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The top MBA colleges in India in 2020 comprise 651 public and 3861 private B schools. The list includes names like the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM Ahmedabad), IIM Bangalore, FMS Delhi, SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai, NITIE Mumbai, XLRI Jamshedpur, MDI Gurgaon, IIFT Delhi, NMIMS Mumbai and many more. The tables given later show the ranking of MBA colleges in India by Economic Times, NIRF and Business Today, along with average salary and fees charged. We have also covered the latest NIRF Ranking 2020.

\(x = {-b \pm \sqrt{b^2-4ac} \over 2a}\)

\(\begin{equation} x = a_0 + \cfrac{1}{a_1 + \cfrac{1}{a_2 + \cfrac{1}{a_3 + \cfrac{1}{a_4} } } } \end{equation}\)

\(\sum_{i=1}^{10} t_i\)

\(\int_0^\infty \mathrm{e}^{-x}\,\mathrm{d}x\)

  • The average cost for 2 year duration MBA course varies from INR 12-20 lakh in these colleges, though there is often a huge disparity in this value. This disparity does not depend on whether the MBA college is Tier-1,2 or 3.
  • What makes this difference clear is that IIM Bangalore charges around INR 22,00,000 for the 2 year MBA fees, while FMS Delhi charges only INR 1,92,000. FMS Delhi also offers a really good package to its students.
  • MBA admissions are mostly done through CAT. Many colleges also accept other management exam scores like MAT, XAT, NMAT, CMAT, ATMA, SNAP, and even GMAT and GRE. Check the complete list of top MBA colleges in India accepting MAT score. There are some colleges which also give direct admission to students.
  • With more than 75 MBA specializations to offer like Finance, Marketing, HR, and Operations, the management education imparted in the best B schools in India is at par with that offered in the top MBA colleges in World like Wharton, Harvard and London Business School (LBS London).
  • The average salary after completing this course ranges from INR 6-8 lakh, with the best colleges offering average placements as high as INR 25-30 lakh. The placements also vary from Full-Time to Distance MBA Colleges in India. An MBA Distance Education course in India can often go up to 5 years in some colleges.

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1. Ranking 2020
        1.1 NIRF Ranking
        1.2 Economic Times Ranking
        1.3 Business Today Ranking
2. ROI (Return on Investment)
3. Cutoff
        3.1 IIM CAT Cutoff
        3.2 IIT CAT Cutoff
        3.3 Private MBA College Cutoff
4. Admisson Process
        4.1 IIM Ahmedabad
        4.2 NMIMS Mumbai
5. Region Wise MBA Colleges in India
        5.1 Top MBA Colleges in Delhi NCR
        5.2 Top MBA Colleges in Bangalore
        5.3 Top MBA Colleges in Mumbai
        5.4 Top MBA Colleges in Hyderabad
        5.5 Top MBA Colleges in Pune
6. Entrance Exam Wise MBA Colleges in India
        6.1 MBA Colleges Accepting CAT
        6.2 MBA Colleges Accepting MAT
        6.3 MBA Colleges Accepting CMAT
        6.4 MBA Colleges Accepting XAT
7. Placements in MBA Colleges in India
        7.1 Top MBA in Marketing Colleges in India
        7.2 Top MBA in HR Colleges in India
        7.3 Top MBA Finance Colleges in India
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Top MBA Colleges in India: Ranking 2020

The rankings of B schools in India are released every year by Economic Times, NIRF, Outlook, The Week, Business Today, India Today, and many other agencies. NIRF releases a combined list under the category of top management colleges in India. The main parameters considered while conducting the surveys for these lists are Education Quality, Faculty-Student Ratio, Placement Outcome, Perception of the University, Exam Pattern and Outreach and Inclusivity.

Many private ranking agencies also release lists under the categories of zones (North, East, West and South) and also for top government and top private MBA colleges in India. Certain additional lists are based on  ROI and state wise ranking. Listed below are the top MBA colleges in India, rank wise, by these different agencies.

Top MBA Colleges in India with NIRF Ranking

College Name NIRF Ranking 2020
IIM Ahmedabad 1
IIM Bangalore 2
IIM Calcutta 3
IIM Lucknow 4
IIT Kharagpur 5
IIM Kozhikode 6
IIM Indore 7
IIT Delhi 8
XLRI Jamshedpur 9
MDI Gurgaon 10
IIT Bombay 11
IIT Roorkee 12
NITIE Mumbai 12
IIT Madras 14
IIM Trichy 15
IIT Kanpur 16
IIM Udaipur 17
SP Jain Mumbai 18
IIM Raipur 19
IIM Ranchi 20

As the table depicts, most of the top MBA colleges in India have shown improvement in their rankings, compared to previous years.

  • IIM Ahmedabad, which earlier ranked 2nd in 2019, has now replaced IIM Bangalore as the best MBA college in India as per NIRF ranking survey 2020.
  • IIM Bangalore now ranks 2nd followed by IIM Calcutta at the 3rd spot.
  • IIM Kozhikode has also shown an improvement of 2 ranks as it jumps from 8th to 6th position.
  • The best improvement has been shown by NITIE Mumbai which has improved by 17 positions and now ranks at the 12th position in India.
  • MDI Gurgaon has also shown a good improvement. It has overtaken IIT Bombay and IIT Roorkee to rank among the top 10 MBA colleges in India.

FMS Delhi, which was ranked at the 35th position in 2019, has not been included among the top management colleges in India this year. This may be because NIRF does not consider Increase in Pay as a parameter while calculating these rankings.

