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NEET Syllabus 2022 is based on the topics studied in the class 11 and 12. The 3 major subjects in NEET 2022 Syllabus are Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Students must note that NEET Syllabus has not been reduced by NTA but to rationalize the redcution in syllabus by state boards internal choice option in Section B of NEET Question Paper.

  • Important topics from NEET syllabus are Genetics and Evolution, Human Physiology, Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Chemical Bonding, Chemical Equilibrium, etc. 
  • NEET syllabus biology has been divided into 2 parts i.e. Botany, Zoology and from each part a total of 50 questions will be asked in the paper. Check NEET Biology Syllabus
  • NEET syllabus for physics is divided into 10 and 9 units that are taken from the higher secondary syllabus of class 11 and 12 respectively. Check NEET Physics Syllabus
  • In the section of chemistry, there are 30 units combined from both classes. Check Chemistry NEET Syllabus

NEET 2022 Syllabus: No Changes

Based on the official notification released by MoE in 2021 no changes have been announced in NEET syllabus. 

  • For NEET 2022, there will be two sections like section A and section B in the question paper of all the subjects. In part B, there will be a total of 15 questions out of which candidates can attempt any 10.
  • This internal choice has been provided considering the reduction of syllabus by various boards.

Will Physics be removed from NEET Syllabus 2022?

Based on rumors and social media platforms, NEET Physics section might get removed from the 2022 syllabus. However, NTA has not confirmed the same, therefore, candidates planning to appear for the upcoming examination are advised to follow the complete syllabus of Class 11 and 12. 

  • Other than that, it is also expected that major changes might get introduced in the exam pattern. 
  • Candidates are also expecting the exam to be held twice a year in an online mode. 

Download NEET Syllabus PDFs:

Physics NEET Syllabus 2022

NEET Syllabus 2022: Physics

In the below table, Physics NEET Syllabus 2022 for both 11 and 12 classes are given.

NEET Physics Syllabus Class 11

Physics syllabus of Class 11th
Physical world and measurement Oscillations and Waves
Kinematics Behaviour of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory
Laws of Motion Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism
Work, Energy and Power Thermodynamics
Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body Properties of Bulk Matter
Gravitation -

Physics NEET Syllabus Class 12

Physics syllabus of Class 12th
Electronic Devices Electrostatics
Atoms and Nuclei Current Electricity
Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism
Optics Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents
Electromagnetic Waves -

Chapter Wise Weightage of Physics in NEET 2022

Topic wise weightage for NEET Physics Syllabus 2022 is tabulated below.

NEET Physics Topic Weightage
Mechanics 10%
Thermodynamics 9.50%
Current Electricity 8.10%
Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation 7.30%
Magnetic effects of Current and Magnetism 6.30%
Kinematics 6.00%
Rigid Body Dynamics 5.60%
Work, Energy, and Power 5.20%
Planar Motion 4.40%
Ray Optics 4.00%
Wave Optics 3.30%
Kinetic Theory & Thermal Properties of Matter 2.00%
Atomic Study 1.30%
Waves 1.00%
Gravitation 1.00%

Best Books for NEET Physics

Some recommended books for NEET Physics 2022 are given below.

Physics Book Name Author Name
Concepts of Physics H C Verma
Fundamentals of Physics Halliday, Resnick and Walker
NCERT Exemplar Class 11 and 12 NA (Refer to School Book)

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Chemistry NEET Syllabus 2022

NEET Syllabus 2022: Chemistry

In the below section, Chemistry Syllabus 2022 for the higher secondary level are mentioned in a table format.

Chemistry NEET Syllabus Class 11

Chemistry syllabus of Class 11th
Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry Environmental Chemistry
Structure of Atom Hydrocarbons
Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties Organic Chemistry- Some Basic Principles and Techniques
Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure Some p-Block Elements
States of Matter: Gases and Liquids s-Block Element (Alkali and Alkaline earth metals)
Thermodynamics Hydrogen
Equilibrium Redox Reactions

Chemistry NEET Syllabus Class 12

Chemistry syllabus of Class 12th
Chemistry in Everyday Life Solid State
Polymers Solutions
Biomolecules Electrochemistry
Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen Chemical Kinetics
Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids Surface Chemistry
Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements
Haloalkanes and Haloarenes p- Block Elements
Coordination Compounds d and f Block Elements

Chapter Wise Weightage of Chemistry in NEET 2022

In the below section, topic wise weightage for NEET Syllabus 2022 are tabulated.

NEET Chemistry Topic Weightage
Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure 12.50%
Basic Concepts of Chemistry 10.00%
Chemical Equilibrium 8.20%
Carbonyl Compounds 7.10%
Coordination Compounds 6.70%
Organic Chemistry – II 5.60%
Reaction Mechanism 5.20%
The d and f Block Elements 4.40%
IUPAC & Isomerism 4.00%
Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry 3.80%
Chemical Kinetics 2.20%
Haloalkanes and Haloarenes 2.20%
Chemistry in Everyday Life 1.30%
Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids 1.00%
Environmental Chemistry 0.80%

Best Books for NEET Chemistry

Some of the most important books along with the author name are mentioned below in the table.

