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    Trinity College Dublin is one of the oldest and leading higher education institutes in Ireland (QS 2021). Trinity College is home to 18,000 undergraduate and graduates representing 122 countries around the world. The college offers over 600 programs to its applicants aspiring to study in Ireland.

    Trinity is ranked among the top 50 colleges in Ireland for its courses in the field of arts and humanities, engineering, science, and health sciences. While the list of its coveted courses goes on, its STEM programs are the popularly favored choices. Apart from being one of the top institutes in Ireland, the college is also a renowned tourist attraction and welcomes thousands of visitors every year. Its organizational design is a mesmerizing structure, highly inspired by the architecture of Oxford and Cambridge.

    The institute is home to one of the largest libraries that stores a copy of every book ever printed in the UK and Ireland including the honored Book of Kells. One of the interesting facts to note about the organization is that there are ‘secret’ tunnels underneath Trinity College but the route through them is unknown. So to all the Potterheads, this could really give major Harry Potter feels. Admissions at Trinity College Dublin observe an acceptance rate of 34% and an impressive employment rate of over 92%.

    Trinity College Dublin Courses

    Trinity offers over 600 programs available across its three faculties and 24 schools. The courses are available to nearly 18,000 students at undergraduate, graduate and doctorate levels.

    Trinity College Dublin Ranking

    Trinity College Dublin rankings doesn’t disappoint the students in any area. Reflected by various surveys and organizations, some of them are as listed below.

    • Trinity College Dublin is Ireland's No.1 University (QS World University Ranking, 2021)
    • Trinity is ranked 101st in the World (QS World University Ranking, 2021)
    • Trinity is ranked 8th Most International University in the World. 
    • Trinity is ranked 1st in Ireland for employer reputation and alumni outcomes.
    • Trinity is ranked 25th in English Language and Literature
    • Trinity is ranked 29th in Classics and Ancient History
    • Trinity is ranked 37th in Pharmacy and Pharmacology
    • Trinity is ranked 46th in Nursing
    Trinity College Ranking Trends

    While the trends reflect a sudden and sharp decrease in the overall rankings of the institute, it would be interesting to note that the college’s performance across a range of factors had been impressive and steady across all the years. The rankings, however, dropped due to the lack of funding from the side of the Government due to the financial crisis in the economy.

    This lack of investment towards excellence in academics led to a shortage of faculty and research opportunities. Inspite of all the hardships, Trinity, however, did manage to grab the #101 position in 2021 and is working in close collaboration with Ireland’s government to rectify the issue and is very hopeful that its rankings will only improve for the better in the upcoming years.

    Why study at Trinity College, Ireland?

    For international aspirants seeking to study abroad, one of the choices will definitely be Ireland as it is quickly becoming the next go-to destination for students. Though the funding usually becomes an issue for many talented candidates, the fact that the country is providing up to 100% scholarships to deserving applicants comes as a relief to all the aspirants.

    While all the programs offered by Trinity College guarantee excellent global level experience to its students, the STEM courses at the college definitely steal the limelight. Some other factors that will make to the list of pros of studying at Trinity College Dublin are compiled as follows:

    • PR in 2 years and better salaries: If you opt for a STEM program that forms the part of Critical Skills Occupation, you will not only be able to enjoy the perks of a better starting salary which could go up to 53 lakhs per annum but will also let you enjoy the benefits of a permanent resident in merely 2 years.
    • Growth in Sector: As per the survey reports of the Industrial Development Authority, various sectors in the country are bound to see a growth of 12% year on year and will have over 24,000 new jobs created in 2021. For details on the same, please refer to the video included as follows:
    • Return on Investment: ROI is one of the crucial pointers to be considered when getting your money on education across any institute. Since STEM courses at the institute are the most renowned programs, an ROI of 19% is expected from graduates of Mechanical Engineering at the college (66 lakhs investment; 53,42,000 salary).
    • Demand/Supply: While most students in the country pursue business courses (around 44%), followed by STEM programs that make hardly 30% of the total population, increasing demand in the sector can prove very useful for the candidates of STEM branch where the employment opportunities are expected to rise in the upcoming years.

    Trinity College Dublin Acceptance Rate

    Trinity College Dublin acceptance rate is hardly 34% which reflects that the students can expect strong competition at the time of admissions. However, the trends reflect differently and suggest that a GPA of 3.5 or above along with impressive test scores like ACT/SAT and IELTS/TOEFL (6.5/88) will add to the merit of a candidate's profile and can ease the process of selection at the college.