National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF), under the Ministry of HRD, Government of India, releases the list of top management colleges in India every year. The agency releases its ranking score as an average of 5 key criteria, with each having its own weightage, as shown in the chart below.

NIRF Ranking Parameters Weightage


Top MBA Colleges in India with Economic Times Ranking

College Name Economic Times MBA Ranking 2020
IIM Ahmedabad 1
XLRI Jamshedpur 2
IIM Bangalore 3
Symbiosis Pune 4
IIM Calcutta 5
NMIMS Mumbai 6
IMT Ghaziabad 7
IIM Lucknow 8
MDI Gurgaon 9
JBIMS Mumbai 10
IIM Kozhikode 11
ISB Hyderabad 12
SPJIMR Mumbai 13
Amity Business School Noida 14
FMS Delhi 15

The ranking from the Economic Times remains almost the same when compared to the 2019 ranking. FMS Delhi here has been ranked at the 15th position in India.

  • IIM Ahmedabad maintains its top spot just like in the previous year.
  • As all the other colleges maintain their position, only JBIMS Mumbai and Amity Noida have interchanges their position this year.
  • While JBIMS Mumbai has improved by 4 ranks, Amity has dropped by the same number.

The Economic Times ranking process saw 253 responses divided into different functional heads. The list this year has been curated by 31 IT Heads, 38 Finance Heads, 97 HR Heads, 34 Production Heads, and 52 Manufacturing Heads. Their percentage-wise division is shown below.

Departments of Head in Economic Times B-School Ranking Panel


Top MBA Colleges in India with Business Today Ranking

College Name Business Today MBA Ranking 2019
IIM Ahmedabad 1
IIM Calcutta 2
XLRI Jamshedpur 3
SPJIMR Mumbai 4
IIM Indore 5
MDI Gurgaon 6
IIM Kozhikode 7
FMS Delhi 8
NMIMS Mumbai 9
IIFT New Delhi 10

The top MBA colleges in India ranking by Business Today mentions some entrants which are not seen in other lists.

  • IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Calcutta occupy the top 2 spots respectively.
  • IIM Bangalore did not participate in the rankings this year.
  • XLRI Jamshedpur has risen by 1 rank and now occupies the 3rd spot.
  • SPJIMR Mumbai has managed to grab the 4th spot.
  • The list also includes top MBA colleges in India like FMS Delhi and IIM Kozhikode.
  • This year, MDI Gurgaon is the sole top 10 MBA college which has slipped by 1 position.

Learn More:  Top MBA Finance Colleges in India

Top MBA Colleges in India with Fees

College Name MBA Fees
IIM Ahmedabad INR 23,00,000
IIM Bangalore INR 23,15,000
IIM Calcutta INR 27,00,000
IIM Lucknow INR 20,10,000
IIM Indore INR 15,60,000
IIM Kozhikode INR 17,50,000
IIM Udaipur INR 6,16,000
IIM Ranchi INR 15,60,000
IIM Rohtak INR 16,70,000
IIM Kashipur INR 12,53,000
IIT Bombay INR 9,76,000
IIT Madras INR 8,00,000
IIT Kharagpur INR 10,44,000
IIT Delhi INR 9,60,000
IIT Roorkee INR 8,20,000
NIT Trichy INR 1,95,000
IIFT New Delhi INR 15,20,000
Symbiosis Pune INR 19,20,000
MDI Gurgaon INR 18,80,000
Narsee Monjee Mumbai INR 18,50,000
XLRI Jamshedpur INR 23,60,000
SP Jain Mumbai INR 35,00,000
FMS Delhi INR 1,92,000
IMT Nagpur INR 24,20,000
NITIE Mumbai INR 12,00,000

Top Private MBA Colleges in India with Best ROI (Return on Investment) in 2020

College Name Average Annual Fees Average Salary ROI Rank*
JBIMS Mumbai INR 50,000 INR 18,13,000 1
FMS Delhi INR 1,92,000 INR 25,00,000 2
XLRI Jamshedpur INR 4,26,000 INR 22,35,000 3
Symbiosis Pune INR 5,90,000 INR 17,48,000 4
SP Jain Mumbai INR 9,30,000 INR 22,90,000 5
IIM Ranchi INR 6,98,000 INR 15,09,000 6
MDI Gurgaon INR 9,43,000 INR 20,13,000 7
IIM Lucknow INR 7,13,000 INR 15,00,000 8
IMT Ghaziabad INR 10,35,000 INR 12,50,000 9
ISB Hyderabad INR 34,63,000 INR 25,06,000 10

ROI or Return on Investment tells how much profitable it is to pursue MBA from a specific management college in India. It gives an idea of how many years it would take to recover the money invested in an MBA course.

*ROI={(Average Salary Package)/(Average Annual Fee)}*100%

ROI should be an important aspect before you decide on the best college for your management education.

  • JBIMS Mumbai offers the best ROI among all the top MBA colleges in India. The institute offers a package comparable to any IIM and charges just INR 50,000 as 1 year fees. JBIMS offers a MMS degree in place of MBA. Check more about What is MMS course, and how it differs from an MBA.
  • FMS Delhi and XLRI Jamshedpur are also 2 good colleges offering lucrative ROI.
  • Among the often-talked-about top 3 IIMs A, B, and C, IIM Bangalore offers the best ROI according to the latest surveys.

The top MBA colleges in India provide students with enormous placement opportunities and the sector is growing more than ever.