Chemistry Book Name Author Name
Physical Chemistry O P Tandon
Organic Chemistry Jonathan Clayden, Nick Greeves,
Inorganic Chemistry J D Lee
NCERT Chemistry NA (Refer to School Books)

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Biology NEET Syllabus 2022

NEET Syllabus 2022: Biology

In the below table, Biology Syllabus 2022 for 11 and 12 class are given below.

NEET Biology Syllabus Class 11

Biology syllabus of Class 11th
Diversity in Living World Human physiology
Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants Plant Physiology
Cell Structure and Function -

NEET Biology Syllabus Class 12

Biology syllabus of Class 12th
Ecology and environment Reproduction
Biotechnology and Its Applications Genetics and Evolution
- Biology and Human Welfare

Topic Wise Weightage of Biology in NEET 2022

In the below section, topic wise weightage for NEET Biology 2022 is given in a table.

Best Books for NEET Biology

Some books for the preparation of NEET Biology 2022 are tabulated below.

Book Author
Biology Classes 11 and 12 Pradeep Publications
Objective Biology GR Bathla
NCERT Biology NA (Refer to School Books)

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NEET 2022 Syllabus: Distribution of Questions from Class XI & XII

Based on the number of questions asked in the previous years the marks distribution of various subjects for NEET Questions from the higher secondary level is tabulated below.

Class Class XI Class XII Total
Subject Number of Questions Total Marks Number of Questions Total Marks Number of Questions Total Marks
Biology 46 184 44 176 90 360
Physics 22 88 23 92 45 180
Chemistry 23 92 22 88 45 180
Total 91 364 89 356 180 720
NEET Syllabus: Topic-wise Weightage of Questions

NEET Syllabus: Topic-wise Weightage of Questions

NEET Physics Syllabus: Important Topics

All candidates are required to get more than 150 marks in total in the section of Physics. To secure high marks in NEET 2022, all major and minor topics must be given an ample amount of attention during the preparation time. The preparation strategy for NEET will contain a proper plan that comprises the most important chapters at first. On the other hand, the chapter that has less impotence must be placed at the end.

Topics Expected Questions Topics Expected Questions
Units of Measurement 1 Oscillations 2
Motion in 1D 1 Waves 2
Motion in 2D 2 Electric Charges & Fields 2
Laws of Motion 2 Electrostatic Potential or Capacitance 2
Work, Energy and Power 2 Current Electricity 3
Rotational Motion 3 Moving Charges & Magnetism 3
Gravitation 2 Magnetism and Matter 1
Solids 1 Electromagnetic Induction 1
Fluids 1 Alternating Current 2
Thermal Properties 2 Electromagnetic Waves 1
Kinetic Theory of Gases 1 Ray Optics 3
Thermodynamics 2 Wave Optics 1
Dual Nature of Matter & Radiation 2 Atom 1
Nuclei 2 Semiconductor Electronics 2

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NEET Chemistry Syllabus: Important Topics

NEET Syllabus 2022 along with the exam pattern is likely to be released in the same year.

  • As per the analysis of the chemistry paper, the first four chapters of the section Chemistry from the Class XI are consolidated as the most important amongst the topics. Candidates are advised to build up a strong base on the basics of the chemistry section.
  • From this section, the four most important topics are Basic Concepts of Chemistry, The Structure of Atom, Periodic Table, and Chemical Bonding. Candidates should give the importance of the primary concept of organic chemistry as it will give an insight that is necessary to get a high score from this section in the test. Other important topics include Equilibrium, Solid State, Solutions, Electro Chemistry, Chemical Kinetics, Coordination Compounds, Aldehydes, Ketones, and Carboxylic Acids.
  • According to a comprehensive analysis of the questions posed in the NEET examination in the last 12 years, the following number of questions are expected in each topic.
Topics Expected Questions Topics Expected Questions
Basic Concepts of Chemistry 1 Chemical Kinetics 2
Structure of Atom 2 Surface Chemistry 1
Periodic Table 2 p-Block Elements 2
Chemical Bonding 4 d & f Block Elements 2
States of Matter 1 Coordination Compounds 3
Thermodynamics 2 Metallurgy 1
Equilibrium 4 Haloalkanes and Haloarenes 1
Redox Reactions 1 Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers 1
Hydrogen 1 Amines 1
S-Block Elements 1 Aldehydes, Ketones, and Carboxylic Acids 2
P-Block Elements 1 Polymers 1
Basics of Organic Chemistry 5 Biomolecules 2
Hydrocarbons 1 Chemistry in Everday Life 1
Environmental Chemistry 3 Electrochemistry 2
Solid State 2 Solutions 2

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NEET Biology Syllabus: Important Topics

Candidates are advised to obtain a high score more than 320 in the Biology section of NEET Syllabus to seek admission in a good government college. All the topics need to be divided on the basis of the importance, probability and preparation plan. Topics that should be given importance are Human Physiology, Reproduction, Biotech, Genetics and Evolution, Ecology and Cell Biology.

