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    The cost of studying in the Netherlands is cheaper compared to studying the US or the UK. The expenses incurred, however, vary on a number of factors including programs, universities, cities, etc. It is also easy to get external fundings for study in the Netherlands.

    More than 1000 scholarships and grants are awarded to international students coming to study in the Netherlands. Students are also provided interest free loans to fund their education. 84% of the students receive some kind of scholarships or grants to aid their finances.

    Quality education combined with affordability makes the Netherlands one of the most lucrative locations to pursue higher education. 122,000 students from all over the world enrolled in postsecondary programs in the Netherlands in 2017.

    Scholarships and Grants for International Students in the Netherlands

    Besides the university scholarships, 479 external scholarships are offered by a number of Dutch agencies for international students. The amount offered in the scholarship can range from USD 1000 to an amount covering all the expenses of studying in the Netherlands.

    Scholarships are granted taking into a number of factors like academic excellence, financial need, etc. The full list of scholarships offered in the Netherlands can be accessed at A few major scholarships granted to international students are as follows -


    • Offers scholarships and grants to students wishing to study anywhere in the EU region
    • Promotes international student mobility in higher education across EU
    • More than 4 million scholarships granted to students throughout the world
    • USD 16.7 billion invested in scholarships and grants dispensed so far
    • Scholarship amount granted varies depending upon the program applied for and country of origin of the student
    • Applications must be submit through the official website

    Holland Scholarship

    • For international students outside of EEA enrolled in bachelor’s or master’s program in a Dutch university
    • Funded by Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
    • Scholarship amount for USD 5700, paid in the first year of program
    • Number of scholarship granted varies from university to university
    • Application must be filed directly through the university
    • Application period is between February 1 - May 1, 2019

    MENA Scholarship Programme (MSP)

    • Offers scholarships for students enrolled in professional programs in Dutch university
    • Scholarship is applicable only on selected number of professional programs
    • Scholarship is offered to students from Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia
    • Student must be working professional prior to joining the program in the Dutch university
    • The application must be filed with all the required documents with the university in which the program is available

    NN Future Matters Scholarship

    • Offers USD 5700 to students from Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain or Turkey
    • Student must be enrolled in a full-time finance risk management or economics program at a Dutch university
    • Scholarship is dispensed in three installments over the course of program
    • Application for the scholarship open in January 2019
    • Application must be submitted with the participating university at the time of registration

    Sino-Dutch Scholarship

    • Bilateral exchange scholarship program between Dutch and Chinese universities
    • 25 students from both nations are granted the scholarship and sent on an exchange term for one academic year
    • Student must be in the third year of bachelor’s program or first year of master’s or doctoral program
    • Application must be submitted online at before April 1, 2019
    • Students will be allotted university in the final decision made by Nuffic

    Additional Scholarships

    Scholarship Name Number of Scholarship/Amount Criteria
    ArtEZ scholarship 12 scholarships of value $5,880 each International student enrolled in arts and humanities program in a Dutch university
    CF scholarships 5 grants covering the living cost International student enrolled in a undergraduate program

    Student Loans in Netherlands

    As a part of promoting financial support to its student Dutch universities provide interest free loans. Students can apply for such loans through Collegegeldkrediet. These loans cover the entire tuition of the program the student is enrolled in. The amount is credited directly to student’s account at the start of every academic year.

    About  Collegegeldkrediet Student Loans

    • Loans are available for both domestic as well as international students
    • The loans have 0% interest
    • To avail the loan, a student must have -
      • 56 hours per month job
      • Be under 30 years in age
      • BSN (social security number)
      • DigiD account

    How to Apply for Collegegeldkrediet Student Loans?

    Students can apply for loan through DigiD account. The student can create a DigiD account as soon as he/she register with the local municipality and receive his/her BSN number.

    To apply for the loan, the student needs to submit the following information through the DigiD account -

    • BSN number
    • University Enrolment information
    • Birth certificate
    • Bank account details

    Once approved, amount is credit directly to student’s Dutch bank account. A student has up to 10 years to pay off this loan.

    However, if the student fails to complete his/her education within 10 years of enrolment, he/she is required to repay the loan in entirety.

    Work While Study in Netherlands

    • Students can seek employment while they study in Netherlands to aid their finances
    • Students are allowed to work for 10-16 hours a week
    • TWV(work permit) required to be allowed to work in the Netherlands
    • Employer is required to get work permit for the students employed
    • Basic health insurance must be taken by student, if working part-time
    • Employed students can avail tax rebates for academic expenditures like cost of books, internet etc.


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