  • Trends and surveys show that average salary offered in MBA placements and internships are seeing a rise in the recent future.
  • As per the findings of QS, management graduates hiring surged by 10% in 2017 and the past years.
  • Top B-schools are often seeing a rise of 15%-25% in the stipends offered for summer placements.

Not just top management colleges, many top engineering colleges in India have also started offering MBA courses. See the admission process of some of these top management and engineering colleges in India offering MBA courses.

Top MBA Colleges in India: Cutoff

Almost every MBA college releases cutoff lists of different MBA entrance exams to admit students in their management courses, whether MBA, PGDM or PGPM. Some of the entrance exams for which cutoff lists are released are CAT, MAT, SNAP, NMAT, CMAT and XAT. Colleges also release cutoff of state level entrance exams like UPSEE and MAHCET.

  • Cutoff lists released by Top MBA Colleges in India are divided according to caste categories (General, SC, ST, etc.) sometimes.
  • Many colleges often release multiple lists as they conduct multiple rounds for admissions. This is mainly due to the withdrawl of the already accepted students.
  • In some lists, most often in the case of state level exams, there is also a provision of State Quota, thus favouring the students who are resident of that particular state.

If you also want to find out which state exams favour you and act as catalyst for your selection, check the top MBA exams in India. Listed below are cutoff details for some of these exams, as released by top colleges in India.

Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), New Delhi is affiliated to the University of Delhi and releases the cutoff list for CAT every year. In the 2019 admission process, the cutoff was 98%ile for General category students, 90%ile for OBC, 82%ile for SC and 58%ile for ST students.

IIM CAT Cutoff

College CAT Cutoff 2020
IIM Ahmedabad 90
IIM Bangalore 99
IIM Kolkata 99
IIM Kozhikode 97
IIM Lucknow 97
IIM Ranchi 94
IIM Rohtak 95
IIM Kashipur 95
IIM Indore 97
IIM Udaipur 92
  • IIM Ahmedabad Cutoff has been lower than IIM Bangalore and IIM Calcutta in the past year. This is mainly due to the institute’s eligibility criteria which also focuses on creating a variety of students in the institute. These parameters include Gender of Student, Caste Category, and Academic Background in Undergraduation.
  • After IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Udaipur shows the lowest cutoff among all these colleges at 92.
  • Rest, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, IIM Lucknow and IIM Kozhikode, all of their cutoffs are >= 97.

These were just some insights into the cutoffs of IIMs in India. Read in detail about cutoffs of top IIMs by clicking on the links below. Check cutoff category wise also.

IIT CAT Cutoff

College CAT Cutoff 2020
IIT Bombay 90
IIT Delhi 90
IIT Madras 85
IIT Kanpur 93

NIT Trichy releases the lowest cutoff among all these top MBA colleges in India. Read in detail about cutoffs of these colleges by cliking on the links below.

Private MBA College Cutoff

While IIMs, IITs and NITs in India stick to the CAT exam as a mode for the MBA admissions in India, private colleges explore a plethora of entrance tests and many of them have their own specific entrance exams. Symbiosis considers SNAP score while Narsee Monjee conducts NMAT for admissions in its different campuses. XAT is also a popular entrance exam among these colleges and is organized by XLRI Jamshedpur. The table below shows the cutoff lists of top private MBA colleges in India.

College MBA Cutoff 2020
XLRI Jamshedpur 96 (XAT)
MDI Gurgaon 94 (CAT)
IIFT Delhi 36 (IIFT)
SP Jain Mumbai 92 (CAT)
85 (XAT)
IMT Ghaziabad 90 (CAT)
NMIMS Mumbai 209 (NMAT)
Symbiosis Pune 96 (SNAP)
98 (CAT)
Great Lakes Chennai 90 (XAT)
90 (CMAT)
85 (CAT)

We have given the cutoff details of top private MBA colleges in India for the different exams they accept. The highest CAT cutoff among these is released by Symbiosis Pune at 98. To get deeper insights, see the links below.

Top MBA Colleges in India: Admission Process 2020

There are 4452 top MBA colleges in India providing quality management education to students. These include 3861 private MBA colleges and 651 top public MBA colleges in India. The following bar shows the ratio of private MBA colleges in India to public MBA colleges in India.

public and private MBA colleges in India

Source: Official Survey

Admissions to the most popular top MBA colleges in India are done through top management entrance exams. This list includes exams like CAT, NMAT, MAT, IBSAT, etc.

  • As per the AICTE data, the total intake of PG seats in management colleges in India is 3,71,750 in 2019-20.
  • The boys’ enrolment is 1,33,487 and the girls’ enrolment is 98,349.
  • An average admission process for MBA courses in India mainly includes 3 rounds: Entrance Exam, Group Discussion (GD) and a Personal Interview (PI).

IIM Ahmedabad

Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad is the most premier MBA institute in India and is always ranked among the top 3 MBA colleges in India. It has been ranked as the No. 1 MBA college in India in the latest NIRF Ranking 2020.

  • IIM Ahmedabad was established in 1961 under the leadership of ISRO founder Dr. Vikram Sarabhai. The institute is also ranked as 40th among the top MBA colleges in world by QS ranking 2020.
  • In 2008, IIM Ahmedabad became the first Indian institute to be awarded EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System) accreditation by the EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development).
  • It has been ranked as the No. 1 MBA college in India for the past 4 years.
  • IIM Ahmedabad has a total of 385 seats for PGPM program and 140 for Executive program.

The institute has been showing tremendous placements since the past many years. The final placements for 2017-19 batch and the summer placements for the 2018-20 batch have concluded. The average salary offered was INR 25,83,000. The following table shows a comparison of no. of IIM Ahmedabad Students placed against other popular IIMs.

