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NMAT 2021 Preparation Strategy: Study Plan, Books, Preparation Guide

Like every other competitive MBA exam, NMAT Preparation might seem intimidating for some candidates. But with the right strategy and tips, NMAT can be aced easily. The level of difficulty is easy moderate. Unlike CAT, NMAT is a test of your speed. Candidates who are able to solve LOD 1 of Arun Sharma should not have much trouble with NMAT Preparation. Before jumping to the NMAT preparation, candidates must familiarize themselves with the updated NMAT Exam Pattern.

NMAT aspirants who are confused regarding what preparation strategy to follow, it is necessary to be familiar with NMAT Syllabus and exam pattern which has undergone changes in 2021 session to get a clear picture of the paper structure. Candidates who will be appearing for NMAT may be anxious about the kind of paper they might get. See NMAT Paper Analysis to get a better idea.

  • NMAT will be accessible for those who have language Skills, are fast in calculation and can deduce reasoning problems efficiently.
  • Each section has 36 questions. Each section holds different weightage and timing so candidates should opt section wise preparation strategy.
  • GMAC provides an official preparation guide including free and paid practice test stimulated on the lines of actual exam to assist candidates. 

For those willing to appear for NMAT 2021, it is time to fasten your shoes for the race. In this article, collegedunia provides you with five most important preparation tips that will provide assistance in the last few days of exam.

Preparation Strategy

NMAT 2021 Preparation Strategy

It is time to shed out all your apprehensions and have a clear blueprint of the preparation strategy. 

  1. Practice Mock Tests

It is not the time to pick up new topics or new study material. Now the focus is required over NMAT Mock Tests. Practice as many mock tests as you can, for it will not only let you know your weak area, but will give you an idea of the ratio of time you are devoting and the time required for each section.

  1. Get knowledge of your weaker side

It is common among test takers to be weak in one or the other section of the paper. A candidate good in quantitative ability may not be well-versed with language skills. However, non-awareness of you weaker areas can prove to be disastrous while attempting paper. So, make a point of getting to know your weak areas and start working on it. You can do so by going through good question examples and attempting mock tests available over the internet, or solving previous year question papers for better self analysis.

  1. Revise the basics

How difficult the paper is, depends upon how well you are prepared for the test. Brushing up of basics is the most important task to be performed in the last few days of exam. Get out all your notes of basics, and revise. It will help a lot.

  1. Know and use shortcut tricks

NMAT depends upon how fast and accurately can you solve the questions. Familiarity with shortcut tricks is required. Attempting questions using shortcuts will leave you will extra time that you can invest in other questions or devote it for section-revision.

Sections like Language Skills, which involves Reading Comprehensions can be time consuming. Speed plays a major role. Keep practising RC’s examples for speedy reading.

  1. Manage your time

The biggest advantage of NMAT is the absence of negative marking. If you get stuck on a question, it is advisable to skip and jump to the next question. That’s how you can manage and save time for questions you can attempt. NMAT is not a test that examines your ability to solve hard questions- it tests your ability to solve maximum questions in the time allotted. Thus, skimming questions can prove to be of great help.

  1. Choose the right coaching center

Preparation for any competitive MBA exam can be tedious and confusing. But the right choice makes a lot of difference in the long run. While so many options can be overwhelming for us, there are a few tricks to make an informed decision. Look up their review, qualification of teacher, classroom facility, success in previous years before joining one. Keeping the current pandemic situation in mind, consider online coaching centers over traditional classroom types.

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NMAT 200+ Score Strategy

NMAT Strategy to Score 200+

  • Remember that there is no option to skip any question in NMAT unlike other MBA Exams where candidates are allowed to mark an option to solve later or review if there is time. So it is advisable to select an option by guessing, preferably between B and D (most answers are between this range).
  • Attmpt all questions. Since there is no negative marking, candidates don't have to worry about it being wrong. If you have not studied a chapter before, there is no point in wasting time reading the question.
  • Solve at least 5 mock papers when the exam is close. Strategise your attempts in the same way you would in the exam hall. Download NMAT Mock Test Papers.
  • Choose your section wisely. Go for the section in which your preparation is strong. This will help you keep your confidence high throughout the exam.
  • For RC section, practice solving with a timer. The essays are of about 600 to 700 words in length which can consume a considerable amount of time during the exam. For this read newspapers and magazines on a regular basis. For Arithmatic, concentrate on HCF and LCM from which maximum questions come.

