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GATE Virtual Calculator 2022, Use and Benefits of Virtual Calculator

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GATE Virtual Calculator is provided to all the candidates that are appearing for the Mathematics related papers of GATE 2022. This includes all the engineering papers(XE), as the Engineering Mathematics is a compulsory subject as per the GATE Exam Pattern 2022. Candidates will not be permitted to use a normal calculator or bring it inside the GATE Exam Center as per the GATE Exam Guidelines

  • The GATE Question Paper will be set within the consideration of the requirement of a virtual calculator by the authorities, which will not be an issue for the candidates if practiced well beforehand. 
  • GATE Virtual Calculator has several features like trigonometric, hyperbolic functions, etc. 

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How to Use and why?

GATE Virtual Calculator 2022: How to Use and why?

The fact that physical calculators can’t be used during the exams makes it evident that you need to learn to use an online virtual calculator. While there is not much difference between the online virtual calculator and the physical calculator, getting familiar with the online virtual calculator can make things easier during the exams. Being used during the exam really makes it important for the candidates to get used to online virtual calculators.

  • Aspirants can simply use GATE Virtual Calculator provided at the side of the screen on their computers. 
  • The online scientific calculator would be helpful for the candidates for solving problems quickly. 
  • They don’t need to write down the numerical values on the paper every time and calculate, just have to solve on the screen.
  • This Online scientific calculator will be available for all the candidates who will attend GATE 2022 i.e. same calculator for all. 
  • While in the case of physical calculators, some candidates have more functioning calculators than others. Such candidates always have an advantage over the other candidates.

This method will also help the candidates during exam time whose calculator stops working and will also help those who forgot to carry their scientific calculator with them to the exam center.

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Features of GATE Virtual Calculator 2022

  • The right side of the virtual calculator contains all the keys for simple operations while scientific calculation keys are on the left hand side.
  • There is no need for a shift key and inverse key as inverse functions have separate keys.
  • All function keys are grouped together.
  • Candidates need not to press SHIFT or INV keys since the inverse functions have separate keys.
  • Trigonometric functions and Hyperbolic functions will be grouped together.
  • The inverse functions will be placed below the respective functions.
  • At the top of the virtual calculator, two display boxes will be provided. The top box will indicate the sequence of the keys pressed during calculation for reference.
  • The second box indicates the actual values entered or obtained after calculations.
Instructions for using Virtual Calculator

Instructions for using GATE Virtual Calculator 2022

Candidates appearing for GATE 2022 can check below things to keep in mind while using the virtual calculator.

GATE Virtual Calculator: Do’s

  • Be sure to press [C] before starting a new calculation.
  • Use the predefined operations such as p (Pi), log, Exp to save time during calculation.
  • Use memory function for calculating cumulative totals. As listed below.
    [M+]: Will add displayed value to memory
    [MR]: Will recall the value stored in memory
    [M-]: Subtracts the displayed value from memory
  • Be sure to select the angle unit before beginning any calculation.

Note: By default, the angle unit is set as degree.

GATE Virtual Calculator: Don'ts

  • Do not perform multiple operations together.
  • Leave parentheses unbalanced.
  • Change the angle unit while performing a calculation.
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What are the Limitations of GATE Virtual Calculator 2022?

  • The output for a factorial calculation is limited up to 14 digits.
  • The keyboard operation will be disabled.
  • The output for Logarithmic and Hyperbolic calculations is limited up to 5 digits.
  • Modulus operation performed on decimal numbers with 15 digits would not be precise. Use mod operation only if the number comprises less than 15 digits.
  • The range of values supported by the calculator is 10(-323) to 10(308).
Practice GATE Virtual Calculator

Practice GATE Virtual Calculator 2022

Candidates must practice the calculation on a virtual calculator before exam so that they will be familiar with use of the same. 

  • This online virtual calculator will be a part of the online test system for GATE 2022. 
  • Candidates must start the use of online Virtual Calculator as soon as possible. 
  • Candidates must know that they will not be allowed to carry a calculator with them to the examination hall for GATE 2022 examination.
  • Candidates are advised to get sufficient practice on this virtual calculator so that your GATE examination proceeds without a hitch.
  • Make sure that you familiarize yourself with all its aspects and functions. 
  • Pick up speed and learn all the keys where they are placed and have command on them so that they are not new for you on the day of the exam.
Example of Some Calculation Using GATE Virtual Calculator
Arithmetic Calculations To calculate 70 + 55 x 85 candidates must enter 70, +, 55, *, 85, =
Function value To calculate 2 + log(60) x 10 candidates must enter 60, log, *, 10, +, 2, =
Sin, cos, tan Calculations To calculate sin(25) or cos(25) or tan(25) candidates must enter 25, sin or cos or tan

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Download GATE Virtual Calculator App

Download GATE Virtual Calculator App

Candidates can easily download the GATE Virtual Calculator Application on your mobile phone by visiting the PlayStore in Android Phones, whereas it can be found on the AppStore in devices running iOS. 

