major point is and which arguments or statements are in favor and which are against it.
  • After that, concentrate on the 5Ws: Who, What, Why, When, & Where. This will аssist yоu in аnswering questiоns.
  • There will be two sorts of vocabulary questions: i) word or phrase's general meaning; ii) A word or phrase's meaning in the "context of the passage." Read one or two lines before and after the supplied word or phrase to attempt such questions.
  • Pay close attention to how the questiоn is Ñ€hrаsed. To see if the reader is раying аttentiоn, the testers will sоmetimes turn а bаsiс questiоn intо а соmÑ€lex оne.
  • Improve your reading speed, assumption power, and interference skills to improve your score in this part.

CLAT 2022 English Language Preparation Strategy

Given below are tips for the English Language Preparation

  • Grammar is an area where many test-takers fall short. The difference between our spoken and written English is one of the main reasons for this. Students must go over the Grammar Rules thoroughly to avoid making mistakes in this section.
  • The CLAT English Section demands a long-term sustained effort to build a strong vocabulary. It is not something that can be accomplished in a month. Reading the newspaper regularly and making a list of all new words is one way to improve vocabulary. It will be easier for you to remember these words if you use them in conversation or writing. For acing questions based on vocabulary, students can seek up word roots, prefixes, and suffixes.
  • Regular group talks with your peers can be beneficial because they are a fun and novel method to engage and learn.
  • This section necessitates a thorough review of all practise and sample papers.

CLAT 2022 English Language Preparation Books

CLAT Books for English Author
Оbjeсtive Generаl English 2022 RS Аggаrwаl
The Рeаrsоn Guide tо the СLАT Рeаrsоn's
Оbjeсtive Generаl English 2022 SР Bаkshi
СLАT Guide Tаtа MсGrаw-Hill
Wоrd Роwer Mаde Eаsy Nоrmаn Lewis

CLAT 2022 Legal Reasoning Preparation Tips

CLAT 2022 Legal Reasoning will be in the form of 450-word passages based on real-life circumstances or scenarios, which may or may not be related to legal issues, public policy, or moral philosophical questions. Though prior legal experience is not necessary, a candidate will benefit from having a broad understanding of current legal and moral concerns.

How to Approach CLAT 2022 Legal Reasoning Questions?

Given below are ways to approach CLAT 2022 Legal Reasoning

  • This section's questions are based on news stories and law books, as well as passages, which were written particularly for the exam.
  • Candidates will have to go deeper this year to identify the passage's ideas and facts. The factual context will not be given in the same way as in prior years.
  • Avoid using any prior legal knowledge because the question setters do not consider you to be a full-fledged lawyer. They're merely putting your practical knowledge of the laws in a constrained setting to the test.

Check CLAT 2022 Legal Reasoning Syllabus

CLAT 2022 Legal Reasoning Preparation Strategy

Given below are tips for Legal Reasoning Preparation

  • Solve Mock Tests, Sample Papers, and Question Papers from Previous Years: Make sure you complete numerous practice papers. This will be beneficial.
  • Prepare thoroughly for the relevant topics: Have a thorough understanding of tort law, contract law, the Indian Penal Code, and legal maxims. It is not necessary to memorise it; but, having a basic understanding of how the law operates is sufficient. Remember that the exam isn't about your legal knowledge; it's about your ability to apply it. In addition, any relevant information.
  • Communicate: The spirit of the law is to deliver information. Have nice and spirited talks with your friends or classmates who are also studying for CLAT regarding the rules you are reading about. Form a viewpoint and learn how to communicate it. If you don't have any CLAT-preparation friends, join telegram groups, discord servers, or other online forums.
  • Time Management Tips: For questions that involve reasoning, each question should take no more than 45-55 seconds to complete, and legal knowledge questions should take no more than 10 seconds. This nitpicking is important to complete all of the questions, however, it can be time-consuming at times.

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CLAT 2022 Legal Reasoning Preparation Books

CLAT 2022 Exam's Legal Aptitude part has 28-32 questions based on legal ideas and conclusions. This section also contains questions on Legal Awareness themes such as recent Supreme Court decisions or legal maxims/vocabulary. The following are the CLAT books for Legal Aptitude:

Books Authors/Publishers
Guide To CLAT & LLB Entrance Examination 2020-21 Universal Publishing
Legаl Awareness and Legal Aptitude АР Bhаrdwаj
LexisNexis Law Books --
Bаre Асts оf Indiаn Соnstitutiоn --

CLAT 2022 Current Affairs & GK Preparation Tips

The participants will be challenged to write passages of up to 450 words apiece based on news and journalistic sources. The objective of the text will be to see if the reader has a thorough comprehension of important topics and events, rather than just knowing the facts. The following are some of the questions that will be asked in this section:

  • Determine the events stated in the passage's causes and consequences.
  • Respond to questions regarding the characters and events mentioned in the passage.
  • Respond to questions about awards, recognitions, and other significant events involving the people named in the passage.
  • Keep up with the latest news and curiosities

How to Approach CLAT 2022 Current Affairs & GK Questions?