NMAT Last Minute Tips

NMAT 2021 Last Minute Preparation Tips

Here are some last minute preparation tips for NMAT 2021 -

  • Revise - With the exam right around the corner it is important to start revising the topics that you've completed. When you start something new with limited time, your brain can suffer from information overload which can become problematic for you at the time of the exam. Prioritise topics that you're well versed in, and finish any easier topics.
  • Practise Mock Tests - Instead of sticking to individual topics try to practice completing Mock Tests and Sample papers for revision. You might have solved several already, but solving papers is the best way to process information and make sure it remains in long term memory as opposed to short term memory. Studies have shown that solving problems is the most efficient way to learn. Moreover, this will help you time yourself for the paper and you will be able to learn how to prioritise the topics that you can attempt easily.
  • Make sure your Basics are covered - A silly mistake can cost you a lot, so make sure your basics are very well done. Go through basics tables, cubes/squares and roots, and formulas again for Quantitative Aptitude. For Language Skills, go through the basics of grammar (Tenses, Prepositions, Punctuation, adjectives, direct/indirect speech etc.) and your word lists again. As for Logical Reasoning, you have to make sure that you're well versed with the methods and shortcuts for all the questions you're comfortable with.
  • How much to aim for? Aim to solve at least 100 questions with accuracy. Do not be discouraged if the first few questions are difficult or if you had to skip them. Most importantly, do not judge the difficulty of the whole exam on the basis of one difficult section. Focus on the bigger picture and aim to solve as many questions as you can with accuracy.
  • Take Care of Yourself - Get at least 8 hours of sleep everyday until the exam. Being sleep deprived can severely affect your memory, arithmetic and reasoning ability. Lack of sleep will have a very negative impact on your performance. Drink plenty of water and healthy food items while preparing for the exam.

Free Official NMAT Preparation 2021 by GMAC

GMAC provides free practice test to NMAT aspirants which has the same structure as actual NMAT exam. This free feature is known as official practice exam 1. 2 attempts will be provided to candidates with 108 questions each. 

An essential feature newly introduced is providing Scaled scores on the attempts which can help candidates have an insight on the level of preparedness. Candidates are required to register for the free practice set. Steps for which are entering first name, last name, email address, mobile number, country code.

Direct link to Register for NMAT by GMAC Free Practice Test

Practice Test by NMAT 

If candidates have appeared for the free NMAT practice test, they can appear for the paid test available on the official website nmat.org/official-prep.

  • 216 questions from pst NMAT question paper form part of the practice test.
  • 108 never before seen questions are posed with 2 attempts each.
  • This practice test is known as exam 2 and 3.
  • All practice test follow structure as of the actual exam.
  • Scaled scores are provided to analyse the performance at the end and prepare accordingly.
  • INR 799 excluding taxes is the fee to register for NMAT by GMAC practice test. 

Read More on NMAT Official Preparation Guide

NMAT Exam Pattern

NMAT 2021 Exam Pattern

NMAT is a 120 minutes computer based exam, divided into three sections:

i) Language Skills

ii) Quantitative Skills

iii) Logical Reasoning


No. of Questions

Score Range

Allotted Time

Language Skills



28 minutes

Quantitative Skills



52 minutes

Logical Reasoning


40 minutes

The paper is based on the lines of CAT and MAT. Time limit is pre-determined for each section. Candidates can select the section they wish to attempt first as per their preferred choice. Option of revising answers is available only till the allotted sectional time.NMAT Topper Tips

Given below are some of the NMAT preparation tips by the candidates who have cracked NMAT. YouTube Videos Can Help In Understanding and Solving Problems”, Says Simran Parmar

Simran appeared for NMAT 2013 and scored 92 rank in it. She preferred, solving previous years’ question papers and says it helps her in performing well in the entrance exam. She says, practising on a daily basis is the only way in developing skills.

Increase Your Calculation Speed While Doing Calculations In Mind”, Says Venkata Vamsi

Venkata Vamsi Grandhi appeared for NMAT in 2013. He scored 116 marks. He says, studies can be made better by doing group studies and practising sample papers. Studying in groups helps in understanding the problems and it also helps in enhancing efficiency.

NMAT Books
6 Week Study Plan

6 Week Study Plan for NMAT 2021

Week Overall Objective Task of the Week
Week 1 Get Acquainted with NMAT Exam Pattern and Syllabus Understand overall exam structure, attempting a mock test can help in doing so.
Week 2 Practice Language Skills Start with sectional preparation, concepts of language skills, nuances of reading comprehension, grammar topics and vocabulary should be the focus. 
Week 3 Get Pro with Quantitative Skills Well verse mathematical concepts and practice questions based on that. Data sufficiency should be kept for upcoming weeks as they can be a bit intimidating at first.
Week 4 Build Reasoning Ability Logical reasoning should be practiced as one concept at a time along with related questions. 
Week 5 Assess by Practice Test Give mock test and solve practice papers to stimulate actual exam experience. Try to appear for practicetest in a single sitting. 
Week 6 Revise and Analyse Analyse your attempts, point out weak concepts, brush them up and solve practice papers again.

