Top Data Science Colleges in Germany: Courses, Fees, Scholarships, Jobs, Top Recruiters

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    Top 5 universities providing Data Science courses in Germany are among the top 150 colleges around the world according to THE World University Rankings. With the world’s fourth largest economy, Germany spends around 2.8% of its GDP in the science, technology and innovation sector. This enhances Data Science which lies at the intersection of three subjects Computer science, mathematics and statistics to be one of the popular courses to study in Germany.

    Data Science is a pervasive course covering aspects of big data, data modelling, machine learning, simulation innovation, intelligent systems and graphics. The program plans students to be technologists in information driven associations of medicinal services, IT, business, innovation and transportation.

    • Most of the universities in Germany charge less or zerol tuition fees. According to LinkedIn findings, the demand for data science graduates in Germany increases by around 14-18% each year.
    • The average salary of a data scientist in Germany is around 60,000 EUR/annum as per payscale.
    • Employees with less than 1 year of experience in the field of Data Science in Germany earn an average salary of around 50,000 EUR/year.
    • Some of the top recruiters are Centene Corporation, Amazon INC., Kaiser Permanente,Booz, Allen and Hamilton, JP Morgan Chase & Company etc.

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    Top Data Science Colleges in Germany

    Global leading professorship and modern infrastructure are main pillars of international reputation of German data science universities. When planning to pursue studies from data science colleges in Germany, you need to know briefly about the universities, courses being offered, and the foremost thing, the world ranking of the universities. Given below is a detailed overview of the top colleges providing Data Science courses in Germany.

    Name of the University THE World University Ranking Courses Offered
    Ludwig Maximilian University Munich (LMU) #32 MSc. in Data Science
    Technical University Munich (TUM) #43 MSc. in Data Engineering and Analytics
    RWTH Aachen University #99 MSc. in Data Science
    Free University Berlin #117 MSc. in Data Science
    Technical University Berlin #149 Certification Course in:
    Data Science with Python
    Machine Learning with Python
    University of Mannheim #157 Msc. in Data Science
    Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) #175 Certification Course in Data Science
    University of Konstanz #201-251 Msc. in Social & Economic Data Science
    Technical University Dortmund #251 BSc. in Data Science
    MSc. in Data Science
    Jacobs University #301-350 MSc. in Data Science
    MSc. in Data Engineering

    Data Science Colleges in Germany: Degree Types & Specialization

    German Universities provides a wide spectrum of specialized courses in Data Science. Most of the Universities provide masters in Data Science courses.With each higher degree, the chance of getting a higher paid job becomes easy. 

    • The ongoing study says that a certificate holder in data science courses in Germany, gains up to 17% more than that of secondary school graduates.
    • As per recent trends, most of the students prefer to pursue Machine learning and Big Data related courses in Germany.
    • German Universities offers different levels of education in the field of Data Science:

    Undergraduate Course: Bachelor’s of Science.

    Post Graduate Courses: Master’s of Science, MA, MBA.

    • Along with these courses there are also few certification courses available in the field Data Science.

    Mentioned below are few of the popular specialized courses offered in Data Science in Germany.

    Specializations Specializations
    Machine Learning Big Data Management
    Artificial Intelligence Social and Economic Data Science
    Web and Data Science Data Analytics & Information System Management
    Data Analytics & Marketing Data Analytics with Decision Science
    Applied Data Science Data Engineering and Analytics
    Data Science and Knowledge Engineering Mathematics in Data Science
    Management and Data Data Engineering

    Data Science Colleges in Germany: Undergraduate Courses

    Though not many data science colleges in Germany offer a bachelors degree in related stream, but for aspirants energetic to pursue their college degree in Germany listed below are some of the bachelors programs in Data Science in Germany.

    Program Name of the University Total Program Fee (in EUR) Duration (in Years)
    Bsc. in Data Science Technical University Dortmund 0 3
    BSc. in Data Science IUBH University of Applied Sciences 35,970 3
    BSc. in Data Science XU Exponential University of Applied Sciences 24,990 3
    BSc. in Digital Business and Data Science University of Applied Science Europe 34,020 3

    Bachelor’s in Data Science in Germany: Eligibility Criteria

    Various Universities providing bachelor’s courses in Data Science in Germany have diverse qualification criteria. However in general, most of the colleges have similar entry prerequisites which international student needs to qualify for considering college education in data science in Germany. 

