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NMAT GD, PI, and WAT Tips To Crack NMIMS Selection Process

NMAT GD PI WAT: Getting admission in NMIMS is no doubt a tough nut to crack, but with the right preparation, it can become an easy job for you. Check NMAT Preparation Tips. As confused by a lot of candidates, the struggle to get admission in the college ends with the entrance exam, but this surely is not the case with NMIMS.

A series of test awaits you after the exam that includes group discussion, personal interview and preparing the Statement of Purpose. Check NMAT Selection Process

Here is some simplified way to how you can crack this stage of the exam as well.

NMIMS Admission

How can you secure a seat at NMIMS?

  1. Register yourself by filling the NMAT 2020 Application Form
  2. Schedule an NMAT exam for yourself
  3. Check your results Statement of Purpose (SOP) to be submitted within the deadline
  4. Case Discussion
  5. Personal Interviews
  6. Final Admission
nmat selection process

The NMAT Exam Procedure after Exam includes writing and submitting the SOP, discussing case study, followed by the personal interview. Here are a few tips to how you can make your performance stand out of the rest.


1. Writing The Perfect SOP

 (SOP) is a reflection of your best qualities, your journey, and achievements to date with the emphasis on Why you wish to pursue an MBA and the Intent to join NMIMS. Make sure you are honest and portray the Best of Yourself in a well-structured essay.

The SOP can help to not just explain your reasons for the choices you make and your future plans, but also act as an important differentiator, showing the admissions committee that you are ready for the next step in your career.

This is important since if you are not able to justify your choice for an MBA, your chances of making through will reduce. Get expert help to write a perfect SOP – Statement of Purpose Dig deep and identify the real reason why you are ready to spend more than 20 lakh Rupees to pursue this program.

Here you should also have a strong reason for why NMIMS, they specifically ask about What do you want to achieve? Why is it better than where you are now? How can an MBA help?

Highlights of the SOP:

  • The key achievements that make you unique.
  • Your strengths reflected in scenarios.
  • Your professional goal and how XYZ College enables you to reach there?

Must Read :

Some of the tips to write Statement of Purpose:

  • Grab the spotlight: Let your personality shine and show what is unique about you through your statement of purpose.
  • Share your experiences: As a non-traditional student, you can enrich your academic studies and those of others by sharing your life experiences and wisdom. Talk about your journey – the hurdles, triumphs, and lessons learned.
  • Express your passion: Describe why the program inspires you. Explain what you’re interested in learning and how you think the program will help you achieve your ambitions.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of the program: Identify particular paths of study that appeal to you. Characterize your fascination with a professor’s research or your interest in a particular theory or school of thought.

NMAT Case Discussion

2. Importance of NMAT Case Discussion

A case study discussion is, for the most part, a 20 minute or so brief cycle whose target is to choose the students who can perform well in a group. Aside from this, the theme given likewise encourages specialists to know the different characteristics of a competitor's attitude.

What makes a difference in the conversation is your take on the theme, your capacity to investigate the given subject, your mindfulness about the point, and the manner in which you present the theme.

The focus here is more on the initiative and dynamic in light of the fact that in a CD you might arrive at an agreement on the grounds that the issues given to you are disputable.

The final result of the CD won't generally be to arrive at an agreement yet to evaluate your relationship building abilities'. Normal Duration: 20 mins. (5 mins to think and 15 mins. to talk about). No. of Panelists : 3 No. of Participants: 13 

  • Case discussion is a lot like a conversation over the situation that is given as a case. 
  • Likewise read: All you need to think about NMAT by GMAC 
  • Coming up next are a few factors that can be valuable to capture the issue of the round. 
  • Be smart, talk about your point of focus well and show the panellists clearly 
  • Not only just talk, but be a good listener too 
  • You might associate with 12-15 students in accordance with the topic and everybody will need to put across their variables. this could be a bit messy but try to be firm with your discussion to stand out. 
  • Be emphatic not, and not aggressive 
  • You are given a set 20 mins. the discussion will be for 15 minutes and 5 minutes might be given for thinking. 

Few strategies to clear NMAT CD round 

  • You must be assured that you're making 2-3 important points inside the range of 15 minutes 
  • If the case is long, try to be among the first 3 to talk about it and present the problem in a fresh manner. simply present a firm course and structure to the issue. 
  • Back your points with strong models from present-day issues or genuine stories 
  • Regardless of what, stick to your points and try not to deviate 
  • Utilize the sheet given to make notes of the entire topic of the top variables put all through by means of others. this could be useful while you sum up a CD 

NMAT Personal Interview

3. Crack NMAT Personal Interview (PI)

  • Your aptitude was checked in the entrance test, your relationship-building abilities' were checked in GD, presently comes the turn of measuring you on your own norms.
  • The B-schools need to realize the amount you know about yourself and the amount you relate your objectives to your own self.
  • Students invest the vast majority of the energy going through the course books while 90% of the questions depend on your take on subjective matters.
  • The board may have your SOP. The SOP is an impression of your qualities and accomplishments to date with an accentuation on why you need to seek after an MBA in NMIMS. It should depict the qualities that you see in yourself.
  • The interview goes on for roughly 20-25 mins, yet it really depends upon at the Panel.

Tips for Personal Interview (PI) 

  • Set up for the meeting seriously: evaluate your product, find out about the workforce and make responses for the regular questions 
  • Concentrate carefully on what the questioner has asked and answer likewise.
  • Try not to prattle endlessly about a related subject or answer the question you want he had mentioned 
  • Act naturally. on the off chance that your answers are vague or conflicting, the questioner will no doubt remember you as an undeserving candidate.
  • Try not to be out any extra with your gestures. 

NMAT Post Interview Process

After the above mentioned rounds have been conducted, candidates will be placed in one of NMIMS institute of their choice according to their performance in NMAT Exam and GD PI.

Campus Management Programme Programme Fee (Rs. in Lakhs)
NMIMS School of Business Management, Mumbai MBA/MBA-HR 20.8
NMIMS School of Business Management, Mumbai  MBA Pharmaceutical Management  12.5
NMIMS Bengaluru MBA 18.04
NMIMS Hyderabad MBA 16.54
NMIMS Navi Mumbai MBA 16.54
NMIMS Indore MBA 14.54

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College.


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