15 Day Revision Plan For NMAT

Day 1: Go through NMAT exam structure, pattern and syllabus once. In case any topic you feel is left out during preparation, cover it up. Compile your own revision notes.

Day 2-5: Start section wise preparation, quantitative skills should be taken up first as it holds maximum weightage of 48 questions. five 2 days for mathematical concepts and problems while the other 2 on data interpretation.

Day 6-9: Hop to practice language skills.Reading comprehension and vocabulary should be optimally revised. Self made revision notes will help in that. 

Day 10-13: Spend a couple of days on reasoning concepts, their tricks and question solving techniques. 

Day 14: Go through the notes made by solving practice test, weak points and topicscan be brushed up once.

Day 15: Rest and give yourself some recovery time. Do not overstress or speculate about the exam too much. Avoid overdiscussion about the exam with your peers and family. This can hamper your performance. 

NMAT 2021 Preparation Books and Study Material

Along with good preparation strategy, a candidate requires good study material. Though it is not advisable to refer new books at this time, some students might seek guidance in terms of books. Here’s a list of books suggested by NMAT toppers for all sections.

NMAT Books For Quant Ability

Books Authors/Publishers
How to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT Arun Sharma
Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Exams S. Chand
Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Exams Pearson

 Also Read: NMAT Quantitative Skills Preparation Tips, Questions, Syllabus

NMAT Books For Lnaguage Skills

Books Authors/Publishers
English Language Comprehension Skills Sachchida Nand Jha
Business Communication Sri Jin Kushal
Communication Skills Sanjay Kumar and Pushp Lata

NMAT Books For Logical Reasoning

Books Authors/Publishers
A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning S. Chand
Logical Reasoning & Preparation Study Guide National Learning Corporation
A New Approach to Reasoning Verbal & Non- verbal B.S. Sijwalii and Indu Sijwali

Generic Books for NMAC Preparation

Apart from study materails which target a particular section of the paper, it is important to use resources whcih covers the entire exam, especially when the exam is near.

Books Authors/Publishers

MBA 2020-21 : Solved Papers (XAT|IIFT|NMAT|SNAP|CMAT)

Gautam Puri

Complete Guide for MAT and other MBA Entrance Exams

Disha Experts

NMAT 2021 Preparation FAQs

Ques. How should I frame my preparation stretegy for NMAT 2021?

Ans. To prepare for NMAT, keep the below mentioned pointers in mind:

  • Get updated with basics and make them clear.
  • Apart from the books, refer to NMAT Preparation Guides available online.
  • Attempt mock tests. Ther are of great help when it comes to assess your weak points and work on them.
  • Plan a calendar to solver previous year question papers.

Ques. How much time do I need to devote for NMAT preparation?

Ans. Preparation time for NMAT depends upon the time at which you are starting to prepare. If a candidate is already preparing for CAT/XAT/MAT, then a month’s time is sufficient to prepare for NMAT. However, if a person is starting all together with a new preparation, then a minimum of 3 months time is required.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College.


Which mock test series is the best?
abhishek upadhyay

Hello Ankita, Greetings from Collegedunia. you can practice the NMAT Official Mock Test by GMAC.

How can I improve my vocabulary?
abhishek upadhyay

Hello Amber, greetings from Collegedunia. Refer to the following books for improving your vocabulary:

  • English Language Comprehension Skills by Sachchida Nand Jha.
  • Business Communication by Sri Jin Kushal.
  • Communication Skills by Sanjay Kumar and Pushp Lata.
Is the TIMEs institute’s mock series beneficial for NMAT aspirants?
abhishek upadhyay

Hello Bhagyashri, greetings from Collegedunia. TIME is a reputed institute with a proven track record so you can opt for its mock series for NMAT.

What routine I should follow in order to increase my reading speed?
abhishek upadhyay

Hello Ankit, greetings from Collegedunia. Read newspapers and books regularly and set a particular time limit to cover a certain portion of the newspaper to increase your efficiency.

Can I crack the NMAT, if I start now?
abhishek upadhyay

Hello Muheshraaj, greetings from Collegedunia. A Smart and well-structured study plan can definitely help you accomplish the NMAT exam. Click here, for the preparation tips for NMAT.

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