    Letters of recommendation, resume and work experience are other factors that govern the process of admission on a case-to-case basis. Applicants from India must note that the Interview is highly recommended for such candidates and must be the priority for all the aspirants who are seriously considering Trinity.

    Trinity College Campus

    • With 51 acres of campus area, TCD comprises an excess of buildings showcasing a blend of historical and modern architecture.
    • Known for public gardens and parks, Georgian architecture, art galleries, museums, theatres and impromptu pub sessions of music and dancing.
    • The diverse population of 1.5 million (90% whites, 10% Africans, Asians). 12,000 are students in 5 universities. The language is mostly English.
    • Trinity Hall can accommodate over 1,000 students in shared, single or twin apartments

    Trinity College Residence

    On-Campus accommodation

    The institute offers on-campus accommodation through its residence hall catering to more than 1000 residents. Additionally, it accommodates students at Kavanagh Court and Binary Hub. Students can opt for several fully furnished private housing facilities with a range of rooms to select from and can simultaneously experience the beautiful historical environment provided by this 4000-year old academic organization.

    The available options have several perks like their location of central Dublin, security, walking distance from classrooms, bike storage etc. The average price of rooms available is around 205 USD per week.

    Off-campus accommodation

    While the option for off-campus housing alternative, students must note that there is often a compromise to be made among money, location and privacy when looking for cheaper and affordable accommodation options. Usually, Dublin 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 come under expensive areas of the city. City Centre is usually the preferred site for accommodation due to its close proximity to several colleges.

    For the reference of the readers, a student accommodation video in one of the favorable locations called Carman Hall in Dublin's City Centre is included below.

    If you are an interested candidate hoping to enroll at the college, it is advisable to download apps like Daft or follow Facebook groups like Indians in Dublin/Living in Dublin for more personal experience and clear knowledge on the subject.

    Trinity College Admission Criteria

    The application process for enrolling at the institute has been detailed below.

    How to apply?

    Application Portal: Students can apply through an online application portal.

    Application fee: 55 EUR

    Basic Admission Requirements

    • Official academic transcripts.
    • 2 academic Letters of Recommendations
    • CGPA (2.1 or equivalent on the website; 3.5 or above in real)
    • Student visa Ireland
    • Work Experience, CV resume (course-specific)
    • Exams to study in Ireland
    • Interview (for candidates from India).

    For a detailed analysis of what the interview process is like, please refer to the video included as follows:

    English Proficiency Test

    English proficiency tests Minimum Scores
    IELTS 6.5
    TOEFL 88 (internet-based), 570 paper-based, 230 computer-based
    University of Cambridge Grade C
    PTE Academic 63

    Trinity College Dublin Cost of Attendance

    For all the aspirants seeking to study at Trinity, it is advisable to plan their finances well in advance. To aid the same, the distribution of the cost of living in Ireland is when enrolled as a student at the college is as follows:

    Tuition Fee

    Fee for various courses available at the institute at different levels for the year 2021 is as compiled below.

    Disciplines Undergraduate (USD) Postgraduate (USD)
    Engineering, Mathematics & Science 30,800 28,100
    Health Sciences Max 56,000 30,800
    Law 23,500 26,000
    Business (MBA in Ireland) 23,500 40,800
    Computer Science 30,800 28,100

    Cost of Living

    The average cost of living is 13,800 USD per annum and is affected majorly by the type of accommodation opted.

    Accommodation type Weekly Cost (USD)
    On-Campus accommodation 205
    Trinity Hall 180
    Kavanagh Court 290
    Binary Hub 280

    For further details regarding the distribution of expenses at the institute, please refer to the video mentioned below.

    Trinity College Dublin Scholarships

    The institute provides financial support in the form of scholarships in Ireland for international students. Some of the scholarships available at UG and PG level are mentioned below:

    Scholarship Benefit/Amount
    Global Business Scholarship Rebate of 5800 USD on tuition fee
    Global Excellence Undergraduate Scholarship Rebate of 3500-5800 USD on tuition fee
    Sports Scholarship 800-1700 USD

    Scholarship Benefit/Amount
    Postgraduate Research Scholarship 7,500 USD
    The government of Ireland Scholarship 100% tuition fee waiver

    Trinity College Dublin Notable Alumni 

    Nearly, 100,000+alumni are based across 130 countries globally. The benefits offered to the alumni include library access, campus wifi, career advice, free online courses, sports and club membership.

