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    Massey University Rankings: Global Rankings, National Rankings, Subject-specific Ranking 2020

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    Located in Palmerston, New Zealand, Massey University is one of the renowned institutions in the Australian continent. Established in 1927, the University has handled an overall enrollment of 33,491 and has a decent acceptance rate.

    The institute is one of the top colleges in New Zealand and is set to create an impact in society through its intense research measures on fields like climate change, sustainable transport, ecosystem, carbon and water footprints, etc. They have also taken many measures to ensure sustainability in every form on the campus that also educates and reforms the students.

    The best thing about this institution is the large number of courses that it offers in off-campus and online mode. The students of the university are also encouraged to pursue a lot of co-curricular and volunteering activities. One such example of that is winning gold in Best awards which is a creative arts festival by Massey’s students and staff.

    Massey University's students also secured the first three places in the Red Dot design rankings that too consistently for 6 years. This shows the exceptional academic quality and global exposure that the university provides and how they focus on bringing students real talent outside. This and a lot more makes the university a perfect choice for studying in New Zealand.

    Massey University Ranking Highlights

    • As per the survey of the US news website’s survey of 2021, Massey University is ranked #537 among the best global Universities.
    • In the same survey conducted by them, Massey University is ranked #31 in the list of best Universities in Australia and ranked #6 in New Zealand.
    • Ranked #73 in the subject ranking of Agricultural science in the ranking by US news website, 2021.
    • Ranked within the top 300 in the list of global Universities by QS top University 2020.
    • Ranked #60th in the TIMES impact ranking 2020.

    Massey University World Rankings

    Being one of the oldest Universities in New Zealand, Massey University is very popular among international students seeking to study abroad. There are more than 5000 international students currently studying here. And due to their extensive research in multiple fields, the position of this University in the global ranking is far ahead in the ranking chart of 2021.

    Let us see the global ranking of this University by different ranking boards for the year 2021. In the global ranking evaluated by QS top Universities for the year 2021, Massey University has been ranked #272.

    This ranking has been given based on the performance of the parameters, academic reputation, employer reputation, citations per faculty, international faculty, international students, etc. Of all these, the highest scoring parameters are International students and faculty which is 97.6 and 98.7. The overall global score of the University is 35.8.

    Let us see the ranking of this University over years.

    Year Rank
    2012 308
    2014 343
    2015 346
    2016 337
    2017 340
    2018 316
    2019 332
    2020 287
    2021 272

    The above table is the representation of how the ranking of Massey University changed over the years. And the improvement of its quality and standards can be well perceived here as the ranking has gradually reduced and went down to 272.

    It started around 308 and even as the score went up and reached a peak of 340, they worked hard to improve the score and reduced the ranking which is great.

    Now, let us see the ranking given by Times Higher Education. This is one of the prestigious ranking boards which is referred to by many students. For the year 2021, the ranking of the University is #601-800. If we break down the score based on which ranking is assigned, we can see the parameters based on which the ranking is made.

    Massey University National Rankings

    Due to the excellent quality education and research of Massey University, it has created a unique place in the rankings by various sites and admissions at Massey University has become a sought-after event for international applicants. According to a survey by a US news website, Massey University is ranked #31 in the list of the best global Universities in Australia and New Zealand. There are 47 schools and Universities in Australian continent. And in the same survey conducted by the same site, this is ranked #6 among the Universities in New Zealand.

    In the following table, you can see some of the best Universities in Australia along with their global score.

    University Global score Position in ranking
    University of Melbourne 79.7 #1
    University of Auckland 67.9 #9
    Victoria University 49 #30
    Massey University 48.6 #31
    Charles Sturt University 43.3 #36

    Let us see a comparison of these Universities in the form of a bar chart.

    Ranking Vs University As per News Website

    The above chart shows a clear picture of the comparison of these Universities. The University of Melbourne is the top University in Australia with a ranking of one. Though they are all in different positions, the score doesn’t differ much which shows the clear competition between them and how Massey University works to maintain their standards par excellence.

    In the US News site, the global score is derived based on 13 indicators of the University like global reputation, research, publication, etc.

    Massey University Subject-wise Rankings

    It is very clear that Massey University strives hard to provide international level academic coaching to students in every department with unmatchable amenities and facilities and highly qualified staffing. The subject ranking of the University is proof of that.

    Massey University offers undergraduate, graduate, certifications, and diploma and research programs in many modes like On-campus, off-campus, part-time, and online mode. Some of the popular courses of the University are business management, aviation, health science, communication, construction, social work, Engineering, linguistics, creative media, psychology, environment, and many more.

    Some of the subjects that never get missed out in the global subject-wise ranking are agriculture, economics, business management, engineering, environment, etc. Let us see the subject ranking of Massey University by US news website in the year 2021.

    Subject Ranking
    Agricultural sciences #73
    Environment/Ecology #452
    Biology and biochemistry #412
    Clinical medicine #648
    Social science and public health #310
    Economics and business #238
    Public, environmental, and occupational health #224
    Plant and animal science #148

    Among these, agricultural science is the department that has never missed to make it to the national and global ranking consequently.

    Following is the data from the Times Higher Education website. This shows the global subject ranking of Massey University for the year 2021.

    Subject Ranking
    Arts & Humanities #301-400
    Clinical, preclinical and health #301-400
    Engineering and technology #401-500
    Life sciences #301-400
    Physical science #501-600
    Social sciences #301-400
    Business and economics #301-400
    Education #301-500
    Psychology #301-400
    Computer science #401-500

    Impact ranking demonstrates the position of a University globally among the list of educational institutions that bring societal impacts. Due to its immense work in the research field, Massey University has secured the following ranking in the impact ranking list by THE, 2020.

    Topic Ranking
    Partnership for goals #20
    Life on land #62
    Life below water #50
    Climate action #37
    Responsible consumption and production 71
    Sustainable cities and communities #10
    Reducing inequalities #101-200
    Industry innovation and infrastructure #101-200
    Quality education #101-200
    Gender equality #51
    Good health and well-being #101-200
    No poverty #52
    Impact ranking #60

    From the above ranking by many prestigious boards, it is evident that Massey University is the best choice to enjoy and go through a contemporary form of education with world-class facilities. Their positive role in many threatening issues like climate change, poverty, gender equality, education availability for all, and many more are truly noteworthy and remarkable.


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    9.8 /10

    I chose to study the communication and media program at Massey University as it has been ranked top amongst the various universities. The lecturers come from both academic and industry backgrounds, hence providing us the best of both worlds. Also, a degree earned from this university will surely multiply my career prospects.

    10 /10 academic/food
    10 /10 faculty
    10 /10 infrastructure
    10 /10 accomodation
    9 /10 placement
    10 /10 extracurricular


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