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gokul Test Unacademy CAT is an exam preparation program that provides candidates with access to expert guidance, live interactive learning sessions, and pdfs of well designed study notes. Unacademy’s basic PLUS course for CAT preparation starts from INR 1367, while the expert ICONIC course starts at just INR 2500 per month and includes all the benefits of PLUS subscription along with some additional features like personal doubt solving sessions, personal coach, etc. Know Why to Join the Course:

  • Classes are both live and recorded, if you miss the class or to revise the topics, old videos can be revisited
  • Courses as per the current CAT syllabus and also offers doubt sessions and online quizzes
  • 5000+ students watch the content online presented by expert teachers having ample experience in coaching management aspirants.
  • To benchmark the preparation, test series are also provided including full syllabus and sectional mock tests covering all important aspects of CAT preparation.
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Unacademy CAT: Features of the Program

Unacademy CAT preparation program is being offered in two different subscription models, Plus and Iconic. Find below the comparison of both the modules

A Comparative Analysis of Unacademy Subscriptions
Features ICONIC Subscription PLUS Subscription
Daily Live Classes Available Available
Live Mock Tests  Available Available
Expert & Experienced Faculty Available Available
Regular Doubt Solving Sessions Available Available
Personal Coach Available No
OMET’s Preparation Available No
Personalized Doubt Clearing Session Available No
Personalized Mock Test Analysis Available No

PLUS Subscription

  • Daily Live Classes: Daily Live classes are conducted to provide students with the opportunity to take part in the discussions, ask doubts and questions, and participate in the answering of questions asked in the discussions.
  • Live Tests, Quizzes, and Analysis: Participate in live mock tests and quizzes conducted on a regular basis. Also get a detailed analysis of the test to perform better.
  • Structured Courses: Unacademy’s CAT course has been structured as per the latest exam pattern & syllabus to help the candidates prepare in line with CAT exam trend.
  • Expert Faculty: Unacademy comprises well experienced faculty for CAT preparation including Ravi Prakash (Scored 99+ %ile thrice in CAT), Udit Saini (6+ years of teaching experience), and many more such top teachers.
  • Access to Recorded Classes: Have access to all the recorded classes and pdfs for efficient preparation and revision, in case you miss any live classes. 

ICONIC Subscription

  • Personal Coach: Unacademy provides students with a personal coach to help the students develop a personalized exam strategy, receive one-on-one expert guidance, and prepare effectively.
  • OMET’s Preparation: This unique feature helps students customize their preparations for other management exams apart from CAT for success in these exams too.
  • Personal Doubt Clearing Sessions: One-on one doubt solving sessions are a unique feature of Unacademy ICONIC subscription for CAT that helps in solving the doubts as and when they arise.
  • Study Booster Workshops: These expert guidance workshops are organized by study mentors and toppers to help students streamline their CAT preparation.
  • All Features of PLUS subscription: Students going for the ICONIC subscription will also be given access to all the benefits of Unacademy PLUS subscription.
  • Unlimited Access to Unacademy Resources: Unacademy offers access to all the recordings of the live courses along with the pdfs of study notes online.

Unacademy CAT Preparation Program: Fees & Payment Model

Unacademy provides PLUS and ICONIC subscriptions for CAT preparation. Students opting for a longer duration course can avail the benefit of paying a lesser fee per month. Students must note that they will have to make a one-time fee payment for the entire course duration.

PLUS Subscription

Unacademy offers 5 types of subscriptions to its PLUS course based on the number of months:

  • 3 months subscription: INR 3417 per month
  • 6 months subscription: INR 2733 per month
  • 12 months subscription: INR 1879 per month
  • 18 months subscription: INR 1586 per month
  • 24 months subscription: INR 1367 per month

ICONIC Subscription

Unacademy’s ICONIC subscription gives access to more features that enable a candidate to prepare for CAT exam in a more personalized manner along with the provision of all the features of PLUS subscription, hence the enormous benefits that the candidates will derive from this subscription will be worth the extra money spent. 3 subscriptions provided under ICONIC plan are:

  • 6 months subscription:INR 4300 per month
  • 12 months subscription: INR 3292 per month
  • 24 months subscription: INR 2500 per month

Unacademy NEET Syllabus 

  • CAT DILR: Unacademy offers multiple courses (10+ upcoming) on data interpretation, logical reasoning, DILR practice sets, DILR crash courses, etc. Also, a specific course on previous year and mock questions is also provided.
  • CAT VARC: Unacademy covers the entire CAT VARC syllabus comprehensively. Unacademy’s YouTube Channel gives all round access to students to video lessons and live test series. It has over 19+ courses coming up for various aspects of Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension like Critical reasoning, vocabulary, para-based questions, RC passages, etc., along with VARC crash courses and practice sets.
  • CAT QA: Unacademy CAT QA preparation courses ensure that candidates are able to clear all their basic concepts, practice maximum questions, and understand easily. Around 17 courses are coming up covering the most common subjects of basic and advanced maths like arithmetic, geometry, algebra, etc. Also, practice test series and crash courses will be available.

