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Best Books for JEE Advanced Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, Topic-wise Weightage and Tips
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JEE Advanced 2021 is just a few months away and students are gearing up with their best preparation. Qualification in this exam will open the gates to IITs across the country. Only the top 250000 rankers in JEE Main exam will be appearing for JEE Advanced. The exam will be computer based and two compulsory papers will be given. Check JEE Advanced 2021 Syllabus

To prepare for JEE Advanced, students must be well aware of the right books they must refer to, to be able to excel in this exam. We have provided here a list of subject wise most important books along to prepare for JEE Advanced 2021

JEE Advanced 2021 Highlights

Exam JEE Advanced 2021
Exam date July 3
Application starts May 23
Papers Paper 1 and Paper 2
Exam duration 3 hours for each paper
Total marks 186 marks in each paper
Exam type Computer based test

Must Read

Physics Best Books

Best Books for JEE Advanced Physics 2021

The questions in the Physics section can be very tricky at times. The following books can help you through with such high-level questions in covering JEE Advanced Physics Syllabus:

Books Authors/ Publishers Remarks
Understanding Physics Freedman & Young Good for explanation
IIT Physics D. C. Pandey Contains good explanation
Understanding Physics D. C. Pandey Best for conceptual clarity
Concepts of Physics Vol. I and II H. C. Verma Best book for Physics
Problems in General Physics IE Irodov Good for problems
Problems in Physics S. S. Krotov Best for numerical problems
Fundamentals of Physics Halliday, Resnick & Walker Best for practicing

Important topics in JEE Advanced 2021 Physics

Unit and Topic Marks Weightage
Unit 1: Electrodynamics 23%
Unit 2: Heat & Thermodynamics 13%
Unt 3: Mechanics 25%
Unit 4:Modern Physics 19%
Unit 5: Optics 15%
Unit 6: SHM & Waves 5%

Preparation tips for JEE Advanced 2021 Physics

  • Physics as a whole stands on interesting concepts and laws. It is extremely important to understand those first. 
  • Try understanding topics using diagrams and charts, it will help you remember the topic visually. 
  • Revise the formulas whenever you can. 
  • Practice numerical questions.

Chemistry Best Books

Best Books for JEE Advanced Chemistry 2021

In JEE Advanced exam, the Chemistry section is comparatively easier than the other two allowing candidates to score well in this section. You can follow these books for covering JEE Advanced Chemistry Syllabus: 

Books Authors/ Publishers Remarks
Organic Chemistry O. P. Tandon Contains good explanation
Organic Chemistry Peter Sykes Good for practicing Organic Chemistry questions
Organic Chemistry M. S. Chauhan Good reference book
Organic Chemistry Morrison & Boyd Contains good questions to practice
Physical Chemistry O. P. Tandon Highly recommended book for Physical Chemistry
Physical Chemistry P. W. Atkins Good for practicing
Concise Inorganic Chemistry J. D. Lee Can be referred for Organic Chemistry
Modern Approach to Chemistry Calculation R. C. Mukherjee Best book to practice for Physical Chemistry section

Important topics for JEE Advanced 2021 Chemistry

Topics Marks weightage (in marks)
Organic Chemistry 45
Physical Chemistry 43
Inorganic chemistry 36

Preparation tips for JEE Advanced 2021 Chemistry

  • Deeply understanding the topics is very important.
  • Understand the underlying concepts of various equations, reactions, etc.
  • Prepare short notes you can refer to, whenever you need.

Mathematics Best Books

Best Books for JEE Advanced Mathematics 2021

Many students consider this section to be difficult in the JEE Advanced exam. But you can perform well when you have practiced from the following books. These books have questions of JEE Advanced level and are highly recommended by experts and toppers. Check JEE Advanced Mathematics Syllabus

Name of the book Authors/ Publishers Remarks
Maths XI & XII R. D. Sharma One of the best book
Advanced Problems in Maths for JEE Main & Advanced Vikas Gupta and Pankaj Joshi Good to practice problems
Algebra Hall & Knight Best for Algebra sums
Objective Mathematics for JEE Main & Advanced & other engineering entrance exams R. D. Sharma Contains good questions from every topic
Coordinate Geometry – Plane Coordinate Geometry S. L. Loney Refer for Coordinate Geometry
Trigonometry & Geometry – Plane Trigonometry Part I S. L. Loney Best for Trigonometry & Geometry section 
Calculus – Problems in Calculus of One Variable IA Maron Good for Calculus problems
Differential Calculus A Dasgupta Good for Differential Calculus
Course in Mathematics for IIT-JEE Tata McGraw Hill Good book for practicing problems

Important topics for JEE Advanced 2021 Maths

Topics Marks weightage (in marks)
Calculus 38
Series, Complex Numbers, Binomial Theorem, Fundamentals, Quadratic equations 21
Coordinate Geometry 18
Permutation-Combination, Probability 12
Vector and 3D 11
Trigonometry 10

Preparation tips for JEE Advanced 2021 Maths

  • The only proven way to excel in Maths is by practicing regularly.
  • Enlist all the important formulas and keep it within eyesight such that you can revise it every now then.
  • Learn shortcut tricks to solve problems to save your time.

JEE Advanced Prep Tips

JEE Advanced 2021 Preparation Tips

  • Prepare notes: Preparing notes is considered to be an effective way to study for any exam. You can revise these notes anytime and anywhere. Moreover, short notes on every topic can help you remember those more precisely.
  • Solve mock tests and practice papers: On attempting mock tests or sample papers you get a better idea of the exam pattern and the marks weightage for every topic in JEE Advanced 2021. Practicing full-length tests will help you manage the limited time given to you more efficiently. These will also help you increase your speed and maintain accuracy.
  • Chalk out a perfect study schedule: It becomes easier to study for JEE Advanced when you have a study schedule for yourself. You must give sufficient time for each subject to cover up the whole syllabus. It is necessary that you religiously follow your routine.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle: It can be really stressful at a time when you are just a few months away from your exam date. But it might adversely affect your health which is not at all desirable. So, avoid stressing over your performance in JEE Advanced 2021. Eat healthily and do not deprive yourself of sleep. Take short breaks while you are studying. If you do not feel like studying at the moment, don't force yourself. Get up, listen to some good music, do what you like and then start again. 
  • Motivate yourself: JEE Advanced 2021 is a crucial exam for you. Always remember that you can do it. You have been working hard to get into an IIT and nothing can stop you. You will excel with flying colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

JEE Advanced 2021 FAQs

Q1. Should I follow NCERT books for JEE Advanced 2021?

Ans. Yes, absolutely! NCERT books are very helpful for JEE Advanced exam. Questions are mostly framed from those books, so you must refer to NCERT books first.

Q2. Where to find good mock test papers for JEE Advanced 2021?

Ans. There are online as well as offline sources for JEE Advanced mock tests. You can visit websites like Toppr, Byju’s, Unacademy, and the like for online mock tests. Some papers are available free of cost while some are to be purchased in packages. You can also find mock test papers (in offline mode) by well-known publishers. 

Q3. Can you suggest a good Maths book for JEE Advanced 2021?

Ans. R. D. Sharma’s Maths for Class 11 and 12 is one of the best books to refer for your upcoming JEE Advanced 2021 examination. It contains basic to high-level questions on all topics. Toppers have praised this book, so you can definitely rely on it. You can also practice from another book by Sharma - “Objective Mathematics” which has been specially authored for engineering exams like JEE.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College.


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