    Some of the notable alumni of the institute include Oscar Wilde and Samuel Beckett, Theobald Wolfe Tone, Henry Grattan and President Mary Robinson, etc.

    Trinity College Dublin Placements

    The institute has an impressive employment rate of over 90% and offers a range of alternatives for students to post their degrees in Ireland. About 61% of the organizations have claimed to have hired a non-Irish applicant within the last year. Nearly 86% of employers surveyed increased the salaries of their employees last year and 90% intend to increase the salaries next year and also intend to increase salaries up to 5% year-on-year.

    Emolument data shows that, Trinity College graduates earn 70,000 USD annually on average. The highest paid TCD graduates are the ones working in financial services, while lowest paid are the ones working in engineering where average salaries in the Emolument report are 35,000 USD.

    Degree Average Salary (USD)
    Executive Masters 113,000
    MBA 98,000
    Masters in Finance 96,000
    Bachelor of Arts 80,000
    Masters in Science 73,000

    Trinity College Dublin v/s Local Competitors

    Apart from other factors that make Trinity the perfect choice when seeking to study in Ireland, it is always better to have a basic idea of what it is playing against and how it stands among its competitors. To aid your decision-making process, we have compiled the list of five top prestigious institutes of Ireland and have compared them on different parameters.

    Name of the Institute QS University Rankings 2021 Acceptance Rate Employment Rate CGPA SAT/ACT Score IELTS/TOEFL score
    Trinity College Dublin 101 34% 92% 65% or 3.5 1300 to 1460/ 29 to 32 6.5 (not less than 5.5)/ 88
    University College Dublin 177 20-30% Over 90% 65% or 3.5 1190/ 24 6.5 (not less than 6)/ 90
    National University of Ireland, Galway 238 55% 90% 60% or 3.0 1090/ 21 6.5 (not less than 5.5)/ 88
    University College Cork 286 70% 80.5% 60% or 3.0 1140/ 23 6.5 (not less than 6)/ 90
    University of Limerick 439 90% 85% 65% or 3.5 1090/ 22 6.5 (not less than 6)/ 90
    Comparison of Cost of Study in Ireland Universities

    Apart from test scores and rate of acceptance and employment, one other significant area that can not be ignored when applying at Trinity is the overall cost of attendance. As mentioned in above graph, Trinity College Dublin has comparatively low tuition as well as cost of attendance, standing out as best choice among the local competitors.

    Important Dates

    ProgramApplication DeadlineFees
    M.Sc Mechanical Engineering
    September (31st Jul 2021)
    $29,334 /Yr
    M.Sc Finance
    September (31st Jul 2021)
    $27,376 /Yr
    B.A Computer Engineering
    September (31st Jul 2021)
    $31,842 /Yr
    B.B.A Global Business
    September (31st Jul 2021)
    $22,243 /Yr
    Ph.D Social Sciences Political Science
    September (1st Feb 2021)
    $18,290 /Yr
    Ph.D Humanities Irish School of Ecumenics
    September (31st Jul 2021)
    $9,303 /Yr
    Grad.Dip Construction Law and Contract Administration
    September (31st Jul 2021)
    $22,122 /Yr
    Post-Graduate Diploma Conscious Sedation in Dentistry
    January (30th Oct 2020)
    $23,164 /Yr
    USD 29,334/Yr
    Exam Scores: IELTS6.5|TOEFL88|PTE63
    Application Deadline: 31 Jul, 2021

    Master of Science [M.Sc] Finance

    1 year
    Full Time
    USD 27,376/Yr
    Exam Scores: IELTS6.5|TOEFL88|PTE62|GMAT550
    Application Deadline: 31 Jul, 2021
    USD 27,376/Yr
    Exam Scores: IELTS6.5|TOEFL88|PTE62|GMAT550
    Application Deadline: 31 Jul, 2021
    USD 23,718/Yr
    Exam Scores: IELTS6.5|TOEFL88|PTE62|GMAT550
    Application Deadline: 31 Jul, 2021

    Master of Laws [L.L.M]

    1 year
    Full Time
    USD 24,555/Yr
    Exam Scores: IELTS6.5|TOEFL88|PTE63
    Application Deadline: 31 May, 2021


