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    The University of Twente or Universiteit Twente (UT) is a public research university known for pioneering the fusion of social sciences with engineering, technology, and sciences for impacting the world. The university is not only providing exceptional education to its students but is also known for its most powerful research field: nanotechnology. The research at the University of Twente emphasizes commercial knowledge of valorization.

    Programs at UT range from pre-university, summer school, in-company training sessions, to part-time programs. Alongside these programs, the University of Twente offers 20 Bachelors and 30 Masters programs taught in English by five faculties. 

    Currently home to over 11,000 students from 79 nationalities (~28% of international students), the University of Twente offers a unique teaching model that is multidisciplinary, student-driven, and project-approach based. TOM or Twente Education Model involves challenging themed project education.

    University of Twente Rankings

    University of Twente ranks #201-250 World University Rankings 2020, as per Times Higher Education. QS ranks the university #197, while US News ranks University of Twente #369 among best Global Universities, 2020. 


    Type Public
    Major Programs Chemical Engineering, Applied Physics, Geo-information Science and Earth Observation, Technical Medicine
    Student to Faculty Ratio 14:1
    Percentage of International Students 30%
    UG Application Portal
    Admission Helpdesk 0031 53 489 9111 |

    University of Twente Programs, Campus, and Residence

    • The university offers degrees in the field of social sciences, exact sciences, and engineering. It also offers Internet Science and Technology program which is offered by very few universities around the globe.
    • The top-rated programs at University of Twente are international business management, communication science, industrial engineering, and management.
    • Home to students from 100 countries, campus of University of Twente is spread across 142 acres, offering 2575 student housing apartments, 18 cultural associations, and 40 sports associations.
    • The university believes in sustainability of the environement and aims at reducing their carbon footprint by 10% for transport and distribution upstream, and 20% for fuel and electricity.
    • The first-year students having an entry visa or residence permit are offered affordable furnished accommodation. These accommodations are available for the short-term and are available for a maximum of one year.
    • UT provides assistance to its students to find housing on-campus or off-campus. For that, students must register themselves at Roomspot – an online housing portal. The stay is offered till 1-year so as to give priority to the first-year students always.

    University of Twente Admissions

    Admissions to the University of Twente are invited through (UG programs). The details of the admissions to the university are given below:

    Application Deadline

    The university deadlines have been postponed due to COVID-19. The current deadlines are:

    Current Deadlines Application Deadline of September Intake
    Application June 1, 2020
    Deadline for replying to offer June 12, 2020
    Deadlines to submit final certified copies September 1, 2020

    Admission Requirements for Bachelors

    Admission requirements for bachelors programs at the University of Twente

    • Academic transcripts
    • Copy of passport (student details)
    • Motivation letter
    • Portfolio
    • Financial statement
    • Minimum English proficiency test score;
    Test Minimum Score
    IELTS 6.0
    TOEFL (iBT) 80
    CAE/CPE A,B or C grade

    Programs – Technical Medicine, Health Science, Biomedical Engineering, and Applied Physics are taught in the Dutch language. Students interested must be fluent in Dutch.

    Admission Requirements for Masters

    Applications to masters programs at University of Twente at the official website of the university

    • Academic transcripts
    • SOP/LORs
    • CV
    • Minimum English proficiency test score;
    Test Minimum Score
    IELTS 6.5
    TOEFL (iBT) 90
    CAE/CPE A, B or C grade

    University of Twente Cost of Study

    The cost of studying for international students includes tuition fees as well as other expenses like accommodation, books, and material, food, transportation, and other expenses. Details of the expenses involved while living and traveling in the Netherlands are detailed below:

    Tuition Fees for University of Twente

    Enrollment fees and the tuition fees for the university at bachelor and masters program are detailed below:

    Fees Type Cost (Euro)
    Tuition Fees Bachelors Programs 9,125-12,768
    Tuition Fees Masters Program 7,145-16,000
    Enrollment Fees for Bachelors Programs 2,145-4,286
    Enrollment Fees for Masters Programs  1,250-2,145

    Cost of Living

    The cost of living estimated by the university is around 11,000 Euro. The detailed expenses are tabulated below:

    Requirement Expenses (Euros)
    Housing 5,000
    Books and Supplies 500
    Food 2,500
    Transportation 600
    Insurance 650
    Personal Expenses 800

    The overall cost of pursuing a program from University of Twente can be cumbersome for an International student, they can look for scholarships available to study in Netherlands

    University of Twente Scholarships

    Some of the popular scholarships available for international students studying at the University of Twente are described below:

    Scholarship Value (Euro) Eligibility
    University of Twente Scholarship (UTS) 3,000 to 22,000 Enrolled in MSc Programs
    University of Twente Scholarship powered by ICD  6,000 for one year
    (2 scholarships available)
    Enroll with MS in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Integrated CircuiDesign
    Holland Scholarship 5,000 for first year Enroll with either bachelors or masters programs, offered to academically meritorious students
    K.C. Mahindra Scholarship for PG Studies Abroad 4700-9400 Available for PG student
    ITC’s Excellence Scholarship Program up to 28,000 For to academically excellent students of Masters in Geo-information Science and Earth

    These are some of the popular scholarships that students can avail of to study at the University of Twente. In case, you are unable to fund yourself through scholarships you can also work while studying in the Netherlands.

