Maynooth University World Rankings, National Rankings, Subject-Specific Rankings 2020-2021

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    Maynooth University is one of the fastest-growing universities in Dublin, Ireland. More than 13,000 students from 90 countries all over the world are pursuing a variety of courses from the institute which is renowned in the list of top universities in Ireland

    The university puts extra effort in the field of research using a unique, interdisciplinary approach. Their contribution to the research field and their excellence in offering state-of-the-art academic coaching has earned them a special and notable place in world ranking lists.

    As per Times Higher Education, young university survey, this University has ranked #49 among 50 top universities under 50. They consider this as one of their prestigious achievements. This university has also secured a place within the first 300 ranks in the global best university ranking list that highlights how the university works hard to sustain its place in the academic world and is a sought-after choice for studying in Ireland.

    Maynooth University Ranking Highlights

    • It is recognized as a leading young university by Times Higher Education which got this rank #49 in top 50 universities under 50.
    • As per the global ranking list by CWUR, Maynooth university is given rank #1123.
    • Maynooth University is ranked #7 among the best global universities in Ireland by US news, 2020.
    • Under the same survey by the US news website, this university has obtained rank #941 in the best global universities list all over the world.

    Maynooth University World Rankings

    As 12% of students of this university are international students, this university has a very good international outlook and has become a preference for many students who want to study abroad.Also, it offers a diverse range of scholarships and grants for eligible students which helps them fulfill their educational goals without spending millions.

    In the world university ranking 2021 survey by Times Higher Education, Maynooth University has been given the ranking range #401-500 among 1500 universities from countries all over the world. You can see the whole list of rankings here.

    Being one of the trustworthy ranking sources that are used and preferred by many academic scholars and aspiring students all over the world, THE takes its pride in coming up with a precise ranking list of universities all over the world every year. The five important parameters they consider for creating this list are teaching, research, citations, industry income, and international outlook.

    As per the ranking list by QS Top universities, these are the ranking data of Maynooth university between the year 2012-2021. 

    Year Ranking
    2012 #501-550
    2013 #501-550
    2014 #551-600
    2015 #601-650
    2016 #551-600
    2017 #651-700
    2018 #701-750
    2019 #701-750
    2020 #701-750
    2021 #701-750

    Maynooth University National Rankings

    This is one of the fastest-growing universities in Europe with more than 20 years of strong academic and research background. Even though Europe is filled with rich and excellent universities with world-class experience in the education field, Maynooth University has obtained its place in the ranking data by consistently proving its excellence in diverse areas.

    According to the US News site, this university has obtained #376 in the world’s best global universities in Europe and #7 in the list of top colleges of Ireland.

    Let us see a few of the universities that have got rankings closer to Maynooth university.

    University Name Ranking Global score
    University of Oxford #1 87.0
    University of Southampton #35 70.4
    Technical University of Denmark #60 65.7
    University of Selerno #189 52.8
    Maynooth university #376 37.4
    Royal College of Surgeons #382 37

    Here, we have tried to show you some of the top universities in Europe and their positions in the top universities ranking of Europe along with their global score. Here is the whole ranking list of the universities in Europe.

    Maynooth University v/s Global Competitors

    Represented below is the comparison of the top universities of Ireland through a bar chart as per the data from the US news website ranking for the year 2021.

    Maynooth University v/s global competitors

    The surprising fact is, there are only 8 universities in Ireland. And the above chart tries to show a comparison between the best universities among them along with their global score. 

    Maynooth University v/s University of Limerick

    Here is a detailed comparison between Maynooth University and the University of Limerick in Ireland using the score from QS top universities.

    Maynooth University v/s University of Limerick

    We have compared the major parameters that are the indicators of ranking which are citations, International faculty and international students. The dark bar represents the University of Limerick whereas the lighter one denotes Maynooth University.

    Maynooth University Subject-wise Rankings

    Maynooth University offers an extensive set of programs and degrees like research programs, undergraduate, postgraduate degrees, diploma, level 8 courses, certification courses, and even short-term courses.

    From A to Z, they have a wide range of departments and specializations. Some of the popular departments are English, Ancient classics, media studies, music, education, geography, chemistry, biology, psychology, philosophy, economics, law, school of business, sociology, computer science etc.

    They also have a school of modern languages where they teach languages like French, German, Spanish, Latin etc with a deep curriculum. In the year 2020, in the World University Ranking survey conducted by QS top Universities, Maynooth university is given the ranking slot #151-200.

    Let us see the subjects of this university and their rankings in the above survey.

    Subject Rank
    Geography #151-200
    English language and literature #251-300
    Computer science and information systems #551-600

    The parameters that are considered by the QS top university website to evaluate the above ranking are academic reputation, employer reputation and citations per paper.

    Considering the scores for a set of year, Geography is the department that has maintained the best-ranking range for years, Let us see the ranking of the department ‘Geography’ for the year 2012 to 2020.

    Year Ranking (by QS, for Geography)
    2013 #101-150
    2014 #101-150
    2015 #101-150
    2016 #151-200
    2017 #151-200
    2018 #151-200
    2019 #151-200
    2020 #151-200

    The importance is given to the research field and the way Maynooth university involves its undergraduate and postgraduate students to commit themselves and contribute to solving some of the trickiest challenges our society faces is really commendable and worth mentioning.

    Apart from ranking data, Maynooth university strives hard to offer an excellent academic and research platform to all of its students and mold them in a way to make them excel in the competitive job market once they finish their studies. The rankings are a sheer representation of the above fact.


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    8.2 /10

    Placement :

    The course, conferences and seminars hosted during the sessions help us give an insight on how the Ireland market is, how the start-ups are performing and thus helps us prepare accordingly for the placements. The jobs in the segment of accounting and business are most talked about and the students get great placement offers from well-known organisations.

    Internship :

    I am currently working under my professors in a fellowship program offered by my department. I have a responsibility to make a dummy charter on how the business of an organization works and different verticals involved. I get an amount of €4000 for the internship.

    8 /10 academic/food
    9 /10 faculty
    9 /10 infrastructure
    8 /10 accomodation
    8 /10 placement
    7 /10 extracurricular


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