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CMAT Exam 2020: Last Minute-Preparation Tips
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CMAT 2020 is around the corner and aspirants must have started to prepare themselves for the big exam in order to score the best from the rest. The number of candidates aspiring to get into B-Schools has been increasing exponentially every year. This increase in the number of candidates has elevated the level of competition to such an extent that a candidate cannot afford to commit any mistakes as even the slightest of their mistakes can cost their rank to take a significant fall.

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Aspirants must have followed the CMAT 2020 Syllabus and prepared for the exam accordingly over the course of time. Some of the candidates have been preparing for this exam for more than six months and in this eleventh hour, every aspirant is looking forward to giving their best and excel in the exam. Most of the candidates are aiming to achieve at least 99 percentile marks.

The article that follows will enlighten you about the last-minute preparation tips required for CMAT 2020 Exam and how to achieve 99.99 percentile scores in the same.

CMAT Exam Pattern

CMAT 2020 Exam Pattern

The first step that a candidate should take before appearing for CMAT 2020 is that the candidate should be well aware with the exam pattern and should check if there is any change in the exam pattern or not.

Section Number of questions Total Marks
Language Comprehension 25 100
Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation 25 100
Logical Reasoning 25 100
General Awareness 25 100
Total 100 400

CMAT 2020 Quick Facts to Remember

  1. Candidates are going to be allowed to maneuver back and forth between the four sections and answer in any order of their preference.
  2. There is no negative marking for leaving an issue unanswered; however, an incorrect response would involve a negative scoring of -1 mark.
  3. Each candidate is going to be given a desk with a computer terminal alongside a clear paper for rough calculations. However, they're going to be asked to stay at the desk once they complete their examination. No test taker is going to be allowed to hold any paper/ notebook inside the exam center.
  4. No breaks are going to be allowed during the test.
  5. Only the CMAT Admit Card 2020 is going to be allowed inside the CMAT exam centers 2020.
  6. The overall difficulty level of the CMAT exam is typically moderate as compared to other entrance examinations. Sometimes the alternatives are close enough to form the questions tricky.
  7. Candidates should be attentive while answering such questions.

99.99 Percentile in CMAT

CMAT 2020: How to Score 99.99 Percentile

CMAT 2020 is rather an easy paper to crack and aspiring candidates must have been preparing for it in full swing. Getting into some of the top colleges and study management courses is the goal of every career-focused candidate. So here we are putting forward a unique and effective way of scoring 99.99 percentile marks in CMAT 2020 if you have been a serious candidate till now.

Know the number of questions to be attempted

Candidates must be aware of the exam pattern till now and must be knowing that the final marks will be in terms of percentile scored. Candidates should not confuse percentile with percentage as 99.99 percentile does not mean the candidate has to score 99.99% marks in the exam. It means there is about 99.99 percent of people (who appeared for the test) who have scored less than you and that means you're within the top one-hundredth of scholars who have scored great marks. If the candidate knows about percentile well, it gets easier to know how many questions a candidate has to attempt to be in the top 99 percentile. Check out the CMAT Score Vs Percentile of 2019 provided below:

CMAT Score Range (Out of 400) Percentile
Below 153 Below 41
153-171 41-50
172-189 51-60
190-210 61-70
211-234 71-80
235-247 81-85
248-261 86-89
262-281 90-94
282-360 95-97
300-361 98-99.99 (No candidate between 361 to 372)
372 100

If a candidate wants to score 99.99 percentile scores in CMAT 2020, the number of questions attempted should be 80-83, out of which at least 63-70 questions should be answered correctly. The number of attempts per section is tabulated below:

Section Attempts
Verbal Ability 22-25
General Knowledge 15
QA/DI 20+
Logical Reasoning 22-23

Divide and Rule

Time can act as your friend or your enemy during CMAT 2020. To take the best out of those 3 hours of CMAT 2020 Exam is in your hand. Effective time management is very necessary and the candidate should know which section would require more time. Refer to the table below to know the section-wise time segregation according to their priority.