IIM Ahmedabad Placements 2019

Source: Official Websites of 4 IIMs

Read in detail about  IIM Ahmedabad Placements 

Admissions are mainly done on the basis of CAT exam score.

  • The core IIM Ahmedabad MBA course consists of 480 sessions encompassing 24 credits.
  • The institute also considers the score of GMAT and GRE for some students.

Following chart shows the comparison of GMAT score accepted by IIM Ahmedabad with other popular IIMs.

GMAT Score Accepted by IIMs

Source: Official Websites of 4 IIMs

NMIMS Mumbai

Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) is one of the top 10 private MBA colleges in India. The institute has campuses at multiple cities including Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.

  • NMIMS Mumbai has scored 3.59 CGPA on the NAAC accreditation scale.
  • The institute has been ranked as the 9th best B-school by India Today in 2019.
  • NMIMS Mumbai has also earned the AACSB Accreditation, earned by less than 5% of the world’s business schools.
  • NMIMS’s MBA program is divided into 6 semesters. The course curriculum even includes special classes for French, Spanish and German languages to help students fetch better opportunities.
  • The full NMIMS MBA program is of 111 credits with 63 credits reserved for the first year and 45 for the second year. The remaining 3 credits are for the summer internship.

The seat intake of NMIMS Mumbai MBA programs is given below:

Narsee Monjee Mumbai MBA Seats 2020

Source: NMIMS Mumbai Official Website

The institute is done with its placements for the 2019-20 batch and also with the summer placements for the 2020-21 batch.

  • This year, 230 companies visited NMIMS campus for summer placements while 170 companies came for the final placements of 2020 batch.
  • The highest package for the 2020 batch placements was INR 38.57 LPA for Domestic and INR 58.61 LPA for International offers.
  • The highest stipend for the 2018-20 batch summer placements has been INR 3 lakh.
  • The average salary offered to students was INR 18,33,000.

The table below gives a comparison between the batch of 2019 and the batch of 2020 of NMIMS Mumbai.

Batch 2020 2019
Gender Ratio 62:38 62:38
Average Work Experience 18 months 18 months
Average Age 24 years 23 years
Professionally Certified Candidates 312 312

NMIMS Mumbai placements have been displaying a good trend in the past few years. However, the institute offers multiple MBA courses. The course-wise placement comparison of NMIMS Mumbai MBA programs is shown in the graph below.

NMIMS Mumbai Average Salary 2020


NMIMS has established itself as one of the top MBA colleges in India. Thousands of students come here from different parts of the country. The percentage of students from different parts of India are 46% from West India, 31% from North India, 13% from East India, and 10% from South India. Check detailed NMIMS Mumbai Fees Structure.

Top MBA Colleges in India: Region Wise

Different states in India have established different MBA colleges to impart the finest management education. Out of the entire list of top MBA colleges in India, Uttar Pradesh has 583 colleges, Maharashtra has 563, Tamil Nadu has 538 and Delhi NCR region hosts 508 such colleges. Categorized below are some of the top management colleges in India according to their location.

Top MBA Colleges in Delhi NCR

College Name MBA Fees
IIT Delhi INR 9,60,000
MDI Gurgaon INR 18,80,000
IIM Rohtak INR 16,70,000
IMI New Delhi INR 16,32,000
IIFT New Delhi INR 15,20,000
Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi INR 1,30,000
Department of Commerce, New Delhi INR 31,000
FMS New Delhi INR 1,92,000
FORE School of Management INR 32,00,000
IMT Ghaziabad INR 20,70,000

Being the capital region of India, Delhi offers an incomparable exuberance even in the case of management education. The capital Delhi hosts some of the best MBA colleges in India.

  • There are a total of 508 top MBA colleges in Delhi, including the NCR region.
  • Out of these, 451 are private MBA colleges while 57 are public MBA colleges.
  • 221 MBA colleges in Delhi accept the score of CAT while 214 accept the score of MAT exam.
  • 360 top MBA colleges in Delhi are AICTE approved while 102 are UGC approved.

IIT Delhi’s Department of Management Studies also offers MBA in Delhi. Go through the complete list of top MBA colleges in Delhi NCR.

Top MBA Colleges in Bangalore

College Name MBA Fees
IIM Bangalore INR 23,15,000
Alliance University, Bangalore INR 13,50,000
IFIM Business School INR 16,00,000
Chrsit University INR 7,60,000
Prin Welingkar WESCHOOL INR 22,00,000
XIME Bangalore INR 10,00,000
Indus Business Academy INR 8,62,000
AIMS Institutes INR 18,00,000
SIBM Bangalore INR 16,40,000
Kristu Jayanti College INR 8,00,000

Bangalore is the IT hub of India and hosts some of the most esteemed MBA colleges in India.

  • There are a total of 241 top MBA colleges in Bangalore.
  • Out of these 241 colleges, 220 are private and 21 are public.
  • Most of the colleges in Bangalore, 104 to be specific, accept the score of MAT.
  • The score of CAT exam is also accepted by 103 top MBA colleges in Bangalore.

The Department of Management Studies, IISc Bangalore also offers MBA courses to students in Bangalore. Explore all top MBA colleges in Bangalore.

