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    The University of Malaya, situated in Kuala Lumpur is the oldest and most acclaimed university in the country Malaysia. Thus, the University initially had two divisions under British rule, one in Singapore and one in Malaysia. In 1960, the government of Malaysia made these two divisions autonomous and separate national universities. One branch located in Singapore became the National University of Singapore after the independence of Singapore from Malaysia, and the other branch located in Kuala Lumpur, retaining the name the University of Malaya.

    The University of Malaya has a wide and remarkable alumni network which includes two Prime Ministers of Malaysia, who have significantly contributed to the development of the country. High rankings are credited to the university on a global level, as the latest (2021) QS Top Universities rankings globally have given it 59th spot. Other notable rankings include the 205th spot in Best Global Universities by US News.

    The University of Malaysia Ranking Highlights

    • Ranked 59th in QS Global World Ranking 2021
    • Ranked 205th in Best Global Universities Rankings 2021 by US News
    • Ranked 301-305th in Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings 2021
    • Ranked 13th in Aisa University Rankings by QS Top Universities (2021)
    • Ranked 8th in Best Global Universities in Asia by US News (2021)
    • Ranked 1st in Best Global Universities in Malaysia by US News (2021)

    The University of Malaysia Global Ranking

    • Ranking trends in QS Top Universities global lists show that the university has skyrocketed its positions year by year. It is ranked 59th in the world by QS. Sublime education quality for engineering subjects and topmost employer and academic reputation scores have mainly contributed to the ranks and feats achieved by the institution. It stood at 156th spot in 2012 and 167th spot in 2014 is QS’s rankings but the rankings have gone up continuously after that. For 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 the University of Malaysia stood at 114th, 87th, 70th, and 59th spot respectively.
    • The Times Higher Education has given the university 301–350th spot for their 2021 global list. The international outlook was given the highest score, 83.7. Rankings have continuously been in between 301-350th for the past years. Ranking Criteria by QS includes factors like academic reputation, employer reputation, citations, international faculty, and international students. Employer reputation and academic reputation have contributed largely in giving the university a top place in the rankings.

    Rankings for the past five years, given by QS Top Universities and the Times Higher Education are-

    Year QS World University Ranking THE World University Ranking
    2021 59 301–350
    2020 70 301–350
    2019 87 301–350
    2018 114 301–350
    2017 133 351-400

    The University of Malaysia National Ranking

    All major ranking lists have crowned the university as the best in Malaysia. According to US News, the University of Malaysia sits at the 1st spot for the best global university in Malaysia. QS again ranked it 1st in its Best Global Universities in Malaysia. It also the 26th best in the Aisa according to US News. Country-wise rankings given to the University of Malaysia can thus be summarised as-

    • Ranked 1st in Best Global Universities in Malaysia 2021 by US News
    • Ranked 1st in Best Universities in Malaysia 2021 by QS World University Rankings

    University of Malaysia Subject-wise Ranking

    Most engineering subjects taught by the University of Malaysia are highly rated. Notable top rankings include subjects - Library and Information Management, Development Studies, Computer Science, Engineering and Technology, and other engineering subjects. Almost 20 of the subjects are ranked among the top hundred in the world. Library and Information Management taking the highest spot with a ranking of 38 in the world. The rankings are taken into consideration employer reputation, academic reputation, and research impact.

    QS’s rankings for popular subjects can be summarised for most of the subjects as-

    Subject QS Global Ranking
    Engineering - Electrical and Electronic 46th
    Life Sciences and Medicine 174th
    Geography 51-100th
    Engineering - Mechanical 51-100th
    Development Studies 49th
    Library and Information Management 38th
    Mathematics 101-150th
    Material Sciences 101-150th
    Art and Design 101-150th
    Engineering and Technology 106th
    Pharmacy & Pharmacology 101-150th
    Law and Legal Studies 51-100th
    English Language and Literature 51-100th
    Arts and Humanities 105th
    Computer Science and Information Systems 51-100th
    Social Science and Management 74th
    Chemistry 101-150th

    US News has ranked most engineering and science-related subjects as the best in the university. Engineering, Energy and Fuels, Mechanical Engineering, and Civil Engineering Public have the top ranks, all within 25 on a global level. Other fields like Physics, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Pharmacy are also among the top 150 in the world. The rankings given by US News for main subjects can be summarised as-

    Subject US News Global Ranking
    Agricultural Sciences 166th
    Biotechnology and Applied Microbiology 115th
    Chemical Engineering 83rd
    Chemistry 121st
    Clinical Medicine 251th
    Civil Engineering 25th
    Computer Science 87th
    Economic and Business 234th
    Physics 141th
    Engineering 17th
    Energy and Fuels 19th
    Pharmacology and Toxicology 109th
    Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 62nd
    Electrical and Electronic Engineering 131st
    Immunology 185th
    Material Science 170th
    Microbiology 137th
    Environment/Ecology 337th

    University of Malaysia Miscellaneous Rankings

    Some miscellaneous rankings for the University of Malaysia are as follows-

    • Ranked 80th in the Impact Rankings 2020 by the Times Higher Education
    • Ranked 141-150th in the world for Graduate Employability Rankings given by QS Top Universities
    • Ranked 13th in the Asian University Rankings 2021 given by QS Top Universities
    • Ranked 43rd in the Asia University Rankings 2020 by the Times Higher Education

    Without a doubt, the University is the best in Malaysia, among emerging bests in Asia. The world rankings have also significantly all thanks to its top employee and academic reputation and great subject offerings, mainly in engineering fields. The university also has notable alumni including two of the Prime Ministers of Malaysia. All these factors make it a prime choice for Asian candidates mainly, to pursue studies in their choice of subjects, preferably in engineering.


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    Placement :

    I feel the placements at the University of Malaya are really good. I have seen my seniors getting placed in the top-notch Malaysian firms. Also, the placement coordinators work hand in hand with the students. They conduct mock group discussions and train us on interviews, till we feel confident to face one.

    Internship :

    I managed to do an internship in my uncle's firm. I understood the basics of business management. Also, I worked alongside the managers by knowing from them how to do portfolio rationalization. My uncle paid me an amount of RM10,000 for the internship.

    8 /10 academic/food
    9 /10 faculty
    8 /10 infrastructure
    8 /10 accomodation
    8 /10 placement
    7 /10 extracurricular


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