    • Students need to hold a high school certificate or an identical 12 years of educational certificate, with aggregate marks of 60-65% or more. 
    • Non-Native students must give verification of English language proficiency(ELPs) 

    The nominal cut off required in certain tests for studying in Germany is: IELTS:6.5| TOEFL: 75-80| PTE:55-58 

    • German Language Proficiency is required for the international students, as the majority of the bachelor’s courses in Germany are educated in German Language 
    • German Language Proficiency cut-offs: 
      • TestDAF with TDN-16 .
      • German Language Diploma: Second Level(DSD-II). 
      • Goethe Certificate-C2 Level.

    Bachelors in Data Science in Germany: Cost and Funding

    The average yearly expense to study bachelor’s degree in Data Science in Germany cost around 0 Eur-35,970 EUR for the total program, depending upon the course and college one selects. This expense is also reliant on the decision of specialization selected. 

    The Cost of Studying in Germany will likewise include the typical cost of living in Germany too.

    Numerous scholarships for international undergraduate students in Germany are available. Few of the universities too have departmental scholarships as well for the selected number of students on merit basis.

    Data Science Colleges in Germany: Postgraduate Courses. 

    Data science is a modern day discipline that requires modern conditions to be taught in. German universities are surely equipped in providing data science education in terms of faculty and well equipped laborataries.

    • Masters in Data Science in Germany is an applied course of enormous data examination, mining, programming, AI, information representation, cloud computing, hacking, and statistics.
    • This course edifies students about predicting and analyzing data in a logical procedure to draw adroit data on the industrial trends. 

    Germany provides a good number of specialized courses in data science. If you are looking to pursue Masters in Data Science in Germany, below mentioned are the few popular master courses in data science along with the universities and their fee structure.

    Program Name of the University/ Universities Total Program Cost (in EUR) Duration (in Years)
    MSc. in Data Science TU, Dortmund No tuition 2
    University of Mannheim 5,997
    Jacobs University 39,850
    LMU No tuition
    RWTH Aachen University 3,000
    Freie University 1,214
    Beuth University No tuition
    MSc. in Applied Data Science Frankfurt School of Finance and Management 32,400 2
    MSc. in Data Science(Big Data and Artificial Intelligence) SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences 21,600 2
    MSc. in Data Science and Management Leuphana University of Luneburg 0 2
    MSc. in Machine Learning Technical University Munich 6,000 2
    MSc. in Data Analytics University of Hildesheim 0 2
    Msc. in Data Analytics and Decision Science RWTH Business School 10,000 2
    MSc. in Data Engineering and Analytics Technical University Munich 0 2
    MSc. in Web & Data Science University of Koblenz 0 2
    MSc in Data Analytics and Marketing Arden University 15,000 1
    MA in Big Data Management IUBH University of Applied Sciences 15,900 1
    MBA in Big Data Management IUBH University of Applied Sciences. 14,900 1.5

    Masters in Data Science in Germany: Eligibility

    As German education standards are high in most state funded colleges, one must have a solid scholastic capability to get conceded in the top establishments. They usually concede students in two cycles - summer and winter. Applications with universities in Germany should be hence made accordingly.

    For getting admitted for Masters course in Data Science in Germany a student must have:

    • Equivalent bachelor’s degree in the field of mathematics, computer science and other technical fields with an aggregate score of around 70%.
    • A B2 or B1 certificate.
    • Average Score GRE score of 310 and above and GMAT score of 550 and above. This varies university to university.
    • Valid score in English Language Proficiency(ELPs)
    • Average cutoff score of:
      • IELTS:6.5| TOEFL:80-90

    Documents Required

    • Academic Transcripts.
    • Letter of Recommendation.
    • Proof of English proficiency.
    • Curriculum Vitae.
    • Proof of valid Health Insurance.

    Masters in Data Science in Germany: Fees and Funding

    The approximate cost of studying data science in germany is about 0 EUR- 15,900 EUR for the total program. Few of the state funded universities charges no tuition fees like Ludwig Maximilian University Munich, Technical University Munich, University of Koblenz and Beuth University.

    The majority of the colleges give departmental scholarships to some selected number of students on the merit basis. International Students searching for scholarships to pursue masters in data science. Check Details Here

    Data Science Colleges in Germany: Scholarships

    Pursuing higher education abroad can appear to be somewhat troublesome in view of the funds required. From tavel and student accomodation to scholarships need to be soughted before setting your foot in Germany. There are different scholarships given by the global nations and colleges one wishes to consider. 

