Gujarat HC Ratifies IIM Ahmedabad's Admission Process; Check Details Here

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The Gujarat High Court sustained the admission process of the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad. The petition emphasizes the importance of the interview phase for the admission.

The petition highlights various guidelines for fair analysis of a candidate by the selection panel during the interview process of IIM-A. The premier business Institute gives 50% weightage to the interview process for the admission intake.

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The panel of the High Court considered various statements made by the petitioner and finally decided to uphold the admission process of the premier business Institute via the interview phase. The petition against the Institute was filed by a student named Raghav Gupta. 

Gupta quoted that interviews conducted by the Institute carried too much weightage in the admission process. The decision which was taken by a single judge accepted his petition and mentioned that the Institute not only focuses on the intelligence factor of the candidate but also on his/her personality and overall development.

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Admission to IIM-A is major based on the entrance exam (CAT) as well as the interview process of a candidate. Raghav Gupta, the petitioner filed a complaint as he scored well in the entrance exam but failed to impress the selection panel. He scored mere 8.5 marks out of 44 in the interview. 

The HC’s judgment came into the light after considering both sides and in their words giving 50% weightage to interviews.

The Court justified the admission intake as it helps in shaping a candidate’s overall intellectual and personal qualities like alertness, effectiveness, resourcefulness, decision-making abilities, mental outlook under stressful situations, leadership qualities, and various other qualities that a professional possesses.IIM-A interview is the most difficult part of this Institute. It is like a stress interview that is conducted for 15-20 minutes. The interview consists of questions such as situation testing, mental ability, creativity tests, etc. 

High Court Guidelines on IIM-A Interviews

Gujarat High Court laid down various guidelines for the interview phase, which are mentioned below:

  • The selection and interview criteria for all the members of the selection committee are well-defined and there is no partiality in considering the candidates.
  • The same criteria are applied to all the aspirants.
  • The same protocol and criteria must be followed every year and no changes must be made unnecessarily.
  • The selection panel can be highly influenced by external pressure.
  • Committee members provide a guarantee to candidates that irrelevant factors will not be considered for judgment. Only the relevant factors will be taken into consideration for the selection.

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