Wageningen University & Research 2020-2021 Admissions: Entry Requirements, Deadlines, Application Process

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    Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands, a member of the Euroleague for Life Sciences (ELLS) University Network, is a public university which focuses its research on scientific, social and commercial problems in the field of life sciences and natural resources. The University is a result of the collaboration between Wageningen University and the Wageningen Research foundation.

    Wageningen University & Research offers 19 B. Sc, 30 M. Sc and PhD degrees in 3 main domains namely Food, Feed, and Bio-Based Production, Natural Resources and Living Environment and Society and Well-Being. Wageningen University has a total enrollment of 12,847 students, out of which 5,928 are undergraduate students, 1,294 are graduates and the remaining 510 students are enrolled in other degree programs. The university has a total of 41 international students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs.

    Some points to be considered while applying for admission to the Wageningen University and Research are listed below:

    • International applicants can apply for admissions into the university through Studielink for up to 4 programs free of cost.
    • The University offers degree programs both in English and Dutch.
    • For programs taught in English, international applicants need to fulfill English language proficiency requirements (TOEFL/IELTS) and for degree programs taught in Dutch, the applicants need to meet Dutch language requirements.
    • The accepted Dutch proficiency tests include Dutch VWO and Dutch HAVO tests.
    • There is no fixed number of students who are accepted to the programs offered by the university.
    • An applicant who has a B. Sc degree along with a GPA of 70%, meets English language proficiency requirements and additionally fulfills all the course-specific requirements can expect acceptance of the application for admission.
    • The University accepts applications only for the September session.
    • Applications for graduate programs in Biosystems Engineering, Biotechnology, Biology, Plant Sciences, Environmental Sciences and Forest and Nature Conservation are open for the February intake.
    • Applicants who have not completed their bachelor’s degree can also apply for graduate programs by submitting an official letter from the home university stating that the program will be completed within due time. (1)

    COVID-19 Admission Updates

    • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the regular operations of testing agencies, the university is temporarily accepting the special home edition of TOEFL-IBT. The minimum requirement of the score is 80.
    • The academic year of 2020-21 will commence on August 31, 2020 as planned.


    Application Portal Studielink Portal
    Application Fee Not Required
    Academic Calendar Semester
    International Students UG: 5 PG: 36
    Language Proficiency English and Dutch
    Male Students 9,733
    Female Students 2,604
    Intake Seasons September
    Work Experience Required for Graduate Programs
    Financial Aid Holland Scholarship

    Wageningen University & Research Admission Deadlines

    Candidates should definitely opt for early submission of applications in order to obtain maximum facility and to secure the seats. The deadlines for bachelor’s and master’s programs are tabulated below:

    Semester Deadlines
    Bachelor's Program May 1 (International applicants)
    Master’s Program May 1 (September Session)
    October 1 (February Session for specific subjects)

    Wageningen University & Research International Student Admissions

    Wageningen University & Research accepts admission applications from international students provided that they complete the step by step admission procedures before the aforementioned deadlines and along with it fulfill the minimum grade point equivalents and other entry requirements. Students must also provide required official academic records and meet English or Dutch language proficiency requirements.

    Application Portal: Studielink

    Application Fee: No application fee

    Basic Admission Requirements: International students must submit the following documents in order to ensure acceptance of the application for admission:

    • Official transcripts of grades/high school marks
    • Secondary school leaving certificate
    • Having studied relevant subjects according to the program chosen
    • A bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject with a minimum of 70% is required for graduate programs.
    • English language proficiency requirements
    • Dutch language requirements (for bachelor’s programs taught in Dutch)
    • CV and personal statement are required for graduate program admission

    Requirements for Indian Students:

    • 12th standard diploma obtained from CBSE or CISCE.
    • All India Senior School Certificate with a grade A(A1, A2) or B2 (B1) in 5 subjects
    • Indian School Certificate with a minimum GPA of 75% in 5 subjects.

    English Language Proficiency Test Score for International Students

    International students are required to submit their English proficiency test scores like TOEFL/ IELTS/ Cambridge English Test Certificate as evidence of competency in English. The minimum requirements for these scores are:

    English Proficiency Test Minimum Required Score
    TOEFL-IBT 80, with a minimum sub-score of 20 for speaking
    IELTS Overall grade 6, with a minimum sub-score of 6.0 for speaking
    Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English (CAE) - C1 Advanced 169-210
    Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) - B2 First 169-190
    Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) - C2 Proficiency 180-230

    Test Score for Dutch Proficiency

    • NT2-II certificate
    • VWO certificate 'Nederlands
    • CNavT; 'Educatief Startbekwaam' or 'Educatief Professioneel'

    Visa Process for International Students

    International applicants need to apply for an entry visa and residence permit at the International Office of Wageningen University & Research. Wageningen University will start this procedure as soon as the payment and/or fellowship letter has been received. The Office will send the applicant instructions and forms upon receipt of payment and/or fellowship letter.

    The student needs to follow these rules to acquire Legal Residence:

    • Completed the forms that the International Office sends after receipt of your payment and/or fellowship letter.
    • Send an email with the scanned copies of the completed forms and other required documents in PDF format as a reply to the email that IO had sent.
    • IO will confirm the receipt of the forms, check the forms and will inform the applicants if the forms have been filled out correctly.
    • The Office will also inform the applicants and start the procedure.
    • IO informs the applicants as soon as the entry visa and residence permit have been approved by the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Services (IND). Applicants will receive a copy of the approval letter.
    • After receiving the entry visa approval letter, the applicant should contact the Dutch Embassy and make an appointment to collect the entry visa and to submit the biometric data (passport photo and fingerprints).
    • After arrival in the Netherlands, IO will inform the student about the residence permit card & the TB test (if applicable).