Section Time Segregation (Minutes)
Verbal Ability 50
General Knowledge 10
QA/DI 60
Logical Reasoning 60

Less time is allotted to General Knowledge as most of the questions are to the point and if this section is prepared well, it can fetch you a good sum of marks in no time. QA/ DI and Logical Reasoning requires calculation and thinking respectively, hence one hour is allotted to each section.

Note: As the questions are relatively easy, the accuracy rate will be high. Candidates, ideally, cannot afford to get an answer wrong as it will cost them one mark that can drastically degrade their percentile.

CMAT 2020: Last-Minute Tips

CMAT 2020: Last-Minute Tips

Aspirants who have prior experience of giving Management Entrance Exams must be aware of the last-minute tips but the ones who are giving for the first time should be aware of the do’s and don’ts. Go through the tips stated below in order to have a better understanding of the need of the hour:

Accuracy and Time Management:

CMAT 2020 consists of 100 questions that are needed to be solved in 180 minutes. Poor time management can cause grave damage as you can end up losing marks as some questions will end up getting unattempted. Good planning on how to solve the questions with utmost accuracy in the given time should be given the utmost priority. Identify your strengths and weaknesses in order to prioritize sections in which you can score the most in the least allotted time. This will help you to give more time to the other sections and you will be able to finish the whole paper in time.

Set Defined Strategy:

CMAT 2020 is only a week away and it’s very important for the aspirant to set a defined exam strategy in order to give the best out of their preparation. Do not muddle up during the exam. you want to have a transparent vision on the way to attempt the exam. Finalize an exam strategy. Attempt your exam with an ideal exam strategy that would make the efficient use of your time. Also, save time for revision after the exam.

Revise from Self-Made Notes:

During the preparation time, the aspirant must have made notes of each chapter for their ease of access. Candidates, also, try to cover up as many topics as they want in order to make themselves capable of attempting more questions. This thought can be fatal at times and the candidate can end up losing marks in the topics they were well versed with. Instead of starting new topics, the candidate should focus more on revising the ones they are thorough with.

Revise Shortcut Methods for QA:

Quantitative Ability Test is a lengthy section and a candidate is advised to devote the most time to this section. In order to attempt all questions in this section, a candidate should be well aware of certain shortcut tricks for calculation. These tricks can be found in videos online. A candidate should try to avoid step-by-step calculations as it is an MCQ based paper and no marks will be given for steps. These tricks will not only save your time but will also improve your accuracy.

Attempt Mock Test Papers:

Candidates must have prepared topics under the CMAT 2020 Syllabus and should now start testing themselves up to get to know how well is their preparation for CMAT 2020. Mock Tests are an effective way to find the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates. Going through the Mock Test Papers based on the latest pattern will help the candidate acclimatize and he/she won’t end up getting nervous during the exam. Check here Latest Mock Test Papers

Note: Attempt the mock test paper in the same way the exam will be conducted and try to finish it in the given three-hour window.

Learn from your mistakes:

It doesn’t matter how many questions you attempt wrongly during mock tests because, in the end, you always have the time to review your answers. This is not the case during the actual exam as you won’t be able to correct your mistakes after you would have submitted the CMAT 2020 Exam paper. Set your clocks and practice as many Mock Tests as you can so that you get used to it and when the real exam comes, it will be a piece of cake.

Sort everything beforehand:

Surely, a candidate does not want any new problems arising on their CMAT exam day. Nothing is often worse than reaching your CMAT Exam Center late because you couldn’t find the exam center or you couldn’t find a vehicle to reach the center on time. These small steps should be taken care of in advance before the exam day. Remember to take a print out of your CMAT Admit Card today itself and keep and extra copy safe with you so that you can use it in case you lose the original print-out.

Eat and sleep well:

Make sure you've got enough sleep well before the exam and have had an honest meal before the exam. A relaxed mind will certainly assist you in performing to your complete potential within the CMAT 2020.

Read the guidelines thoroughly:

Read the guidelines thoroughly before starting the CMAT 2020 Exam so that in case you face any discrepancy, you can ask for help.

Do not get nervous and panic:

You have prepared well for this day and you have to give your best. Don’t think less of you, follow the steps written above and you will be able to manage time and won’t have to panic over not being able to solve your questions on time.

All the best for CMAT 2020 Exam from Team CollegeDunia!


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