University of Twente Rankings: World-wise, Country-wise and Subject-wise Rankings 2021

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    University of Twente, located in the Netherlands is one of the most prominent technical universities in the country as well as Europe. Its study program for the year 2020 is considered one of the best among all the universities in the Netherlands. This had made an impact on the presence of the university in Europe and finally the world. The university has found its way to the top because of their efforts in top-class education provided to the students in about 50 courses and dedicated works of innovation in the Ph.D. programs with improvements in modern technology at the four research institutes.

    Due to excellent education facilities, students from all around the world apply for admission at the University of Twente and a few of the students get the chance to join the courses. Aspirants apply for the undergraduate courses, graduate courses or Master’s programs at the University of Twente in various subject areas and also for Ph.D. or post Ph.D. research opportunities. Hence there is a wide array of opportunities that the university provides to prospective students and presently there are 11,273 students at the university.

    University of Twente Ranking Highlights

    • University of Twente has received the award for being the best technical university in the Netherlands. It has also secured a second-place among the universities in the Netherlands with the best study program in 2020.
    • Ranked 197 among the world universities according to QS News World University Ranking for 2021.
    • The University of Twente is also placed between #201-250 according to the Times Higher Education among all the universities around the world.
    • Among the multiple subjects offered, there are 3 subjects at the university that ranked in the Top 100 across the world as given by the QS News Ranking for specific Subjects in 2020.

    University of Twente Ranking in the World

    According to the Times Higher Education Ranking 2021 or the THE ranking, the university held a position between #201-250. The ranking was similar in the case of 2020. It has still maintained its place at the specific position even though there was a decline in the rankings from that of 2019.

    Getting a recognized THE ranking is a remarkable achievement and under the given challenges maintaining a relatively stable position is very tough considering the competitive rankings.

    The rankings offered by THE included more than 1500 institutions from 93 countries all around the world. The scores are given according to citations, international outlook, teaching efficiency, research and several other criteria from which an overall score is generated for each university.

    Apart from this, the University of Twente showed relatively better performance at the QS World University Ranking as compared to THE ranking. But there is a decline in the ranking as the QS ranking came down to #197 for 2021 from the ranking of #186 in the year 2020. Despite this overall ranking, the subject-wise ranking of the University according to the QS Subject-wise rank is way better than it's overall performance.

    Let’s have look at the ranking trend of the University of Twente over a span of 5 years (QS World Ranking).

    University of Twente QS World Ranking VS Year

    University of Twente Ranking in the Netherlands

    Based on the national ranking, as published by Dutch Elsevier opinion weekly, the university is placed in the second position for the best study program in the Netherlands for the year 2020. It has also secured the first place among all the technical universities in the country. The University is placed among the Top-10 universities in the country according to most of the ranking agencies. The analysis was done using similar parameters as done for the world rankings.

    According to the present ranking information of QS University Ranking 2021, the university is placed as #9 among all the universities in the Netherlands. But the university was ranked by THE as #13 and by the US New Ranking as #12 among all the universities in this country. With a score of 54.2, it is just a little bit below the Eindhoven University of Technology which has a score of 55.8 and hence the University of Twente can easily move up a rank giving tough competition.

    University of Twente Subject-wise Rankings

    University of Twente offers Bachelor's and Master's programs in about 50 subjects. Among these subjects, some of them have ranked among the top 100 universities while the other few subjects have their rank within the top 200 universities around the world. All these rankings are based on QS Ranking and the subjects were ranked based on two specific parameters.

    These important parameters are the reputation of the institute for that subject globally with the number of employees and the course offered and the contribution towards research based on the number of citations for every research paper. A broad spectrum of subjects at the university leading up to such ranks is a great achievement itself and the last subject-wise ranking was formulated in 2020.

    Subject QS Ranking 2020
    Architecture #151-200
    Computer Science and Information Systems #151-200
    Chemical Engineering #51-100
    Electrical and Electronic Engineering #101-150
    Mechanical Engineering #101-150
    Agriculture and Forestry #301-350
    Psychology #201-250
    Chemistry #151-200
    Mathematics #251-300
    Physics and Astronomy #151-200
    Education #51-100
    Business and Management Studies #201-250
    Sociology #251-300
    Statistics and Operational Research #151-200

    According to the given THE Rankings of 2021, the subjects which are placed in the top-100 list are Education ( at #38), Business and Economics (at #99). The subject Engineering and Technology had rank (within #151-175), Psychology (between #101-125), Social Sciences (between #101-125), Computer Science (between #176-200), Physical Sciences (between #201-250) are the subjects which deserve special mention as being enlisted as at the THE subject-wise ranks from all over the world.

    Finally, the US News Subject Rankings 2020 showed a total of 5 subjects are present as the top 200. All the subjects were analyzed depending on the global and national reputation of research and citations, conferences organized, impact factor of the papers, publications as well as international collaboration.

    Among all the subjects the best rank is achieved by 'Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Medical Imaging' which secured a #137 global rank and just behind that is Geosciences with #143 as the global rank. Generally, the technical and applied subjects have secured a better result among all subjects.

    Subjects US News Ranking 2021
    Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Medical Imaging #137
    Geosciences #143
    Chemical Engineering #152
    Computer Science #155
    Social Sciences and Public Health #172
    Materials Science #216
    Nanoscience and Nanotechnology #235
    Engineering #245
    Chemistry #275
    Environment/Ecology #296
    Electrical and Electronic Engineering #323
    Physics #473
    Clinical Medicine #535

    These are all the courses ranked till #550 among the courses offered by the university. With every single year, the rankings of the subjects from around the world are seen to be improving at this university.

    All these rankings are something that the University of Twente must be proud of because they have competed with the best colleges around the world to secure the rank. With further increasing the quality of subject education the chances of getting subject ranks within Top-100 will be higher at the university. This can be done by further improving the quality of education and the research output. This can help them maintain their position as the best technical university in the Netherlands and an iconic university in the world.


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    7.8 /10

    Placement :

    Although I want to pursue my education further, the overall scenario of placements and jobs is fairly well. The companies visit our campus every year and have seen a significant rise in the number. Also, the alumni network being strong, they help/ helped seniors get placed in their organizations as well. This year a lot of students got placed and went for higher education.

    Internship :

    I did an internship with a company that visited our campus. They required 2-3 students, and I was one of them. During the internship, they taught me how their verticals are based on different mathematical models. I used to get an amount of ? 1000 for a month.

    8 /10 academic/food
    9 /10 faculty
    7 /10 infrastructure
    7 /10 accomodation
    8 /10 placement
    8 /10 extracurricular


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