    The applicants are recommended to start the application process and after that visa process as early as possible to complete the entire procedure within time. Because the process to apply for a visa to study in the Netherlands may take 4-6 weeks and that IO is not able to speed up the procedure of the Immigration services.

    Wageningen University & Research Undergraduate Admissions

    Wageningen University & Research offers undergraduate admissions to BSc programs in Animal Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Food Technology International Land and Water Management, Soil Water and Atmosphere, Tourism, etc.

    Where to Apply: Studielink Application

    Application Fee: Not required

    Admissions Requirements: The academic requirements vary according to the chosen program. However, there are some general requirements for all the applicants:

    • Official transcripts of grades/high school marks
    • Secondary school leaving certificate
    • Having studied relevant subjects according to the program chosen
    • English language proficiency requirements
    • Dutch language requirements apply to all Dutch taught bachelor programs, for students with a non-Dutch prior education. Wageningen University accepts the following test scores and diploma as valid proof for Dutch language ability:
      • NT2-II certificate
      • VWO certificate 'Nederlands' (for example at VAVO, adult education)
      • VWO 'Staatsexamen Nederlands'
      • CNavT; 'Educatief Startbekwaam' or 'Educatief Professioneel'

    Wageningen University & Research Graduate Admissions

    Wageningen University & Research offers M. Sc. in various disciplines such as Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management, Earth and Environment, International Land and Water Management, Molecular Life Sciences, Organic Agriculture, Biology, Biotechnology, Climate Studies, etc.

    Where to Apply: Online university website

    Application Fee: No application fee

    Admission Requirements: The academic requirements for admissions into the master’s program are as follows:

    • A bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in a field of science relevant to your selected program.
    • Transcript of academic records
    • English language proficiency
    • Statement of motivation/purpose
    • Curriculum Vitae or brief personal history
    • Summary of the Bachelor Thesis report (two pages maximum) or an official letter of recommendation from professor or employee. The documents should include contact details of your academic supervisor (optional)

    This table below represents detailed information of all the required parameters for some of the popular courses:

    Requirements M. Sc. in Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management M. Sc in Food Quality Management M. Sc in Environmental Sciences M. Sc in Biotechnology M.Sc. International Land and Water Management
    Application Deadline May 1 May 1 October 1 October 1 May 1
    Transcripts Required Required Required Required Required
    Academic Requirements A B. Sc degree in a field of science relevant to the selected program; A Grade Point Average (GPA) for this B. Sc of at least 70% of the maximum grade Technical degree-B. Tech, B. Arch, B. Eng, B.Sc., etc Degree Classification or 10 points scale-at least 80% or 8.0/10 A bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in a field of science relevant to your selected program with minimum 70% B. Sc degree or equivalent in biotechnology,
    molecular biology, biochemistry, life sciences, chemical engineering, environmental technology or a related study with at least 70% of the maximum grade
    At least a B. Sc degree (or equivalent) in a field of science relevant to the specific program selected;
    A GPA (Grade Point Average) for the B. Sc study of at least 7 (or 70% of the maximum of the scale)
    CV Required Required Required Required Required
    Work Experience Recommended Recommended Recommended Recommended Recommended
    Statement of Purpose Required Required Required Required Required
    English language proficiency TOEFL IBT: 80,
    IELTS - 6
    TOEFL IBT - 80 (with a minimum sub-score of 20 for speaking)
    IELTS - 6
    TOEFL IBT - 80 (with a minimum sub-score of 20 for speaking)
    IELTS - 6
    TOEFL IBT - 80 (with a minimum sub-score of 20 for speaking)
    IELTS - 6
    TOEFL IBT - 80 (with a minimum sub-score of 20 for speaking)
    IELTS - 6

    Applicants can apply to a maximum of 4 master's programs to study in the Netherlands via Studielink. The admission committee takes into account academic records including the rigor of curriculum, grades earned and final thesis or research paper. Work experience may prove to be a valuable addition to the application. Successful candidates will be informed about the committee’s decision by a letter within 6-8 weeks. Being a top-ranked university for M. Sc in the Netherlands, admissions into Wageningen University and Research is highly competitive and some of the programs require Dutch language proficiency as well.


    Ques. What is the admission process for undergraduate in Wageningen University?

    Ans. For applying in undergraduate programs, the applicants are required to submit secondary school leaving certificate or pre university equivalent diploma along with English and Dutch proficiency proof.

    The Transcripts of high school should be translated in English.

    Ques. Does the Wageningen University offers scholarships for International Students?

    Ans. Scholarship is offered to the international students by Holland Scholarship program worth €5000 Euros. The students will be considered for scholarship at the time if their admission.

    Ques. What level of language proficiency required in Wageningen University?

    Ans. The Free University requires Dutch and English proficiency proof for language requirement.

    For Dutch Proficiency proof, students are required to present test score of NT2-II certificate, VWO certificate 'Nederlands' , VWO 'Staatsexamen Nederlands' or CNavT; 'Educatief Startbekwaam' or 'Educatief Professioneel'. If the students have high school diploma equivalent to Dutch vwo level they are eligible for Dutch proficiency.

    For English Proficiency the students are required to present test score of IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, FCE, CPE or RATEr.


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