Topic Expected Questions Topic Expected Questions
Living World 1 Biomolecules 2
Biological Classification 4 Digestion and Absorption 2
Plant Kingdom 3 Breathing and Exchange of Gases 2
Morphology of Flowering Plants 4 Excretory Products and their Elimination 1
Anatomy of Flowering Plants 3 Body Fluids and Circulation 2
Cell: Unit of Life 5 Locomotion and Movement 2
Cell Cycle and Cell Division 2 Neural Control and Coordination 3
Transport in Plants 1 Chemical Coordination and Integration 3
Mineral Nutrition 2 Human Reproduction 4
Photosynthesis 2 Reproductive Health 2
Respiration in Plants 1 Human Health and Disease 3
Plant Growth and Development 2 Evolution 4
Reproduction in Organisms 1 Biotechnology: Principles and Processes 3
Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants 4 Biotechnology and Its Applications 2
Principles of Inheritance & Variation 4 Structural Organization in Animals 2
Molecular Basis of Inheritance 5 Animal Kingdom 4
Microbes in Human Welfare 2 Environmental Issues 4
Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production 2 Biodiversity 3
Organisms in Population 2 Ecosystem 3

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People Also Ask

Ques: What is the total syllabus of NEET?

Ans: NEET syllabus is based on class 11 and 12 syllabi i.e all the chapters studied in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology of these classes are included in the syllabus of the medical examination. 

Ques: How many chapters are in NEET?

Ans: A total of 30 units are there in NEET chemistry syllabus, 19 units from NEET Physics Syllabus, and 20 units from NEET Biology Syllabus are included in the syllabus. 

Ques: Is NCERT sufficient for NEET?

Ans: NEET 2022 question paper will be based on NCERT syllabus, therefore, NCERT books are considered one of the best resources. However, candidates are advised to refer to other books also by authors or publications like MTG, Arihant, etc. 

Ques: Is physics going to be removed from NEET?

Ans: No. NTA or MoE has not made any announcement regarding any reduction in the syllabus. Therefore, candidates are advised to refer to the complete syllabus of Class 11 & 12. 

Ques: Is the class 11 syllabus included in the main NEET syllabus?

Ans: Yes, both class 11 and 12 syllabi are included in NEET. Some of the important topics from NEET syllabus are Genetics and Evolution, Human Physiology, Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Chemical Bonding, Chemical Equilibrium, etc. 

How to Prepare NEET Syllabus 2022?

Some subject wise preparation tips to complete NEET 2022 syllabus own time and to save some time for revisions are provided in below: 

Subject Wise Preparation Tips
  • Study NCERT books to get the basic concepts of biology.
  • Make notes with diagram and tables to understand the concepts.
  • Practice all MCQs provided in NCERT and make notes out of it.
  • Physics is considered toughest and also inclued lengthy calculations, therefore, starting from basics is very important.
  • Analyse the basic concept behind a question to use the right appraoch required to reach to the solution. 
  • Practice questions on a regular basis.
  • To study NCERT books.
  • Memorise and practice all the formulas.
  • For Organic Chemistry, you need to study all reaction mechanisms.
  • NCERT will help you in Inorganic Chemistry also.
  • For Physical Chemistry, get your concepts clarified and make notes.

Online Resources to Prepare NEET Syllabus

Some of the best online resources for NEET preparation are mentioned below:

  • Physics Galaxy
  • Biology NEET Inspection
  • Darwin - NEET 2020 Preparation
  • AskIITians - IIT JEE, NEET, SAT, CBSE, ICSE Prep
  • Aakash iTutor: NEET & IIT-JEE
  • NEET Practice
  • Pre-PG Prep: NEET, AIIMS-MCQs, NEET PG Test Series

Youtube Channels to Prepare NEET Syllabus

  • Unacademy
  • Khan Academy
  • Exam Fear Education
  • Career Point
  • Toppr

NEET Syllabus 2022: Changes in No. of Questions

Though the syllabus of NEET was not changed in the last year, changes of the exam pattern can be notified. The changes on the exam pattern was done by NTA. In the below table, both questions and marks distribution as per NEET Exam Pattern 2022 for all the sections are given.