    Times Higher Education logo

    Overall #146 out of 1200 in Global Ranking

    Engineering #146 out of 1200 in Global Ranking
    Medicine #146 out of 1200 in Global Ranking
    Law #146 out of 1200 in Global Ranking
    Arts #146 out of 1200 in Global Ranking

    View More >>

    Nearest Ranked Colleges

    University College Dublin


    University College Cork


    QS World University logo
    Management #97 out of 252 in Global Ranking

    College Rating

    Based on 1 Students Rating

    8.7 out of 10
    9.0/10Social Life

    Trinity College Dublin Reviews

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    8.7 /10

    Ireland was the country of my choice and Trinity College too. I was always fascinated by the place, their culture and college. This convinced me to fill the application for Trinity, Dublin. The application cost that I had to pay was €55.

    Fees :

    I paid an estimated amount of €25,000 for the course for the whole year. Also I paid a mandatory amount towards SLC €191.75 annually. I managed to receive a scholarship of €5000, which helped to cut down my other costs.

    8 /10 academic/food
    9 /10 faculty
    9 /10 infrastructure
    9 /10 accomodation
    8 /10 placement
    9 /10 extracurricular

    Trinity College Dublin comparison

    Trinity College DublinUniversity of Glasgow
    collegedunia score5.2 Out of 106.2 Out of 10
    ranking (overall)# 146 Times Higher Education 2022
    # 101 QS World University 2021
    # 155 Times Higher Education 2021
    # 73 QS World University 2022
    # 86 Times Higher Education 2022
    # 12 KC Rank Agency 2021
    subject strength# 97 for Management by QS World University 2022
    # 146 for Statistics by Times Higher Education 2022
    # 146 for Media Studies by Times Higher Education 2022
    # 86 for Geography by Times Higher Education 2022
    # 86 for Design by Times Higher Education 2022
    # 86 for Economics by Times Higher Education 2022
    programsUG Programs -92
    PG Programs -60
    Doctorate Programs -3
    UG Programs -33
    PG Programs -71
    Doctorate Programs -6
    exam scorePTE - 69
    TOEFL - 104
    IELTS - 7.5
    GMAT - 593
    GMAT - 700
    GRE - 322
    TOEFL - 110
    IELTS - 7
    PTE - 71
    cost to studyAverage Tuition Fees   USD 31842
    [For UG Program]
    Average Tuition Fees   USD 29109
    [For PG Program]
    Hostel + Meal - USD 25755 Per Year
    Average Tuition Fees   USD 31510
    [For UG Program]
    Average Tuition Fees   USD 33619
    [For PG Program]
    Hostel + Meal - USD 17740 Per Year
    placement (average package)

    Graduate employability ranking: #92.
    Executive Masters: up to $144,000
    MBA: $98,000
    Masters in finance: $96,000

    Graduate Employability Ranking: #131-140, 
    LLM: up to $86,000.
    PhD: $81,000. 
    BSc: $65,000 

    application requirements

    Fulfill country-specific entry requirements.
    Bachelor aspirants from India must have 80-85% in XII standard.
    PG aspirants from India 60-69% in bachelors

    International applicants must fulfill country-specific requirements,
    Bachelors aspirants from India must have at least 75% average score. 
    PG aspirants from India must have 1st division across all years of UG studies.

    campuses and b schoolsNAAdam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow
    collegedunia reviews8.7/10 Read 1 reviews8.3/10 Read 4 reviews
    -Read Full Comparison

    Trinity College Dublin Admissions

    Undergraduate Admission Deadlines

    June 30

    Application deadline

    Test Scores For International Applicants

    ExamsAvg. ScoreMin ScoreMax. Score%Submitted
    Language Proficiency

    Trinity College Dublin Acceptance Rate

    - %

    acceptance rate


    total applicants


    total enrolled






    Trinity College Dublin enrollment

    Trinity College Dublin Enrollment

    Attendance Cost


    attendance cost

    The table shows average yearly cost of attendance for international students. Amount may vary with the course opted, nature of accommodation, and personal spending habits of a candidate. Check Program wise Fees

    Tuition fees
    Undergraduate Programs
    $31,842 / Year
    Post Graduate Program
    $29,109 / Year
    On Campus
    Single En-suite Room
    $13,925 / Year
    Single Standard Room
    $11,830 / Year


    total facultyfull timepart timegraduate assistants
    College Green Dublin 2

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