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NEET Books 2022: Check Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and NCERT Books

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NEET Books are very helpful while preparing for the exam. To clear the basic concepts NEET Books could prove to be very helpful, however, most of the test takers or experts had always advised to prefer NCERT Books to prepare for NEET Exam. 

  • NEET Syllabus for Biology is divided into 2 sections i.e. Botany and Zoology. Similarly, the Physics NEET syllabus has 10 and 9 units from class XI and XII respectively.
  • From Chemistry NEET Syllabus, there are 30 units combined from both classes and candidates can very easily cover all these units with the help of NEET Books and study notes. 
  • The conceptual parts and the approach to solve the questions can be easily understood with the help of NEET Books.
  • Candidates can also practice the MCQs or questions asked in NEET NCERT books to develop the speed and to maintain a good accuracy level of answering the questions. Check NEET Preparation Tips
NEET Physics Books

Best NEET Books for Physics

Books Names

Author Name
Physics for NEET C.P. Singh
40 Days Physics for NEET S.B. Tripathi
Fundamentals of Physics Halliday, Resnick, and Walker
Objective Physics DC Pandey
Concepts of Physics H.C. Verma
Problems in General Physics I.E. Irodov
Fundamental Physics Pradeep
Cengage Physics Neet For Everyone C.P Singh

DC Pandey Physics for NEET

DC Pandey
NEET Chemistry Books

Best NEET Books for Chemistry 

Books Names

Author Name
Organic Chemistry Morrison
Objective Chemistry R.K. Gupta
Physical Chemistry O.P. Tandon
Concise Inorganic Chemistry JD Lee
Boyd for Organic Chemistry H.C. Verma
40 Days Chemistry for NEET Sudhanshu Thakur
ABC of Chemistry for Classes 11 and 12 Modern

Dinesh Chemistry Guide

NEET Biology Books

Best NEET Books for Biology

Books Names

Author Name
Pradeep’s Publication Biology Pradeep’s Publication
Objective Botany Ansari
Objective Biology by Dinesh Dinesh
GR Bathla publications for Biology GR Bathla
Trueman’s Objective Biology for NEET M.P Tyagi
40 Days Biology for NEET S. Chakravarty

Biology Vol 1 and Vol 2 


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Here are a few points on why NCERT books are essential to preparing for NEET -

  • Gives clarity: Candidates will have a good understanding of physics, chemistry and biology by learning extensively from NCERT textbooks. Aspirants will have the faith to succeed in the examination as they will have the courage to face NEET's conceptual questions.

  • Direct Questions: As NEET Exam follows NCERT textbooks to design the question paper, multiple questions are asked directly from NCERT books, or follow the same pattern of questions. Candidates can learn extensively from NCERT books as approximately 50 percent of NEET questions come from NCERT.

  • Easy Language: NCERT textbooks are created in an easy, concise language that candidates can understand. The conceptual parts are also direct in approach which makes it easier for aspirants to properly understand the topics.

Book Name Classes
NCERT Physics Class XI & Class XII
NCERT Chemistry Class XI & Class XII
NCERT Biology Class XI & Class XII

How to get NCERT e-Books for NEET?

To download NCERT e-books from the official website -

1. Visit the official website of NCERT.

2. In the “Links” column of the homepage, click on E-books.

3. Click on Textbooks of Classes I-XII (PDF).

4. Then, you can select the Class, Subject, and Book Title and press “Go”.

5. From the left sidebar, you can choose to download the full book or refer to only certain sections.

Arihant NEET Books for Preparation

Some candidates also prefer Arihant NEET books for the preparation of the exam. Some of the books of Arihant publication are mentioned below: 

Physics Chemistry Biology

33 Years Chapterwise Solutions NEET Physics 2021

33 Years Chapterwise Solutions NEET Chemistry 2021

33 Years Chapterwise Solutions NEET Biology 2021

40 Days Crash Course for NEET Physics

40 Days Crash Course for NEET Chemistry

40 Days Crash Course for NEET Biology

MTG NEET Books for Preparation

Another set of NEET Books preferred by candidates is of MTG publication. These books are specially designed for NEET aspirants. MTG books focuses on main topics and not each and every topic. 

Physics Chemistry Biology

26 Years AIIMS Chapterwise Solutions -Physics

Assertion and Reason for Competitive Exams- Chemistry

30 Days Crash Course for NEET Biology

33 Years NEET-AIPMT Chapterwise Solutions-Physics 2020

30 Days Crash Course for NEET Chemistry

33 Years NEET-AIPMT Chapterwise Solutions-Biology 2020

Must Read

Books Recommended by Toppers for NEET

1. Nalin Khandelwal (NEET 2019 AIR 1)

  • He strongly recommends NCERT books with NCERT Exemplar to be the major study material for NEET. This was his primary strategy to become the topper.

  • He urges aspirants to solve questions from as many practice books as possible.

  • He suggests doing multiple readings of all topics.

2. Bhavik Bansal (NEET 2019 AIR 2)

  • His most important tip is to consider NCERT books a Bible like he did.

  • He recommends candidates to revise notes from all topics about three to four times.

  • He asks aspirants to solve previous years’ questions and full-length mock test papers.

  • He suggests that students can first study those topics which seem challenging and then move on to those which are easy to understand.

Importance of Selecting the Best Books to Crack NEET

Aspirants need to have a consistent goal-oriented approach to crack every entrance test. Books are one of the main components of the preparation. The market is saturated with thousands of NEET books, but candidates will need to refer to the right book to prepare for their test. As a result of its stakes and competitive nature, NEET preparation requires the best books so that candidates are prepared well for every subject in the syllabus.