Top MBA Colleges in Mumbai

College Name MBA Fees
IIT Bombay INR 10,00,000
SP Jain Mumbai INR 35,00,000
Narsee Monjee Mumbai INR 18,50,000
NITIE Mumbai INR 12,00,000
Prin LN Welingkar (WeSchool) INR 22,00,000
KJ Somaiya INR 14,34,000
SIES COMS Mumbai INR 9,00,000
NL Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research INR 18,60,000
IES MCRC Mumbai INR 8,00,000
Atharva Institute of Management Studies INR 3,50,000

Mumbai is considered the business hub of India and offers many lucrative job opportunities to students who complete their management education.

  • The city hosts the headquarters of many top finance companies in India and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) is also located here.
  • There are 9 public and 101 private MBA colleges in Mumbai. These colleges accept score of CAT, MAH CET, XAT, NMAT, SNAP and many other exams. 

Click to see the complete list of top MBA colleges in Mumbai.

Top MBA Colleges in Hyderabad

College Name MBA Fees
ISB Hyderabad INR 37,50,000
ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education INR 14,00,000
IMT Hyderabad INR 12,00,000
WOXSEN School of Business INR 10,60,000
MANAGE Hyderabad INR 16,50,000
IPE Hyderabad INR 9,10,000
SIBM Hyderabad INR 13,60,000
Aurora’s Business School, Hyderabad INR 5,40,000
Dhruva College of Management INR 12,30,000
ICBM School of Business Excellence INR 5,76,000

Hyderabad hosts the legacy of some of the good old names like the Osmania University and Indian School of Business. There are 206 colleges in the city offering MBA out of which 188 are private and 18 are public MBA colleges.

See more top MBA Colleges in Hyderabad

Top MBA Colleges in Pune

College Name MBA Fees
SIBM Pune INR 19,20,000
SCMHRD Pune INR 18,80,000
IMED Pune INR 4,50,000
SIIB Pune INR 15,40,000
BIMM Pune INR 8,90,000
SIDTM Pune INR 13,20,000
PIBM Pune INR 15,90,000
VAMNICOM Pune INR 6,30,000
ISB&M Nande INR 18,00,000
BIMHRD Pune INR 8,90,000

Pune is a popular destination for MBA education among students as the city hosts many top names like Symbiosis. There are 206 top MBA colleges in Pune out of which 195 are private and 11 are public. Some of the MBA colleges in the city also offer distance education.

Check more Top MBA Colleges in Pune

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Top MBA Colleges in India: Entrance Exam Wise

The top colleges in India accept various exam scores to admit students in their management programmes. As already stated, CAT and MAT are the 2 most popular exams in India for MBA followed by a long list including XAT, CMAT, MAH CET, UPSEE MBA, ATMA, NMAT, GMAT and GRE. In the sections below, we have made the list of top MBA colleges in India according to the entrance exam scores they accept. A small number of colleges also offer MBA direct admission without considering any top MBA exam score. Read below for more detailed information.

Top MBA Colleges in India Accepting CAT Score

CAT or Common Admission Test is the most popular and most prestigious entrance exam in India for MBA courses.

  • CAT is conducted generally in the month of November every year. One of the top IIMs in India takes turn to conduct this exam throughout India.
  • This year in 2020, CAT will be conducted by IIM Indore on November 29. Track all the latest updates on CAT Exam Dates.
  • An average of 3 lakh students participate in CAT exam every year and try to get amission in one of the top IIMs and other top B schools.
  • CAT is a 3-hour long paper, divided into 3 sections: Verbal Aptitude & Reading Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR), and Quantitative Aptitude (QA). However, in 2020, CAT will be conducted for only 2 hours due to Covid 19.
  • With the maximum score being 100, most of the top colleges in India release a CAT cutoff around 98-99%ile for their management courses.

Some of the top MBA colleges in India accepting CAT score are:

  • Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs)
  • Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and National Institutes of Technology (NITs)
  • Faculty of Management Studies (FMS Delhi)
  • Management Development Institute (MDI Gurgaon)
  • SP Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR), Mumbai
  • Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Ghaziabad

Check the complete list of all the top MBA colleges in India accepting CAT score.

Top MBA Colleges in India Accepting MAT Score

MAT or Management Aptitude Test is conducted by AIMA (All India Management Association) for admission in the top B Schools of India.

  • MAT is conducted 4 times in a year, in February, May, Spetember and December every year.
  • The exam is of 2.5 hours duration and includes 200 MCQs. The syllabus comprises Data Analysis & Sufficiency, Language Comprehension, Intelligence & Critical Reasoning, Mathematical Skills and Indian & Global Environment sections.
  • MAT is conducted in both Pen-Paper and Computer based modes. See what is the latest MAT Eligibility Criterion.

Some of the top MBA colleges in India accepting MAT score are:

  • Christ University, Bangalore
  • Department of Management Studies, IIT Madras
  • Birla Institute of Technology (BIT Mesra), Ranchi
  • IIM Rohtak

Check more colleges accepting MAT score in India.

Top MBA Colleges in India Accepting CMAT Scrore

CMAT (Common Management Admission Test) is the national level MBA exam conducted by the National Testing Agecncy (NTA), which also conducts JEE Main and NEET exams.

  • CMAT is a computer bases entrance exam having a duration of 3 hours.
  • The exam is often conducted in the first week of January every year.
  • The examination tests students in 4 main domains, Language Comprehension, Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning and General Awareness.
  • CMAT registrations start in the month of November. Track the updates on CMAT Exam Dates.

Some of the top MBA colleges in India accepting CMAT score are:

  • SJMSOM, IIT Bombay
  • Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai
  • Goa Institute of Management (GIM), North Goa
  • Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (XIME), Bangalore

Want to know more? Click here.

