My study of Mathematics from the University of Twente

    7.8 /10

    The university is a very well known name in my home. My elder cousin studied from this university. In fact, his elder sister studied from the same university. Therefore, I followed their steps to take up the admission and thus fill the online application for the further process.

    Course Curriculum :

    The course teaches us how to solve complex problems and how to come out with multiple solutions for the same problem. It consists of a practical examination of the problem and how different mathematical models have evolved over time. Also, how the models are currently working in different aspects of practical life.

    Exams :

    There was no entrance exam for this course. I had to submit my Dutch VWO diploma to get direct admission for the course. Apart from the diploma, the university required me to have a subject of Mathematics as a mandatory subject.

    Placement :

    Although I want to pursue my education further, the overall scenario of placements and jobs is fairly well. The companies visit our campus every year and have seen a significant rise in the number. Also, the alumni network being strong, they help/ helped seniors get placed in their organizations as well. This year a lot of students got placed and went for higher education.

    Internship :

    I did an internship with a company that visited our campus. They required 2-3 students, and I was one of them. During the internship, they taught me how their verticals are based on different mathematical models. I used to get an amount of ? 1000 for a month.

    Events :

    The college observes pretty interesting events. Few of them being the Webinar Interaction Technology, ATLAS In_Sight Day, seminars on TechMed Series: NEW: Software as a medical device, Alice & Eve to name a few. Other events include conferences, paper presentations by students and professors.

    Fees :

    The amount that I paid was close to ? 2,000. I didn't had to pay any other cost apart from my books and supplies. They got covered under ? 500. Most of the books I took it from my seniors.

    Scholarship :

    I did not apply for any scholarship because I could manage my own expenses

    Faculty :

    The teachers are extremely engaged and have an open door policy. Whenever I have problems with studying or personal circumstances, I always go to the study advisor who helps me in every matter. Lecture groups are usually small and interactive. This makes learning easy and helps me to explore a lot of other aspects too.

    Hostel :

    There are no on-campus accommodations available but University does have tie-ups with local housing providers which are in the vicinity of the campus. I took up one such accommodation which provides a fridge and high-speed internet. It is a sharing room which cost me ?600 per semester. Apart from the cost, I had to submit a deposit of ?100 towards the room.

    7.8 out of 10
    8.0/10Social Life