The significant reasons to select the best books to crack NEET are -

  • Aspirants will strengthen their NCERT concepts with the help of NEET best books.

  • The test will contain 180 questions, of which 50 percent will be asked on the lines of NCERT concepts. The other best NEET books will help aspirants grasp the principles more clearly and answer the remaining questions.

  • NEET exam includes Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and using the best books for NEET can help students solve their MCQs within three hours of time.

  • Practising the MCQs from the best books will help medical applicants develop their planning technique, pace, and accuracy level.

  • NCERT will only boost students' conceptual knowledge but, by solving the best NEET UG books, students can understand NEET examination’s pattern including the marking scheme, medium of the question paper, question strategies and other related aspects.

  • Also, all the experts and toppers advice to find the best books of NEET MBBS to obtain a direction to their preparations.

Preparation Tips to Cover NEET Syllabus from Recommended Books

  • Tip 1 - Maintain a proper time table – Make sure that an effective study schedule is prepared before studying. Plan to study for 7-8 hours and get good sleep. Map out the time so that by the end of your preparation, all the subjects are covered.
  • Tip 2 - Study from NCERT books – NCERT books are appropriate for NEET preparation. NCERT books are very important as per every interview with toppers. Ensure that your primary focus is on these books. You can use additional reference and practice books for more thorough preparation.
  • Tip 3 - Test yourself with mock exams – Mock Exams essentially train you for the exam beforehand. Make sure you give a mock exam. This will improve the efficiency and speed with which you answer questions.
  • Tip 4 - Self-study – If you are taking coaching from an institute, ensure that you make time for self-study as well. Doing so will help in knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Self-study is known to have considerable success in cracking the test. Download NEET Previous Year Sample Papers
  • Tip 5 - Solve previous years’ questions – Toppers always abide by the maxim of practicing hard. They recommend solving more and more questions from the question papers of previous years. Practicing these papers will most importantly help in understanding the pattern of questions.
  • Tip 6 - Clearly understand concepts – Various techniques are required for the preparation of each subject, but the most important one is to understand the concepts and engage with them. You will have to understand the root of every problem in order to fix it.
  • Tip 7 - Stay focused – To perform well in the test, it is of utmost importance to maintain your concentration levels. Spend less time on smartphones and more time on studies.
  • Tip 8 - Do numerous revisions from NCERT books – Make sure that you revise from NCERT books several times before the examination. Intensely learning any new definition or concept is not going to make a major difference until many revisions are done.
  • Tip 9 - Stay Healthy – Do not ignore your well-being while the exam preparation is underway. Take breaks between study sessions, eat healthy food, and get sufficient sleep.
  • Tip 10 - Time Management – First attempt the Biology section questions within 45 minutes. Then, attempt the Chemistry section. Answer it within 45-50 minutes. At the end, attempt the Physics section because this is the most time-consuming section. Toppers swear by this technique of time management while answering NEET. Practice it on mock papers before the date of the actual examination.

NEET 2022 Exam Pattern Overview

Feature Details

Mode of the assessment



English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Oriya, Assamese, Punjabi, Malyalam and Urdu

Duration of the assessment

3 hours

Type of questions

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Total number of Questions


Total Marks


Negative marking


Marking Scheme

+4 for correct answer

-1 for an incorrect answer

Total number of sections in the question paper


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NEET 2021 Books FAQs

NEET 2022 Preparation Books FAQs

Question: What are some recommended books for NEET preparation?

Ans. NEET has 3 subjects - Physics, Chemistry and Biology. You will have to study intensely from NCERT Physics, Chemistry, and Biology books of classes 11th and 12th for NEET. For additional reference, you can refer to H.C Verma for Physics, O.P Tandon for Chemistry, and Dinesh for Biology.

Question: How many books are required for NEET preparation?

Ans. You will require NCERT Physics, Chemistry, and Biology books of classes 11 and 12 for NEET. One additional reference and MCQ practice book for each subject is sufficient for preparation.

Question: Which is the best Physics book for NEET?

Ans. Apart from NCERT Physics, H.C Verma is the best Physics book for NEET.

Question: Is H.C Verma enough for NEET Physics?

Ans. No, H.C Verma is not enough for NEET Physics. It acts as a good concept builder for preparation in the beginning. You will need books like D.C Pandey for quick practice sessions.

Question: Which is the best chemistry book for NEET?

Ans. NCERT Chemistry, Physical Chemistry by O.P Tandon, Organic Chemistry by M.S Chouhan and Inorganic Chemistry by J.D Lee are the best chemistry books for NEET.

Question: Is O.P Tandon enough to prepare for NEET Chemistry?

Ans. O.P Tandon is a good book to prepare for Physical Chemistry. However, it is not enough. You will have to refer to NCERT Chemistry books of classes 11 and 12. For Organic Chemistry, you can refer to M.S Chouhan. For Inorganic Chemistry, refer to J.D Lee.

Question: Which is the best biology book for NEET?

Ans. Apart from NCERT Biology, Dinesh is the best biology book for NEET.

Question: Is GRB Publications for Biology good for NEET?

Ans. Yes, GRB Publications for Biology is good for NEET. Objective Biology is a great book for preparation along with the most important NCERT Biology books of classes 11 and 12.

Question: Which objective book is best for NEET - Dinesh or GRB?

Ans. Dinesh derives practice questions from NCERT and NEET trends while GRB provides a thematic division of concepts. For a more practice-oriented approach with hints and explanations, choose Dinesh.

Question: Which is the best place to buy NEET books?

Ans. Amazon provides the best quality NEET books at discounted prices.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College.


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