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MAT Data Analysis and Sufficiency 2022: Pattern & Syllabus, Important Topics, Books, Preparation Tips

MAT Data Analysis and Sufficiency is one of the toughest sections of MAT exam with respect to time management. MAT Data Analysis section includes 4-5 DI sets on tables, graphs, and caselets having 5 questions each. MAT Data Sufficiency will comprise 5-10 questions of moderate level to test a candidate’s basic arithmetic and data analysis skills. Check MAT 2022 Syllabus

  • A total of 40 questions will be asked in MAT 2022 Data Analysis & Sufficiency section. As per MAT 2022 Marking Scheme, 1 mark will be awarded for each correct answer, and 0.25 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer marked by the candidate. Check MAT 2022 Exam Pattern
  • The overall difficulty level of the Data Analysis and Sufficiency section of MAT 2022 is expected to range from moderate to difficult. Check MAT Paper Analysis
  • MAT Data Analysis and Sufficiency scores have 25% weightage in percentile calculation. Hence, candidates must devote at least 2 hours every day for 2-3 months for comprehensive preparation. Check MAT 2022 Preparation Strategy and Books

MAT 2022 Scores will be accepted by more than 150 top management colleges across India. Check MAT Score Accepting Colleges

MAT Data Analysis & Sufficiency Highlights

MAT Data Analysis and Sufficiency 2022 Highlights

MAT 2022 Data Analysis and Sufficiency is considered one of the most time-consuming sections of the exam. However, MAT Data Analysis & Sufficiency is also the most scoring section among all the sections. Being thorough with the exam pattern is the first step towards starting the preparation for MAT 2022 Data Analysis and Sufficiency. Tabulated below are the major highlights of the detailed MAT 2022 paper pattern for Data Analysis and Sufficiency: 

MAT 2022 Data Analysis and Sufficiency
Particulars Details
Marks Allotted 40
Number of questions 40
Type of Questions MCQs
Marks Awarded +1 for every correct answer
Negative Marking -0.25 for every incorrect answer
Time Suggested 35 minutes
MAT 2022 Exam Duration 2.5 hours (150 minutes)
Considered for Percentile Calculation Yes
Weightage in Percentile Calculation 25%

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MAT Data Analysis & Sufficiency Syllabus

MAT Data Analysis and Sufficiency Syllabus 2021

Going through the complete MAT Data Analysis and Sufficiency Syllabus is essential while preparing for MAT 2022 exam: Based on the subjects and the topics mentioned in Data Analysis and Sufficiency Syllabus, candidates have to prepare a sound strategy and a comprehensive plan. MAT Data Analysis & Sufficiency section basically tests the candidate’s interpretation and analytical skills. Here is the detailed MAT 2022 Syllabus for Data Analysis and Sufficiency: 

MAT Data Analysis and Data Sufficiency Syllabus
Topic Description
Tabulated Data Data given in the tables need to be analyzed for finding the correct answer. Mostly it includes the comparison of data for ages, years, marks, scores, averages, rate of consumption, etc. The arithmetic skills required to master this topic are percentage, ratio & proportion, averages, and fast calculation.
Graphs & Charts Includes question sets based on Bar Graphs, Line Graphs, and Pie Charts. Visual Analysis of the data is essential to gather the required information from the given graphs. Questions are based on products of different companies, the population of different cities, distribution of employees based on gender, etc.
Caselet Data will be given in the form of a paragraph followed by a set of 3-4 questions. The main task is to derive the given information and represent it in tabular or any other easy form for quick comprehension.
Combination Graphs 2 sets of data will be given in 2 different forms of representation. Usually, the data is a combination of 2 or more types of graphs such as Line+Bar, Table+Pie, Pie+Line, etc.
Quantity Comparison  Questions containing 2 sets of Quantity are asked with options based on the comparison of those two quantities. Candidates need to choose the correct option based on whether Quantity A is greater than, lesser than, equal to, or not related to Quantity B 
Data Sufficiency Every Question consists of 2 statements. Analysis of the data in both statements is needed to determine whether the data given in these statements is sufficient to answer the question or not.

Note: Data Interpretation comprises 50% of the total section, rest are questions from Data Comparison and sufficiency. 

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Weightage of Important Topics in MAT Data Analysis and Sufficiency 2022

Topic Number of Questions Level of Difficulty
Data Sufficiency 5 Easy-Moderate
Caselet 5 Difficult
Table 3-4 Moderate
Multiple Graph 3-4 Easy
Line Graph 3-4 Moderate
Pie Chart 5 Difficult
Bar Graph (Expenditure & Profit) 5 Moderate
Quantitative Comparison 5 Easy-Moderate
Data Comparison 5 Easy
MAT Data Analysis Preparation Books

MAT Preparation Books for Data Analysis & Sufficiency

Name of the Book Publisher/Author
Mission MBA MAT Arihant
Complete Guide for MAT and Other MBA Entrance Exams Disha Experts
Face 2 Face MAT Arihant
Study Package for MAT Arun Sharma
How to Prepare for Data Interpretation for CAT Arun Sharma
Study Notes Materials For Cmi Entrance Undergraduate Mathematics Mcq Topic Wise Analysis, Model Solved, Previous Year Solved, Chennai Mathematical Institute SOURAV SIR'S CLASSES
Kiran’s Text Book of Data Interpretation & Analysis and Data Sufficiency Kiran Prakashan , Pratiyogita Kiran
MAT Entrance Guide Deepak Aggarwal
Fundamentals of Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation Career Launcher