Top MBA Colleges in India Accepting XAT Score

XAT or the Xavier’s Aptitude Test is conducted by XLRI Jamshedpur every year on the behalf of Xavier Association of Management Institutes.

  • The exam score is accepted in more than 700 B schools in India.
  • The exam is generally conducted in January every year.
  • XAT Cutoff released are different for male and female students.
  • The application fee of XAT is INR 1,700 for students.

Some of the top MBA colleges in India accepting XAT score are:

  • Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Lucknow
  • Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI), Jamshedpur
  • SP Jain Mumbai
  • Department of Management Studies (DoMS), IIT Madras
  • Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai

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Top MBA Colleges in India: Placement Wise

India hosts some of the best MBA colleges in the entire world. These colleges offer excellent placement opportunities to students.

  • The average placement offers in the top MBA colleges in India range between 120-150.
  • IIM Ahmedabad witnessed 114 placement offers this year with an average salary of INR 28.93 lakh.
  • NMIMS Mumbai offers 540 MBA seats. The campus observed 180+ recruiters visiting this year.
  • The average MBA salary in India is INR 6-9 lakh.

Average MBA Salary in IIMs

Source: Official Institute Websites

Top MBA recruiters in India include:

UBS Bharati Airtel Bajaj Auto
Hindustan Unilever Barclays Capital Boston Consulting Group
Bank of America L’Oreal Paris Bloomberg
National Stock Exchange Reserve Bank of India IBM
Kotak Mahindra Group Godrej PricewaterhouseCoopers

Top MBA Colleges in India with Average Salary

College Name Average MBA Salay
IIM Ahmedabad INR 33,00,000
IIM Bangalore INR 29,80,000
IIM Calcutta INR 26,90,000
IIM Lucknow INR 20,00,000
IIM Indore INR 22,92,000
IIM Kozhikode INR 23,00,000
IIT Bombay INR 20,98,000
IIT Delhi INR 22,69,000
IIT Madras INR 14,38,000
IIT Roorkee INR 9,18,000
SP Jain Mumbai INR 26,36,000
NITIE Mumbai INR 20,80,000
FMS Delhi INR 25,60,000
Narsee Monjee Mumbai INR 18,33,000
IIT Kharagpur INR 18,00,000

The stream in MBA you choose matters a lot and depends on the college as various colleges have reputations for specific streams. Check the top MBA colleges in India stream-wise by clicking on the links below:

Given below are the details of some of these top streams in an elaborated way.

Top MBA in Marketing Colleges in India

Marketing is one of the most-sought MBA specializations. Moreover, the sector is booming more than ever.

  • The advertising and marketing sector in India is expected to cross the $10 billion mark soon.
  • The digital marketing sector is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 33.5% until next years.
  • Online marketing is also growing at a twofold-threefold rate.

Some of the top MBA colleges in India for marketing are:

  • Indian Institute of Management [IIM], Ahmedabad
  • Indian School of Business [ISB], Hyderabad
  • Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai
  • ICFAI Business School [IBS Mumbai]

The average package in top MBA colleges in India for Marketing ranges from INR 6-8 lakh.

Top MBA in HR Colleges in India

Human Resource Management is an essential aspect for every IT industry and company. In the ever-advancing corporate world, HR managers ensure that every work is carried out sophisticatedly.

  • 72% of the companies worldwide believe that HR is an important element responsible for proper functioning of the organization.
  • 83% of companies in South-Asia have prioritized HR tech advancements.
  • The global HR sector is expected to reach $30 billion by 2025.

Some of the top MBA colleges in India for HR are:

  • Xavier School of Management, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • Indian Institute of Management [IIM], Ranchi
  • Institute of Management and Technology [IMT], Ghaziabad
  • Prin. L.N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research, Mumbai
  • K. J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research, [SIMSR Mumbai]

The average salary in top MBA colleges in India for HR ranges from INR 5-7 lakh.

Top MBA Finance Colleges in India

Finance is the most popular MBA specialization in India and often students get the highest packages in this domain.

  • The top finance sectors in India where students can get jobs are Banking, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Stocket Market and Auditing Firms.
  • The financial and banking sector of India contributes around 7.7% of the nation’s GDP.
  • The banking sector in India presently stands at almost USD 300 million.

Some of the top MBA Finance colleges in India are:

  • IIM Kozhikode
  • SP Jain Mumbai
  • Narsee Monjee (NMIMS), Mumbai
  • Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), New Delhi
  • Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon

The average MBA Finance salary in India is INR 5-8 lakh for the starting years.

Top MBA Colleges in India: FAQs

Ques. What changes have been made by IIM Indore in CAT 2020 Exam Pattern?

Ans. IIM Indore has released a new media release on September 16. According to this, CAT 2020 will be for 2 hours only, instead of 3. Each section will have 40 minutes, and candidates will not be allowed to switch between sections. Tutorials related to updated exam pattern will be available from October 2020.

Ques. What all changes can be made in CAT Application Form?

Ans. IIM Indore has opened the form correction window for CAT 2020 till 5:00 PM on September 29. Candiates who want to make changes can update their:

  • Signature
  • Photograph
  • Test City Preferences

Any changes apart from these won’t be entertained.

Ques. Which college is best for MBA in India?

Ans. The IIMs and IITs are the best colleges when it comes to do an MBA. The best IIMs in India are IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Lucknow, IIM Calcutta, and IIM Kozhikode. Among the IITs, the best names include IIT Bombay, IIT Madras, IIT Delhi and IIT Kanpur.

Apart from these, there are many other government colleges like FMS Delhi and NITIE Mumbai, and private MBA colleges like SP Jain Mumbai, Narsee Monjee, XLRI Jamshedpur and MDI Gurgaon.