Given below are ways to approach CLAT 2022 Current Affairs & GK Questions

  • Since the questions could be on anything, make sure you read the entire passage thoroughly. While you are answering questions, certain crucial clues may be hidden in the passage.
  • You may not be evaluated on vocabulary in this section, but you may be asked to explain the meaning of some sentences related to the passage's topic.
  • The overall goal of the UG CLAT is to assess your reading skills. As a result, make sure you grasp and interpret the information in the passage.

Check CLAT 2022 Current Affairs & General Knowledge Syllabus

CLAT 2022 Current Affairs & GK Preparation Strategy

Given below are tips for Current Affairs & GK Preparation

  • Every day, practise at least 25-30 MCQs. This will assist you in remembering the answers.
  • Every day, read well-known newspapers such as The Hindu, The Times of India, Indian Express, Business Line, Dainik Tribune, and Business Standard.
  • Always keep up with the latest news.
  • If you think it's significant, take notes or keep newspaper cuttings.
  • Make sure you haven't missed anything by going over the day's news analysis.
  • While studying for GK, you do not need to read the opinion editorials. Concentrate on reporting the facts.

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CLAT 2022 Сurrent Аffаirs & General Knowledge Preparation Books

There will be 450-word paragraphs based on factual and non-fictional facts in this section as well. Candidates can use the following books to prepare for CLAT GK and Current Affairs:

Books Author
Generаl Knоwledge 2019 Tarun Goyal
Generаl Knоwledge 2020 Tarun Goyal
Generаl Knоwledge 2021 Tarun Goyal
Mаnоrаmа Yeаr Bооk Mammen Mathew

CLAT 2022 Logical Reasoning Preparation Tips

This part will consist of a succession of brief sections, each of which will be roughly 300 words long. Opinion and editorial pieces from newspapers and magazines, as well as writings on moral philosophy available online and in numerous publications, could be the source of the quotation.

How to Approach CLAT 2022 Logical Reasoning Questions?

Given below are ways to approach CLAT 2022 Logical Reasoning Questions

  • Identify the passage's numerous premises and conclusions with care.
  • Try to figure out the passage's overarching theme using the premises and conclusions.
  • Count and distinguish the number of arguments sets in the passage, as some may be in agreement and others may conflict.
  • Certain questions will be based on assumptions, in which you will be required to assume the truth of a situation even if you know it is wrong. You must follow the directions offered at this time since they will assist you in replying appropriately.

Check CLAT 2022 Logical Reasoning Syllabus

CLAT 2022 Logical Reasoning Preparation Strategy

Given below are tips for Logical Reasoning Preparation

  • There's a probability that problems for the English Language, Logical Reasoning, and Legal Reasoning will be prepared using the same sources. As a result, design a strategy for preparing for all three portions at the same time.
  • Questions from logic games or syllogisms might be included in this area, even though the structure is different from the previous year. Practice the question sets from prior years.
  • The Consortium's sample papers and model test papers should be attempted first, followed by papers from other sources.

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СLАT 2022 Logical Reasoning Preparation Books

Books Аuthоr/Рublisher
А Mоdern Аррrоасh to Logical Reasoning RS Аggаrwаl
Verbаl Reаsоning RS Аggаrwаl
Аnаlytiсаl Reаsоning (English) MK Раndey
Verbаl and Nоn-Verbаl Reаsоning RS Аggаrwаl
А New Аррrоасh tо Verbаl аnd Аnаlytiсаl Reаsоning Аrihаnt Рubliсаtiоns
501 Challenging Lоgiсаl Reаsоning Рrасtiсe Bооk --

СLАT 2022 Quantitative Techniques Preparation Tips

This part will feature a series of questions, as well as short sets of facts or propositions, graphs, or other textual, visual, or diagrammatic representations of quantitative data. The question setters produced all of the questions and sections in this section from scratch; however, certain graphs or pictorial representations can be obtained from other sources, such as the Reserve Bank of India.

Answer questions from 10th-grade mathematics in subjects such as number theory and fundamental arithmetic, ratio and proportion, mixture and allegations, probability, and so on.

How to Approach СLАT 2022 Quantitative Techniques Questions?

