All about UTAR !!

    8.7 /10

    One of my mother's friend is a professor at this college. She suggested this college to me as she was in continuous touch with my mother and new about my choices. I explored the university online and applied for the admission by paying an application fee of RM 300.

    Course Curriculum :

    The course emphasizes on every smallest and biggest aspect of the subjects. It is providing in-depth knowledge required by the professionals to excel well in this field.

    Exams :

    Computer Science is a global field. Since the field has developed so much, there is a high demand for people with a good amount of practical and theoretical knowledge. This was the main reason why I opted for this course. I had to submit my official documents, transcripts along with my TOEFL scores of 505.

    Placement :

    I don't have enough knowledge yet to share nor I focused because I want to carry out further research and wanted to do the doctorate. But as per the stats, all of us will be provided with good opportunities.

    Events :

    There are mostly academic events taking place such as workshops, seminars, technical classes, guest speaker series, etc.

    Fees :

    I have to pay about RM 8000 every year towards my course.

    Faculty :

    The faculties are strict and friendly at the same time. They focus more on practicality than on theoretical learning. Some professor helps and involves students in different kinds of projects as well.

    Hostel :

    I am living in an apartment near my college campus. The facilities are top class and also it's cheaper as compared to other options. I have paid RM 250 for the accommodation facility and RM 400 for the meals.

    8.7 out of 10
    8.0/10Social Life