Study in the Netherlands - Top Universities, Tuition Fee, Scholarships and Job Prospects

The Netherlands, a small country in western Europe, has made a mark in the world of education. In the past few years, the country has become a popular destination for higher studies.

Holland, known for high-quality higher education and multicultural environment, offers more than 2,100 international study programmes in a wide range of fields. Among all the non-English speaking countries, the Netherlands has the largest offer of English-taught programmes.

Comparatively reasonable tuition fee for Higher Education gives the Netherlands a competitive edge in front world leaders in Education such as the USA, UK, and Australia. Besides this, there are many more reasons to study in the Netherlands.

Innovative Teaching Techniques

Teaching style adopted in Dutch schools and universities is student oriented. The Dutch teaching style is based on 3 characteristics:

  • Teamwork
  • Interaction among students
  • Respect for all opinions.

All the study programmes mostly include writing essays and working in groups to analyze and solve problems. The teachers act as a facilitator and not a dictator in the education process. The Netherlands has been praised internationally for its teaching style based on teamwork, self-study, and self-discipline.

Netherlands schools and universities are among the most innovative schools in the world. The Dutch 10 points grading system is used in both Higher and secondary education making it different from the rest of the world. Studying in Holland requires an open mind and a practical and innovative approach towards the most basic concepts.

Ideal for International Students

The Netherlands has seen a gradual increase in the number of international students enrolled. As of 2017, more than 122,000 international students are enrolled in 55 Dutch universities. The Netherlands offers a warm and friendly environment for International students.

 At least 11,500 credit mobile students from other European countries enrolled themselves on an exchange or work placement in the Netherlands. More than 19,360 credit mobile students came from countries outside the EU/EEA for the same. Students of more than 164 nationalities are in the Netherlands for higher education.

Popular subjects among International students are:

  • Economics and Business
  • Engineering
  • Human and social sciences

All these international students add diversity to the Netherlands. Most International students come from the following countries -

  • Germany
  • China
  • Italy
  • Belgium
  • United Kingdom

Affordable Cost of Study and Living

As most of the universities in the Netherlands are publicly funded, the tuition fee is lower compared universities in the US, the UK, and Australia. The average annual tuition fee for EU students is USD 1100 and for non-EU students is USD 5700.

Financial aids are also easily available for international students. 84% of students enrolled in Dutch universities receive some form of scholarship or grant. More than 400 scholarships are available for international students besides university scholarships.

The cost of living in the Netherlands depends on the city one is living in. It is, however, still lower when compared to other European cities like London, Paris, Oxford, etc. The average monthly cost of living lies between USD 900 to USD 1200.

International students are allowed to work part-time during academic session and full-time during sessional breaks. Besides, students also enjoy benefits like discounts on transportation expenses, tax rebates(employed students), and many more.

Internationally Recognized and Reputed Degrees

The Netherlands is lauded for its technological achievements and engineering feats. The Dutch are keenly invested in developing high-end technologies as are its universities. 13 out of 55 universities in the Netherlands are listed in the top 200 world university rankings of Times Higher Education.

A degree in Science or Management from a Dutch university is highly valued. All the degrees provided in the Dutch universities have international recognition. These degrees offer gateways for employment opportunities for one to work with the best firms and minds in the world.

Located in the Heart of Europe

Living in the Netherlands provides one the opportunity to explore the European mainland. Traveling to neighboring European countries like Germany, France, Spain, Belgium and many more is easy and affordable. One does not need any additional visa or permit besides the Netherlands residence permit, MVV, to explore Europe(except the UK).

You can travel to and from these countries on trains, buses and flights within a day depending upon the cities you live in. Average train fare from Amsterdam to Berlin costs USD 45, from Amsterdam to Paris costs USD 63, from Rotterdam to Brussels costs USD 22. Airbnb, dormitory, homestays, etc. offer affordable accommodations to students traveling through Europe.

International Atmosphere and Multicultural Environment

The Netherlands homes over 122,000 students from 169 countries around the world. Major cities in the Netherlands are also cosmopolitan and accommodate people from all over the world. While studying in the Netherlands, you get truly international exposure and learn about various cultures from across the world.

It is also among the happiest and safest countries in the world and as the Dutch very liberal and direct, they make interacting with them easy and welcoming. One can exchange ideas on any topic with these people. The Netherlands is a non-Anglophone country and 95% of the population speaks English, however, one always has an option to learn an additional language, Dutch.

Studying in the Netherlands is a unique experience in itself. One not only studies with the best minds in the world but also get discover themselves through extensive training, open and multicultural environment and travel opportunities. All these factors make the Netherlands one of the best destinations to pursue higher education for students from all over the world.


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