Ques. Which college is best for MBA in Finance in India?

Ans. MBA Finance is one of the most popular specializations of MBA in India. The course is offered by more than 2,000 B Schools in India. Some of the best colleges in India for MBA Finance are IIM Kozhikode, SP Jain Mumbai, IIFT New Delhi and MDI Gurgaon.

Ques. Why is MBA so expensive?

Ans. MBA is the most popular course and the basic eligibility criterion is also not too harsh. Any graduate from any stream can pursue this course. In addition to this, MBA offers the most lucrative career options to students. The package offered after completing the course is one of the highest. Also, there is a huge demand for the course in India. All these reasons contribute to an expensive MBA degree.

Ques. Which country is best for MBA?

Ans. India has some of the best B schools in world, which are also ranked by international agencies like QS. Thus, India is definitely one of the best countries for MBA. The average MBA package after graduating from the Tier 1 colleges in India like IIMs is around INR 25-40 lakh per annum. This value is comparable with many other countries in the world.

Ques. How difficult is CAT?

Ans. CAT is not a difficult, rather a competitive exam. The syllabus of CAT includes questions related to Verbal Aptitude, Non-Verbal Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation. Many of these questions are also asked by companies during their campus recruitment, though the level in CAT is a bit high.

Still, proper guidance and training can make CAT an easy nut for you to crack. It does not matter how much you score. What matters is the rank of your score among all the participating students.

Ques. Is CAT compulsory for MBA?

Ans. CAT is not strictly compulsory for MBA, but yes, it will open the maximum number of doors for you. All the IIMs and IITs in India take admission only on the basis of CAT. Majority of the private and government MBA colleges take admission on the basis of CAT score. So not appearing for CAT might snatch away many opportunities from you, that too the best ones.

Still, if you don’t want to give CAT, you can go for many other exams like CMAT, MAT, NMAT, XAT and ATMA.

Ques. What is the salary of MBA in Finance in India?

Ans. MBA Finance graduates can earn a salary anywhere between INR 3 lakh to 30 lakh per annum. This depends very much upon the college you are graduating from. IIM graduates generally earn annual packages above INR 20 lakh. The graduates of IITs and the best private colleges, i.e., Tier 2, get to earn an average salary of INR 12-18 lakh. In the case of average colleges, the package stays around INR 3-7 lakh per annum.

Ques. What do you study in MBA Finance?

Ans. MBA Finance Syllabus covers a holistic detail of topics like Finance, Managerial Accounting, Risk Management, Corporate Taxation, Income Securities, etc. Read all the details of subjects and workshops in this course, by clicking on MBA Finance Syllabus.

Ques. What is the best age to do an MBA?

Ans. There is no specified age for when you can do an MBA. Still, you should look for the course around the age of 25-28 years. The average student age after graduation is 22 years. If you go on to do a job after this and choose an MBA at an age of 25-28 years, you will be having work experience also. This increases your chances of getting recruited in selection procedure.

Ques. Which MBA is most in demand?

Ans. The most in-demand MBA specializations in India are MBA Marketing, MBA Finance, MBA in HR and MBA Operations Management.

Ques. Is MBA better than CA?

Ans. There are many parameters to consider which is better, an MBA or CA. The average money invested in a CA course is very less than the cost of an MBA. However, the latter offers a much more attractive package than the former one.

CA is an uncertain journey and you don’t know how long it will take to complete the course. In the case of an MBA, you will probably be working at a suitable place after 2 years.

The job options after an MBA are enormous, while CA, CS and related courses have a limited scope.

So, considering all these options, MBA does look to be a better course than CA. However, all that glitters in not gold. Understand the syllabus of both courses and find your call and simply go for that.

Ques. Who earns more, MBA or CA?

Ans. The average salary of MBA is more than that of CA. The average MBA salary in India can up to INR 20-25 lakh, while the average CA salary is INR 7-10 lakh.

Ques. Which college has best placement?

Ans. IIM Calcutta and IIM Ahmedabad offer the best placement packages in India. But, the ROI of IIM Calcutta is not so good as its fees is very high.

Ques. Can MBA be done after 12th?

Ans. No. An MBA course can be done after graduation in any stream, but not after Class XII.

Ques. Can MBA be done after BTech?

Ans. Yes, MBA can be done after B.Tech. In fact, BTech students make the largest share in MBA batches of top MBA colleges in India.

Ques. Can MBA be done Online?

Ans. Yes. MBA can be done through online medium also. Read more about this here.

Ques. Can MBA be done without Maths?

Ans. Maths make an important part of both MBA syllabus and MBA entrance exams. So you cannot skip the Queen of Science.

Ques. What should I study before MBA?

Ans. It does not matter which course you study in graduation for your MBA admission. However, BTech, BBA and BCA are some of the recommended courses.

Ques. Does getting an MBA make someone a better entrepreneur?

Ans. MBA does offer skills which guide you in your entrepreneurial journey. So yes, it might turn out to be a good course if you are planning to become one.

Ques. Is MBA really worth the money?

Ans. The value for money of an MBA depends upon the college you study it from. If you are graduating from a top Tier 1 or Tier 2 college, you will most probably realize the value in future. In case of Tier 3 colleges, your skills appear to be an additional criteria, as sometimes these colleges lack the important stuff.

Ques. Is it better to pursue an MBA after engineering or go for an MTech/MS?