    One who is quick to take up his/her higher education in Data Science from Germany need worry, German colleges have a decent number of scholarships accessible for worldwide students.Mentioned below are few of the most acknowledged scholarships in Germany;

    Scholarship Name Offered to Benefits (in EUR/month)
    DAAD Scholarship International postgraduate students with good academics. 870
    Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarships in Germany for International Students International postgraduate students. 850
    Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarships All Level of Students 850
    RISE Germany - Research Internships in Science and Engineering International Postgraduate Students. 778
    DeutschlandStipendium National Scholarship Programme All Level of students. 300

    Data Science Colleges in Germany: Scope

    The expanding interest for data scientists combined with lack of satisfactory specialists right now had made an extra 11.5 million employment opportunities by 2026. Research by PayScale recommends that a graduate degree in data science in Germany, brings a normal compensation of over 17,500 EUR in excess to that of a bachelor's degree. 

    While a fresher gains an average salary of 55,000 Euro yearly. Senior job roles that are involved with the executives and team leads draw an average salary of 100,000 EUR/annum. Below mentioned is the average salary details of data scientists at top organizations:

    Average Salary in EUR year by Organization

    After getting an approximate idea of the average salary of data scientists in top organizations, now let us look to the salary of jobs in Germany post completion of studies from data science colleges in Germany

    Designation Average Yearly Salary (in EUR)
    Machine Learning Engineer 75,000-153,000
    Data Architect 75,000-153,000
    Data Scientist 66,000-134,000
    Statistician 51,000-107,000
    Data Manager 41,000-107,000
    Business Intelligence Analyst 50,000-94,000
    Big Data Engineer 50,000-90,000

    However, these pay ranges were an estimation and had opportunities to differ from firm to firm and from industry to industry.

    According to the information by, the normal yearly compensation in the field of data science ascends by 8% every 16 months. As the German economy mostly depends on the science and technology sector, the demand for data scientists in German market is quite good. 

    On an average, 75% of the employees belonging to data science background earn up to 50,000-70,000 EUR/annum, whereas the rest 25% earns up to an average of 90,000-100,000 EUR/Annum. Thus, the Data Science Colleges in Germany are a good choice for pursuing this program revolving around data.


    8.7 /10

    One of my second cousins suggested me this university as he is an alumnus of this university. He gave me insights and told me how studying there will help me in the near future. I applied to the university online via their official website for which there was an application fee of € 100.

    Fees :

    There is no tuition fee charged by the University. I only have to pay a semester fee of € 250 per semester.

    9.2 /10

    One of my super senior at school who joined this university told me about it. He told me everything about the university and how much helpful and profitable it will be for me in the near future. I have applied to the university online through the course website.

    Fees :

    I was fortunate enough as no tuition fee was charged by the university. Only a semester fee of € 130 is charged twice a year. I think I pay an average fee for my studies.

    9.0 /10

    My father's friend is working here at this university as a professor. When he came to know about my interest in computer science and that I have completed my bachelor's in it and I want to opt for my masters further. He suggested me to apply to this university as the faculty of computer science was very efficient there. I applied to the university online by paying an application fee of € 75.

    Fees :

    My program is a two-year program divided among four semesters. For every consecutive semester, I have to pay a semester fee of € 312. There is no tuition fee charged by the university.

    9.2 /10

    After completing my bachelor's in computer science I started working, but after some time I wanted to increase my income as well as knowledge in the field of data analytics, so I decided to go for the Masters in the degree. As Germany is one of the leading countries in the same field, I decided to get my masters from here. I applied to 2-3 colleges and luckily got admission in all of them. But after reading the reviews and consulting some peers I opted for this school. The application fee for the online application was € 50.

    Fees :

    In total I have to pay € 30000 for the whole course. I think that's a bit expensive than other universities here. But, after looking at the facilities and all I think it is worth.

    Top Colleges

    Sort ByPopularityAdmin RatingHighest FeesLowest Fees
    Baden-Wurttemberg, germany
    Schleswig-Holstein, germany
    North Rhine-Westphalia, germany
    1745Estd. Year
    Hesse, germany
    1957Estd. Year
    North Rhine-Westphalia, germany
    1984Estd. Year
    Baden-Wurttemberg, germany
    ---Estd. Year
    North Rhine-Westphalia, germany
    1998Estd. Year
    Berlin, germany
    1823Estd. Year
    Berlin, germany
    1994Estd. Year
    Saxony, germany
    ---Estd. Year
    Bavaria, germany
    1994Estd. Year
    North Rhine-Westphalia, germany
    1971Estd. Year
    Bavaria, germany
    1971Estd. Year