Section in NEET Questions in section Questions to Attempt Total Marks for that section
Physics Section A 35 35 140
Physics Section B 15 Any 10 40
Chemistry Section A 35 35 140
Chemistry Section B 15 Any 10 40
Botany Section A 35 35 140
Botany Section B 15 Any 10 40
Zoology Section A 35 35 140
Zoology Section B 15 Any 10 40

NEET 2022 Marking Scheme

  • Every question in the paper carries 4 marks.
  • For marking a correct answer, candidates will get 4 marks in total.
  • For each incorrect answer on the answer sheet, 1 mark will be deducted as a negative marking.
  • There is no negative marking for unattempted questions.

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NEET Syllabus FAQs

NEET Syllabus 2022 FAQs

Ques. What are the chances that physics will be removed from NEET syllabus 2022?

Ans. No such announcement or confirmation has been made by the officials. Only rumors are going around on the social media platforms regarding the same. Therefore, candidates are advised to keep checking the official website and prepare based on the whole syllabus.

Ques. How to make study notes while preparing for NEET 2022 Syllabus?

Ans. Most of the candidates tend to avoid preparing study notes. But it can be a great thing for every candidate to secure a good score in NEET 2022. Candidates can note down some important points or key features or formulas in their study notes.

Ques. How many questions will be asked from Biology NEET Syllabus 2022?

Ans. In accordance with the recent exam pattern and syllabus, there are 2 sections in Biology NEET Syllabus 2022 i.e. Zoology and Botany and a total of 100 questions will be asked in this section of paper. 

Ques. No changes have been announced in NEET syllabus but the total number of questions has been increased. What are the other changes introduced in paper pattern?

Ans. Yes, in the last year, there have been major changes introduced in the exam pattern. NEET 2022 is also expected to be held on the same guidelines as of the previous year i.e. in offline mode and in 13 languages like in previous years. And the question paper will contain two sections i.e. A and B, and will also have internal choices.

Ques. Is there any reduction in NEET 2021 Syllabus?

Ans. No, any reduction in the syllabus has not been announced by NTA for NEET 2022. All candidates are required to check the official website of NTA for any latest updates.

Ques. From where can I access the detailed NEET syllabus?

Ans. The syllabus of NEET 2022 will be notified by the Medical Council of India in their Information Bulletin of NEET 2022. After the release of the syllabus you can access it from the official website -

Ques. Is more weightage given to class XII syllabus in NEET?

Ans. The weightage of class XI and XII topics varies every year. However if one observes equal weightage is given to class XI and XII syllabus.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College.


What are the most scoring chapters in the NEET exam?
abhishek upadhyay

Hi Arushi, the scoring subjects for the NEET exam vary from candidate to candidate. It is totally based upon how well a candidate grasps and applies the concept of any particular chapter or subject. Click here for assistance about preparation for each subject in detail.

Will NEET 2020 have questions based on New NCERT or the old one?
Hi Ashwin, till now, no change is introduced in the pattern and syllabus of the exam. However, if it happens, you will be intimated regarding the same from here.
What is the weightage wise list of che and phy chapters for neet 2020

Hi Gowthami, you may check the Exam Pattern in detail from here to know weightage of the concerned courses individually.

Recently some topics have been excluded from Chemistry can u give that topics names
Hi Zia, you can contact on this number 9773720177, 9773720178 9773720179.
I need to seek admission in MS Gynaecology. DO i need to qualify the same NEET as prescribed to seeking admission in UG courses
Hi Cfer, Admission is based on the college admission criteria, as every college has their own admission detail.
If we score really well in one of the three subjects in NEET, will we still be able to crack it?

Hi Theerdha, Yes You will crack the exam as well as you can check this link for getting the Paper Weightage or Analysis.

Should I study all the reference books and guides mentioned above or any one
Hi Sir, Yes You can study with this books and Guides mentioned or you can go with the Social site Like Youtube or another social site which they help you to crack the exam.
Is it possible to transfer from bds to mbbs after first year in bds?
Hi Aishwarya, It is depends upon the college while it also depend upon the Admission criteria to the relevant course.
There is a thing like everyone says for biology our NCERT text books of class 11 and 12 are enough to score 340 out of 360 well is it true
HI Pratham, Its all depends upon your hard work and preparation .
Yes pratham ncert are enough to score at least above 300
Maximum age limit for MBC FOR NEET EXAM
Hello Shakti, In order to be eligible for NEET, candidate can be at max 25 years old as on the date of examination. SC, ST, OBC category candidates will get a relaxation of 5 years, which means they can be at max 30 years old.
i cant study chem perfectly cant understand what should i do help me with the tips and as i am a student help me more weak in studies pls i dont have comp or laptop at my home it is of my friend help me on my mobile number pls that will be easy for me

Hello Ankush, You can practice previous question papers,can also take help from some sample papers, and you can use other refernce books from this link.

how to gain 520 marks
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Hi Jahnavi, to get a good score, you may go through some valuable preparation tips. Please find the link for same

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