  • After downloading the application you can use it not only for practicing calculation but there are various other helpful features that you can use. 
  • You can also check the detailed syllabus of all the subjects from this application.
  • You can also attend tutorials of Arithmetic functions, Logarithmic functions, Trigonometric functions, and much more. 

How to download GATE Virtual Calculator?

Candidates can test the GATE Virtual Calculator by downloading it onto their devices, Here are the steps to download GATE Virtual Calculator: 

  • Windows: Google “GATE Virtual Calculator” and click on the first link that pops up in the results. Install the resultant download and use. 
  • Android/ChromeOS : Download the GATE Virtual Calculator app from the Playstore. 
  • iOS/Mac: Download the GATE Virtual Calculator app from the AppStore.

NOTE: Please do not install any suspicious looking apps and regularly test your device for viruses.

Know your Exam Pattern before Using Calculator

Know your GATE 2022 Exam Pattern before Using Virtual Calculator

GATE 2022 will be a 3 hour computer based test where candidates will have to attempt 65 questions carrying 100 marks. 10 questions will be asked from General Aptitude are common to all papers while remaining questions are from the paper opted by the applicant. The exam pattern for all 25 papers that consist of both multiple-choice questions and numerical type questions.

  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ): These questions are objective in nature, and each will have four answers, out of which the candidate has to mark the correct one.
  • Numerical Answer Questions (NAQ): For these questions, the answer is a real number, to be entered by the candidate using the virtual keypad. No choices will be shown for these questions.
  • Multiple Select Questions (MSQ): These questions are objective in nature. Each question will have a choice of four answers. Out of which, one or more than one choice(s) are correct. However, there are no partial marks awarded for choosing partially correct combinations of choices or any single wrong choice.
  • There will be no negative marking in NAT and MSQ questions.
  • Questions carrying 1 mark each, 1/3 marks will be deducted as a penalty of marking the wrong answer.
  • For questions carrying 2 marks, 2/3 marks will be deducted for marking an incorrect answer.

As per the exam paper pattern, 15% weight of marks will be given to Engineering Mathematics for the paper codes AE, AG, BT, CE, CH, CS, EC, EE, IN, ME, MN, MT, PI, TF, XE whereas 15% to General Aptitude and remaining 70% to subject paper.

For paper codes AR, CY, EY, GG, MA, PH, and XL the General Aptitude section will carry 15% of the total marks and the remaining 85% of the total marks are for the subject paper.

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GATE Virtual Calculator FAQs

GATE Virtual Calculator 2022 FAQs

Question: How to calculate simple arithmetic problems using GATE Virtual Calculator?

Ans. To calculate the simple arithmetic problem like 70 + 35 x 5 candidates must enter 70, +, 35, *, 5, = . This way you can do your calculations.

Question: Can I use GATE Virtual Calculator to do fractional calculations?

Ans. No. GATE Virtual Calculator can only be used for decimal numbers calculation. You cannot use it for doing fractional calculations. Questions with fractional numbers should be solved by candidates on their own. 

Question: Is GATE Virtual Calculator helpful to solve quadratic equations or matrix operations?

Ans. No. GATE Virtual Calculator is not meant for such calculations. Candidates have to perform such calculations manually. 

Question: What type of calculations can be done using GATE Virtual Calculator?

Ans. The following can be solved using the same:

  • Arithmetic Problems
  • Log functions problems
  • Trigonometry problems
  • Root Values
  • Cube values or cube roots
  • Square roots
  • Factorial values
  • Exponential Values
  • 10x values

Question: How to use GATE Virtual Calculator app?

Ans. Candidates can simply download the GATE Virtual Calculator app from the playstore or the AppStore and use directly by opening it. 

Ques. Is there any way to download the GATE Virtual Calculator APK file?

Ans. Candidates are recommended not to install or download any GATE Virtual Calculator APKS. That is because such files may contain viruses, so it is recommended that they download it directly from the Play Store. 

Ques. Can a physical calculator be used instead of GATE Virtual Calculator?

Ans. Physical Calculators or any other kind of electronic is not permitted inside the GATE Exam Center. Hence, candidates cannot use a physical calculator be used instead of GATE Virtual Calculator

Ques: Is the exam conducted in offline mode also?

Ans: GATE exam for all 27 papers will be conducted in online mode only. 

Ques. Is GATE Virtual Calculator quick?

Ans. Yes, GATE Virtual Calculator is extremely fast. 

Ques. What to do if GATE Virtual Calculator is not working at the time of the exam?

Ans. In the very unlikely chance that GATE Virtual Calculator is not working, candidates can contact the Exam Proctor or Invigilator and they will allot alternate accommodations.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College.


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