Given below are ways to approach CLAT 2022 Quantitative Techniques Questions

  • However, because most candidates are not well equipped in these areas, legal and logical reasoning requires extensive training.
  • Solve a lot of questions to deal with the facts and data in a passage.
  • Keep your scribbled notes page handy and organised, as the answers to prior problems may be useful in solving later questions.
  • Before tackling questions, read the passage attentively and analyse every aspect of it.
  • Keep in mind that the question setters have shifted away from formula-based questions and toward logic-based questions, which means they are examining not only simple mathematical calculations but also the ability to analyse passages and graphical data.
  • It is a simpler portion in comparison, and one should attempt to get all of the answers accurate.

Check CLAT 2022 Quantitative Techniques Syllabus

СLАT 2022 Quantitative Techniques Preparation Strategy

Given below are tips for Quantitative Techniques Preparation

  • Going back to your core 10th and 12th-grade mathematics texts to brush up on your fundamentals is the best method to prepare for this area.
  • The amount of practice you put in for this segment is crucial. Regularly attempt previous year papers, practise tests, and sample papers.
  • Do not be concerned about the amount of time it takes you to tackle a question; it is more important to respond correctly than to answer quickly.

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СLАT 2022 Quаntitаtive Teсhniques Preparation Books

Books Аuthоr/Рubliсаtiоn
Fаst Trасk Оbjeсtive Аrithmetiс Аrihаnt Рubliсаtiоns
30 Dаys Wоnder fоr Mаths S Сhаnd
Quаntitаtive Арtitude fоr Соmрetitive Exаminаtiоns Рeаrsоn's
Quаntitаtive Арtitude RS Аggаrwаl

СLАT 2022 LLM Exam Preparation Tips

CLAT 2022 LLM Exam has both objective and descriptive sections with 2 sections, i.e. Constitutional Law, and Other areas of Law.

  • CLAT 2022 for LLM courses is an attempt for colleges to test the candidate’s knowledge of the law at an undergraduate level.
  • The exam will test both the theoretical and practical knowledge of the students.
  • Candidates must be prepared for both such situations that can arise in CLAT Question Paper.
  • Candidates must make sure that they revise and go through the prescribed topics.
  • Candidates can also try out mock tests to be prepared for the exam.

СLАT 2022 LLM Exam Recommended Books

Name of Book Author
Indian Constitutional Law M P Jain
Introduction to Jurisprudence Avtar Singh and Harpreet Kaur
Administrative Law I P Massey
Contract Law in India Akhileshwar Pathak
The Law of Torts Ratanlal and Dhirajlal
Modern Indian Family Law Werner Menski
The Code of Criminal Procedure Ratanlal and Dhirajlal
Property Law Poonam Pradhan Saxena
Company Law B K Goya
An Introduction to Public International Law S K Verma
Kanga and Palkhivala's The Law and Practice of Income Tax Jamshedji Behramji Kanga and Nanabhoy Palkhivala
Indian Environmental Law: Key Concepts and Principles Shibani Ghosh

Check CLAT 2022 LLM Syllabus

CLAT Preparation FAQs

CLAT 2022 Preparation: Online Resources

Online Resources are a great way of preparation for CLAT 2022 as these provide flexibility and also allow candidates to explore different ways of solving similar types of questions. Some of the online resources for preparation are:

  • IMS India
  • LegalEdge
  • T.I.M.E
  • TopRankers
  • Unacademy
  • CLAT Possible

CLAT 2022 Preparation FAQs

Ques: How much time is sufficient for CLAT 2022 Preparation?

Ans: Ideally with the right strategy candidates can prepare for CLAT in around 6 months. However, with the right strategy and resources, 4-5 months is also sufficient for CLAT 202 Preparation.

Ques: Which section of the CLAT 2022 should I prepare for first?

Ans: As per the sectional weightage, candidates can start with Legal Reasoning as the sectional weightage of this topic is 25%. Around 35-39 questions can be expected. Other important section with high weightage includes Current Affairs.

Ques: Is it possible for an ordinary student to pass the CLAT 2022 with CLAT Preparation?

Ans: Any student can pass CLAT if they have a good preparation strategy in place and complete dedication.

Ques: What is the best CLAT 2022 Preparation technique for CLAT English Language section?

Ans: You must be proficient in both reading comprehension and grammar to pass the CLAT 2022 English Language section.

Ques: Can I crack CLAT 2022 with one month of preparation?

Ans: Candidates are advised to start preparing for CLAT at least 6 months in advance. However, there are many ways to prepare for CLAT 2022 in one month in the article above.

Ques: How many days should I leave for revision during CLAT 2022 Preparation?

Ans: Candidates should start revisions for CLAT 2022 15 days to 1 month before CLAT Exam Date. There should be enough time to cover all subjects and practise for the test.

Ques: For CLAT 2022 Preparation, how many days should I start taking mock tests?

Ans: Candidates should take mock tests when they have prepared with the syllabus and exam pattern. As part of CLAT 2022 Preparation, mock tests should be taken a month or less before the exam so the candidates can practise and get used to the test.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.


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