Ans. This totally depends on which field you want to enter. If you plan to remain in the core IT field and make advancements in your engineering specialization, simply choose MTech or MS. If you plan to enter the business industry and the management sector, go for an MBA.

Ques. What are the advantages of doing an MBA after engineering?

Ans. The present market is dominated by the IT industries. If you pursue an MBA after BTech, you will have the knowledge of both the Technology and the skills required to manage and market that. This is one of the best advantages of doing an MBA after engineering.

Ques. Is MBA losing its value?

Ans. Due to an enormous number of students pursuing MBA every year, the course’s average value has deviated a bit, but still, MBA is one of the most sought courses by the recruiters in the corporate world. It is also the course offering one of the highest salary to students.

Ques. Is SP Jain and SPJIMR same?

Ans. Yes, they are. The full form of SPJIMR is SP Jain Institute of Management and Research.

Ques. How can I get a scholarship for an MBA?

Ans. Many organizations and institutes offer scholarships for MBA programs. 2 best ways to get a scholarship are:

  • A good score in the entrance test.
  • Extensive research work in a particular field.

Ques. Which is the best MBA college in Mumbai?

Ans. Given below is a list of best MBA colleges in Mumbai:

  • Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies-JBIMS
  • Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management, IIT Bombay
  • National Institute of Industrial Engineering-NITIE
  • SP Jain Institute of Management and Research-SPJIMR
  • Amity Global Business School

Ques. Which MBA gives the highest salary?

Ans. MBA Business Analytics and MBA Marketing are some of the most rewarding MBA specializations.

Ques. Is ISB better than IIM?

Ans. ISB and IIM, both have established themselves as the most premier management institutes in India. What separates them is the fact that ISB Hyderabad asks for a 5-year pre-MBA experience from applicants. Whereas, IIMs don’t keep any such criterion.

Ques. Which IIT is best for MBA?

Ans. SJMSOM-IIT Bombay offers a very good MBA course for the students. The institute has been ranked No. 4 in the world by QS World Rankings. The average salary offered remains above INR 20 lakh per year.

Ques. What is the scope of MBA after B.Com.?

Ans. Yes, you can do MBA after pursuing a B.Com. course.

Ques. What is the fee of the CAT exam?

Ans. The registration fees for CAT 2019 is INR 2000 for General and OBC candidates and INR 1000 for SC/ST/PWD candidates.

Ques. Which are the best private MBA colleges in India?

Ans. Some of the best private B schools in India are:

  • Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad
  • XLRI Jamshedpur
  • MDI Gurgaon
  • SP Jain Mumbai

Check the complete list here.


Course Curriculum Overview :

The course remains the same for all first year students ( 3 trimesters per year). This is to equip students with basic knowledge of all subjects. The students get an option to chose subjects of their choice in second year. Specialization is decided based on the maximum numbers of subject chosen from each domain. The decision to chose a subject is mostly dependent on the quality of the faculty, the feedback from the seniors and the interest of the student considering the relevance of the subject in today's world It is mandatory for all students to undergo a one month long social internship (most of the students get their internships under an NGO chosen by the college in their hometown) - a unique thing about NMIMS Day to day learnings in classes are driven by case based study approach. Harvard case studies are used for all subjects along with the regular text books. There are marks for mid terms, final terms, class assignment and class participation.

Campus Life :

NMIMS has many committees where students can get into. There are committees that have huge responsibility on them like Placement Committee, Student Council, Industry Partnership cell and then there are domain wise clubs and cells like NJM (for marketing), Finomenon (for Finance) and Optimuz (for Operations). Joining any one of them basis the interest will guarantee additional knowledge and exposure apart from few extra lines on the CV. Apart from these there are interest based cells and societies for dramatics, dancing, photography etc. The annual business fest is Paragana which is held every year around October ( It contains inter college competitions, fests, seminars and corporate events. Classroom infra is quite modern and comparable to any top college of India. Lack of hostel is a major disadvantage for peer learning.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

Affordability is an issue. The overall cost of MBA including accommodation and food is approximately 5-6 lacs more than the tuition fees. There were very less scholarship opportunities from the college (benefitting less than 5% of the students as far as I remember), however there are options of corporate scholarships. The college's affinity for money could be judged from the fact it is one of the few colleges which charges you even for attending the group discussion and personal interviews NMIMS MBA could arguably be one of the costliest MBA programs in India.

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8.4 /10

Placement Experience :

When you are in your 3rd semester, it all start from there. Companies do come for placement. Students need to polish themselves for the interviews and other process.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

There are different courses available with different fees structure . I did my MBA in Advertising and public relations which cost me 1,20,000 excluding exam fees.

Campus Life :

Infrastructure of PIMR is good as they have separate campus for UG and PG . The social life is too good at campus. we celebrate every festival together.

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9.3 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

In my opinion Curriculum, Academics, Faculties is all good Curriculum - They are helpless here as MMS was a university-driven course but it was in my opinion was up to date as PGDM Academics - The Academics were also good as they do one industrial visit in every 10 days Faculties - Faculties are the best I ever encountered any Name - DR. Suparna was the best faculty for OR (OPERATION RESEARCH)

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

The scholarship was provided but only for the students who are performing good in either in their entrance exam of in the college semester The loan is taken by me from the bank of India and I did it by myselfDid does not ask the college for help but they do have partnered up with the banks in case the student wants to take a loan via college

Placement Experience :

Placement and job opportunities were excellent if you study and if you don't have a backlog.I got placed in ABRL in Mumbai with a package of 700000The college had many contacts and had a good reputation in the market The T&P department was much support and they try to place the maximum student as they can.

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