Upcoming Unacademy CAT Preparation Courses and Batches

Unacademy CAT preparation courses will cover in detail all the topics that form a part of the syllabus along with revision lessons and practice questions & mock tests. Given below are the upcoming batches for CAT Preparation on Unacademy:

  • Starting on August 13, 2021
    • Course on Ratio & Proportion
  • Starting on August 14, 2021
    • Practice Course with Experts on LRDI for CAT 2021
    • Course on Games & Tournaments
    • Complete Course on Geometry (Basic to Advanced)
    • Practice Course on QA with Experts
    • Refresher Course on Geometry
    • Practice Course on Geometry for CAT 2021
    • Basic Course on Reading Comprehension
    • Practice Course on Para-based Questions
    • Detailed Course on Para Based Questions
    • Detailed Course on Passage Based Questions
    • Revision Course for VARC for 2.0 Batch
    • Practice Course on VARC through PYQs & Mock Tests
  • Starting on August 15, 2021
    • Crash Course on LRDI for CAT 2021 & XAT
    • Practice Course through Mock Test for CAT 2021
    • Course on Geometry & Mensuration for CAT 2021
  • Starting on August 16, 2021
    • Comprehensive Course on Critical Reasoning for CAT 2021
    • Modern Math Refresher Course
    • Practice Course for CAT through 300+ questions on QA
    • Course on Logical DI
    • Comprehensive Course on Quantitative Aptitude
  • Starting on August 18, 2021
    • Crash Course on Logical Reasoning for CAT
    • VARC Course on Para Completion for CAT 2021
    • Crash Course on Reading Comprehension
    • Excellence Course on Geometry for CAT & OMETs
    • Crash Course on QA for CAT 2021
  • Starting on August 19, 2021
    • Crash Course on Arithmetic for TSD and Work & Time
    • Detailed Course on Critical Reasoning
    • Accuracy Accelerator Course on Reading Comprehension 
  • Starting on August 20, 2021
    • Course on Abstract Reasoning
  • Starting on August 21, 2021
    • Revision Course on Algebra for CAT 2021
    • Logical Reasoning Practice Course
    • DI Course for CAT 2021
    • Complete Course on Para Based Questions
    • Practice Course on DILR
    • Practice Course on Grammar & Vocabulary for CAT 2021 & OMETs
    • Final Lap Course on VARC
  • Starting on August 23, 2021
    • Advance Course on Reading Comprehension
    • Course on CR & Advanced RC
    • Course on Modern Maths for CAT 2021
  • Starting on August 24, 2021
    •  Course on Modern Math for CAT 2021
    • Mastering Para Based Questions for CAT VARC
  • Starting on August 25, 2021
    • Detailed Course on Percentage for CAT
    • Advance Level Arithmetic Course
  • Starting on August 26, 2021
    • Course on Critical Reasoning (Assumptions)
    • Course on Number System for CAT 2021

Other Products Offered by Unacademy

Apart from regular classroom sessions, Unacademy also offers facilities like Mock test series for CAT preparation, detailed question-wise expert analysis of the scheduled mock tests attempted by the students including question-time analysis and expert suggestions on how to attempt the question in the shortest time, etc. Also, unlimited access to the learning material resources like pdfs and infographics curated by the top faculty are available for the students.

Unacademy CAT - List of Faculty

Unacademy has some of the top teachers to help exam aspirants prepare for CAT exam. The top faculty for Unacademy CAT courses are:

  • Ravi Prakash

No.1 educator in Unacademy for CAT & other MBA exams. His accolades include scoring a 99+ percentile three times in his CAT exam attempts. He is highly experienced and has worked as a Full time Faculty and content developer at TIME Delhi. He provides in-depth classes for QA & LRDI.

  • Udit Saini

Having 6+ years of experience, Udit Saini is one of the top MBA entrance exams faculty at Unacademy. He has mentored more than 10,000 students for CAT, XAT, SNAP, and other management exams in acing QA & LRDI sections.

  • Shabana

11+ years of experience in mentoring students for acing the VARC section for CAT & OMETs. Completed MBA from Aligarh Muslim University and has a strong command over the English language.

  • Bharat Gupta

Engineer by degree , Mathematician by heart, Bharat has 24+yrs of experience in mentoring CAT aspirants. He has been teaching students on Unacademy since 2017.

Apart from the educators mentioned above, Unacademy has more experienced and highly qualified faculty for all aspects of CAT preparation.

Unacademy CAT - Student Reviews

Many Unacademy users have given positive reviews regarding their PLUS & ICONIC subscription for CAT. The reviews reflect on how the ICONIC subscription enables the students to choose their personal mentor as per their needs and that the extra subscription fee is worth all the premium features offered. Some users have also said that the Unacademy subscriptions provide incentives and vouchers to students excelling in their CAT mock tests. Some of the student reviews are mentioned below:

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CAT Frequently Asked Questions

Question: In which mode is CAT conducted?

Ans. CAT is conducted in CBT mode (Computer Based Test/ Online mode). Candidates have to mark their answers on the computer scream at the exam hall.

Ques. Is it difficult to crack CAT exam?

Ans. Yes, CAT is one of the toughest management entrance exams in the country as every year about 2 lakh+ candidates apply for this exam. However, with hard work, dedication, and right guidance, it is possible to ace CAT exam in one attempt.

Ques. Are 3 months enough to prepare for CAT exam?

Ans. A time of 3 months is enough to prepare for CAT exam if you focus on practicing more questions and attempting more mock tests. If done diligently, three months is enough to meet the CAT Cut Offs of major colleges.

Ques. What is the duration of CAT 2021 exam?

Ans. The total time duration of CAT exam is 2 hours to attempt 76 questions divided into 3 sections, i.e., LRDI, QA, and VARC.

Ques. Who conducts CAT exam?

Ans. CAT exam is conducted every year by one of the IIMs. In 2021, CAT exam will be conducted by IIM Ahmedabad.


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