    Work-Study in Netherlands

    While studying at the University of Twente, if financial needs arise, international students can plan on working while learning in the Netherlands. For this, you are required to register with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (TWV or temporary work visa is not required to be self-employed). 

    For those who wish to pursue part-time or summer jobs, a temporary work visa is required. This is free of charge permit. You can only work for up to 16 hours a week on this permit. It can take up to 5 weeks for the permit to process and hence, students are suggested to apply for the permit accordingly.

    Offering contemporary and comprehensive, the University of Twente is rated one of the best among the top 25 universities in Europe. It not only offers distance and interactive learning opportunities but is also known for encouraging entrepreneurship and research in both social science and technological fields of study. With students from over 80 nationalities studying at the university, it offers a colorful multicultural community and sports and cultural activities for its students from across the globe

    USD 16,190/Yr
    USD 8,976/Yr
    USD 10,226/Yr
    USD 10,226/Yr
    USD 8,976/Yr


    Times Higher Education logo

    Overall #201 out of 1200 in Global Ranking

    Engineering #201 out of 1200 in Global Ranking
    Medicine #201 out of 1200 in Global Ranking
    Law #201 out of 1200 in Global Ranking
    Mathematics #201 out of 1200 in Global Ranking

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    Overall #189 out of 1200 in Global Ranking

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    College Rating

    Based on 1 Students Rating

    7.8 out of 10
    8.0/10Social Life

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    7.8 /10

    The university is a very well known name in my home. My elder cousin studied from this university. In fact, his elder sister studied from the same university. Therefore, I followed their steps to take up the admission and thus fill the online application for the further process.

    Fees :

    The amount that I paid was close to € 2,000. I didn't had to pay any other cost apart from my books and supplies. They got covered under € 500. Most of the books I took it from my seniors.

    8 /10 academic/food
    9 /10 faculty
    7 /10 infrastructure
    7 /10 accomodation
    8 /10 placement
    8 /10 extracurricular

    Attendance Cost


    attendance cost

    The table shows average yearly cost of attendance for international students. Amount may vary with the course opted, nature of accommodation, and personal spending habits of a candidate. Check Program wise Fees

    Tuition fees
    Undergraduate Programs
    $10,226 / Year
    Post Graduate Program
    $16,190 / Year

    work study options in university of twente

    International students planning to work while studying at the University of Twente must abide by the strict rules set by the Immigrations Department of Netherlands. Working while studying allows a student to gain professional skills desired by the recruiters. As most graduate recruiters look for students with previous work experience, working while studying will not only be helpful in financing yourself but will also make you more industry-ready. 

    For pursuing part-time or summer jobs in the Netherlands, you must be familiar with the following aspects involved:

    • International students need a temporary work visa (TWV) to work while studying.
    • There is no visa fee for TWV. 
    • The work hours for students pursuing their studies in Netherlands are restricted. 
      • Students are allowed to work 16-hours a week for working part-time throughout the year. 
      • Summer or Seasonal work (both full-time and part-time) is allowed through June, July, and August. 
    • The employer work agency applies for the work visa for you. 
    • It is suggested that it is applied 5-weeks before engaging in the work.
    • The documents required include: Residence permit/study visa and proof of enrollment. 
    • The work visa is valid until your registration with University of Twente. 
      • In case of renewal of registration, the employer is required to apply for a new TWV for you. 

    With a part-time job in Netherlands, the students are obliged with basic health insurance which costs around 100 Euro/month. In case, you do not apply for the insurance, it can result in a heavy fine. So if you plan on working for lesser duration during studies, you must reconsider the expense involved on taking care of the health insurance.  

    You can also work with the University, if you have completed your masters, by opting for a career in research. The Ph.D. student is employed by the university and is offered a fixed stipend/salary. 

    Finding part-time work can be difficult, it is hence suggested that the students should look for jobs early and keep an eye on the Dutch labor market. 

    5, Drienerlolaan, 7522 NB Enschede

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