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    Lincoln University: Global, National & Subject-wise Rankings 2020-2021

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    Lincoln University situated in Lincoln, New Zealand is a popular known University for students longing to pursue careers in Agriculture, Forestry, and Environmental Sciences. Deemed as one of the best Universities in New Zealand, Lincoln University has sustained its position in the top 10 best universities of New Zealand. Not only academics, but the university has also done well in terms of Education and living standards, and in terms of health and well being. New Zealand, being a very peaceful and friendly nation, adds up to the good performance of the university in Education as well as other indexes. With courses ranging from science to accounts and business, Lincoln University also provides students with active, vibrant campus life and extra-curricular activities. The University has an area of specialization for courses in Environment, Tourism, Business, and a very strong and extensive research environment.

    Lincoln University Ranking Highlights

    • Lincoln University ranks 387th globally in QS worlds Global Ranking for 2021 with an overall score of 28.6 in various criteria they follow.
    • The University ranks 601-800 in Times Higher Education ranking for Global Universities.
    • In US News global University Rankings, it ranked 761 and 7th nationally.
    • Lincoln University ranks 1450 globally in the center for Worlds University Ranking for 2021.

    Lincoln University Global Ranking

    Lincoln University stands 387 in the QS World Universities ranking 2021 with an overall score of 28.6 measured on various parameters such as academic & employer reputation, the admittance of International faculty & Students, and Faculty Students Ratio. The University fell 31 ranks lower than its previous performance and has shown some downfall in overall ranks since 2019. Though the University recovered by two positions forward in the year 2019.

    • Times Higher Education ranks Institutions globally from across 92 countries and almost 1400 institutions register for the global rankings. With a score of 25.3 in teaching, 21.3 in research, and 95.3 in International Outlook, Lincoln University too has been an active participant of the rankings and has ranked in the bracket of 601-800 universities in the year 2021. The performance of the University was consistent for three years but has degraded somewhat in 2021. Though the university fell some ranks in the overall ranking, it maintained its position in subject related ratings and has been performing well to retain its position globally.
    • In the Ranking Chart of the center for Worlds University Ranking, one of the leading ranking organizations for university all across the world, Lincoln University has acquired 1360th position globally and 8th in New Zealand while compared to the University of Auckland, one of the best universities in New Zealand which stands at 246th position in CWUR for 2019-2020.
    • Lincoln University ranks 43rd best university in the region of Australia for the year 2021 with a score of 35 compared to 67.9 of University of Auckland.

    Lincoln University Ranking in New Zealand

    • For the Year 2021, when taking New Zealand in focus, Lincoln University is ranked 7th in the country with The University of Auckland obtaining first position and the University of Otago on 2nd.

    The University of Otago scored 53 in academic reputation which is very high when compared to Lincoln University’s score of 8.6. Lincoln University competes with the University of Otago with better performance in International Outlook with a score of 96.8 in International faculty compared to 100 of University of Otago.

    • In Times Higher Education ranking, Lincoln University has grabbed 5th position on national level good scores comparable to the Top three universities of New Zealand. The University of Otago ranked 2nd nationally has a score of 29.5 when compared to the 25.3 scores of Lincoln University. Otago University and Lincoln have successfully achieved a score of 33.4 and 21.3 in the field of research respectively. Lincoln University has outdone the University of Otago in International Outlook score by getting a score of 95.3 in comparison to 89.8 of University of Otago.
    • Apart from this, in the center for Worlds University Ranking of the year 2019-2020, the University of Auckland at 1st position nationally has an overall score of 77.7 while Lincoln University with 8th position nationally has a score of 68.4 overall.

    Lincoln University Subject-wise Ranking

    • In the World report of Global Universities by U.S. News, Lincoln University is 160th in Agricultural Sciences. The Wageningen University of Netherlands t0ps the list with a score of 100, the University of Auckland tops nationally with a score of 63.5 while Lincoln University has a subject score of 49. In the same report, Lincoln University stands 382 in Environment and Ecology. Harvard comes first in the list with a score of 100, the University of Auckland Standing out first in New Zealand with a score of 64, and Lincoln University achieved a subject score of 32 in Environment and Ecology.
    Subjects US News Global ranking
    Environmental Studies 372 (National Rank 5)
    Agriculture and forestry 160 (National Rank 4)
    • Lincoln University is one of the best destinations for students aspiring to study Agriculture and forestry from New Zealand. With 301-400 rank globally and 4th rank nationally, Lincoln University is the hotspot of agricultural enthusiasts in New Zealand.
    • For Business and Economics from Times Higher Education Ranking Data, Lincoln University ranks 8th in New Zealand and among 401-500 globally.
    Subjects THE Ranking 2021
    Environmental Studies 301-400 (National Rank 4)
    Agriculture and forestry 301-400 (National Rank 4)
    Business 401-500(National Rank 8)
    Economics 401-500(National Rank 8)
    • While according to the Qs Global data, it ranks between 51-100 in Agriculture and Forestry worldwide and 2nd position in New Zealand.
    • In Environmental studies, The university stands 6th nationally and 301-350 globally.
    Subjects QS Global Ranking 2021
    Environmental Studies 301-350 (National Rank 6)
    Agriculture and forestry 51-100 (National Rank 2)

    Lincoln University Miscellaneous Rankings

    • Lincoln University ranks 101-200 globally in Times Higher Education Impact Rankings for 2021, with an overall score of 83.3 I compare to the University of Auckland Standing first worldwide with a score of 98.5.
    • Lincoln is ranked 53rd worldwide in Sustainable cities and communities, 401-600 in Good health and well being and 49th in Life on Land Ranking conducted by Times Higher education Organization.


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