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MAT Data Analysis Preparation Tips

MAT Data Analysis & Sufficiency Preparation Tips

  • Familiarize yourself with all the different forms of graphs and charts.
  • Prepare the below-mentioned arithmetic topics for MAT Data Analysis as the questions are mostly based on these topics only:
    • Ratio and Proportion
    • Percentage
    • Average
    • Addition & Subtraction
    • Conversion of units
  • Solve as many sample papers as possible within the stipulated time to increase efficiency.
  • Learn Vedic Maths and other short tricks for faster calculation.
  • Solve at least 2-3 DI sets every day to increase your reasoning and analytical skills.
  • Try to attempt different types of DI sets to get acquainted with all possible types of questions that may be asked in MAT 2022 exam.
  • Data Sufficiency tests the candidate’s mathematical skills as questions revolve around basic arithmetic and geometry. Preparing well for the mathematical skills paper will help in MAT Data Analysis & Sufficiency.

Check more MAT Preparation Tips for Data Analysis and Sufficiency

Common Mistakes to Avoid while Solving MAT Data Analysis & Sufficiency Questions

  • Missing Important Details in DI Questions: Do not rush through the information. Read the entire data carefully as missing out even a small point can lead to wrong answers.
  • Spending Too Much Time on One Question: Never spend more than 1 minute on any question. If you are unable to understand the question, it is better to leave it and save time for the other questions.
  • Learning Too Many Short Tricks for Calculation: This can lead to unnecessary confusion and wastage of much valuable time. Remember the best shortcuts for a particular type of calculation.
  • Not Reading the Questions First: Question-based approach is best for attempting MAT Data Analysis & Sufficiency problems. Do not do unnecessary calculations before reading a particular question. 

MAT Data Analysis & Sufficiency Sample Papers

Solving sample papers, mock tests, and previous year papers of MAT Data Analysis & Sufficiency section is beneficial in getting an idea of the difficulty level of the questions asked in MAT exam. The Data Analysis & Sufficiency section of MAT exam has 40 questions of moderate difficulty level. Candidates must set a timer before starting to attempt the question papers to improve time management. The suggested time for solving MAT Data Analysis & Sufficiency section is 35 minutes.

Download Previous Year MAT Question Papers

MAT Data Analysis & Sufficiency FAQs

MAT Data Analysis and Sufficiency 2022 FAQs

Ques. How to improve in MAT 2022 Data Analysis and Data Sufficiency? 

Ans. The best way to improve in MAT Data Analysis and Data Sufficiency is to practice for 1-2 hours daily without fail. Solve a lot of sample papers and mock tests to improve speed and accuracy. Also, refer to online study materials to learn new tricks to solve complex questions.

Ques. What is considered a good score in MAT Data Analysis and Sufficiency?

Ans. MAT Data Analysis and Sufficiency section has a total of 40 questions. Attempting somewhere between 25-30 questions in not more than 35 minutes is generally considered a good attempt for a moderately difficult paper. However, what matters more is accuracy, hence candidates must make sure that their answers are 100% accurate.

Ques. How important is Data Analysis and Sufficiency in MAT 2022 exam? 

Ans. Data Analysis and Sufficiency section is extremely important for MAT 2022 as 40 questions will be asked in this section. This is a very scoring section if done correctly, and candidates can easily score well if they have enough practice. Furthermore, the scores of MAT Data Analysis & Sufficiency are awarded 25% weightage in calculating the final percentile.

Ques. How to solve MAT Data Analysis and Sufficiency questions faster? 

Ans. The only way to solve MAT Data Analysis and Data Sufficiency questions quickly is through plenty of practice. Read the question carefully so that you don't waste time reading the question again and again. This will also improve your accuracy as you would be able to identify some crucial hidden elements in certain tricky questions.

Ques. How much time is required to prepare for MAT Data Analysis and Sufficiency? 

Ans. For MAT Data Analysis and Data Sufficiency, candidates have to give at least 1.5 hours every day for thorough preparation until the time of the exam. If this is your weakest section, give more time to it and prioritize preparation for MAT Data Analysis & Sufficiency, and focus more on this section. 

Ques. What is the fastest way to prepare for MAT 2022 Data Analysis and Sufficiency?

Ans. The Fastest Way to prepare for MAT MS is to practice using MAT sample papers and previous years’ question papers. By practicing these, you can easily understand what kind of questions are asked in the paper and you will have a good idea of what to expect in MAT 2022. 

Ques. What is the overall difficulty level of MAT Data Analysis & Sufficiency?

Ans. Based on the analysis of the previous years’ MAT exams, the Data Analysis & Sufficiency section is considered to be of moderate difficulty. The DI sets are a bit tricky but doable. Also, the Data Sufficiency questions are based on basic data analysis and arithmetic skills.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College.


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